I Bought an Old Beater Forklift... AND IT'S AWESOME!!!
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All Mere's Stuff:

  • EggmasWasTaken

    make the body black and put flames on it

  • Austin Dollar
    Austin Dollar

    Drunk Matt lol

  • Cyrus 9mm
    Cyrus 9mm

    Fan switch

  • Scott Hayes
    Scott Hayes

    Hey Google set the warehouse fans to speed three... Come on Matt it's 2020.

  • Karsten Stegink
    Karsten Stegink

    give the forklift a custom demo camo paintjob!!!

  • Andreas

    Now you know whats the new Seat is for :D

  • Dwealdric

    Step one of truck fixing: Sell the Ford.

  • Dalton Landrum
    Dalton Landrum

    Shoot the back. Made of literally solid steak. The one we have at the shop weighs like 10,000 pounds

  • uglysnowman gaming
    uglysnowman gaming

    Make sure you wear gloves while changing the tank on the fl

  • Universal Hater
    Universal Hater

    But you will have to have the right relay you can’t just throw any old relay in there, match the numbers and also make sure it’s put in the correct way that matters also

  • Ethan Clark
    Ethan Clark

    Now wives!!! THIS IS BOY PARTY!😂🤣😂🤣

    • Ethan Clark
      Ethan Clark

      No wives, sry for miss quoting

  • James Garrison
    James Garrison

    Put a hoop on it for basketball

  • THE Beast
    THE Beast

    To fix your truck by a dodge

  • Elbow Omar
    Elbow Omar

    Temperature sensor radiator

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman

    Does the fan run when the AC is off? If not it's probably a blocked refridgerant line it's on the firewall in the engine bay. Mine was doing that too;

  • MM2 PitSnipe DarkenShip
    MM2 PitSnipe DarkenShip

    stop standing under the damn forks...your freakin' me out. Its kinda like muzzle awareness

  • Walker Russell
    Walker Russell

    Could it be that the fan ran when you put that new relay in because you'd just driven a black truck in texas to the auto parts store, took the relay out to bring into the store stopping it from running and match it, and then when you put the new relay in the engine was still hot and it triggered the fan because it didnt get to cool the engine while you had the relay out?

  • John Versluis
    John Versluis

    I work on Fork trucks !! The shop has lost people (died on the spot ) When the mask came down of hydro failed !! MAtt you need to get tranning before some one get killed Im not kidding this not ATV or car need to respect it !!

  • John Versluis
    John Versluis

    OMG Matts going to kill some one doing what he is doing !! I don't think he know but he need to send all the people to get certified to run the Truck OSHA will get a piece of papper with a $$$$$ on its called a violation

  • Jakob Hoop
    Jakob Hoop

    go electric, no exhaust gas inside

    • John Versluis
      John Versluis

      only con of electric is battery replacement cost #$

  • our telly
    our telly

    Parasitic draw. 😑 giant pain in the butt! Msg back and will explain how to Find it

  • Bryce Croop
    Bryce Croop

    In the future try a game a few drunk buddies and I made up called “slap darts”. Everyone gets one dart, and you throw it at a dart board, the one closest to the bullseye gets to slap the calf of the person furthest from the bullseye... it’s dumb but really really fun! Just an idea! #bettereveryday

  • Matthias Graveel
    Matthias Graveel

    I would recommend a electric forklift for inside the building just saying

  • Brandall Abeling
    Brandall Abeling

    needs a new paint job maybe gold

  • Thegeek Conservative
    Thegeek Conservative

    How long till you shoot it?

  • HailMe

    Ya know what… I was going to comment “ you should actually put someone on the chair and use the forklift” and then I was like you know what, let’s not get bunker branding in trouble… And then you did it anyway…😂

  • DirtGearTv

    I know i’m a bit late on this but it’s prob a thermostat issue

  • Melanie Roberts/LadyCiera/ PubGBoomSquad
    Melanie Roberts/LadyCiera/ PubGBoomSquad


  • Irish Wristwatch
    Irish Wristwatch

    This gotta be the best aftermovie of a party, I've seen this year...

  • Bas Van Kins
    Bas Van Kins

    I would check the coulant temp sensor. Easy job to do.

  • Lisa Gipson
    Lisa Gipson

    I have the same smoker, except mine has dual temp gauges.

  • 007twm

    You guys know how to party, Matt.

