I Am The Only MAN In Town (Animated Story Time)
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  • SSSniperWolf

    y'all leaving this village???

    • Jorge Araica Jr
      Jorge Araica Jr


    • chapisaguilar

      SSSniperWolf i will get out of that villilge🤮

    • Fangirl18 81
      Fangirl18 81

      Well I didn’t chasing him because I’m a gangster! Hahahahaahahahahaah

    • Deana KMM
      Deana KMM

      @Luna Moon 있다 있다 있다

    • Adenike Murele
      Adenike Murele

      Gonna yeet my horse out the village, oh, I'm gonna leave till I can't no more.

  • enilitor gaming
    enilitor gaming

    Wait if it is a all girl village for 20 years how did the other babies come?!?!

  • enilitor gaming
    enilitor gaming


  • Killian's Kingdom
    Killian's Kingdom

    If there have been no boys for ages and they cant have contact with anyone outside the village, the how the hell does this kid have a father😂

  • Nathan Hoang
    Nathan Hoang

    Wait a minute if you got Berth would your dad so Would The dads Be The first boy

  • Omowonuola Oyewole
    Omowonuola Oyewole

    Jesus wow!!

  • Lori Downing
    Lori Downing

    but if there were no boys than how were the girls getting pregnant?

  • GB Gacha Life
    GB Gacha Life

    Him: only boy for 20 years Me: *HoW dEeZ wOeMeN gEtTiNg PrEgNaNt!?* Also me: well the parents are over 20 sooooo

  • Tiffany Njeru
    Tiffany Njeru

    If girls were only born how did they give birth

  • Archie Burton
    Archie Burton

    All girls:OMG a boy kiss him to make more boys

  • Jarred Brannon
    Jarred Brannon

    Parallel Paradise anyone

  • Lovera Kitty
    Lovera Kitty

    Imagine if that guy is gay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Olivia Lewis
    Olivia Lewis

    now they can have a 4 way

  • Olivia Lewis
    Olivia Lewis

    they tell them the master plan so they know what's about to happen and they can suffer


    Isnt a man a boi though?😂

  • Nialovesguineapigs Bing
    Nialovesguineapigs Bing

    Maybe it's called I'm the only boy in my village is because all the other males are men, and he is a boy?

  • Jude Torres
    Jude Torres


  • Jude Torres
    Jude Torres

    Why are the police BOYS

  • Mckenna Perry
    Mckenna Perry

    No he's not the only boy his dad

  • Shawn Morgan
    Shawn Morgan

    How to the women get pregnant

  • Floating Squirrels
    Floating Squirrels

    I am the ONLY man. *Looks to dad, mayor walks past, all the other fathers.* LGBT people: *Chuckles nervously.*

  • That_one _art_kid
    That_one _art_kid

    Only girl village huh? **shows a mom and DAD as his parents**

  • Emil Eyford
    Emil Eyford

    Wait if there is dad's than he is not the only male

  • Konykid

    Wait isn’t his dad a boy😕


    that does not make sens

  • Quinasia Hardy
    Quinasia Hardy

    This is very fun

  • Elizabeth Smolinski
    Elizabeth Smolinski

    How did they have babies before of they’re all girls? 🧐

  • Jack 666
    Jack 666

    Huh he’s the only boy I saw more boy then you there’s a dad sooooo it’s not only him

  • Bubble Mic Tube
    Bubble Mic Tube

    Video: People in my village were not allow to marry people from the outside! Also video: My parentS kept my gender a secret Me: how y'all got pearents?

  • Jake G
    Jake G

    thay kiss his foot?!?sSOOOOOOO GROSS!!!!

  • Katie Alonso-Ramos
    Katie Alonso-Ramos

    If there was one boy in the village how does he have a dad?!

  • yan fen chen
    yan fen chen

    I’m the only man in town Me :Yo dad is a man 🤔🤔🤔

  • Azretal playz
    Azretal playz

    Sure he is the only man in town when his dad is in town anyone think that is strange

  • Mushfeeqah Galvaan
    Mushfeeqah Galvaan

    How is he the only boy where did the father's come from???

  • Tarkan Akas
    Tarkan Akas

    I think the story’s girls are gay

  • Tarkan Akas
    Tarkan Akas

    He is not the first man in the town

  • Paulie Samantha S. P.
    Paulie Samantha S. P.

    If they aren't able to marry people outside the village why does he have a mom and a DAD

  • Tanya Jones
    Tanya Jones

    I Love your videos do Mor admash

  • Ahmad Shamil
    Ahmad Shamil

    The entire village’s children: all girls All of his kids: boys A new curse has risen

  • Chucky_ Angel
    Chucky_ Angel

    They forgot about the dad

  • Nadia Kitchens
    Nadia Kitchens

    How do does he have a dad 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Alex Cook
    Alex Cook

    Now this my children is the definition of f**kboy!

  • Giovanni Remolado
    Giovanni Remolado

    Im not leavin the Village cause i want to watch more sssniper wolf😋

  • Kyle Horace
    Kyle Horace

    Me there's this girl so beautiful Like an angel her name was Mariah And I'm kyle I had a crush on her She (acted) like if she liked Me too but that's never gonna be True

    • Lycanroc roc roc
      Lycanroc roc roc

      cool story bro

  • Kali Whitmore
    Kali Whitmore

    How is his mom Prego if he is the only boy in the village

  • Jay RP
    Jay RP

    Does anyone else notice that the guy looks like Gilgamesh

  • Akhyzhia Badinas
    Akhyzhia Badinas

    Sssniperwolf 🐍🐈🐕

  • purple blossom
    purple blossom

    And why are there so many boys in the story but you're the only boy in town

  • purple blossom
    purple blossom

    Is it your dad a boy

  • Paige Donaldson
    Paige Donaldson

    How are the women giving birth when there are no men?? ESPECIALLY IF THEY AREN'T ALLOWED TO DATE OUTSIDE MEN

  • Hailey Jones
    Hailey Jones

    So everyone is girls and their all lesbians

  • Lopez Gonzales
    Lopez Gonzales

    Gandol f

  • B3X Bullseye
    B3X Bullseye

    This is a lie they say I’m the only boy what about the mayor and the dads huh

  • Johnny Ortiz
    Johnny Ortiz


  • Crafty craft
    Crafty craft

    How is there. A dad if no boys!?!?

  • Fun with Jessie
    Fun with Jessie

    How are they’re people if they’re aren’t men?!?!

  • Anastasia Hall
    Anastasia Hall

    There aren’t one boy there’s lots of boys

  • Angelina N.
    Angelina N.

    He is not the only boy because they’re dads are all boys I thing if they are just dressed up as boys

  • Samantha Shine
    Samantha Shine

    this is a lye if there is a dad BUSTED!!!! OMG

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    Wait....he says he is the only boy in town....but his dad and the Mare are boys.....

  • Olly woodlock
    Olly woodlock

    If theres only girls in the town then how do they have a baby without that one boy ....... ON NAH !!!

  • Yelena Gruy
    Yelena Gruy

    I don’t get it how are there dads

  • Maya Zaleski
    Maya Zaleski

    Where did the dad come from?

  • Lee Roubique
    Lee Roubique


  • Samyah Awas
    Samyah Awas

    They said 20 years

  • Abby Murphy
    Abby Murphy

    This village is like quarantine

  • Hope Griffin
    Hope Griffin

    Do you think you have a senior mine is not an every day

  • Lizzy's Channel
    Lizzy's Channel

    20 years is 2 decades

  • Penelope Polimenakos
    Penelope Polimenakos

    Oh yes ma’am

  • soph

    I’m just wondering how two women had a kid together

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