How To See Germs Spread Experiment (Coronavirus)
Mark Rober
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Here is the Glo Germ powder I used (not sponsored). This would make for a great science object lesson-
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    Please share this with anyone who doubts the science behind social distancing. The road ahead will be a bit bumpy, but we totally got this fellow Earthlings :)

    • reaperrow

      Good luck mark and the rest of the states you got a large virus as your leader.

    • Don Mega
      Don Mega

      There's a science sure, and it's all well in theory. But in practise it's totally impossible to avoid catching it. Just like trying to avoid the seasonal flus. You think you can go 2 years without catching it? You're delusional! Even doctors and nurses get it and they know how to wear double masks+glasses+plexiglass in front of them. Anyway don't worry. You're playing dice every time you breathe. it's got only 0.2% death rate. So the odds are in your favor. Unless you're old of course when it rises to 10% range.

    • Legocache Boy
      Legocache Boy


    • hoolu2

      Silly man

    • Jedi Moody
      Jedi Moody

      Thank you for making this video. I am the leader of my next door neighborhood and have been searching for a good demonstration of transfer. You did an excellent job! Now I need some of that powder to test my skills, lol

  • Chino !
    Chino !

    So what if someone has interacted with another person that has it, and they didn't spread it.i witnessed that multiple times already

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    Goofy Ducky :D


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    Gacha life potatoes :p

    Hello this is 2020 HOW YOU GET THAT

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    Modern Person

    When my school closed half of my class was sad and the other half was so excited (or both)

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  • Itzgaming Withcaleb
    Itzgaming Withcaleb

    nobody literally nobody mark rober :no need to panic about this pandemic 8:08 the world 2 months later : 6.2 million people positive for covid-19, 2.8 million recovered , 373,000 dead {I think}

  • Clouded Cheese
    Clouded Cheese

    Not five seconds in and there's a zelda reference... Respect.

  • joan watney
    joan watney

    teacher: *sakes only three kids hands* 4th student:*proberly was the kid with COVID19* "why not my hand" teacher: "kid nobody likes you" 4th student: *crys silently*

  • •milky Gasha•
    •milky Gasha•

    Tss~ remember when we were happy that school was close, poor kid, he knows now

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    Akram Hamzar

    You guy, if there is a way I could give you 10 likes I would. How do you come up with all these ideas

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    0:44 that poor kid :(

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    Juicy Sneakers

    1:24 infected by what?

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    0:45 Are we gonna talk about this??

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    my little brother is gonna start prescholl tomorrow

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    Larissa Pascu

    But he has not washed his hands in the whole video🤣😂GREAT EXAMPLE🤣😂

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    Carolyn DeLorme

    Mark I saw you at NASA on tv

  • Why Tho
    Why Tho

    But I show every symptom as is because my body hates me, I got the results today, I don't have antibodies or the virus

  • Faith Charles
    Faith Charles

    Where do u get the powder??cause I wanna try it out :)

  • Royal Cookie :3
    Royal Cookie :3

    I'm caring in bed while watching this video because I miss my school so much 😥😥😥😥

  • Davide Bellandi
    Davide Bellandi

    I have a question. Can't viruses and germs "travel" on surfaces? Is there any way that, in a limited amount of time, a virus moves from a spot to another? Do they require someone or something to make contact and then move, that is, can they only stick to surfaces and are incapable of moving on land, or for all purposes on a human hand from the front to the back?

  • Laura Marcotte
    Laura Marcotte

    is he flexing his i phone 11 on us?!??!?!? (this is a joke i love your vids you tought me a lot PS my mom loves your squirt vid LOL)

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    A guy who leaves advise Hello


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    Garren Gaming

    3 weeks more like 2 months

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    Enoc Estrada

    I am so glad 14.5 Million people watched this

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    I clean my phone about 4 times a day 😂. Ocd prepared me all my life for covid 19

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    Emilene Walsh

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    Sima Rawas

    Why am I still biting my nails? I really have a problem... ;-;

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    Hamza Jamal

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  • Manoj Tyagi
    Manoj Tyagi

    if i m not wrong .. u have mentioned (at 4:40) that viruses are tiny bodies containing DNA but thats not DNA that is RNA .. the real genetic material of viruses ..... and they are single stranded.....

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    Aarati Khatri Dabadi

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    But doesn't this experiment also demonstrate that this new adapted behavior is absolutely opposite of normal behavior?

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    Amilia Truehitt

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    Anna Jakubowski

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    Tyler Neifert

    I liked that we had 2 weeks of school off but I think I will go mad by summer because of school off for the rest of the school year

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      Alicia Hawkins

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