I CHEATED to beat Fresh in a 1v1...
I made a 1v1 map where it was rigged to make me win. Let's see how Fresh handles it...
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  • sWeaty_CLAps

    Dude what the crap not tryna hate but fresh is way better than you

  • Mia Mesita
    Mia Mesita

    is it just me or when fresh says “mr. muselk” it reminds me when spiderman says “mr. stark”

  • jayden boy
    jayden boy

    Muselk is trash🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chayathon Siriphand
    Chayathon Siriphand

    You cheated also I use code fresh I never use code muslk

  • Maria Mckenna
    Maria Mckenna

    Do a death run everyone say the same

  • Tommy Tucker
    Tommy Tucker

    Mate ur irrelevant

  • Raisha Rai
    Raisha Rai

    You are a cheater Muselk I'm not surbscribing you because you are a cheater in Arena 1v1

  • Maddie Beaudoin
    Maddie Beaudoin

    Bro u literally should’ve made it that he couldn’t move on the last level or add all of the things up for both of u🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Chase Lim
    Chase Lim

    Fresh also whenever level too unfair: interesting...

  • Chase Lim
    Chase Lim

    Fresh when he wins: I'll take that! Muselk when he wins by cheating: Easy!!!!

  • Ali Raza Wasti
    Ali Raza Wasti

    Elliot you are an idiot

  • Undead Smoke
    Undead Smoke

    He so badd

  • Penny Denson
    Penny Denson

    Can you beat fresh when he has 1000 health

  • Sebata Investment
    Sebata Investment

    Can we apriciate how muselk is a bot

  • The Power Alley
    The Power Alley

    14:21 lol Fresh's reaction

  • Thresher Gaming
    Thresher Gaming

    Dude why you saying easy you suck the only reason you won was because he was taking damage you bot, my 7 year old cousin can clap you

  • Adam Sinclaire
    Adam Sinclaire

    Mr Muselk your a bot

  • Laif Murphy
    Laif Murphy

    muselk can i 1v1 u my name is MJL-gamers

  • NMD _JamesIsLost
    NMD _JamesIsLost

    Muselk when he wins but using: yeeeeeeessssss fresh when he wins while fighting muselk who has hacks: .............................yes

  • Japheth Isaac
    Japheth Isaac

    fresh is too freaking good at this game

  • Vincent Mills
    Vincent Mills

    Did the dumbest person in the world tell you that you are the best gamer of our generation

  • Poisonous Snake
    Poisonous Snake

    How is muselk so bad.

  • Malikai gaming
    Malikai gaming


  • Harley Ariza
    Harley Ariza

    hey muselk if u didnt cheat fresh would still win

  • Don'Tray Dickens
    Don'Tray Dickens


  • Hamish Duck
    Hamish Duck


  • Charlotte Lewis
    Charlotte Lewis

    9:45 “no worries cutie pie” 😂😂

  • Noah Kroger
    Noah Kroger

    Elliots a bot

  • Sphered

    Can we appreciate how bad muselk is

  • Wesley Clarke
    Wesley Clarke

    I think it’s funny how it says he cheated to “beat” fresh when he didn’t even win 😂

  • stacey leblanc
    stacey leblanc

    Fresh is a god

  • Mihret Ramakers
    Mihret Ramakers

    If you use the code: MUSELK100 You get 100% off

  • Aaryan Vij
    Aaryan Vij

    muselk: I got my ice boots!l me: they're high heels

  • Michael Harries
    Michael Harries

    How is mueselk bad and I’m a sweat but still could beat me

  • Jmack630

    Muselk can have 1000 health and fresh won still

  • Sebastian plays
    Sebastian plays

    Me: *sees that the map created is kkslider* my animal crossing senses are tingling

  • Vanished Llama
    Vanished Llama

    Map code : 9855 8499 3842

  • Qualian net
    Qualian net

    Fresh is soo good

  • Dhanush Sanu -9A
    Dhanush Sanu -9A

    That realization 😂😂🤣

  • Nate Kensett-Smith
    Nate Kensett-Smith



    worst video i have watched in a while

  • Gerardo Burgos
    Gerardo Burgos

    Your still bad like zylbrad

  • Prxncess_ Hollings
    Prxncess_ Hollings

    You are bad muselk

  • Alexandra Kayy
    Alexandra Kayy

    Do want to 1v1 me

  • Alexandra Kayy
    Alexandra Kayy

    I’m Wayyyy better then you Muselk you robot

  • Alexandra Kayy
    Alexandra Kayy

    You died every time

  • Alexandra Kayy
    Alexandra Kayy

    How are you cheating

  • Damian Viveros
    Damian Viveros

    you are a bot

  • CWA Bomb
    CWA Bomb

    This is why I have 0 respect for muselk and he’s garbage

  • Jonathan Moreno
    Jonathan Moreno

    Your smart (:

  • Zidaan Ebrahim
    Zidaan Ebrahim

    I feel bad for Elliot

  • Tony Cressey
    Tony Cressey

    dont swere if you do swere im not allowd to whatch you

    • M Zar
      M Zar

      Tony Cressey It’s spelled swear and he won’t stop swearing for 1 person


    Fresh is not good muselk is just a bot hahahahahah🤣

  • Tony Cressey
    Tony Cressey

    i nkow it ssurspishus

  • Tony Cressey
    Tony Cressey

    i nkow he insany at this

  • lizard

    Fresh could climb while having the ice effect on him because he would place a ramp and that ramp would push him down, giving enough momentum to go up a ramp.

  • Joshua Plank
    Joshua Plank

    Just shows even when muselk practices he is still a bit compared to fresh

  • Caleb649

    Muselk how did u lose so many

  • Mr.Pickle Gaming
    Mr.Pickle Gaming

    1000$ down to freshy boy

  • Sandy Phillips
    Sandy Phillips

    I told freshyboy

  • FpsBeck01 FpsClan01
    FpsBeck01 FpsClan01

    Who else is in quarantine watching old vids

  • 214570 maughan
    214570 maughan


  • IzzyBX 11
    IzzyBX 11

    11:50 that was the best play ever

  • Fox Kid
    Fox Kid


  • Mom a me 3
    Mom a me 3

    I play Nintendo an bender than myself

  • AssassinX Gaming
    AssassinX Gaming

    700 hundred health and still lost that has to be a record

  • AssassinX Gaming
    AssassinX Gaming

    Damn he lost to a guy with no mats ha haha LOL

  • Luka_plays

    How did u loose on lvl 4 tho

  • Taran Gopianandan
    Taran Gopianandan

    You are a bot fresh is way better than you

  • Mr_Beans

    Your a bot muselk get good

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