How the best ever Sacramento Kings team missed the NBA Finals, then deteriorated
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In early 2002, the Sacramento Kings looked like they might be the next NBA dynasty. They were well on their way to the Finals, and as the rival Los Angeles Lakers came apart, the Kings were poised to take over.
And then ... things happened. First came the notorious, controversial end to the 2002 Western Conference Finals against those Lakers. Then came an injury to Sacramento's star, Chris Webber. Then came some bad feelings, some bad moves, and eventually some really bad basketball.
This starts as the story of a perfectly built team running into misfortune when it should have been peaking. It becomes a story of that perfect creation crumbling into pieces, with no clear plan to rebuild. This one hurts.
Edited by Jiazhen Zhang
Motion graphics by Phil Pasternak
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
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  • sethsassy

    Finally a chance for you guys to whine about the Kings-Lakers series, again. Jesus Christ. Maybe next you could mention that you're a Knicks fan for no reason, again.

  • Justin Grant
    Justin Grant

    Tim Donaghy has entered the chat

  • Amanda Nikole
    Amanda Nikole

    Hahahaha I remember when Peja wanted to be traded and everything lol Ahhhh the memories

  • Not Informed
    Not Informed

    They should've won

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    Everyone knows that Lakers and Kings series was over in 5games. How fitting replay came that next year. Kobe (R.I.P.)elbows Bibby and foul is on Bibby. And Horry hits winner in game 4. But Samaki Walker 3 right before half; Kings still win that clearly should not have counted. Enough said.

    • joesakic91

      @Pablo Escobar But the Kings still choked the 2002 WCF series away. And also wasted their best chance in 2003 when Chris Webber tore his meniscus. Now, they're mumbling, 'that should've been us' when their NorCal rival, the Golden State Warriors, beat them to the punch for NBA titles in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

  • Jake Tanner
    Jake Tanner

    I cant believe I'm saying this, but I believe the next video needs to be how LeBron returned home, he and the Cleveland Cavaliers won an nba title, then collapsed. Kevin Love and Tristian Thompson I believe are both in the final years of their contracts, and are the only pieces of that 2016 championship team left. I'm a Cavs fan, and it was heartbreaking to see the collapse happen the way it did.

  • Andrea Grubiša
    Andrea Grubiša

    Pls do a 2000s/10s Phoenix Suns collapse, Sixers collapse post 2001, a Sonics collapse after the 1996 finals, a 90s Orlando Magic collapse or the post-Dwight Howard Magic collapse, or an older collapse like the post-Wilt Sixers :)

  • John Quinn
    John Quinn

    This hurts so much...

  • Ozamataz Buckshank
    Ozamataz Buckshank

    1:13 something that not just kings fans, but almost everyone refuse to admit. Ppl just love to see flashy player, Bibby was way better than white chocolate

  • TheModer8ter

    Jesus says in John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life." Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah, he died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried and rose from the dead on the third day after his burial, so that all who believe may have everlasting life. Whoever believes in Jesus to to save them from hell has everlasting life in heaven.

  • Marvelous Intelligence
    Marvelous Intelligence

    So they are like that decades harden rockets

    • joesakic91

      Speaking of James Harden and the Houston Rockets, Vivek Ranadive and Joe Dumars rolled the dice by luring in their assistant GM Monte McNair as head of basketball operations.

  • jason Valdez
    jason Valdez

    They got cheated, period!! The ref went to Prison.

    • joesakic91

      Nah, the Sacramento Kings choked.

  • Otto

    It'll take a few more years to truly be finished but one can also be done on the Los Angeles Kings. From two Stanley cups in four years to one of the worst teams in the league due to poor personnel decisions and new powerhouses in the west.

  • Dion Tjahjono
    Dion Tjahjono

    y’all have to do a clippers collapse!

  • Sean Duffy
    Sean Duffy

    What if just regular jobs could have trade deals? Like, it’s not working out at this bar, but you’re a solid server and another place is willing to give up a couple rookies and a contract extension for you. I think this is something we should all think about: thank you for coming to my ted talk


    The NBA robbed them. That what happened....

    • joesakic91

      Nah, the Kings choked.

  • Javonah Henderson
    Javonah Henderson

    Small market curse they were absolutely the best team for about 2 yrs they were destroying teams in the early 2000s even back then folks were saying those gms looked rigged

  • Robert Thurton
    Robert Thurton

    Kings have the greatest fans. We deserve better. And why is it so bad to live in Sacramento. It’s still in California.

