How Many Weighted Blankets Until I Can't Get Up?
Simply Nailogical
Will this challenge relieve my quarantine anxiety? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • Karla C.
    Karla C.

    I'm signing up for the blanket giveaway

  • Bianca Lambarena
    Bianca Lambarena

    Why on the cat

  • Summer Hull
    Summer Hull

    2:00 *Feels*

  • Cat Time
    Cat Time

    Weighted blankets actually give me anxiety.

  • Itz Lana
    Itz Lana

    is it just me who has 14 weighted blankets

  • Jean the Cat
    Jean the Cat

    For the record, most weighted blankets are heavier around the edges than in the middle. But major props for being able to sit up!

  • Maddi E
    Maddi E

    Me struggling to get up with my dressing gown on

  • Moon Of Stealth
    Moon Of Stealth

    How about how many sweaters can you wear until you can’t bend your arms?

  • riley kaminski
    riley kaminski

    My 8 year old sister can lift around 200 lbs

  • The Baking Show
    The Baking Show

    252 is the exact weight of 14 weighted blankets and 284 if were to weigh 13 weighted blanket!

  • thegayestgoth

    Girl done aged

  • Sinine1100

    I don't understand weighted blankets. I think the only way I could sleep with one at all is if I slept *on* them. Feels like being tied up ro suffocated or something.

  • Regan Ross
    Regan Ross

    I feel like weighted blankets would make me more anxious bc o cant get up and small spaces

  • aria ramirez
    aria ramirez

    who knew Cristine was slim thicc

  • Ma Ef
    Ma Ef

    I need a blanket please! My anxiety! It hurts!

  • Marie Shipton
    Marie Shipton

    my mom made me a weighted blanket

  • Bunny

    I have anxiety and I tried a weighted blanket my sister has. It was super uncomfortable and restricting plus it got so warm I was sweating my ass off during the night. It was not for me and that makes me kinda sad since it could have helped :(

  • allie kelch
    allie kelch

    *slowly goes on amazon to find a weighted blanket*

  • Maya Breth
    Maya Breth

    6:16 the part u came for. Thank me later

  • Pinkity drinkity central
    Pinkity drinkity central

    her math teacher must be very proud of her XD

  • Metodi Ivanov
    Metodi Ivanov

    150 layers of books The knowledge you will learn😌😌

  • madi wolf
    madi wolf

    I have one of those irl

  • b

    When they help your anxiety but then make you anxious cuz you can't move

  • Maddy & Kipper
    Maddy & Kipper

    When she said kinda like a bad boyfriend i made that oh geeze face that we all know.

  • benis candle
    benis candle

    theyre so wholesome and it makes me laugh so hard

  • Milana Mikulova
    Milana Mikulova

    YEEEEEES Cristine 🤣❤

  • Mac Tilghman
    Mac Tilghman

    A story I invented: **gets covered in weighted blankets** **ben walks in** simply: WHAT DO YA THINK?

  • Veronika Ondrik
    Veronika Ondrik

    U two are just so cute

  • Venus Durand
    Venus Durand

    Love your videos lol🤩😀😃😄😁😆😊☺️🤣😂😅🙂

  • *Suki*

    I have a waited blanket it’s amazing

  • Avocado Queen
    Avocado Queen

    Can you be my math tutor

  • Kelei Liang
    Kelei Liang

    i NEED a weighted blanket... holy


    i need one:)

  • Aniza Tiongco
    Aniza Tiongco

    Me have Idea MAKE BLANKET FORT BUY MORE BLANKETS DO THAT ON THE CAT PLAY EXTREME HIDE AND SEEK and ummmmm ncdjsyudhjhdnsgfwuamfkjwegbrufewlauio

  • DA Shiny Punny Mars King
    DA Shiny Punny Mars King

    my weighted blanket got chains. I had a sand one but it was too uneven for me. I could turn my weighted blanket into a weapon tho 👀

  • JB Beatzs
    JB Beatzs

    Wowie if you did that in Florida you would die of heat

  • XxLexi_YtxX


  • Nikki Kirk
    Nikki Kirk

    how about 1,000 layers of nail polish

  • Miranda Flores
    Miranda Flores

    :3 s don’t worry we don’t have 14 we 23 of them :3

  • * GamingGacha *
    * GamingGacha *

    "DONT EAT THE BLANKET" my lil sis: *chewing on my weighted blanket* Me: Hey did u hear that!? Stop it!

