How NBA Teams Got Their Name
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In today's Rebound Central video, we take an in-depth look at how a bunch of these NBA teams and how they came up with there team names. Some NBA Team Names have a deep personal meaning representing their city or even state, while other NBA Teams got their name drawn out of a hat...
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  • marcoulibeats

    saturdays game between the cactus giants and the unicorns gonna be big

  • Jalen Madjidi
    Jalen Madjidi

    4:23 says San Diego, shows San Francisco

  • Finally the Truth
    Finally the Truth

    just forget about the Jazz

  • Benny Wright
    Benny Wright

    If this guy made a video about the 2012 London Olympics he'd most likely show a picture of the Eiffel tower. This dude makes these type mistakes so often I'm beginning to think he's doing it just to make sure we're paying attention. For example: in this video he talks about San Diego and shows a picture of the Golden Gate bridge. You know, the Golden Gate bridge that connects Northern California to San Diego.

  • Nigel Hall
    Nigel Hall

    The unicorn is the most deadliest creature in the animal kingdom

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    So basically teams got their names just because...

  • The Midnight Express
    The Midnight Express

    Houston We Have A Problem is such a fitting name for them now!!!

  • Ricardo Delossantos
    Ricardo Delossantos

    0:58 why the nets playing in black and white


    warriors DUB nation came after ALDUB

  • Rav3nHyp3r

    I remember when the Kings was the Kansas City Kings

  • Kyle Henson
    Kyle Henson

    You need to learn the alphabet.

  • Fabian Bryan
    Fabian Bryan

    What about golden state's warriors

  • sam sushi
    sam sushi

    Hoo is watching this guy when he has 666k subs

  • James Manley
    James Manley

    666k subs 🔯👹👹👹

  • Jackson Langford
    Jackson Langford

    *shows the GG bridge over the San FRANCISCO Bay when talking about San Diego*

  • The Game Street Journal
    The Game Street Journal

    san diego golden gate bridgemen

  • Mavs Fan
    Mavs Fan


  • StumbleYT

    boston unicorns!? LMFAO rn

  • Miami’sPlugg

    You forgot the wizards heat and magic.

  • sima madani
    sima madani


  • StunnderBoy


  • microwaved chocolate
    microwaved chocolate

    3:14 it is what it ease

  • Gerald Albin
    Gerald Albin

    09:21 01:59 04:08

  • vHKBG 2K
    vHKBG 2K


  • Kristian Aleixo
    Kristian Aleixo

    Nice vid, but you mentioned San Diego and showed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco...

  • BlxckKnight Prod
    BlxckKnight Prod

    The Boston Celtics got their name because there was a large Dutch population in Boston. Celtic is a funny word for somebody whos Dutch

  • Ray jungle
    Ray jungle

    Mj: let's make this city proud NBA: think again

  • Rudy Smith
    Rudy Smith


  • lance ogot
    lance ogot

    Boston unicorns??,,,,,,,,,now that would have always hit different in the 2010s and 20s

  • Ram TG
    Ram TG

    Jordan: It is what it iz

    • Dom Pepsi
      Dom Pepsi

      It is what it iz

    • JustSomeGuy 1
      JustSomeGuy 1

      It is what it iz

    • Mr. Shifter
      Mr. Shifter

      It is what it iz

    • david freeeman
      david freeeman

      It is what it iz

    • O_o

      It is what it iz

  • ASVP

    Says San Diego, shows Golden Gate Bridge... close enough I guess

    • Dan Geiger
      Dan Geiger

      ASVP and they talked about Johnson Space Center in Houston, but showed Kennedy Space Center in Florida

  • viZioN Semi
    viZioN Semi

    I got a good nba team name Seattle thunder bird

    • viZioN Semi
      viZioN Semi

      I got a another one Vancouver chargers

    • viZioN Semi
      viZioN Semi

      Nathan Sreethar I was about to name it thunder dragon but it sounded too long

    • Nathan Sreethar
      Nathan Sreethar

      D Wade I give that a 9

  • Ahmed Subhani
    Ahmed Subhani

    Thank god there isn’t a team named the fighters

    • Amani Kasseyet
      Amani Kasseyet

      That would fit the 80s pistons


    What about the Bulls?

  • thekey


    • Brewers 101
      Brewers 101

      thekey there may be a part 2

  • Theodore Burns
    Theodore Burns

    3:13 It iis what it iis

    • Zebra Trading
      Zebra Trading

      Theodore Burns but it ain't what it aint

  • I Have a small penis but,
    I Have a small penis but,

    What team had the best uniforms?

    • Axewolfe 17
      Axewolfe 17

      Either Miami heat city edition or Denver black skyline

    • Walaxio

      City edition miami heat

    • Placyd

      Y'all may disagree but Warriors heat portland cavs mavericks utah all have good uniforms

  • NY Devil
    NY Devil

    a majestic unicorn is stronger than anything in the world

  • StripeMcr

    Las Vegas Gamblers

  • Hype Dawg
    Hype Dawg

    “Poobas” 🤣🤣🤣🤣, don’t know if I am saying it right

  • Master Candy
    Master Candy

    Blazers, Bulls, 76ers,Warriors, Wizards, Pistons, Magic, Jazz, Heat???

