Jennelle Eliana
Greetings dudes and dudettes,
This is how I stay clean living in a van that doesn’t have a shower. It gets spicy;)

hugs and kisses,
Jennelle and Alfredo

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  • Dark Ideas
    Dark Ideas

    Ok, I became a pervert! Yup I admit it! I wanna see the ultimate beautiful girl naked... ... ... Now I am sad

  • Kat McCluskey
    Kat McCluskey

    i got a google pixel add on this vid and i was like wait a seconddddd she looks familiar

  • Lavender Fish
    Lavender Fish

    Lives with a snake *is afraid of a wasp*

  • Katherine S
    Katherine S

    Where do you use the bathroom

  • Willow Reaves
    Willow Reaves At least 4:23--the interviews look awfully similar :(

  • Ya Boi Jack
    Ya Boi Jack

    how does she make money, like to buy water and food n stuff

  • Skitch! 1.0
    Skitch! 1.0

    Nice plant, Google.

  • Krister Pedersen
    Krister Pedersen

    Without getting into the controversial subject of having a snake in a shower - how the heck did you sneak him in there?

  • Tahlia Connell
    Tahlia Connell

    OMG she is AMAZING at singing!!!!

  • Bree Bowden
    Bree Bowden

    why is the snake in the gym shower with her haahah

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    I died when she put Alfredo on her head in the begging of the video 🤣

  • Love - dorki Xoxo
    Love - dorki Xoxo

    I guess you can say that your outside shower went south

  • Jasmine Marquis
    Jasmine Marquis

    This is amazing😭I’ve always dreamed of living in a van. You my Inspo fo sho

  • Jessie Amalli
    Jessie Amalli

    In my country, we take a shower twice a day. I can't imagine to live like you. Wow, you are amazing

  • Nightcore Lover
    Nightcore Lover

    Do you have any friends?

  • Cheyenne Oliver
    Cheyenne Oliver

    I love your vids I hope one day you notice me whenever I watch you, you make me happy😁❤️

  • Stephanie Coleman
    Stephanie Coleman

    you are the best pearson in the world

  • Ashlynn H
    Ashlynn H

    Omg i love snakes

  • chellarise mendoza
    chellarise mendoza

    So you went from a highly educated job. To living in your band us as black women got to keep are head on right you could have went so far but you want to be stupid

  • Enji Osama
    Enji Osama

    So you bet a sneak and fear flies?

  • kristine lee park
    kristine lee park

    dont you feel lonely?

  • Itz Antonette
    Itz Antonette

    *For a girl who's living in a van with a pet snake.. I knew you would be scared of a wasp.*

  • isxbella

    i like how she showered with her snake at the gym😂

  • loulou dag
    loulou dag

    Damn Alfredo can really play that kazoo

  • Giselle Castro
    Giselle Castro

    Lmao as one of the chermercals it was you about google pixel i think


    Is no one going to talk about how she can sing!

  • Yeehaw Harper
    Yeehaw Harper

    That moment when you are watching Jennelle and a google phone add pops up and Jennelle is in the add

  • Emmy Lee
    Emmy Lee

    You are such a good singer omg

  • Kamryn Howe
    Kamryn Howe

    You said in a van

    • Kamryn Howe
      Kamryn Howe

      Yea she did

  • Nathaniel C
    Nathaniel C

    Your hair is beautiful . And you are beautiful . I think we may know each other more than you think . :)

  • Kunstmonster

    Bow do you clean your clothes?

  • Flying Potatoe
    Flying Potatoe


  • saeedah zamrwi
    saeedah zamrwi

    8:30 يععمررييي تجنن

  • feebe finck
    feebe finck

    Your in a add

  • Kevin Sadees
    Kevin Sadees

    Hey am soooo in love with u. hope to hear. From u., I have also have a van as well.

  • Jostel Baguinan
    Jostel Baguinan

    I saw a ufo were you stop

  • Yeasmin Sultana
    Yeasmin Sultana

    Jennelle : AHHHHHH MOTHER COWS THERE’S A HUGE WASP! ME: just get Alfredo maybe he’lll scare the wasp

  • elmo world
    elmo world

    Naked older women who judge you for your belly button piercing? Okay.

  • Yeety Mggy
    Yeety Mggy

    What type of snake is Alfredo???


    Ugh I’m so jealous of your life. 😭 I’m gonna drop out of college and live in a van

  • Chloe Mayer
    Chloe Mayer

    I saw u on an add while watching this video

  • Teodora Tanase
    Teodora Tanase

    i need a video on your hair and skin care routine in a van!!!

  • Emandi Hemanth
    Emandi Hemanth

    If i had to do this before showering , i'd probably shower once a month

  • – binnie
    – binnie

    Now i am sure i'm lesbian, she's so pretty omg

  • Emerson E
    Emerson E

    Why do I feel like this is fake

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster

    The shower scene @6:32 reminds me of another Ethiopian youtuber named Lydia Tefera.

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ mimi
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ mimi

    everyone’s saying “she’s scared of bugs but has a pet snake” but can I snake fly and sting u in the eye? didn’t think about that? did ya?

    • Marc B
      Marc B

      The wasp wants out it won't sting I used to be a beekeeper.

  • sophia m
    sophia m

    3:46 while freaking out wHy iS it so big???? THaT’s WHaT ShE SaIdddddd

  • Bobby Millionz
    Bobby Millionz

    She has such a good voice!!

  • Inoke Tekanene
    Inoke Tekanene

    I like your car house so much I always wanted to have this kind of house Girl your so lucky

  • Inoke Tekanene
    Inoke Tekanene

    I like your car house so much I always wanted to have this kind of house Man your so lucky

  • Inoke Tekanene
    Inoke Tekanene

    I like your car house so much I always wanted to have this kind of house Man your so lucky

  • seriously waste of time
    seriously waste of time

    Girl was in the ad on her own video

  • Isabella_pusheen

    Watching your videos makes me so happy!!!

  • The Real Tgirl
    The Real Tgirl

    I got a commercial of you on your own video ironic

  • Safiyah Azam
    Safiyah Azam

    Can’t she get a house? (NoOffence)

  • Mr. Caine
    Mr. Caine

    How do you wash your clothes?

  • Edwina Olesnicky
    Edwina Olesnicky

    How is she scared by a wasp when she has a pet snake??🤨

  • Hanin


  • Anonym Person
    Anonym Person

    Why do you life in a Van?

  • Victoria Pina
    Victoria Pina

    this is my first time watching you and oh have such a bright bubbly spirit you are my favorite person now 😂

  • Horses & Turtles
    Horses & Turtles

    you just gained a subscriber ;)


    6:44 r u in the handicap area!?

  • I don’t know Channel
    I don’t know Channel

    Top to bottom dust My oil is dirty too Tomorrow will solve.

  • Delzie Salmon
    Delzie Salmon

    What bullcrap

  • ForeverBri Ent.
    ForeverBri Ent.

    Our fear of bugs is the same.. I seen me in you sis

  • Yes Tuesday
    Yes Tuesday

    Your life is so enviable

  • anti ._.cryinqboy
    anti ._.cryinqboy

    Your snake is adorable 😍❤

  • Michelle Alvarez
    Michelle Alvarez

    You sing good

  • Rahma Yasser
    Rahma Yasser

    I know your feelings to be have a curly hair I have curly hair it's like take to much time to brush it and large bottle of conditioner and u must to dry it with a natural air not a machine to dry it ☺😥

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