  • 3rdEye

    Ahhh yeah I remember this, The game that proved corruption is real in sport, to engineer those higher revenue and TV numbers.

  • Dindo Boy
    Dindo Boy

    Reason why? no market in cowtown and their aging

  • Todd Sands
    Todd Sands

    Actually from what I remembered, the former Ron Artest did not want to accept the trade on heading to Sacramento. I often wondered how well the Indiana Pacers would be if the "Malice at the Palace" did not happen. As for the 2002 Sacramento Kings, they were so exciting to watch. As a fan, I enjoyed their brand of basketball. I watched a game that year when they played the Orlando Magic in Orlando. An ugly fight occurred between T-Mac and Bobby Jackson.

  • mike hathaway
    mike hathaway

    Dude no joke Webber’s kid with the ice cream is the least depressing part of this video.

  • Joey Teter
    Joey Teter

    Man growing up watching these Kings battle the west, especially those games/series against LA was awesome. Always fun as hell to watch

  • Marvz Pontillas
    Marvz Pontillas

    How about Steve Nash Suns collapse...

  • jmiogo

    Spoiler. Refs threw the LAKERS WCF.

    • JBSptfn

      @joesakic91 Both can be true. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

    • joesakic91

      @jmlogo Nah, the Kings choked.

  • Fotosynthesis858

    Hey Queens fans, STILL SALTY?! 😂💪🏾💜💛🏆🏆🏆 #MambaMentality 🐍

  • ThAkIDRu

    Besides an established 2x defending champion Lakers team led by Kobe and Shaq and Tim Donaghy idk how they lost

    • joesakic91

      @ThAkIDRu The Kings failed to make a few more plays to win either Games 4, 6 or 7 of the 2002 WCF series. And Rick Adelman and the Greatest Show on Court Sacramento Kings were 0-3 in Game 7s.

  • Ness 790
    Ness 790

    All those referees are goin’ to hell for that game 6 they cheated the Kings out of.

    • joesakic91

      @Ness 790 So, I guess all NBA dynasties should go to hell? Sour grapes from you.

  • Pepe Lopez
    Pepe Lopez

    I know rip kobe But lakers got help from the league, favoritism

    • joesakic91

      @Pepe Lopez So? The Sacramento Kings had their chances to overcome bad officiating by making a few more plays to win either Games 4, 6 or 7 of the 2002 WCF series, but failed when they lost all three. The teams with five more NBA titles in the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls with MJ, Warriors and Spurs caught breaks and capitalize them.

  • second wave
    second wave

    Spurs fan 29 years and I was mad. Seeing how the league screwed the kings

    • joesakic91

      @second wave Well, there's a reason why there's a difference between teams with five or more NBA titles and teams that are snakebitten like the Kings. Those five teams that I mentioned turned off the distractions like the referees and played basketball to win while the Kings blamed everybody else for their failures instead of themselves.

    • second wave
      second wave

      @joesakic91 I take it as you're a laker fan. And if we wanna go there. Only one team was taken by officials you named. Which was the spurs and heat. You can beat the league if they don't want you too

    • joesakic91

      @second wave Well, that's them breaks. The five teams who won five or more NBA titles in the Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Bulls with MJ and Warriors caught breaks and capitalize them.

    • second wave
      second wave

      @joesakic91 regardless of those games. It's a fair up game play. And shouldn't ever have been determined by officials.

    • joesakic91

      @second wave Well, the Kings had their chances had they make a few more plays to win either Games 4, 6 or 7 of the 2002 WCF and they didn't do it when they lost all three.

  • Jay G
    Jay G

    Webber was playing hot potato with the ball late in crutial games.

  • tomtik101

    I was a Mike Bibby fan

  • Hotobu

    15 minutes to say "Tim Donaghy?"

    • joesakic91

      15 minutes to say the Kings blew it.

  • Ravioli Hands
    Ravioli Hands

    People keep saying NBA cheated the kings but the kings had a GAME 7 ON ON THEY HOME COURT AND BLEW IT

    • joesakic91

      The Kings also blew Game 4 too.

  • Michael Ingram
    Michael Ingram

    "controversial" my AZZ! the game WAS rigged and Sacramento wasn't on the TV radar as a champion in prime time or anytime!

  • slottie Bob foster
    slottie Bob foster

    The Kings got ripped off! Bad calls and a refs who were named as gamblers. I remember watching these games, as a Webber fan.

