I Built the Ultimate Hidden Gaming Room in my House - $10,000
FaZe Kay
I Built the Ultimate Hidden Gaming Room in my House for my Little Brother FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Jarvis
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We Built the Ultimate Hidden Gaming Room in my House with DIY Cloud Lights, Amazon Alexa, PS5, Xbox Series X and Much More!

  • Jarvis & Kay Gaming
    Jarvis & Kay Gaming

    Currently playing Fortnite - Jarvis

    • Juana Barriga
      Juana Barriga


    • Future SoLOx
      Future SoLOx

      Jaaarvis your banned

    • Lane Slater
      Lane Slater

      @Mürsel Erdemir ô

    • David Thomas
      David Thomas

      Does Jarvis play fortnite

    • LOLOJgames


  • Student-BSH Rashed Khalifa Al Keebali 1C
    Student-BSH Rashed Khalifa Al Keebali 1C

    Can you play Fortnite with me please I am in chapter 2 season five pro gamer I want a PS4 but I don’t have a mic

  • Yusra A
    Yusra A

    Hiw many times does faze bank swear

  • Yusra A
    Yusra A

    Why doesn't he upload anymore

  • Yusra A
    Yusra A

    Oh faze banks is there

  • Yusra A
    Yusra A

    You cant spent 24 hours building

  • AirNight Fever
    AirNight Fever

    5:12 you already know what Jarvis is gonna do lol

  • Krush 3d03
    Krush 3d03

    Kay look let’s get another controller so we could play together. Jarvis get out get out

  • Hyper_ b0ii
    Hyper_ b0ii

    Me playing Mario on my ps2 : 0-0

  • Graham Koenig
    Graham Koenig

    wow o my god

  • Arta Malohodzic
    Arta Malohodzic

    Escfddddddfgh you inin

  • Shackle Breaker
    Shackle Breaker

    Kay: let’s build a secret room Also kay: let’s show all our roommates all the secrets

  • GoatedNugget578

    Dude your mask is inside out

  • Never X Sick
    Never X Sick

    Someone already made this type of vid, with the same thumbnail 😂😂

  • jacob johnson
    jacob johnson

    Are you wereing faze rugs merch

  • Shirley Parker
    Shirley Parker

    That is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mxsky _au_
    Mxsky _au_

    You should build me one be you live like over sea so

  • Ali Imran
    Ali Imran

    All that started from Zealous

  • Karma

    Smell that bro Me- Sniffing around 😂

  • Januel Ojeda
    Januel Ojeda

    FaZe Kay is the best brother!!

  • Natalie Azparren
    Natalie Azparren


  • AntonyATL DA GOAT
    AntonyATL DA GOAT

    I don't think its so hidden anymore

  • Gene Regan
    Gene Regan

    It's kinda messed up that he get banned and people who do aimbot almost every day they don't get banned

  • XDmines

    alexa from amazon i have alexa

  • crxson

    And he made his before Jarvis Jarvis explain

  • crxson

    Zealous has the name thumb nail

  • crxson

    Imagine copmy sombody else is theme

  • Z00 Y0RK
    Z00 Y0RK

    BRO this is copyrighted no caps

  • Jackson Hogan
    Jackson Hogan

    kay it is cool bro

  • Zymere Jahari Palmer
    Zymere Jahari Palmer

    Brandum you nun but a hater

  • Timothy Anthony
    Timothy Anthony

    jarvis capping

  • Agon Kurshumliu
    Agon Kurshumliu


  • Shabnam Buttar
    Shabnam Buttar

    when your takeing a poop where is the lock to the door hahahahahahahaha

  • Maryam shah
    Maryam shah


  • Israfil Faruk
    Israfil Faruk

    I wish I had one like that

  • Brandumb 2643
    Brandumb 2643

    I like the way he calls it hidden when literally he shows everyone

  • Gina Gatlin
    Gina Gatlin

    That’s so cool I wish I was rich

  • Juana Barriga
    Juana Barriga


  • coated army
    coated army

    Were we dropping dude I've played warzone and u jump out of a bus he just overreacting mate🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Filoten

    nice setup

  • Alberto Eugenio
    Alberto Eugenio


  • TEI

    How do YOU make the clouds ?

  • Hope Full
    Hope Full

    He still plays fortnite because sometimes you can hear the yo in the background

  • keisha Nembhard
    keisha Nembhard

    Can you do this for me

  • Yusuf Hanafy
    Yusuf Hanafy

    How many likes for a ps5?

  • RRG Zyro yt
    RRG Zyro yt

    The best hideout is one not on the internet

  • Dylan:. Clay:.
    Dylan:. Clay:.

    "Just leave me alone for like 20 minutes" *closes door* "aight you on the hub yet" Kay: "cut the cameras"

  • rick pig
    rick pig

    what is wrong with my youtube recommendations

  • Shannon McC
    Shannon McC

    I sub and liked

  • Shannon McC
    Shannon McC

    Hi can I have that

  • ImBladed

    Kay: Today we will be making a secret gaming hideout Also Kay: posts it on the internet for everyone in the world to see

  • Xolo

    $80 $80 $80 $80

  • Katie Wong
    Katie Wong

    you should play roblox

  • Jayden 7
    Jayden 7


  • TazGamezz

    "I have any console I can imagine," bet What about: Xbox one, Xbox one s, Xbox one x, Xbox series S, PS4, Ps4 slim, Ps4 pro, Nintendo switch, nintendo switch lite, wii, wiiu, Ds, dslite, and more. Although i dont think all of those would be in fraziers budget or can even fit in the room.

  • Laser Beam
    Laser Beam

    Stop coping faze rug


    bruh thats better than my setup i dont even have a pc mate

  • Grayson Mitchell
    Grayson Mitchell

    I would do anything for that setup my family can’t afford that kind of stuff😭😭

    • Dylan:. Clay:.
      Dylan:. Clay:.

      I feel you bro

  • vannecia Roberts
    vannecia Roberts

    Hi love your videos

  • Sweaty Dime
    Sweaty Dime


  • Fraser Dalgleish
    Fraser Dalgleish


  • Fraser Dalgleish
    Fraser Dalgleish

    The gaming room is crazy

  • King Ishmail
    King Ishmail

    I want a room like that



  • TGF Kids
    TGF Kids

    Lol Kay’s wearing his mask b Wrong way

  • QusaiZakai

    Why Jarvis was playing fortnite and Jarvis is banned? That's my question

  • KaiRow TV
    KaiRow TV

    Use create code faze play

    • KaiRow TV
      KaiRow TV

      I meen to put faze Kay

  • FTW Tech
    FTW Tech

    COVID exists BTW. Also, gaming headsets are worse than separate mics. Also, pre-built PCs are unacceptable. Also, *ceiling. Also, ergonomic mesh office chairs are always preferable to gaming chairs.

  • Kanwarbir Singh
    Kanwarbir Singh

    Frazier : Lets make a hidden room where Jarvis can play fortnite also frazier : lEtS PoSt It oN YoUtUbE

  • Misti Smith
    Misti Smith

    I see him play fortnite

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