  • Zelda M
    Zelda M

    Why did I laugh so much at the music as she struggled to get out? xD

  • Ellis Love
    Ellis Love

    Quarantine making you crazy What be your excuse for the rest of the year 😂

  • Anna Luksha
    Anna Luksha

    I'm still in pain over the fact that SHE COULD HAVE ADDED ANOTHER IT WAS UNDERNEATH HER 😭 She should have used a different blanket underneath her... Or did she?? Am I lying to the internet???? I don't even know anymore guys...

  • Ed the Shed
    Ed the Shed

    They are giving me Jenna and Julien vibes

  • Noobified

    She protecc She attacc But most importantly She strong as hecc

  • Izzy and Ravin
    Izzy and Ravin

    Me wanting MY weighted blanket but can’t use it because my cat is on it. And I’m cold. And I don’t want her to leave me: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Kanon Got Wasted
    Kanon Got Wasted

    Saying that it does nothing is a bit..uh. Weighted blankets are quite helpful for many.

  • Kinsey Clark
    Kinsey Clark

    I started shaking when is we the title

  • unicorn Price
    unicorn Price


  • Cat S
    Cat S

    pro tip: fold them in half, basically making it a long rectangle. more of the blanket is actually on you, rather than around you so it feels heavier

  • Green Apple
    Green Apple

    Bench presssing 100 pounds? She's stronger than she looks!

  • Kitten Queen
    Kitten Queen

    Me about to go ask for a weighted blanket

  • Rilyn Time
    Rilyn Time

    8:23 is the best

  • Tay Acklom
    Tay Acklom

    this gives me anxiety. the fact that she had her arms underneath. my claustrophobia could never

  • Sheila Rodriguez
    Sheila Rodriguez

    your right XD XD XD XD XD Quarentine is driving us insane

  • Kennedy French
    Kennedy French

    the jenna marbles vibes are just what i needed.

  • Veronica Jefimovica
    Veronica Jefimovica

    Who else can't get out of bed with even 1...

  • doll girl
    doll girl

    Hey sell 9 pound $20 ones at target for you US pepes

  • Mony Stire
    Mony Stire

    She is training abs. I cant say else

  • Lora Hartwick
    Lora Hartwick

    Alternate title: how many blankets can Ben lift before his arms give out.

  • Babygirl 4751
    Babygirl 4751

    I have a weighted blanket mine was around £40 (i think) and mines by xalm I love it and they are also known to help restless leg syndrome autism spectrum disorder and adhd Also mental health disorders:)

  • Gacha_plebs

    Training in 2020 Series of “quarantine” be like:

  • Ana Barajas
    Ana Barajas

    Yes to the weighted blanket giveaway I have always wanted one!

  • melody lol
    melody lol

    Ben and cristine are so cute together🥺⟹❁✘❥☹︎☀︎☽☁︎☔︎☃︎🀈🃕❣ sorry im having to much fun of computer ;-;

  • mew is bored
    mew is bored

    5:26 *me and my best friend when playing Rock Paper Scissors-*

  • olimakiella

    you could have folded them in half....

  • Dakota Humphrey
    Dakota Humphrey

    Get in a bath of glitter

  • Chloe

    is this a call for help

  • Megan Belfield
    Megan Belfield

    And there is me, can't afford 1 weighted blanket. 👁👄👁 I bet one of those would really help with my anxiety. 😩

  • Tatyana K
    Tatyana K

    You made me get up and grab my weighted blanket

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