How I Lost $10,000 To BlockBoy JB In 5 Mins . . . SMH
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  • Thaddeus Kyles
    Thaddeus Kyles

    Cash gotta react to this

  • MOB Solid
    MOB Solid

    13:52 dub had to turn the camera away cause that was emotional embarrassing shit we all just witnessed

  • 2k Plug
    2k Plug

    Dub wit these cap titles yo😂

  • Balthazar Lozano
    Balthazar Lozano

    400 dollars 😖🤣🤣

  • Balthazar Lozano
    Balthazar Lozano

    10 thousand my ass

  • Big M
    Big M

    Ddg got on da what da fuck 23s

  • Lucii

    This guy said 10k, when it was really 5 bills 🤦🏾‍♂️ ya’ll gotta stop cappin, it ain’t hard ‼️ we wanna see come organic shit!

  • jz 04
    jz 04

    this dude can’t record for shit bro


    Wait didn’t the title say $10,000

  • Geertje 010
    Geertje 010


  • Geertje 010
    Geertje 010

    Cuban chain looks good on you duv💪🏽

  • brandon lewis
    brandon lewis

    It’s all good DuB if it helps Flight lost 9k today

  • brandon lewis
    brandon lewis

    That boy bloc boy jb tryna cook some 😂😂🔥💪🏽

  • Big 38
    Big 38

    I see why dub wanna hire camera man😂he can't record for nothing

  • darnell zeigler
    darnell zeigler

    Y’all see how ddg just be jacking up shots when he play someone who knows how to play ball but when he play someone who don’t know how to play defense he try to use all body, don’t let him fool you dub ur brother a cheater not a baller


    Yhu spelled his name wrong 🤦🏾‍♂️it’s Blocboy not blockboy

  • Dawsohunnid 305
    Dawsohunnid 305

    Change the boi name to JD Blockboy , cuz he “Just Dropping”off DDG


    13:44 blocboy said imma turn into that one PG everybody hates In 2K

  • Tyrique Henry
    Tyrique Henry

    Dude ddg and flight kind of play the same😂

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther

    DDG not a baller. Keep playing scrubs.

  • Timmy Franks
    Timmy Franks

    He lost cause he had on them bogus ass Nike boats

  • Lance Barron
    Lance Barron

    JB really hoop 😂😂 Dub should’ve known

  • Beasta Moore
    Beasta Moore

    DDG is NOT a Ball Player Bro FR

  • Jabari Park
    Jabari Park

    All y’all spelt ts wrong😂💯 but BLOCBOY cooked his ahh

  • Nate Norman
    Nate Norman

    one reason ddg lost is cause he got dem clown shoes on like dem boys 60 bucks😂😂

  • KC_Living 816
    KC_Living 816

    DDG need to work on his hops and follow his shots all the way thru a lil more.

  • Heavy President
    Heavy President

    Dub my brother we all knew the $1000 prizes was cap🤣

  • Laker Ludz
    Laker Ludz

    Sean Kingston got really out of shape wtf lmao

    • Zedricc Ayerz
      Zedricc Ayerz

      @BreadGang T Ikr 😂 looking like Big mama 🤣😭🤣☠️

    • BreadGang T
      BreadGang T

      Mane got big as hell did u see homie legs smh

  • Inner Gangster
    Inner Gangster

    Why he lying he only gave Block boy jb $500 nigga Lying yo he said 10,000😂😂😂😂😂

  • Postit Randomly
    Postit Randomly

    DDG getting spanked smh

  • QUEENK Creations
    QUEENK Creations

    Dub click baited, it was only $500


    shout liltjay and jb


    Happy seeing ddg rocking with his big brother, you doing right thing bro

  • QUEENK Creations
    QUEENK Creations

    Ddg didn’t want to post this vid

  • Rob Ivory-SWRBPT
    Rob Ivory-SWRBPT

    Boy had like 205k on his cash app account I see you boy fuck that 500

  • JbuggBaby

    DDG need to stick to rapping

  • DBoyFromThe8


  • Eddie T
    Eddie T

    DDG jumper is broke

  • Hansly Vieux
    Hansly Vieux

    The thumbnail said $10 000😅😅

  • HotFirE Gaming
    HotFirE Gaming

    stop putting the fake azz number (10`000) on the title brah to your real fans lying is not good. we have enough of this fake ass content

