I FORGOT This Item is in Fortnite...
Today its part 2 of the "fortnite items no one remembers" that I did a while back. If you actually remember all 10 of these items ill be VERY surprised. Hope you enjoy! :D
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about when we check out a new shotgun in fortnite season 5.. Today I forgot that this item is in Fortnite... It's part 2 to the fortnite items no one remembers series! Hope you enjoy!
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  • SypherPK

    Did you guys remember all 10 items? Be honest 😅 Hope you guys all have a great weekend!

    • Jan-Deon Cilliers
      Jan-Deon Cilliers

      i didnt

    • Rami Sawalha
      Rami Sawalha

      I started in season 1 but i don't remember them cause my memory sucks also I always played the spy games

    • nathanpolek

      I knew five I thought I could get them all though

    • W Miles
      W Miles

      I got 7/10!

    • Tsf23

      I got the silenced dual pistols

  • Zamon playz
    Zamon playz

    I used the pistols

  • GALAXYOWL 3237
    GALAXYOWL 3237

    I remembered all of them

  • Mandy Jones
    Mandy Jones

    i was one who used the silenced pistols

  • Hunter Kuhnle
    Hunter Kuhnle

    I missed one

  • The Doogie Squad
    The Doogie Squad

    I also used the silent pistols

  • The Doogie Squad
    The Doogie Squad

    I remember 4 items remember to sub to sypherpk!

  • Miska Morden
    Miska Morden

    i remembered 8 of those being honest

  • Graydon Penner
    Graydon Penner

    I now all of them your clickbait

  • Orit Rokah
    Orit Rokah


  • Drempy

    I'm 100 percent honest I remember all of these especially the thanos team rifle

  • taqi atiyat
    taqi atiyat

    I got the dual silents pistol

  • Ben Jebb
    Ben Jebb

    Dual suppressed pistols were in Mandos bounty too. Were they rare. Anybody else found them

  • Aryaveer Singh
    Aryaveer Singh

    I used the duel wheeled silent pistols 🙂🙂

  • Kane-James Cribb-Monsall
    Kane-James Cribb-Monsall

    i dident now 1

    • Kane-James Cribb-Monsall
      Kane-James Cribb-Monsall


    • Kane-James Cribb-Monsall
      Kane-James Cribb-Monsall


  • Adam Dwek
    Adam Dwek

    I got all

  • Adam Dwek
    Adam Dwek

    I got dualweel pistol

  • Jaden Davis
    Jaden Davis

    me whose not an og but remembers all of these because i watched fortnite then

  • Samatha Paturi
    Samatha Paturi

    I remember everything I promised please I’m from season 1

  • PancakeMan

    Props to me I remembered all 10 of the items

  • thato mpenya
    thato mpenya

    I remember ALL the wepons and items in this vid..... so i am an OG LETSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Martin Griscenko
    Martin Griscenko

    I remember everything except the dual silenced pistols

  • Avin Mehta
    Avin Mehta

    5 can u add me a-v78

  • PoFu Nobu Jr
    PoFu Nobu Jr

    I’m a nerd I remembered them all

  • Elohim447

    I remember led everything but the water balloon Firework grenade launcher And double duelies

  • Tetanic_ Ant
    Tetanic_ Ant


  • NullieGullie

    I only Remember the up pad because of save the world it’s a trap you can craft after earning a hover board

  • meonroblox

    1 item evry one forget is the zapetron

  • White Springtrap
    White Springtrap

    Black panthers mythic was so bad He didnt even mention it XD

  • Gareth salmon
    Gareth salmon

    I got 8 kills with deadpool's duiles

  • Benjamin Guimaraes
    Benjamin Guimaraes

    I remember all the guns

  • George Campean
    George Campean

    I used the dual silent pistols but they where not that good

  • The boys Channel
    The boys Channel


  • Conor Gallagher
    Conor Gallagher

    I got double silence pistols in the doomsday event

  • The Llamanator
    The Llamanator

    i used the dual wield suppressed pistols

  • Pearson Bissette
    Pearson Bissette

    Is it just me or did everyone love Chapter 2 season 2

  • GalaxifyFN

    Grinding to 100 subs btw

  • GalaxifyFN

    Grinding to 100 subs btw

  • GalaxifyFN

    Grinding to 100 subs btw

  • Rocket Saif Sports
    Rocket Saif Sports

    i got 8/10 plus i used dual silenced pistols

  • florentine Cruze
    florentine Cruze

    I only don’t know the first 2

  • PCT Will
    PCT Will

    I didn’t recinize any

  • Nicola Halsall
    Nicola Halsall

    I used the silence dulis alot

  • xpectro

    I knew of 8 of these items but since I am not og, I never used them but thanks to youtube videos I knew they existed

  • Hayden Duffy
    Hayden Duffy

    I got dual silenced pistols

  • Cort Chandler75
    Cort Chandler75

    I am one of the people who got the dual silenced pistols I grinded that mode 😂😂

  • Sam Milem
    Sam Milem

    I can send u evidence on twitter

  • Sam Milem
    Sam Milem

    Sypher, I actually played with the suppressed dual pistols in the Mando's Bounty LTM.


    I used dual Silence pistols

  • AgingOstrich458

    I remembered like 7 or 8

  • Callum Legge
    Callum Legge

    I play save the world alot so the jump pads are pretty normal for me

  • Electro Snakebite
    Electro Snakebite

    The regular dual pistols are my favourite gun in Fortnite, And when I heard Deadpool had mythic ones, I was hyped! But they were such a letdown when I found out how bad they were.

  • markmirzo

    I only forgot 2 of em

  • Pk Playz
    Pk Playz

    I knew all except for the silence pistol dualies

  • ??? Abyss
    ??? Abyss

    Funny thing is, I unlocked everything for every side in the spy games, they were all really fun, and I’m a sweat, so i think more people should have played it!

  • Jackie Grandstrand
    Jackie Grandstrand

    I knew all them

  • Johnny Brianna
    Johnny Brianna

    I remember all of them cause I love those weapons

  • IGX

    Sypher. Next time make it hard my score=10/10

  • Rosè

    I loved the spy games and it was so easy to max out both sides i dont y he said it was hard and i started playing that same season i played it i hope they bring it back :(

  • Malakai Dean
    Malakai Dean

    I remembered 9 of em

  • 4IMAN XI
    4IMAN XI

    Only the silenced dual wields I don’t remember lol

  • X2 JOE BTW
    X2 JOE BTW

    I had the sepresed pistols

  • Dream animations
    Dream animations

    I remember 7

  • Dream animations
    Dream animations

    Sypher :It’s so cool that the first order rifle is still here Epic: we are lazy and didn’t want to make a new Star Wars gun so we used a old one and peaple think it a Easter egg

  • Adrian Huerta
    Adrian Huerta

    i remember all 10

  • Nugget Plays
    Nugget Plays

    I got the vendetta flopper three times and it SUCKS

  • Cat Cat
    Cat Cat

    I had everyone besides the silenced dualists

  • Axeboy Gamer
    Axeboy Gamer

    I remember the first 1

  • BH Space
    BH Space

    I caught the vendetta flopper a couple days ago

  • Judd Rothermel
    Judd Rothermel

    I didn't no about the 4th of july one and thats it

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