  • kd fh
    kd fh

    That was a tragedy I remember watching that game against Dallas when webber ended his career he couldn't dunk anymore after that

  • eatcheesekobe

    The league gave Lakers game 6, but Kings lost game 7 themselves on their home court no less.

  • Nathan Pattison
    Nathan Pattison

    This was so painful but I needed this. Thank you. Go Kings!

  • Nicholas Lindsey
    Nicholas Lindsey

    Since the Kings are a lost cause, they should sell and relocate to Seattle and become the Super Sonics!! (Wishful thinking)

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson

    Small market teams didn’t win in the David Stern era unless in was the clean cut, international Spurs at the end.

    • Joe Jackson
      Joe Jackson

      joesakic91 After Allen Iverson, David Stern was attempting to clean up the “thug image” of the league. Enter the clean-cut, international Spurs.

    • joesakic91

      The Spurs are a small market (in terms of media market), but they have super/megastars on their team led by David Robinson and Tim Duncan. It's not just big vs small market. It's also having super/megastars on teams.

  • Declan Conroy
    Declan Conroy

    No mention of Theus' brilliant acting work on "Hang Time"? How can this be overlooked?

  • Hypocrite Troll Bot
    Hypocrite Troll Bot

    This team sounds a LOT like the 90s Warriors. The common thread? Chris Webber.

    • joesakic91

      But Chris Webber lasted only one season with Don Nelson and the Dubs before being shipped to the Washington Bullets/Wizards.

  • John-Sebastian Barrera
    John-Sebastian Barrera

    Webber doesn't age 😂

  • ultimatewarriorz1

    The collapse of the Detroit Lions 🦁 1957 --------------- 🏈 and 62yrs later still going nowhere 🏆 💍

  • amaru ametl
    amaru ametl

    I remember that year. Respect ✊

  • SI

    The nba rigged it because they didn’t want a small market team playing with that style of basketball beating the precious lakers

    • joesakic91

      Nah, the Kings failed to seal the deal.

  • Jojolit

    I’m not a fan of Kings I was team Kobe and Shaq but game 6 was so rigged hindsight looking back and this is coming from a fan who lived Through that era despite being a kid tbt they got screwed

    • joesakic91

      @Jojolit Game 4 was more of a killer for the Sacramento Kings.

  • Burnaby 604
    Burnaby 604

    I remember watching this series as a kid and my uncle kept saying the refs are rigging the game

  • SuperWebb4

    Do the 7 seconds suns from 04 until Nash left

  • UtotheJ

    It’s extremely difficult to win a championship in the NBA. Beyond an elite roster, the stars have to be aligned (in an extremely short window) with no injuries, no suspensions. Even then you have to just be lucky that one or two bounces go your way. So when the refs f you over, there is no chance. This is what happened to the Kings and the Suns in the 2000s. Really diminished the legacy of the players

    • joesakic91

      And the Sacramento Kings and their fans are still mumbling, 'that should've been us' when their NorCal rival, the Golden State Warriors, beat them to the punch for three NBA titles in a five-year span between 2015 and 2019. How? The Dubs simply turned off the distractions like the referees and play basketball to win especially in winner-take-all postseason games. Rick Adelman and the Greatest Show on Court era Sacramento Kings were 0-3 in Game 7s and 0-5 overall in winner-take-all postseason games.

  • Mark R
    Mark R

    As a kings fan, this hurt to watch 😔

  • trebledc

    Rigged asf.

    • joesakic91

      But the Kings also choked.

  • jason smith
    jason smith

    There's many reasons. But the #1 reason is the "best basketball refs on earth,"-HAHA, gave Shaq,& Kobes Lakers, like 30 free throws, in 4th qtr of game 6,& Sacramento got like a 1 point loss that wouldve ended the series. But Sacramento also choked away game 7 at home,& lost in OT. And the refs were basically fair in that game. I haven't watched the video yet,& he probably mentioned these, (hopefully)but that's the easiest question ever. And I had no dog in the fight. I'm a Denver fan. I loved Kobe-Shaq not so much, but I like him now. I liked Webber, but not so much now. I think he get's the most blame for the "Fab 5 feud." And while he is very knowledgeable, I think he is a terrible analyst, full of cliches,& double talk. Jalen Rose is so much better at his job. But it's to bad the Kings couldn't get it done, for so many reasons. But come on, that's just impossible that 1 team would foul that much more, in what turned into a 1pt non elimination game. Shadiest game ever,& I believe Tim Donhey 100%.

