I Beat Fundy's NEW "IMPOSSIBLE" Difficulty in Minecraft (first try)
I Beat Fundy's NEW IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTY in Minecraft on my first try! Fundy's Impossible Mode is too easy! About a week ago I made a video "I Beat Minecraft on Impossible Difficulty", the new difficulty in Minecraft created by Fundy. Since then Fundy has created a NEW Impossible++ difficulty for minecraft and claims it is ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE! However I managed to beat it first try! That's right wadzee beat the impossible difficulty in minecraft AGAIN!
This is a plugin that makes minecraft EVEN HARDER! Today I decided to take on fundy's challenge AGAIN and beat the "impossible" once again!! If you guys want to see more impossible minecraft challenge videos make sure to subscribe!
Fundy's Minecraft Impossible++ Difficulty:
Check out the video above to find out how to try Fundy's Minecraft Impossible Difficulty Mod for yourself!
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  • WadZee

    I lose game sound about half way through the video, my apologies, at least my voice is still there!

    • Azuranv2682

      @Bork Boi Dream not found?

    • Beta_2209

      Mas e aquela merda de vegano?

    • UnaWeaitaWhite

      This comment is about to reach 500 answers, lemme respond before this happens, hi.

    • 3A Verdugo Morgan Tomás
      3A Verdugo Morgan Tomás

      You look like a wierdo when you laugh

    • Lexie Cramer
      Lexie Cramer

      Try baby mode and try to die thats inposbole

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    Rouvin Fung


  • yifan Zhang
    yifan Zhang

    i like Your videos wadzee keep up the Good work

  • lions 7777772
    lions 7777772

    Command geeks

  • lions 7777772
    lions 7777772


  • Hatim Bharmal
    Hatim Bharmal

    Wadzee: Water checkpoint stop what you're doing Me: stops the video

  • Carter Toonz
    Carter Toonz

    I have some ideas for impossible +++ - boats are slower because you have to paddle. - if you do Not sleep every Night, you will get Nausea, blindness, and slowness. - boats can randomly spring leaks. - the Ender Dragon can get rid of all of your armor by hitting you once. - uncooked food poisons you. - mobs can spawn during the daytime. - you can bleed. - attacking animals make them attack you. - punching blocks make you take damage over time rather than hurting you once. - breaking blocks above you cause you to get blindness from falling debree. - you can break bones from fall damage - you can choke on food and drinks. - splash potions cut you from the glass - furnaces can burn things around them - bow strings can snap easily - you have to either have 5 item slots or a backpack for the rest of the inventory. Those are all I have for now.

  • Kira and Breezy
    Kira and Breezy

    11:05 Him: Stop this video, go get some water Me: Uhh I’m to lazy to get of couch... 🙄

  • MushroomsMaster - JAYU
    MushroomsMaster - JAYU


  • Yorokobi

    Are we gonna ignore they're up at 3am texting each other

  • jake monson
    jake monson

    command geek made it 10 x more hard

  • Shockbluesrword Roblox skyblock
    Shockbluesrword Roblox skyblock

    Wadzee : I cant go to a cave until I have a shield Me:but u get iron from caves

  • RedMatrix GD
    RedMatrix GD

    5:28 when you get 1 ender pearl

  • maxgaming 171
    maxgaming 171

    somebody please tell me what song is playing at 12:24

  • deyokes

    i like how this dude just made it to the end of the game without dying in less than 2 hours in impossible+ mod offline and me and my friends are playing for months and we haven't finished the game yet

  • Filip Wallin
    Filip Wallin

    Ay the endermen arent angry on you in ender you fu**ing cheater

  • Filip Wallin
    Filip Wallin

    And your video is filled with old memes and they are not even good

  • Filip Wallin
    Filip Wallin

    You have probably cheated you have clipped the video so many times bruh cheater

  • Amirah Clugston
    Amirah Clugston

    I cant beat mincraft in peaceful mode...your here doing THIS ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! ... I'm a noob 😭

  • Hussain Dalal
    Hussain Dalal

    Wadzee: Let’s make a safety house Gets hit by wither skeleton Me: Not so safe is it now

