I Dropped The Grotto 100 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)
Luke TheNotable
Welcome to The Grotto 100 Drops. There's going to be a ton of minigunning in this video so hold on to your slurp juice. Enjoy!
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  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable

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    • Ethan Pierrepont
      Ethan Pierrepont

      Nooooooooooooooooooo9ooooooooo00000n000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000099999999999 jk

    • Matthew Savko
      Matthew Savko

      You should watch socks for 1 100 too 1000 days moded Minecraft hardcore

    • IVI4I_IR0


    • Serena Alvarez
      Serena Alvarez

      Please play The Isle or ARK Survival Evolved

    • Kai Flynn
      Kai Flynn

      drop random duos 100 times and deal with the sqeakers

  • PsYOniC yT
    PsYOniC yT

    โ€œ8 inch flaccid? Okโ€ Luke is hilarious

  • Typcl Zachary
    Typcl Zachary

    If you have more then me (20) solo wins like this. If you have lower than 20 comment below

  • r4ge_epicblin

    "Im jack gordon, im cracked" Are you cracked gordon?

  • sasygamer9

    1:56 if ceasar would still be alive today

  • kyle cullen
    kyle cullen

    7:09 NO TEAMING ul see what i mean ;)

  • DoctorFazGaming

    I dare u to drop the authority 100 times like so Luke can see

  • Ian Dawson
    Ian Dawson

    Luke in game 76: lands at the grotto Also Luke: so anyway I started blasting

  • Xuankai Zhang
    Xuankai Zhang

    'He is very dumb,just like your mom' -Luke TheNotable 2020

  • DerpyTurtle :p
    DerpyTurtle :p

    You should play borderlands itโ€™s really fun

  • Kevin Powers
    Kevin Powers

    The grotoo ? More like the gettho

  • Fearless Fox
    Fearless Fox

    19:04 for da memes

  • Mitch Mitchell
    Mitch Mitchell

    Epic games employe here there will be floud soo sorry about that

  • ghz gaming
    ghz gaming

    Brutus loves me yes I know for the minigun manual tells me so

  • cHeeeZiT And Bread
    cHeeeZiT And Bread

    Luke your awesome

  • Frayste

    I wonder why he has a shirt with his face on it

  • Raw Bloo
    Raw Bloo

    How was his first time going to the grotto if it was already marked?

  • Crafts comments are Satire
    Crafts comments are Satire

    8 inch flaccid more like 1cm hard

  • Bananagoose

    The fact that he dropped Grotto instead of Agency probably pissed off a lot of people

  • Benjamin Marley
    Benjamin Marley

    did not have to verbally shit on dude at game 38

  • Micah Hosea
    Micah Hosea


  • Robert Wise
    Robert Wise

    Luke: sir that tree won't save you from my minigun Flamethrowers from Vietnam: am I a joke to you?

  • Expert gaming
    Expert gaming

    ur mum

  • gamer tag
    gamer tag

    23:42 I see what you did there

  • Iain Nicholl
    Iain Nicholl

    You know what I'm a real default skin

  • Daniel Ochoa
    Daniel Ochoa

    I hate you never say tha to mi motores!

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    Can We get 10k Subs be Quarantine ends?

    Petition for Luke TheNotable to spend 1000 days in Animal Crossing

  • Nexus _oof
    Nexus _oof

    Luke: Anyone miss chug jugs? Laughs in season 3

  • gaming with mikey
    gaming with mikey

    Anyone watching in season 3 chapter 2

  • Matthew Mansilla
    Matthew Mansilla

    i was in game 56 and won but I did not kill him also i avenged you

  • sleepershark1115 `
    sleepershark1115 `

    "nice fishing john!" Is one of the best quotes I've ever heard

  • 0Stormy Cloud0
    0Stormy Cloud0

    The cutest Fortnite couple in history

  • SFM Mr.HotDropp
    SFM Mr.HotDropp

    To be real he anit wrong to much loot to go about it look its free

  • SFM Mr.HotDropp
    SFM Mr.HotDropp

    Watch epic next season the add the mythical mingun back but nerf it

  • SFM Mr.HotDropp
    SFM Mr.HotDropp

    Watch epic next season take the mingun out again the do a mythical version but ner

  • DaxZyte Plays
    DaxZyte Plays

    sooo BRUTUS is a bot?Or are you him with that minigun?

  • Girro_ production's
    Girro_ production's

    02:52 just like your mom

  • DaBStab _YT
    DaBStab _YT

    I can't wait to see him react to the minigun, being vaulted.

  • Supercrystal6

    Haha! Minigun go brrrrrrrrrr

  • rain284

    the /\/\#

  • Lukas Jarschel
    Lukas Jarschel

    Rodey Bros killed you

  • Shush M8
    Shush M8


  • Chicken Boy
    Chicken Boy

    18:45 didnโ€™t age well

  • Alexandre Haack
    Alexandre Haack


  • Immortal

    And now brutes is dead

  • Boom beach gamer 567
    Boom beach gamer 567

    Yo why you so mean

  • Red Skeppy
    Red Skeppy

    hello, this is myself from the future the diver skin was a clue to the flood of the map...

  • Miguel Alvarado
    Miguel Alvarado

    Call of Duty Does Need to Take skill

  • shatriantalon

    Bodieboy nuuuu he was so pure ;(

  • Angie Beltran
    Angie Beltran

    this wasnt even that long ago but it gives me nostalgia cuz i miss grotto

  • Ari Ellis
    Ari Ellis

    "This man identifies as an apache helicopter. So I shot him" YALL THIS THIS IS THE TRANS SOLIDARTY WE WANT WE WANT MORE TRANS ALLIES

  • IHaveNoUsername

    My favourite part was when he got mini gun for 37th time


    I miss daddy Brutus

  • Have some memes
    Have some memes

    jesus so many kids here.

  • HeyLookItsFNaFb

    Funny thing about this was when I clicked this video, a Mountain Dew GameFuel ad popped up immediately.

  • Allen B'Line
    Allen B'Line

    your mom is dumb not mine

  • Leo Sweet
    Leo Sweet

    Drop the nose of the skull it has a chest and a henchman chest right below it

  • Mal Smith
    Mal Smith


  • YoinkLevel 9000
    YoinkLevel 9000


  • Pixel Nature Girl
    Pixel Nature Girl

    I love how he says โ€œ anyone else miss chug jugs?โ€ Me: uhm just wait a couple days till season 3 thereโ€™s a mythic one ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Daniel Pendleton
      Daniel Pendleton

      Did you not listen he said it was the beginning of the season

    • Ice -kun
      Ice -kun

      He did not know R/thatsthejoke

  • Alexander Ware
    Alexander Ware

    Apex sucks

  • Waluigi

    Chief misses you

  • ุงู„ูŠุงุณ ุงุจูˆู†ูˆุญ
    ุงู„ูŠุงุณ ุงุจูˆู†ูˆุญ

    My Mom,!!!!!

  • Luke Henwood
    Luke Henwood

    Do misty meadows

  • Morgan Edwards
    Morgan Edwards

    Seen this vidio about 100 times

  • Jacko Gaming
    Jacko Gaming

    I've done 100 drops The Fortilla for a parody of you

  • 300 Subsribers with No Videos Chanllenge
    300 Subsribers with No Videos Chanllenge

    "U wanna stay far away from brutus as possible because he is an ai and is ver dumb like your mom" Best thing said in 2020 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Anna Monfries
    Anna Monfries


  • Anna Monfries
    Anna Monfries


  • Anna Monfries
    Anna Monfries

    C i

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