  • Bird Boys
    Bird Boys

    Why wasn’t this on ddg chsnnel🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Chvll. Wvll
    Chvll. Wvll

    “ You misty out there”

  • Anthony Griffith
    Anthony Griffith

    BlocBoy look old & young

  • Investor Hirsi
    Investor Hirsi

    Who’s mansion is that ?? Anyone can tell me ?

    • Zedricc Ayerz
      Zedricc Ayerz

      Sean Kingston the Tall Overweight dude in all black errythang. 😁

  • ItsJamal

    Ain’t shit going on in this vid still watch it tho!! 🚫🧢

  • JC

    finally this nigga playing ppl that can ball. ddg really ass... ion know how y’all fans don’t see it. stg he won’t come to Orlando or Miami 😂

  • Keny Jones
    Keny Jones

    Should have bet that 10k against lil tjay 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • James 997
    James 997

    13:53 ur face 😂😂😂

  • Rjswrld

    Ddg gave him too much space💀

  • OnlyOmari


  • bballfan511

    Why is he saying crab before playing bloccboy😂

  • HGH KO
    HGH KO

    Aye dub you always laughing when somebody lose but I never saw you play you to big to play that why you always laughing

  • Cecil Pulliam
    Cecil Pulliam

    look at DDG playing BLACK PANTHER..chad Boseman... haaa

  • TookieTV

    DDG cant beat nobody from 〽️emphis ‼️

  • Gerald Felton
    Gerald Felton

    You gave him 500 not 10,000

  • Ripleyhill Hill
    Ripleyhill Hill

    That wasn’t no foul neither🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ he beat that shit boy💯 DDG you can’t be hanging around them members 4em lol and then call shit like that💯🤣🤣

  • Phathutshedzo Mamilasigidi
    Phathutshedzo Mamilasigidi

    Get dub to a 1 milion 🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • Ky Jacobson
    Ky Jacobson

    Bro out there gettin mangled on the court 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all giving out free bands like that!? I got next

  • Xxclusive Joe
    Xxclusive Joe

    How you lost 500 to Blockboy JB*

  • Andrew Montano
    Andrew Montano

    500$ sent = tittle lost 10,000$

  • Authentic R
    Authentic R

    You telling them to stop shooting like you could do any better 😂

  • Brian Destrat
    Brian Destrat

    This nigga ddg usually go to the paint the whole entire game but this game all he did was shoot after he saw he couldn’t drive on him and post him up

  • Brian Destrat
    Brian Destrat

    Bro blockboy didn’t go right not once in that game he got no right for shit and he did the same move the whole game no cap

    • lordflacko

      I don’t think he was trying that hard

  • Kaleb C.
    Kaleb C.

    Y’all.. What’s WooWop name? 🤔🤣

  • T. 4
    T. 4

    Since yo main channel ain’t got comments imma say it here. Charc gotta std or sum 😂😂why tf his pee red


    Ddg really ass foo

  • Jaylin West
    Jaylin West

    Ddg only drive cause he can’t shoot smh

  • Tre'Shonn Gaines
    Tre'Shonn Gaines

    you put money on a game against bloc boy jb!?this man clearly don't know that him and choppa are godly with this hoopin shit💀

  • Tre'Shonn Gaines
    Tre'Shonn Gaines

    bloc boy don't have a"k"in it

  • Duval904_ Reacts
    Duval904_ Reacts

    In this game u can tell ddg smoke a lot more & how much it’s taking a tole on him

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