Jennelle Eliana
Greetings dudes and dudettes,
This is how I stay clean living in a van that doesn’t have a shower. It gets spicy;)

hugs and kisses,
Jennelle and Alfredo

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  • Luzia Prates
    Luzia Prates

    I’m in love with you girllll. I wish to be your friend. Don’t stop making videos

  • Teagan with an e
    Teagan with an e

    I really don’t care if shes a yt plant and I don’t think she is, I mean her contents actually good. It is sus though the rapid growth she’s got

  • Simiah C
    Simiah C

    Loving this channel

  • jasmine ramirez
    jasmine ramirez

    i love showering at the gym too ❤️❤️

  • MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ

    And now she has enough to buy a mansion and probably only still holds onto this van for videos..

  • Markayla Strauther
    Markayla Strauther

    Why would you show the outside now your going to be a target please stay safe

  • Emily Crosgrove
    Emily Crosgrove

    The amount of effort for her just to take a shower at the gym 🤣

  • Hunadi Makgatho
    Hunadi Makgatho

    Seeing a snake at the gym is one way of guaranteeing immidiet weight-loss!.. I'd sue you sis!.. ♥️

  • In My Humble Opinion
    In My Humble Opinion

    At 3:45 I said "that's what she said" at the same time lol

  • Natural Green
    Natural Green

    She looks like the next lizza koshy but in her own way

  • MrHank475

    Hey checkout my page. I’m living in my car too🤙🏾💯💯💯

  • The_Wrong_Operator

    You should name your snake Allex

  • Unspeakable gamergirl
    Unspeakable gamergirl

    You and Alfredo have a new subscriber

  • Nicolas Riley
    Nicolas Riley

    I’m loving ur videos so much 😂

  • Johnson Adaboh
    Johnson Adaboh

    Why u living in a van

  • woopsx

    Aww man, creeper

  • Moisés Marín Barajas
    Moisés Marín Barajas

    This channel is the IT-my project to show companies to advertise and earn money, so I think the abnormal growth of this channel is not fair, youtube rot so that's why everyone goes to twitch.

  • Lou Van Gogh
    Lou Van Gogh

    How do you clean your clothes

  • Poneyfeathers

    Love Alfredo, but I would want a big dog if it were me flying solo in a van. Maybe Alfredo needs to be ninja trained for your security detail. 😂

  • Poneyfeathers

    Your a total goofball!! We could hang. 😉 Im with you on the gym thing. Its brilliant! Please do some videos on your favorite food stops. 💕

  • David McCauley
    David McCauley

    So this is your new game IT-my? Shiny happy people to replace the real people that can't be themselves anymore because you refuse to pay them. A fuckwit living in a van with professionally edited videos is nothing to be inspired by.

  • Shannon Speed
    Shannon Speed


  • White Noise & Relaxation
    White Noise & Relaxation

    🔥♥🔥♥🔥♥ Janelle! I made you a video to relax with in your van!!!!! Love you! 🔥♥🔥♥🔥♥

  • Valerie Manalo
    Valerie Manalo

    13M views? You go girl don't mind the haters.


    3:10 ;-; UFOs are real

  • Emmanuella Alliali
    Emmanuella Alliali

    But who is hating tho lol

  • Malulu 15
    Malulu 15

    And you so funnyyy mann

  • Malulu 15
    Malulu 15

    You have such a happy personality I LOVVEE

  • vlepo2000

    I had to sub ... she is such a clown lol

  • Charlotte Rose
    Charlotte Rose

    umm kida clickbait

  • Peri_ Williams
    Peri_ Williams

    When I saw her in the shower with her snake I was crying and laughing 😂 it’s fucken 2 a.m.😂😂

  • Cata Fdz
    Cata Fdz

    What app do you edit with?

  • soniccoloso

    Chupala IT-my con todo y huevos. Y si soy el comentario en español que buscaban y encontraron.

  • PoncheDeFrutas

    i love your videos

  • Ngullienmang Lienthang
    Ngullienmang Lienthang

    Why she always throw things

  • Banana. Split
    Banana. Split

    Her being happy makes me happy congrats girl! 🎊🍾🎈🎉

  • Dennis De Nio
    Dennis De Nio

    Jennelle has that unique spark, genuine personality, and exudes talent. It's an absolute joy watching someone enjoy life the way she does. Cheers young lady, you will go far.

  • Suggie

    100 likes and I will live on a van too! 🚐

  • Breezy Style
    Breezy Style

    Fake af .... Not to mention how much cash must've been spent on everything in order to do this.

  • Yoga665

    At this point, I hope you don’t sell your clothes!!!!!!

  • Piece Of Garbage 25.000 Subs with no vids challenge
    Piece Of Garbage 25.000 Subs with no vids challenge

    Keep up le good work even if people says hate comment about you


    "Cool video" *_383737384873 LIKES_*

  • Erin LaMya
    Erin LaMya

    what type of snake is alfredo?


      Black eyed albino python

  • Charles Dunne
    Charles Dunne

    Nice plant IT-my.

  • Dex the gamer
    Dex the gamer

    welp. im subbed. this. i like this. why is real life Orochimaru a kawaii van dweller chick? its cute

  • Pink Angels/ Clara Show
    Pink Angels/ Clara Show

    Girl just slap the stupid thing

  • Doug Long
    Doug Long

    You are so funny! Keep making your videos. I must admit I've never seen anyone shower with a pet snake before.

  • Neli7u7

    Omg I fall in love with u!!!! ❤️ I’m from Spain

  • Daniel Rieger
    Daniel Rieger

    Can you just park a van anywhere?

  • KTsings

    You should do a daily routine!!!

  • Mariah Wolffe
    Mariah Wolffe

    I adore this girl! Energetic and funny.....( I have to say I’m deathly afraid of snakes......)



  • Zulayka Zulayka
    Zulayka Zulayka

    What do u put on your hair is so pretty i have curly hair and i dont know what to put in it 😔😔

  • Lana Inchasy
    Lana Inchasy

    I have natural curly hair that’s so annoying but my friends love it 🤨

  • Lana Inchasy
    Lana Inchasy

    I have natural curly hair that’s so annoying but my friends love it

  • Gaming Angel
    Gaming Angel

    There is no bots ok?! Stop saying there’s bots and fake subs on her channel! THEY ARE ALL REAL. LIKE LITERALLY. They are all real.

  • Aisha S
    Aisha S

    I bet ur period must be a nightmare!!

  • Tatiana Linden
    Tatiana Linden

    You can still drive your van #you go girl

  • Tatiana Linden
    Tatiana Linden

    Hey don't wore because your strong and independent

  • xdj need logic
    xdj need logic

    Yo she kinda hot Fbi probably gunna come after me

  • Miles And Brady Asssmr
    Miles And Brady Asssmr

    I’ve never wanted live in a van more

  • My High Desert Garden
    My High Desert Garden

    You make everything seem so easy ...I envy a good

  • Alexis Verday
    Alexis Verday

    proof that god is a black woman

  • Ken Gilby
    Ken Gilby

    Wow a home from home 😀

  • Ruth Trigo
    Ruth Trigo

    Hi..can you visit my channels..I'll return back to you

  • f acosta
    f acosta

    You are funny as fuckkkkkkk!!!!!🤣❤️

  • Katherine Chinchilla
    Katherine Chinchilla

    Wait why so many dislikes I really like her

  • Gypsydanger

    Wow...just wow.

  • Funnel Cake
    Funnel Cake

    Omg I love her videos

  • Jack Spade
    Jack Spade

    This girl is cool and all but I wish IT-my would stop recommending this to me. I'm so not into this.

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