I Built a World That Just Ruins Lives - Worlds: History Simulator
I Built a World That Just Ruins Lives - Worlds: History Simulator
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Welcome to Yeet world.
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ABOUT: Worlds: History Simulator
'Worlds' is a simulator intended to recreate human history all the way from its origins in alternate world settings.
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  • GrayStillPlays

    Worlds, the game where people love to live on just the tip. As a Floridan this makes total sense.

    • The Puppet
      The Puppet

      Should i move to florida?

    • chair


    • kiwi Eevee
      kiwi Eevee

      whenever I see spleens face I can't help but laugh

    • The AmberWolf
      The AmberWolf

      don't worry hon its just the tip ;}

    • Liam Victory
      Liam Victory


  • Ryan Liu
    Ryan Liu

    0:47 looks like the UK got a little thicc

  • Osanda Nawodya
    Osanda Nawodya

    That's how god build and designed the world 😌

  • Osanda Nawodya
    Osanda Nawodya

    That's how god designed the world 😌

  • Bálint Pécsi
    Bálint Pécsi

    *Please give it to me! Just the tip is fine!*

  • Anita Skarzynski
    Anita Skarzynski

    Is worlds on steam?

  • Cody Kincer
    Cody Kincer

    I want to eat people off the hill now

  • Vladimir Jurisic
    Vladimir Jurisic

    name you're world florida

  • Do u kno da wae ?
    Do u kno da wae ?

    There’s an op af generator and a f$&@ing heat seaking missile launcher and such in people playground

  • LegitVenom

    0:01 - 0:11 nah i think you described worldbox

  • Zou Jonathan
    Zou Jonathan

    You build a world that just ruins lives? So every video?

  • Tech_ animates
    Tech_ animates

    Graystillplays is educational, it shows you what to not do in real life, but in video games

  • jacob martinelli
    jacob martinelli

    just like earth

  • Juan D'Marco
    Juan D'Marco

    oh wow

  • Josny13

    9:15 I freaking hate that error. No for real. It comes up like all the time and it's the least descriptive error there is.

  • Quazex

    1:32 it looks like a malteaser without chocolate

  • Bas yes
    Bas yes

    8:13 his name trandslates to: Dark Shadow Stalker🤣

  • S Cd
    S Cd

    Im whatching on 2Ds XL

  • Qimodis

    I dislike hkw obv uneducated Gray is

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man


  • Me Me
    Me Me

    OMG that is almost my name

  • Matthew Polanco
    Matthew Polanco

    Florida man will not die of heat but by Cold florida man's only weakness

  • sau ruslan
    sau ruslan

    the water is boiling🔥

  • Kitchen Roam
    Kitchen Roam

    Why is it that always whenever he makes a poll. The very bottom one is at 80%

  • Aryan

    You're too an Avatar the Last Airbender fan ?? 😍😍

  • -aaa- *123*
    -aaa- *123*

    63c that’s just low numbers

  • E E
    E E

    Gray: **puts a bunch of 666** Music: **plays heavenly sounds** Me: WAIT! THATS ILLEGAL

  • ben trimble
    ben trimble

    Gray: "In the land of absolute torture, everything is run by the women." Me: Coincidence? I highly doubt it. 😈

  • Taka hates donuts
    Taka hates donuts

    People when there is water nearby: *joker dancing on stairs*

  • Beathan Mann
    Beathan Mann

    anakin would hate this planet

  • Christian Sitzman
    Christian Sitzman

    8:40 We need a good seed for this one. The seed: (Beverly Hills) 90210

  • Grace Howell
    Grace Howell

    Would Tribe of the Night Garden be more intimidating?

  • Nyla

    "These people are badasses for living in 100 degree celcius weather" *Laughs in Texan*

  • Niko Mercer
    Niko Mercer

    first dune, then somewhat waterworld... that guy has good movie taste.

  • Liam Maps
    Liam Maps

    You ruin lives just by existing, if you build a world, without gray, it would still be hell because this is graystillplays we talkin about y’all know no matter what we do there’s gonna be something like him.

  • choco loco
    choco loco

    I felt bad from happy videos I cane to this for some reason it made me feel better thanks

  • ???

    11:03 That's just scientific annotation. It's what is displayed in most games where a value gets higher than it's precision is. Since it's 2.257474E+11, that translates to 225747400000000000. the E+(anynumber) is how many 0's are after the first few numbers. So, if it was E+5, there'd be 5 0's.

  • Fire Dog
    Fire Dog

    I made a real life world map on this game and on year 1471465, day 78 they had only made it to the middle east lol

  • Alpha008

    Well, you’re more likely to have girls if your underwear area is warm

  • Shinu Hayaku
    Shinu Hayaku

    11:26 I instantly had to think about Gaara from Naruto 😂

  • PrivateThePenguin

    guys whats the song at 3:01 in the background?

  • A Bird
    A Bird

    We (I) need MORE GRAY, WE NEED MORE .

  • FortyDayNocks

    Gray: "Females literally run everything" Feminists: *it's free real estate*

  • Sam_TheDev

    person: so how much destruction do you want? gray: yes

  • Eleventh Primarch
    Eleventh Primarch

    Gray made Arrakis by accident

  • Alyssa Baxter
    Alyssa Baxter

    We are Industrial BASTERS!!!!!!


    You could make Mac and cheese in that lake

  • David Basford
    David Basford


    • WeTube 65
      WeTube 65

      I reported you.

  • The Speechless Gamer !
    The Speechless Gamer !

    More GreyStillPlays Damnit

  • Gaeuvyen

    "I Built a World That Just Ruins Lives" So, basically real life?

  • Kelly Dayton
    Kelly Dayton

    every video ever: okay, today we're playing the only game that_______

  • Kalisha Tusky
    Kalisha Tusky

    A world where there are no wars becuse they are to busy trying to survive the hell they've been put through

  • perpi perli
    perpi perli

    The fact that there was the shadow of a giant sperm behind the L in kill makes my thalassophobia act up.

  • Lord Reptile Stormblade
    Lord Reptile Stormblade

    100 C is 212 F

  • Lord Reptile Stormblade
    Lord Reptile Stormblade

    63.7 C is 146.66 F

  • Crazy Chicks
    Crazy Chicks

    Yeetland should have a language that they only say "YEET"

  • D o t
    D o t

    11:50 warrior cats


    When God made Earth 12:55

  • Scheffel

    well crap... thats one really neat game...

  • neG 69
    neG 69

    the world they live in is not a sphere its a yeet

  • Swagmuffin 16
    Swagmuffin 16

    I see no difference between that would and ours.

  • Chance

    You don't have to make it sad

  • Martin Tan
    Martin Tan

    sorry im confused, how exactly does the seed value for the generator work? like what’s difference between entering 100, and entering 100,000?

  • Lolly Pop
    Lolly Pop

    Gray creating a world: Here you go. Al little bit of water Have fun getting to it because you’re living on the other side of the planet

  • [Blub*Berries*Animations]

    So uhm... I got an add that was literally about the creation of earth... ironic

  • Angela Lamb
    Angela Lamb

    1:32 be lookin' like tatooine

  • Annika FW
    Annika FW

    For once gray tries to do what you are meant to do in the game (I’m talking about yeet world)

  • Isaak Terizis
    Isaak Terizis

    The worst world is one with Starbucks

  • MckayleGaymes YT
    MckayleGaymes YT

    If u are watching this on or January 3, 2020, or anytime after this then ...... The "White Desert" has killed someone in Iran lol

  • Sarah A.
    Sarah A.

    what we learned: females can bear temperatures higher than 70 degrees celsius

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