  • Virtual Shockwave
    Virtual Shockwave

    👁👅👁. 👁👄👁

  • wabi-sabi

    Fundy: this is impossible WadZee: *f o o l i s h m o r t a l*

  • Toucan Thunder
    Toucan Thunder

    I watch a supergod video and all I see next to it is baby videos

  • Yee yee juice man Ah
    Yee yee juice man Ah

    Sorry for not pressing the bell my iPad would literally die because of notifications

  • MarGaming Jr
    MarGaming Jr

    100 parrots Minecraft hardcore survival

  • Im Pyke
    Im Pyke

    Fun fact when u burn a sheep with flint and steel it wool still there

  • Tinyosi

    all he needs to do is nerf invis potions

  • Jennifer Go
    Jennifer Go

    WZ said it was easy

  • Jennifer Go
    Jennifer Go

    U said it was easy😏😉

  • Jennifer Go
    Jennifer Go

    5 things i want u to do on dat mode:get 35 diamonds,10 enchanted gapples,1elytra,kill da enderdragon,get 62 ems.😉

  • Jennifer Go
    Jennifer Go


  • Just Miguel
    Just Miguel

    Does anyone know what hes using for the lighting? In dark areas it's just clear and lit up

  • Caroline Maguire
    Caroline Maguire

    Look what time it is on the messages

  • Luifrosty 124
    Luifrosty 124

    dream with a voice changer??

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  • Fail Network
    Fail Network

    I hadn't had a drink all day, but 11:00 madee feel better. Thanks man

  • FearFante

    When its 2 am but its a water checkpoint:

  • BetterDinosaurlandon Roblox
    BetterDinosaurlandon Roblox

    Who remembers when Sheep dropped nothing but wool?

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    Burgiritos Vlogs2

    Fundy the revenge

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    chahak Gupta

    What about RLcraft??

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    Dana Jackson

    Ok hi mom OMG 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dana Jackson
      Dana Jackson

      XD LOL 🎉

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    Sherise Elaine

    do it in hardcore

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    George Cactus ultimate

    Just found this channel it’s great

  • YOUtube Kayla! Minop
    YOUtube Kayla! Minop

    Beat funny’s new Nightmare difficulty

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  • Jayr Cagurangan
    Jayr Cagurangan

    Noice but i think its not ur first time tho lol

  • Ян сянката
    Ян сянката

    When you use your g apple to fill hunger Plaier

  • Reace games Up
    Reace games Up

    Fundy should of made it that cooked food should have a chance of burning you mouth and doing 2 hearts and raw food should have a chance of giving you nausea

  • Maveric Hood
    Maveric Hood

    Did he play the assassins creed theme at the nether fortress point of the video? Because that’s what I heard

  • Rudat7

    Gafakest only t fans will know

  • Melba Sinohin
    Melba Sinohin

    Nightmare mode Good luck

  • Yanhong Zhang
    Yanhong Zhang


  • Sora Virus
    Sora Virus

    Fundy : I bet he IS just gonna be so annoyed by not killing pigs!! Wadzee ; *AUTOMATICALLY JUST LOVES THE IDEA AND AMUSED*

  • Zander Lee
    Zander Lee

    they were texting at 3 in the morning lol

  • Adam TheOverider
    Adam TheOverider

    Fundy be like : *Am I Joke To You?*

  • Andrew Boss
    Andrew Boss


  • Talia Simpson
    Talia Simpson


  • Alice Angel
    Alice Angel

    6:07 who else thinks this might be Kane from WWE theme song. (I am a big fan of Kane and the undertaker. They are good wrestlers.)

  • Marleen In T Groen
    Marleen In T Groen

    Ben je nederlands

  • Xuan Nhat Nguyen
    Xuan Nhat Nguyen

    You are a GOD! I thought fundy makes impossible+++++++!

  • Lucky Blue Creeper278
    Lucky Blue Creeper278

    You're soo good at Minecraft!


    I’m telling you now, your message won’t age well >:)

  • Regan Adinata
    Regan Adinata

    Don.t punch tree when don.t have block

  • Blix Norman
    Blix Norman

    PLOT TWIST: when wadzee, does the water checkpoint he's actually drinking ....... .... . . .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . ....... ...vodka DUNDUNDUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SlimeSlayer

    lol still waiting for Fundy to see your video and make another "hardmode"


    Fundy be like : hmm I shoul make all the mods invisible

  • Oxygen

    this is more like reality minecraft simulator

  • Naam Loos
    Naam Loos

    5:04 there was a sp

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    Zig 744


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