I Downloaded The World's Hardest Mod!
MrBeast Gaming
We played the hardest mod created for Minecraft. Dark Souls is basically for babies after this.

Shout out to RL Craft for the content! Check it out here: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/rlcraft

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    • Manan Bhansali
      Manan Bhansali

      @Victoria Aguilar hi

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      Victoria Aguilar

      Mk beast also......I would love it if u react

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      Please do use other games pls pls no Minecraft

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      Yes you need to get 40m on this channel

  • The Dinosaur
    The Dinosaur

    Try playing ark

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    Micah Sedillo


  • jbleung2 playz
    jbleung2 playz

    Mr beast i really want to PVP u on my server at jb address is jb45876

  • erin and oreo 123
    erin and oreo 123

    I loved Carl's turkey voice

  • Jujus Slayer
    Jujus Slayer

    I hate you=Chris I hate you=Karl I dont hate you=viewers

  • yeazz1

    Who is dat pokemon? Its gravler from pokemon

  • Aidan Cleary
    Aidan Cleary

    who else noticed carl's shirt being greenscreened? lol

  • Maylyn Montajes
    Maylyn Montajes

    I love it

  • Raxwell 126Mokulki's friend
    Raxwell 126Mokulki's friend

    Karls T shirt is Green screen

  • Savar Gupta
    Savar Gupta

    where is chris

  • Alia Ibrahim
    Alia Ibrahim

    Can I have Barbie pleaseeeee

  • Jocelyn Bailey
    Jocelyn Bailey


  • Juicebox_Art

    Karl just over there eating toothpaste

  • Breanna the silly banana 😜😜😜😜😜
    Breanna the silly banana 😜😜😜😜😜

    I brushed my teeth and then drank orange juice and I liked it


    Play free fire Please Please Please Please Please Please Please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Xavier Grant
    Xavier Grant

    you are noobs

  • Dan Brooks
    Dan Brooks

    OJ or grape juice. That's bad too.

  • Brianna Montejo
    Brianna Montejo

    OmgS Lx

  • Drew Hi
    Drew Hi

    Chan Chan is dumb he doesn’t use his weapons

  • Adam Martinez
    Adam Martinez

    Jimmy noooooooooooooooo

  • Fandangalo

    i did

  • Adam Martinez
    Adam Martinez

    Jimmy you are the best

  • Galaxycat Playz
    Galaxycat Playz

    Not going lie that challenge is alwasome for me because after u brush my teeth I drink something that I like and then my teeth feels fresh :)


    jimmy try givin 1000 000 to random person

  • notevenme

    I love chandlers reaction when he sees hostile mobs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zeetemz

    Ark players : see those casuals

  • karma eternal gaming
    karma eternal gaming

    Well actually sirens are a part of Greek mythology who attract mortals and then kill them

  • Bogie Balcita
    Bogie Balcita

    The game was not hard they are just so bad hahahaha lol but it's true I did it on my pc but i survive with only 12 deaths and I survive an hour and a half

    • Uncle Rick
      Uncle Rick

      Am I supposed to believe you?

  • inder 13
    inder 13

    Eho noticed Karl's t shirt

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum

    look at carl's shirt it has a missing spot lolol

  • SonicAndTails20

    So its ark but blocks?

  • John Jiang
    John Jiang

    I do the punishment nearly every day

  • Charity Berthiaume
    Charity Berthiaume

    1:16 jimmy that's pronounced jin

  • Nathan Hernandez
    Nathan Hernandez

    It tastes good

  • Eli Lopez
    Eli Lopez

    Thank you

  • Merili Kumm772
    Merili Kumm772

    Why was Karl eating toothpaste?-

  • Kadyn


  • Ava Smith
    Ava Smith

    Was anyone else just enjoying reading what the monsters said when they kill you lol

  • Super Isabella
    Super Isabella


  • El Perro Ruso
    El Perro Ruso

    How to describe the winter war in one sentens: 8:14

  • unk TEC
    unk TEC

    Whats up Mr Monster Beast, i am from Brazil and i have an e-Sports team, we began conquering the 7th place of the firte Pubg Mobile challenge of the Latin America, now i decided toi go to CS:GO world. Than i hired 5 players, 1 coach, 1 psychologist, 1 marketing guy. As you probably know, things in Brazil are a little difficult for us when we talk about money. So i came here TO CHALLENGE YOU, to sponsor our team and LIFE CHANGE for us and everybody's familiy. I promisse you that U$200 per mounth would be enough to start our way to te success ! We already made our Reel to show to the sponsors, we already made our Uniform Jersey that would be blessed to put your name on it ! I can translate our reel in english speacially for you if interested! FOR THE LOVE OF MOTHER EARTH, PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH! god bless us my friend! wish you the best things !

    • unk TEC
      unk TEC

      @Uncle Rick ok, you must be real with 5 followers! lol get a life

    • Uncle Rick
      Uncle Rick


  • DirtBlock

    Bruh. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS IS HARD?!?! This is SOOO easy. Also, I love your channel.

  • Bryce B
    Bryce B

    Karl was weirdly good at making turkey sounds

  • Nizear Avant
    Nizear Avant


  • Jusey1

    RLcraft is a modpack. Not a mod. Honestly, a very lazily put together modpack with mostly thrown together mods just to make it difficult, though some awesome mods are in it.

  • Alpha Gaming
    Alpha Gaming

    You can get level four just for sugar cane shove it up your...

  • Matthew

    Try red Gatorade after brushing your teeth

  • Ishaan Venkatesan
    Ishaan Venkatesan

    6:41 WHAT THE BIRD

  • Noah Venning
    Noah Venning


  • Vincent pie
    Vincent pie

    Dream should try this mod

  • Elodie Hall
    Elodie Hall

    why does karl scream like a girl lol

  • Rizvana Vohra
    Rizvana Vohra

    Can you do dream vs rlcraft

  • Natali Acosta
    Natali Acosta

    Jimmy:ewwwww Me :yum

  • drewbc32

    Aaaaand you're not supposed to swallow toothpaste.. Fluoride is toxic...

  • aguacates espinaca
    aguacates espinaca

    Ark survival

  • Void YT
    Void YT

    Make dream play this

  • tia silvia moura vivendo em cristo jesus
    tia silvia moura vivendo em cristo jesus

    Nova inscrita pode retribuir?

  • One Shot YT
    One Shot YT

    takes a 4th of a sip then is done

  • Elisa Bitonio
    Elisa Bitonio

    Ya the mermaids are sirens. There singing LIKE A SIREN

  • Keiran James
    Keiran James


  • OneManiBand

    Minecraft songs, but played on iPhone GarageBand... 🤯 Check my channel!

  • The Cat Creator
    The Cat Creator


  • CJ Peterson
    CJ Peterson

    OMG Dream should play this with them

  • Crackers’n Cream
    Crackers’n Cream

    Ark in Minecraft!!!??

  • Anastasia Hitzig
    Anastasia Hitzig

    I recommend trying fundys cursed difficulties if you really liked this

  • Daniel Gregory
    Daniel Gregory

    @mrbeastgaming please do a ark survival game mode goal to be the best team in the server !!

  • Hemant Kumar Dhondge
    Hemant Kumar Dhondge

    Um the mermaids are sirens and they sing and hypnotised people to come towards them then kill them

  • mary john Michael
    mary john Michael

    mt beast ur a wonderful and blesseded person,i wish u to b in pink of health

  • Draw with Alex
    Draw with Alex

    Where is canler

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