Today I made a Roblox girls only game to see if boys would go there and then I used admin commands against them!!

  • Mary Grace Gloria
    Mary Grace Gloria

    But ur a boy too

  • Soviet Union CountryBall
    Soviet Union CountryBall

    You're a boy u must be a girl

  • Angelica Lima
    Angelica Lima

    Albert:EW A BoY Me:Your a boy 👦 XD

  • nene avendaño
    nene avendaño

    i accidentally broke my mums brush before watching this 0_0

  • Crystal Jaramillo
    Crystal Jaramillo

    N gmvn Dcdvg 😭😢😕🙁☹️😷🤒 🧐🤪😖😖🇨🇻🇦🇺

  • cooley Club
    cooley Club

    Are yougay flamingo

  • Mira Hechanova
    Mira Hechanova

    But you a Boy

  • Sibilla McGrail
    Sibilla McGrail

    U ate a boy!

  • Helaina Moore
    Helaina Moore

    Flaimago give me robux now


    oh deeeer I JUST WANT TO BE A EARTHWORM- i'm butiful let's see how to public reacts to a wiggley worm right in their face-

  • Patricia Hernandez-Salinas
    Patricia Hernandez-Salinas

    Flamingo but you’re a boy to

  • joy pagador
    joy pagador

    Now Filipino

  • Zar Shoblom
    Zar Shoblom

    you are a boy tho

  • Aayan Likey
    Aayan Likey


  • Victor Tran
    Victor Tran

    Wait it said no girls so like girls can’t play the game Bruh

  • minhtuan1971

    When they see this channle I bet they will be ashamed of themself

  • Soe Oo
    Soe Oo

    albert:i hate boys! me:your a boy to

    • blueeyedkeykey Roblox
      blueeyedkeykey Roblox

      Soe Oo Ikr

  • The Audrey Show
    The Audrey Show

    Player:are u dumb Albert:...YES

  • Ash Asthetic
    Ash Asthetic

    On a TOTALLY different note, I "did not" have a milkshake in my mouth and laughed so hard I spit it out in my mom's new Tesla. Totally.

  • Khanilia official
    Khanilia official

    Me wacthing this:😐jsisgsoaymaajshdnbnsbsb my brother:YOU ARE A BOY WHY ARE YOU DJSHGSSHDJ me:ITS A CONTENT!

  • Beli Girl
    Beli Girl

    We made a team flamingo and my friends are fans so you C:

  • Nay Ko
    Nay Ko

    If you hate boys why do you look like a boy yeah you better remember because I’m a smart boy

  • •Blu Beary•
    •Blu Beary•

    Albert insulting himself for 12 min Yeah

  • Olivia T.
    Olivia T.

    When Albert said we need a safe place for women with the hand claps my respect went ↗️↗️↗️↗️↗️

  • BearlyOakley

    Is anyone still trying to see if the ad still exists?

  • Gacha Aleixia
    Gacha Aleixia

    Boy : if boy dead how u make baby Albert : good ask Me: u idiot we can be lesbian

  • Gabby_IsPositive YT
    Gabby_IsPositive YT

    Albert: so I can tortu- Uh- teach people a lesson-

  • Hatdog playz
    Hatdog playz

    Albert: i hate boys!! Me:you're a boy-

  • Gabriel Wehbe
    Gabriel Wehbe

    6:04 what if he is James Charles he is gay :O

  • Sharon Mcaughey
    Sharon Mcaughey

    Can you play this on rodblox FNAF world

  • Amanda Welch
    Amanda Welch


  • Amanda Welch
    Amanda Welch

    The life I can kill people

  • Galaxy star fox
    Galaxy star fox

    Lol the person who said iF bOi DiE tHeN hOw yOu mAkE bAbY

  • Dustin Alston
    Dustin Alston

    Hahahahaha😹😹😹😹 it make me laugh so hard because flamingo is a boy

  • Areli Tamez
    Areli Tamez


  • xox_cupcake {•GL• and Roblox}
    xox_cupcake {•GL• and Roblox}

    Boy: hmm whats this game? Albert: HEY THIS IS GIRLS ONLY Girl: YEAH GET OUT Meh: LOL xD

  • #funnehgurl :3
    #funnehgurl :3


  • Naomi_40-YT

    Albert: I HATE BOYS. Me: but ur a boy ;-;

  • Nur Huraira
    Nur Huraira


  • Nur Huraira
    Nur Huraira


  • Lauren Hofhine
    Lauren Hofhine

    Yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss DESTORY ALL BOYS

  • Sofiasverden Yu
    Sofiasverden Yu

    You boy!😐😬😑😅😅😅😅

  • Furryzz

    *Albert Abusing His Gender.*

  • Staicious S
    Staicious S

    Your fitting your own man kinked

  • ShadowBonnie PlayZ
    ShadowBonnie PlayZ

    You called ur self disgusting and I’m offended

  • Megan McConnell
    Megan McConnell


  • Liz More
    Liz More

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeee3e

  • alina bas
    alina bas

    Pls put add for Survive albert the killer

  • Guisnel981@gmail.com Gonzalez
    Guisnel981@gmail.com Gonzalez

    No Boy 😃 yay

  • Lucy Mitchell
    Lucy Mitchell

    Random player: WHY DID U MAKE THIS USELESS SEVER ARE U STUPID!? flamingo: YeS I Am

  • Lucy Mitchell
    Lucy Mitchell

    Did u actually throw up Lol ik no**

  • Itz Athilah
    Itz Athilah

    Albert do you have a admin or update admin 2

  • Mikhail Metcalfe
    Mikhail Metcalfe

    Well flamingo is a boy and a noob

  • zizzygamingzebra xxxgrass
    zizzygamingzebra xxxgrass

    hello Albert i sub

  • Carsten Josh Garma
    Carsten Josh Garma

    Lol just title like this title all boys been are gonna be kick XD

  • KgCutie 722
    KgCutie 722

    One day u will notice u are a boy 😌

  • Liah Johari
    Liah Johari

    I saw someone say you poopie


    If you hated boys then your an boy so you hate your self

  • Hassan Bin essa
    Hassan Bin essa

    Did Albert actually throw up

  • Ann Cases
    Ann Cases

    I’m gay too! Do not bully a person by there gender respect them as what they want to be

  • Blair McLaughlin
    Blair McLaughlin

    From boys

  • Blair McLaughlin
    Blair McLaughlin

    Flamingo is hasing a hard attack

  • melvin lee
    melvin lee


  • melvin lee
    melvin lee

    I also hate bot too xDDDDDDDD

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz

    The fu niest here is "how you make baby if theres no boy" hahahaha

  • Grace Imperial
    Grace Imperial

    Albert:I HATE BOYS *he is a boy* Us:Yeah

  • M. E Savov
    M. E Savov

    Subscribe to flimingo!!!!!

  • Baby Hacker
    Baby Hacker

    How do u get robux tho

  • Cybrysh Play
    Cybrysh Play

    we know its u bc if its evil its u

  • aurore septsault
    aurore septsault

    Albert)EWWWW A BOY me)but Albert is a boy 😆

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