    • joesakic91

      It's actually 27 free throw attempts in the fourth quarter in Game 6 while the Kings had nine. The Lakers made 21 of 27 and 34 out of 40 for the game. BTW, Game 4 was more of a killer for the Kings where they needed one rebound on the final play to win that game.

  • Michael Momo
    Michael Momo

    Teams downfall major cuz of this is bad luck and wrong moves inside on team like trades and coaching.

  • dsmits84

    Loved this kings team....bobby jackson was my dude

  • Emkey

    Watching these collapsed teams videos makes me feel blessed to be Miami Heat fan, Great owner in Micky Arison and Legend Pat Riley as president, always striving to win the chip. :) #Heatnation

  • Holycon13

    Collapse of CP3’s New Orleans Hornets!

  • Jason Juster
    Jason Juster

    Before I watch this I just want to say I hate Chris Webber especially his commentary now, complete moron. Anyhow here we go.

  • Ryan Gallagher
    Ryan Gallagher

    Your voice is the one I imagine I will hear at the end of my life when I am raped and murdered by a man who has me in a hole in his basement

  • 5hama5

    dem rigged games reminding me of the first game of the mavs - clippers

  • Contrived Resident
    Contrived Resident

    "...Wild-Card persona..." Good taste in games, eh, Seth?

  • bojo perez
    bojo perez

    oh look nba refs calling fouls in favor of the lakers again vs the blazers

    • joesakic91

      @bojo perez Still gotta capitalize on them breaks.

    • bojo perez
      bojo perez

      @joesakic91 no you are ignorant. A team getting 20 more fouls than the other is ignorance

    • joesakic91

      @bojo perez Yawn because you're ignorant.

    • bojo perez
      bojo perez

      @joesakic91 yawn

    • joesakic91

      @bojo perez So what? There's going to be bad calls and free throws every game. Play through them. The Lakers did, the Blazers didn't.

  • bojo perez
    bojo perez

    they lost their spirit after getting cheated

    • joesakic91

      @bojo perez Yeah and my grandmother is a hot fox. You still can't take it.

    • bojo perez
      bojo perez

      @joesakic91 ah grandmas attic

    • joesakic91

      @bojo perez Nah, I'm in the penthouse suite, sour grapes bubba. ;-) You can't take dynasties winning titles, do ya?

    • bojo perez
      bojo perez

      @joesakic91 my god a stupid idiot commenting on all my comments haha get out of your mothers basement

    • joesakic91

      Nah, the Kings choked after failing to make a few more plays to win either Games 4, 6 or 7. Now, the Kings are still mumbling, "that should've been us" when their NorCal rival, the Golden State Warriors, beat them to the punch for NBA titles in 2015, 2017 and 2018 while they're on the verge of a snakebitten hat trick: longest NBA title, NBA Finals appearance and NBA Playoff appearance drought.

  • alex samain
    alex samain


  • Toby Schneider
    Toby Schneider

    Do a downfall on the Suns, the last decade after they lost in wcf

  • Ric Bradley
    Ric Bradley

    I am born and raised in Sacramento. This was a good team. We got screwed and at least history know that.

  • Roger Szmodis
    Roger Szmodis

    What kind of grown ass man goes by Jimmer?

  • toby2k75

    The kings got screwed because of the rigged system folks. They had refs who were betting on games they were calling. Sucks to see that team was stacked

    • toby2k75

      @joesakic91 lmao i only hated the new england patriots dynasty. Lmao other than that no

    • joesakic91

      ​@toby2k75 But in any league whether it's the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL, those leagues need to have big market teams and/or super/megastar players in the grand finale. Do you hate dynasties? I'm only curious.

    • toby2k75

      @joesakic91 well yes, sacramento had there chances. But it was tough when dirty refs were involved .2002 was the lakers and nets in the finals. Its was for the all mighty dollar. You think the kings and nets would of brought in big bucks?? It was a shitty thing to have happened in a major sport. But yes officiating had a major part in it

    • joesakic91

      The Pedowitz report disagrees. Also, the 2002 WCF shouldn't came down to Games 6 and 7 for the Sacramento Kings had they won Game 4. The Kings arguably had a better team in 2003 when Gerald Wallace fitted in to Rick Adelman's system and added Keon Clark and Jimmy Jackson to the team until Chris Webber tore his lateral meniscus in his knee.

  • Archie MIras
    Archie MIras

    care to see the other side from the jailed Ref Tim Donaghy? just click the link below

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