    • Spider Fan
      Spider Fan

      I need to know bout the warriors

    • Chandler McClements
      Chandler McClements

      76ers got the name because the declaration of independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776

    • mr. chillington
      mr. chillington

      Magic because of amusment parks

    • Poo Craver
      Poo Craver

      Do u know motor city and do you know what a car need to work?

    • Tuxedo Fish
      Tuxedo Fish

      76ers because 1776 the Declaration of Independence was writenn in philly

  • Jan Kokot
    Jan Kokot

    You forgot the Philadelphia 76ers

  • Jun Polistico
    Jun Polistico

    Kansas City Kings?! nonono.... Lets bring back Kansas' team! How about Kansas City Knights? | | \/ like if u agree plzz

  • Ekc Kicks
    Ekc Kicks

    Imagine if there would’ve been a team named the swamp dragons 😂

    • Theo Tilton
      Theo Tilton


    • Youare Afool
      Youare Afool

      Like an nfl street premade team 🤣🤣🤣

    • Cole Jordan
      Cole Jordan

      Hahahahahaha! It's like a "Create-A-Team" name in EA Sports.

    • Marvelous 40
      Marvelous 40

      EKC Kicks lol

  • Dylan Alexander
    Dylan Alexander

    Also, Lakers played in Minneapolis- Minneapolis is known as the city of LAKES

  • lil 6oss
    lil 6oss

    If the name was unicorn Jaylen green would be perfect for that team

    • Punish_ Flow
      Punish_ Flow

      Jaylen Brown u mean

  • Whom

    I think the Rockets makes the most sense

  • The Famous SJ Ticklebottom
    The Famous SJ Ticklebottom

    Lol of course it’s the Knicks that are named after a pair of pants XDXD 😂

    • Jubin Jacob
      Jubin Jacob


  • Big Stats
    Big Stats

    Forgot some other teams but ok

    • Big Stats
      Big Stats


    • Brewers 101
      Brewers 101

      Big Stats there may be a part 2

  • doloman77

    Lebron has proven the Cavs name with the 2016 championship.

  • Nicholas Small
    Nicholas Small

    Washington wizards???

  • Topher

    must have been hard finding those knicks higlights lol

    • Chase Miller
      Chase Miller


    • Chase Miller
      Chase Miller

      George Simmons what

    • George Simmons
      George Simmons

      I'm sleep

    • DeKyle DeLowry
      DeKyle DeLowry


  • Jacob Leech
    Jacob Leech

    You forgot the Pistons

    • Nick Pringle
      Nick Pringle

      And the Jazz

    • Sam Benham
      Sam Benham

      And the Hawks

    • tyler d
      tyler d

      @LETMEC4FREE and the Magic


      And the Bulls!

    • George Simmons
      George Simmons

      Nice catch

  • duntrelle Gray
    duntrelle Gray


  • ツUist

    It izzzz what it izzzzz

  • TheBlackFlash 25
    TheBlackFlash 25

    New York knickerbockers

  • Simon Cerezo
    Simon Cerezo

    What about the Warriors, Blazers, Magic, Heat, Bulls, Pistons, and Jazz?

    • Natty Shelton
      Natty Shelton

      They’re probably going to make a part 2 of this video


      Pistons... hmm because detroit was the motor city of America

  • Jose lozano
    Jose lozano

    4:49 Houston, we've HAD a problem. *

  • Joke Around Jake
    Joke Around Jake

    You forgot my New Orleans Pelicans

    • Kesha Dale
      Kesha Dale


  • Legend 2beknown
    Legend 2beknown

    lowkey think that the clippers would be better in San Diego

    • XO PARTY
      XO PARTY


    • chuy _
      chuy _

      or vegas

    • PlanetJohn

      Clippers or Kings should be moved to Seattle

    • Legend 2beknown
      Legend 2beknown

      C Bennett exactly, it would give a whole new opportunity for fans in San Diego, plus it would give the NBA a new location to play around with

    • C Bennett
      C Bennett

      Yeah LA bleeds purple and gold it would make the most sense to put the clippers in San Diego

  • Shakabrah

    u forgot about the blazers

  • nyles adkins
    nyles adkins

    Forgot about the Wizards btw

    • Joke Around Jake
      Joke Around Jake

      And Pelicans

  • Izaias Hines
    Izaias Hines

    We’re the kings at

    • w in nyc
      w in nyc

      And trailblazers

  • Random User
    Random User

    Rip Wes Unseld

    • George Simmons
      George Simmons


    • Marie Madison
      Marie Madison

      Unseld the Goat

    • Harold the pug
      Harold the pug

      Moment of silence RIP Wes Unseld

    • StormElites

      @Cian Shah RIP TO A LEGEND

    • Cian Shah
      Cian Shah


  • Random User
    Random User

    Washington bullets Make up a reason

  • 1_van c4z
    1_van c4z

    When you're so early all the comments say first 👇like if u agree

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    YMG Noodlesoup

    When you’re so early but you don’t know it and you forget to comment “First”

  • Knoda Basketball
    Knoda Basketball

    basketball has really came a long way

    • The chicken Squad
      The chicken Squad


  • GG Hits Threes
    GG Hits Threes

    3:12 It is what it is

    • Baldemar Campos
      Baldemar Campos

      it is what it is

    • Fredriko Gomez
      Fredriko Gomez

      It is what it is

    • Jaithra Perera
      Jaithra Perera

      It is what it is

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