How The Media Made a Frontrunner
The Rageaholic
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  • JuergenGDB

    At least when we were kids... in the 80's I did not feel like were were political pawns.... Then came the early 90's things changed.


    If America didn't have so many stupid people.🤔 The media wouldn't have the power to tell people how to think.🤔 But the Demorats have the same power over stupid people.😂

  • Mandoon 5891
    Mandoon 5891

    That ending kills me "f**king books" 🤣

  • Hangmans Crown
    Hangmans Crown

    The Rageaholic..... my fav metal head on IT-my. This is all cool but when will the new Necrophagist album be released ?

  • Rob Hawk
    Rob Hawk

    We need to fix our government , TERM LIMITS have to be instituted in ALL offices . We send them to Washington to do our work and after they get there , themselves is what thay end up working for . The media has to have some kind of law laid down that they cannot push lies .

  • Stelter

    I'm not saying that the CIA runs the entirety of the Corporate Media, but if it did, would it look any different? Also a friendly reminder that the Corporate Media is the enemy of humanity.

  • Sasha Ciochina
    Sasha Ciochina

    "........fucking books" hah, good one, really didn't see that twist coming! =))))))

  • Emperor Beaducwealm
    Emperor Beaducwealm

    I'm so fucking happy that this channel is still doing well. Don't hear many voices like this on IT-my anymore.

  • Zalachai

    Anybody remember 007 Tomorrow never dies and that the bad guy was a journalist. Who pushed the narrative to sell stories?

  • Anakins_Ashes

    @Rageaholic can you put links to your intro and outro music?

  • punching down
    punching down

    i knew sam donaldson was dead!

  • boomstickman71

    05:20 WTF is on his head? It looks like a plastic hat! LOL

  • Jenna Patrick-Colombo
    Jenna Patrick-Colombo

    Outdoing yourself errrrrrrrrday babe! ❤️😘

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson

    Co-worker of mine: "There's no such thing as left-wing media except for NPR. And they're not really left wing". Ugh.

  • Fraser Fortune
    Fraser Fortune

    do you have an MMA channel? Holy Shit same voice.

  • Miss Q
    Miss Q

    Sam Donaldson and his hat Fuck I nearly choked drinking my coffee

  • Laserkid

    Regeaholic is warning us of something.

  • John Orr
    John Orr

    I can't believe Fox hired that murderous, treasonous Donna brazille. Every time I see that cunt I get ill.

  • Dexter cochran
    Dexter cochran

    "Fuckin BOOKS" 😂😂😂

  • Arjun

    I don't really get the thesis here. Media is bias? Politics is politics? Media doesn't care about the truth they care about narrative, money? Who didn't know this? Is this really news? (irony not intended) Remember when John Dean was outcaste from the primaries cause he spoke a little too loud? Remember when John McCain lost cause you couldn't have a beer with him/he wasn't "Christian" enough? What the fuck are you rambling about? Who didn't know all this? Did you really watch the news thinking that "oh yes, facts and informative discourse..." are you all that fucking dumb? The point has always been to listen past the bullshit and vote informatively. And if you think that information is not available, then you're not looking hard enough. The voting record of senators, representatives is publicly available. Governors' initiatives and policy history is publicly available...their stump speeches, their editorials, they are all available. Inform yourself and vote, stop making bullshit videos about how the media is against you.

  • Christopher Schlacter
    Christopher Schlacter

    Dude who is afraid to get a real job jumps on the right wing bandwagon bullshitter TDS trump dicksucker syndrome fast talking anonymous pussy train trying desperately to appeal to all the rubes and bigots that are left over from all the other degenerates of that ilk. But you are mildly amusing

  • Harry Parker
    Harry Parker

    Sam Donaldson is still alive ! what is he now like 105 years old or something...

  • JustAnotherGame X
    JustAnotherGame X

    I don't get where that comment about jon stewart is about. Jon Stewart literally skewered CNN consistently on his show

  • Crazeenerd

    Who knows maybe someday soon the media will realize their mistakes and actually try honest and unbiased reporting. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go walk my flying pig and then go ice skating in hell.

  • MGTOW Properties
    MGTOW Properties

    At 2:06 It’s George Costanza

  • Freshwater Sailor
    Freshwater Sailor

    Hey Raz0r, This vid didn't show up in my subscription feed or recommend page til today. Thought you should know

  • SBox180

    As a Democrat who’s been a fan of you for years and still will be for the foreseeable future, THANK YOU for what you said about Tulsi Gabbard. God speed my friend!

  • Trevor Fitzroy
    Trevor Fitzroy

    i wish this was filed under treason, or is it? string them all up.

  • TheBlackLink

    "Fuckin' BOOKS!" 10/10

  • Tony Rosales
    Tony Rosales

    Sweet I just found you on IT-my you fucking rock instant subscription.....

