How J Cole Fans were after they Heard J Cole new Album (The Off Season) One time
Y’all already know this how the Cole fans were! How I know? Cause IM A COLE FAN DUH 😂😂😂
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    • Sleepy GRIMM 😴💤
      Sleepy GRIMM 😴💤

      @Phantom 001 no thanks.

    • Sleepy GRIMM 😴💤
      Sleepy GRIMM 😴💤

      @Phantom 001 bro he said that cuz mario wears an m on his hat 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Phantom 001
      Phantom 001

      No cap did J. Cole shout you guys on 95 South- I be stayin' out the way, but if the beef do come around Could put a M right on your head, you Luigi brother now Trace my steps all in this game, you could see we cover ground In video game house Mark plays Luigi brother Mario. Mark name starts with an M and what you call a person in the hood whose a target. A finish that man... finish that. I might be reaching.

    • reborn

      U are my favorite youtube

    • Mathenjwa SOUTH AFRICA
      Mathenjwa SOUTH AFRICA

      I GUESS 😂😂😂😂😂

  • King Of Bloccs
    King Of Bloccs

    You mean how I loved it!!! 🤣

  • Kahlil Pittman
    Kahlil Pittman

    All the dislikes are people who didn’t get there life together

  • Matteo Benati
    Matteo Benati


  • Cam 2RUD3
    Cam 2RUD3

    “This nigga finna make me mad” 💀

  • Life Of Brandon
    Life Of Brandon

    Died over a cross just like the start of Christianity

  • Vinotinto Real
    Vinotinto Real

    "I don't know either" What a Oscar worth performance

  • Seal S
    Seal S


  • MABlaze

    This dude stay kickin LeLand out lol

  • Shammy-Thayne Maximiliana
    Shammy-Thayne Maximiliana

    “Youngboy better…” 😂😂

  • Bracefacee. Jerry
    Bracefacee. Jerry

    He sounded like he about to cry

  • Jimmy Johnny
    Jimmy Johnny

    As soon as the video Starts and bro talkin bout endin world Hunger i was bustin out laughin🤣🤣🤣 why his voice crackin all the time y all bot right in the head🤣🤣🤣

  • Ezekiel Pridgen
    Ezekiel Pridgen

    We need j cole to see this

  • Rarsa A
    Rarsa A

    You must be a 🤣

  • Liv’s Lux Life
    Liv’s Lux Life

    “I gueees” 😭😭😭

  • îKärmå

    I got my life together 😭😂😭😂

  • Andre Gillison
    Andre Gillison

    I do agree.

  • Nu Man Fatin
    Nu Man Fatin

    Love it fellas

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye

    I didn't rate the album yoh know

  • Mo Malo
    Mo Malo

    I think j cole is overrated

    • Alex Sam
      Alex Sam

      Of course he is

  • BigBoss 704
    BigBoss 704

    That steph line true asf

  • HopOffMyMeat_ pLuS
    HopOffMyMeat_ pLuS

    "Jermaine?" "Cole?" gets me every time

  • AA 3037
    AA 3037

    I like when he tells his boys to go in these vids lmfao

  • J. T.G
    J. T.G

    Same dudes from 3 years ago lol!! Alright you guys cool

  • kieranpearson

    Taxation is extortion (theft/ non-consensual). Thereby, makes all governments slavery.

  • Trader Joe
    Trader Joe

    I don’t know either 😭

  • HMS


  • Mr Cotan
    Mr Cotan

    They only played 1sec of each song on the album and it changed they're whole life

  • Errick Bradley
    Errick Bradley

    It's a classic LOL

  • young_vango Gaming
    young_vango Gaming

    Is he trying to sound like an old man lmaoooo

  • Kagiso Maenetja
    Kagiso Maenetja

    what is the name of is this song

  • Khim Cooman BattousaiSSJ4
    Khim Cooman BattousaiSSJ4

    Just got my shirt yesterday

  • Dereck Saeyang-Lawrence
    Dereck Saeyang-Lawrence


  • 01311997nan9

    Love how his voice is shaking 😂😭

  • Six Star Maids
    Six Star Maids

    ive watched this video too many times now

  • Malachi S
    Malachi S

    ALBUM OF THE YEAR NIGGAAA, that shit is a classic

  • N Cruz
    N Cruz


  • Tatus Maximus
    Tatus Maximus

    “I’m not going to say it aga... it’s a classic”

  • Rari

    “Duh nigga” 🤣

  • sbannik

    Tbh the album ain’t that good it’s aight

  • Erik Gonzalez
    Erik Gonzalez

    The way he talk like he wanna cry lmao 😂

  • selfloathing gives me life
    selfloathing gives me life

    They dressing and acting like they just found God, lmao.

  • Big Puff
    Big Puff

    How is 21 even sliding like that?!? 💀😂😂😂

  • Junior Knows
    Junior Knows

    "You must be one of dem trolls huh?.."💯😤😭😭💀💀💀

  • Dan Kiberu
    Dan Kiberu


  • Dan Kiberu
    Dan Kiberu

    You troll" 😄 🤣

  • dipset

    This is perfect

  • KJ SaxMaster
    KJ SaxMaster

    0:48 those the magically delicious 7s

  • Julia Fox
    Julia Fox

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  • Young Sin
    Young Sin

    Mark got on some bullshit. LMAO

  • Kylo Hatake
    Kylo Hatake

    Lmfao Hears To The Roc 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CBlade0

    Rofl!! J.Cole didn't even say much on this album 😂

  • Richard Woodham II
    Richard Woodham II

    This will never get old

  • Tatti Fatty
    Tatti Fatty

    J.Cole be bringing the Bible to the streets yo. On God.

  • R.A. Hailstorm
    R.A. Hailstorm

    The Kanye outro skit reference took me back.

  • Frederick Seymour
    Frederick Seymour

    DOnt follow J Cole but this was funny

    • Frederick Seymour
      Frederick Seymour

      Just heard 95 south...Cole fan now

  • Marcos Jimenez
    Marcos Jimenez

    I mean I guess 😂


  • Andrew Sterling
    Andrew Sterling

    My friends sayin astronaut in the ocean is better than j cole whole career

  • King Supreme
    King Supreme

    2:15 his voice cracked

  • Booosh

    Tru tru

  • Leon


  • Tank T-A-N-K
    Tank T-A-N-K

    Yo I can’t 😂😂😂

  • Destroyer101

    The older rappers are better than most younger rappers and that’s facts!

  • King C
    King C

    Don't forget "Ja morant, I'm on my grizzly."

  • EJ

    Mann after A lot Ik 21 and jcole slapped

  • Jose Loredo
    Jose Loredo

    I love your J Cole skits

  • Tony Bamanaboni
    Tony Bamanaboni

    “So is Lebron, he’s still hoopin, he’s still the best player.” That didn’t age well. . .

    • 803nigel


  • Gon Freecss
    Gon Freecss

    How you like it? Wym ,how I love it😭😭😭

  • Lex Wilburn
    Lex Wilburn


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