  • J B.
    J B.

    that forklift driving really reminds me of "Staplerfahrer Klaus" maybe watch that to know of what not to do (german tho, maybe its subtitled somewhere) :D

  • Killer xcon4747
    Killer xcon4747

    Matt what is the song you have playing during the party on this video

  • Acerbane

    All the armchair OSHA inspectors in the IT-my comments going wild haha

  • Cayden Parentela
    Cayden Parentela

    50Cal Vs Radiator fan??? New video Idea?

  • Richard Badish
    Richard Badish

    Matt when u are raising the forks especially really high or something heavy. Hold the clutch down a Rev the engine. It'll make the hydraulics/forks move/operate a lot faster! And 2500hrs is nothing for a forklift! Should have a good amount of life in her still!

  • Clark931 Racing
    Clark931 Racing

    buy a chevy that'll fix it

  • Daniel Havens
    Daniel Havens

    Here is a link to OSHA Forklift regulations. Please read it carefully. www.osha.gov/laws-regs/regulations/standardnumber/1910/1910.178

  • Free

    If you have employees that work in there watch out for OSHA rules and regs. They levy BIG fines. May you, your family and friends be safe and healthy.

  • James Brownmiller
    James Brownmiller

    A little paint and it will be good as new!

  • Joe Bann
    Joe Bann

    Oh how high does this goes snap oh shit went through the roof don't tell ,,,,, lmao

  • 3.7 Brothers
    3.7 Brothers

    Should have bought a Standard fuse lol

  • Matt Eagle
    Matt Eagle

    Got one of my first thumbs downs ever for that terrible piece of music

  • Wayne Webster
    Wayne Webster

    There should also be a relay for the cooling fan down on the frame of the truck bolted to it.

  • Thomas Starling
    Thomas Starling

    Glad to see you didn’t get some piece of shit Toyota non American made forklift. HYSTER GREENVILLE NC AMERICAN MADE LETS GOOOOO

  • Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup

    I love how I love the how you drink your friend this truck

  • Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup

    I love the videos

  • Jason Fay
    Jason Fay

    I think you need to paint it to look like a little minion the bunker branding little minion

  • thtsDCent

    Wow the end of the video makes it seem like it would be really cool to have friends.

  • thtsDCent

    Just pull the fuse for now bro.

    • thtsDCent

      Oops commented too early.

  • Juan Villegas
    Juan Villegas

    OSHA is going to love you lol

  • Average Floridian
    Average Floridian

    Rad Hyster. We had one in the engineering department at my college. It was left over from when the school was an Air Force base. Leaked like crazy, but it was still alive and well.

  • robert14305

    if u rev the truck when lifting it goes faster

  • Justin Lowe
    Justin Lowe

    You should camo the forklift and do some bunker decals

  • Frankenstein Racing
    Frankenstein Racing

    Now you have a forklift suddenly find you use it all the time

  • Rudy Hinojosa
    Rudy Hinojosa

    Very cool I mean is guys are always busy if not for the business on helping the last we are with it not on our own projects so a guys night out and enjoy some real true guy time is nice

  • Trenton Wolf
    Trenton Wolf

    If you put it in neutral and press the throttle it will go up faster

  • tstokemb

    "The cash you saw are ones that we used to place bets with." That's a strange way of saying that y'all tipped the strippers lol.

  • Jason Mortimer
    Jason Mortimer

    You should wrap it pink to match the raptor!!😂

  • Tyler Lelm
    Tyler Lelm

    You know there is open relays and closed relays right? Its possible the factory one burned up and stuck open and the new one you bought may have been a NC normally closed relay or vise versa you probably have it figured out by now but figured I'd throw it out there anyways 🤷‍♂️

  • johnnie caldwell
    johnnie caldwell

    It was nice watching you have fun!!!❤️🤍💙

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen

    Buy a Chevy ... sure fix!!! Love ya lol

  • Megatech28

    Why didn't you get LED lights?

  • mule1938 -RIA
    mule1938 -RIA

    Yup sounds like a Ford .

  • Nixon Heinke
    Nixon Heinke

    I have a really old frock cliff and it weeks great if you have a fully charged battery

  • Michael

    *Bunker branding shut down due to multiple OSHA violations*

  • Jacob Alu
    Jacob Alu

    Are you still a vet?

  • Heath Doan
    Heath Doan

    They circled the probably on your truck

  • SirBudrick

    I'm sure if you check the coil side of the relay you'll find that it's constantly getting voltage, so you'll have to trace back from there. It could be something simple/cheap like a bad coolant temp sensor failing safe or it could be the ECM.

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