Humiliating Skills That Ended Players Career in Football
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    A big humiliation from Yassine Salhi to some Wydad players’ in the Casablanca Derby

  • Stanley Enyia
    Stanley Enyia

    6:40 JESUS CHRIST!!!!! 9:37 omg Neymar is Wicked

  • cristobal sanchez
    cristobal sanchez

    We got a pique dan over here

  • Tritan Fejzaj
    Tritan Fejzaj

    3:46 this is the type of neymar I really like and support

  • Dibbo

    that caption doesn't make any sense lmfao

  • __AMA__

    I find the lack of Ronaldo Nazario, Zidane & Eden Hazard in this video disturbing.

  • Georgi Radev
    Georgi Radev

    0:13 - did anyone else notice that the victim was Neymar?

  • Peace Seeker
    Peace Seeker

    Ronaldinhio on another galaxy 🙏🏻

  • saurav

    Warning - No players ended the career after this skills.

  • Francisco Cerda
    Francisco Cerda

    Ended players career's?? They all still playing... Don't do get me wrong.. great video... But everyone gunna get megged atleast once in their life...

  • Taha Salman
    Taha Salman

    0:52 Pure humiliation !!

  • Cihan Emre Temel
    Cihan Emre Temel

    Song name please

  • Andrey L
    Andrey L

    Who knows what track that is? Starts at 6:51

  • aminu nuru
    aminu nuru



    1:02 even the camera man was tricked

  • Lorenzo Stefan
    Lorenzo Stefan

    Song ? Thanks!

  • Mohammad Shabouk
    Mohammad Shabouk

    Whenever Cristiano Ronaldo appears in a talent or skill football video he obviously looks irrelevant to the video topic

  • Fahad Ward
    Fahad Ward

    how was expecting Henderson vs Messi clip :D

  • Huzaifa Malick
    Huzaifa Malick

    That Zlatan smile though

  • Dan

    Players’ careers don’t get ended by skulls, idiot.

  • Abb !
    Abb !

    Messi is just on another level

  • likely_ smiles
    likely_ smiles

    Nobody: attakers to deffenders imma bout to end thus whole nans carrer

    • likely_ smiles
      likely_ smiles

      Sorry for the bad english

  • Sam Powell
    Sam Powell

    Fun fact that the Payet one actually broke the guy’s ankle

  • Kim Bang Nguyen
    Kim Bang Nguyen

    5:25 that is so cool

  • Dave Wheatley
    Dave Wheatley

    Bullshit title - not one of those players was forced to retire!

  • battal lattab
    battal lattab

    what is the name of that music

  • Alessandro David
    Alessandro David

    6:40 big oof

  • 정민규 1225
    정민규 1225

    2:02Hwang 국뽕

  • Karl Rossman
    Karl Rossman

    Cristiano's tricks are never going to end anyone's career. Jumping over the ball.

  • abdallah nasr
    abdallah nasr

    عبدالله السعيد و رونالدو =D

  • TheBrazilian Owl
    TheBrazilian Owl

    who is this guy ? 09:32

  • Tiago Pinheiro
    Tiago Pinheiro

    after every feint, these players retired, we've seen an average retiring age because players these days do things like this. countless wins have been awarded because of so few players on pitch. We can all remember the Champions Cup Table Trophy Tournament(CCTTT) when Gùlikas did the elastico to Fraykin at the final, and they got the win!

  • Boris Stojanović
    Boris Stojanović

    This video injured Neymar

  • mitchell dinolfo
    mitchell dinolfo

    Who’s career did Pique kill?

  • ぱやぱやシーサー


  • SoccerVine 10
    SoccerVine 10

    Brother run to watch my video and subscribe 🎯🔥

  • Amir Limodehi
    Amir Limodehi

    how can pique ended a footballer career if he was just juggling

  • Phúc Nguyễn PeV Entertainment
    Phúc Nguyễn PeV Entertainment

    anyone help me! i wanna know the name of first song!

  • Phúc Nguyễn PeV Entertainment
    Phúc Nguyễn PeV Entertainment

    what is the name of first beat?

  • SANDZ#1

    CR777 #1

  • xx_sahil_xx

    We can clearly see that Messi is having way to much fun humiliating players like they are nothing 😂😂😂😂


    Fun fact: Almost all of them still playing

  • Pa3k

    Oh yes Pique really destroyed that guy

  • Second to None
    Second to None

    Wats song playing on back ground

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind

    6:24 to 6:36 and one and two and whatever it takes. He did end up with many players careers

  • Omkar gamer
    Omkar gamer

    0:47 who thaught that this was a rugby ground

  • Chikamso Chibuko
    Chikamso Chibuko

    Don't be posting confused videos

  • Mohamed AL HAMMADI
    Mohamed AL HAMMADI

    music name?

  • AB Football
    AB Football

    4:53 , whose career he ended there ?

  • Dabs Doodoo
    Dabs Doodoo

    This guy knows nothing, nearly all of them are still top flight and football is about skill teamwork and perseverance and sometimes passion it's not just passion and love.

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief

    Music Song? Pls

  • Prakash Rana
    Prakash Rana

    Fuck they are still playing

  • Patrick Otonyo
    Patrick Otonyo


  • ayesha mymoona
    ayesha mymoona

    5:24 thug life😎😎

  • Nithin C
    Nithin C

    the title actually should have been messi ending other footballers career

  • Teddy Aribisala
    Teddy Aribisala

    Masters at work!

  • Thắng Sỹ
    Thắng Sỹ

    10:00, con lạy thánh ăn gì con cúng, đừng hành con nữa.

  • I3arni

    The half of these moves were accidentalyXDDDD

  • quek liching
    quek liching

    0:41 lol diego's reaction

  • David Nieves
    David Nieves

    BROOOOO Messi left Dybala looking silly.

  • Hame & Broges
    Hame & Broges

    The fact that you replayed every clip so you could get the video to 10 minutes is bad

    • Kai.

      Ok hater try doing better

  • Trap Football - Football skills tutorials
    Trap Football - Football skills tutorials

    Can i have the song name ....... Plzzzz bro

  • Carlos Xiu
    Carlos Xiu

    Ya eres jugador talentoso cuando cruzas de entre las piernas de este modo 06:35

  • Peksy

    Haven't seen the video and I know Puyol is on it

  • Desiree Loh
    Desiree Loh

    1:48 look at puyol

  • N Chucky
    N Chucky

    Where dembele and carjaval?

  • Mr. Kurosawa
    Mr. Kurosawa

    Up to this day I'm still trying to find whose career ended..

    • Alexander U
      Alexander U

      messi helped milner leave city

  • Jonylson Freitas
    Jonylson Freitas


  • Lizzio1980

    Where is boufal and taarabt

  • Mert CINKIR
    Mert CINKIR


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