  • SuperAdam1313

    oh johnny leibowitzs

  • Patrick Meredith
    Patrick Meredith

    Eve’s being busy has been great for your fans ;)

  • Destroyer Inazuma
    Destroyer Inazuma

    Dunno how much of a zealot you have to be to not care about important issues enough to be fair at least to all of the candidates on your favorite side. I mean, I'm kind of in support of a certain politician, but should I interview him I would like to ask hard questions because they're important, and to test the steel from which the politician is made. Fcourse I'm a layman and not Nostradamus, but I'm not anyone's fanboy.

  • 5500somerandomdude

    Ok, the books bit was fucking hilarious, and really fucking accurate.

  • Señor Hilter
    Señor Hilter

    That history channel joke

  • brien steve
    brien steve

    holy hell. i got this channel as a recommendation.. and i am happy to get it,, NEW SUBSCRIBER

  • Lancer X
    Lancer X

    Son of a Bitch YT Commies Unsuscribed Me to The Rageaholic !!!

  • Ben Pearson
    Ben Pearson

    I've only seen this guy, a few times... But, I can't help, is, Um. Look, what I mean to say is... Spoony, is that you?

  • PhantomPh1re

    whats funny is these nutjobs doubling down on their insanity is just pushing non-voters myself toward voting for trump just to deny them the POTUS. I didn't vote last year but it's gotten so bad that i wish i had.

  • Grand Theft Auto Labs
    Grand Theft Auto Labs

    Hey man I hope you see this. Make a backup channel. Seriously. Have it ready and backup all your videos offline.

  • Kevin hatchett
    Kevin hatchett

    fucking books!

  • scockery

    Sam Donaldson looks like the Balok puppet from Star Trek wearing a giant Lego minifig hair piece.

  • Kapil Lakhlani
    Kapil Lakhlani

    One of the few who talks about something really important: Project Veritas. Bravo!

  • Rpground

    Honestly, NONE of the fucking media outlets are partisan in the US. They're ALL biased in one way or another, they're ALL full of shit. The only way to get real news is to find it yourself on the internet, and even then you have to travel waist high in the pools of shit just to find the truth.

  • Franz Ferdinand
    Franz Ferdinand

    Was Sam wearing Lego hair?

  • Toxic Delirium
    Toxic Delirium

    I can’t see Brian Stelter without hearing Mark Dice’s voiceover.

  • osh kunt
    osh kunt

    Imagine if they just go against the will of the masses as they always do and they make Tulsi the front runner and candidate of choice. Wow The joke would be epic. Even better She wins 2020 and it is like did we just went republican?

    • osh kunt
      osh kunt

      All things considered however Jon was a pretty fair analysis on some presidents I mean he did hit both sides.

  • Kevrod71

    Donaldson orders his hair from the DEVO merch site.

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD

    "fucking books" LOL 🤣

  • He'sGoingOverThatCliff AUGH
    He'sGoingOverThatCliff AUGH

    That ending line was priceless

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    Tough fuck man cnn is down right angrily combative, these shit turds should be drawn and quartered!

  • Mahaveez

    Holy crap, double feature! Well, I think I know who's taking the spot that Sargon left by becoming a judgmental derpwit.

  • Iball nonya
    Iball nonya

    Brother, your videos and Friday Night Stream-Stramz always put a smile on my face as I wander the fringes of America's modern "society". Along with the detestable Terran Gell, the lovely Miss Eve whose thighs can crush a man's skull, and the monstrous Dire Wolf beast that is Cicero make a good team that you're very lucky to have. That's what I appreciates about ya. Sabaton?

  • Christopher Thibeault
    Christopher Thibeault

    "Fucking books." --Razorfist

  • Bruce McClelland
    Bruce McClelland

    That was more fun than a trip to Sam Donaldson's Murder Ranch!

  • Right InTheZoo
    Right InTheZoo

    LOLOL "remember when the history channel had hitler instead of hicks doing their day jobs" dying

  • The Bandog
    The Bandog

    "You can do it your own way... if it's done just how I say"


    We DON'T need no Stinking MSM

  • Chef Chuck
    Chef Chuck

    Fear not, Trump is doing a good job at letting a whole new generation know who’s fake news.

  • Lucas

    I only watch History channel for the trucks lol

  • CaptainGinyu

    always appreciate people calling out stewart and colbert on their BS

  • Kalhenwrath1

    I figured out why I like you; you remind me of Dennis Miller in his prime.

  • Lucifer 772
    Lucifer 772

    Cronkite was the grandfather of the lying mainstream media. I amazed we don't still have him in cgi backing up their bullshit.

  • genlee44

    LOL efn books

  • Grambo

    Give or take. Tutsi threatened the parties status quo.

  • zew 1
    zew 1

    Incredible last words! 🤘

  • NightDweller

    "Fucking books." That actually made me laugh.

  • Mike Mason
    Mike Mason

    When ANY one of these clowns are on a stage with Donald Trump, without their bedfellow moderators pitching underhand softballs and life preservers, Trump is going to empty his orange nutsack on them.

  • Cyrus Wolfe
    Cyrus Wolfe

    Oh by the Great Maker that last bit "Fuckin Books" got me good, probably shouldn't of been taking a sip of my coffee at the time.

  • supremepwr

    DNC is gonna have egg on its face again

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