I FOUND HACKERS in MINECRAFT while Spending 24 Hours Searching for Project Zorgo Safe Code in Game
Chad Wild Clay
Project Zorgo plays Minecraft!?
After Vy Qwaint created I'M A SPY NINJA AGAIN! TRAPPED in HACKER VENTS for 24 HOURS CHALLENGE & STOPPING PROJECT ZORGO, Daniel uploaded NEW SPY NINJA IS... We Compete in Fun Challenges to Find Next Friend to Replace Hacker Vy Qwaint to the Exposing Project Zorgo IT-my channel, I uploaded VY QWAINT is BACK!? Is She Best Friend of Spy Ninjas or Hackers? Spending 24 Hours Solving Clues! to the Chad Wild Clay channel, I learned about hackers playing the video game Minecraft! After Vy was kicked out of the spy ninjas for being untrustworthy and betraying us because she joined the hacker group Project Zorgo, we realized it was all a trick! She was tricking them, going undercover to win top secret information and evidence to destroy them once and for all! She won an abandoned safe after giving them $10,000 at the PZ headquarters. But we don't know what the code to open the safe! The safe had a hidden message on it which revealed we had to not play Roblox, but play Minecraft instead! Is PZ9 in the game? As I was playing, I discovered Project Zorgo members are taking my stun stars, Daniel's lie detector test and Vy's iPhone 11 to an undisclosed location! We have to solve clues and solve puzzles to figure out the location! I have to build forts and make a cool base to hide from the mysterious players in the game! I even tried to take a note from a hacker but accidentally started a battle royale and he chased me! Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay

    Hi SPY NINJAS! Do you play Minecraft?

    • Victoria Reyes Lopez
      Victoria Reyes Lopez

      I play minecraft

    • Dj Pauly
      Dj Pauly

      some times😀

    • Michael Garcia
      Michael Garcia

      Chad Wild Clay yes

    • harsha vanga
      harsha vanga

      I play minecraft Chad. I am a pro at survival

    • Onica Florin
      Onica Florin

      AI NOU

  • Victoria Reyes Lopez
    Victoria Reyes Lopez

    The code to the safe is 2019 because PZ9 memrree Was entast in 2019

  • ebbieplays

    2019 is The code to the boss app will destroy project is all go forever

  • Cooperman 444
    Cooperman 444

    It is 2019

  • Carl Doe
    Carl Doe

    The code is 2019

  • Carl Doe
    Carl Doe

    2019 in

  • Brett Gill
    Brett Gill


  • supreme julian plays games 1
    supreme julian plays games 1


  • MrEdy28


  • Minhal Ahsan
    Minhal Ahsan


  • Jemina Matillano
    Jemina Matillano

    chad the code of the safe is 2019

  • Damian Ro
    Damian Ro

    I think I think there's money inside the safe guns stunts goneiqiowkwkq

  • John Wheeler
    John Wheeler

    I saw a hacker in the video game on that server and it maens safe house and the code is for the safe put in 2019

  • Raphael Ball
    Raphael Ball

    I play mincraft🎮

  • Debby Wellington
    Debby Wellington

    The code is 2019 and I dont play mincraft

  • emma obrien
    emma obrien


  • rainier kyle tulod
    rainier kyle tulod

    chad what is the minecraft server number of the hacker

  • Yan Liang
    Yan Liang

    My bro says it’s 2019 is a code for the safe

  • Pawel C
    Pawel C

    the code is 2019

  • Mythical Slime Squad
    Mythical Slime Squad

    Pz funth means he cant be a spyninja because none of the spy ninjas are from germany that sound like that

  • Jaimee Palubski
    Jaimee Palubski

    Its 2019

  • Zia Bal 0
    Zia Bal 0

    Chad in Minecraft there is water 💦

  • Andrew Redmond
    Andrew Redmond

    The pastword to the safe is 2019

  • mj bajuyo
    mj bajuyo

    yes i do i will help you

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker

    Chad i konw the answer to the safe it is 2019

  • Maya Loveland
    Maya Loveland

    Yes me

  • Dawn Malbacias
    Dawn Malbacias

    Is it your first time of playing Minecraft

  • Marcos Diaz
    Marcos Diaz


  • Marianne Chávez
    Marianne Chávez


  • Sales The Car Tint Man
    Sales The Car Tint Man

    I play Minecraft



  • hydro flask
    hydro flask

    It's 2019

  • Kaylah Vallance
    Kaylah Vallance

    Code is 2019 👣👣

  • Sidi Mohamed AFIFI
    Sidi Mohamed AFIFI

    yes I do chad

  • Jordan Kingbird
    Jordan Kingbird

    I subscribe to pz9

  • boua lee
    boua lee


  • Agustina Martinez
    Agustina Martinez

    i think is 192,168 becus thats the code ti games

  • hassan ali
    hassan ali

    i know

  • rosycastillo184

    Vy is not. A hacker

  • Latisha Kegler
    Latisha Kegler

    Yes I do Chad

  • Bob O'Connor
    Bob O'Connor

    I'm it

  • Crystal Thompson
    Crystal Thompson


  • Brian Montero
    Brian Montero

    my sister plays minecraft

  • Stacy Brown
    Stacy Brown

    I play minecraft

  • Mikael Kofoed
    Mikael Kofoed

    Chad Dakota ys2019

  • Brooklin Clark
    Brooklin Clark

    The code is:2019

  • Rosha Nemati
    Rosha Nemati

    Thankeschön is thank you and I’m Germany and the code is 2019

  • Valerie Benjamin
    Valerie Benjamin

    The cod is122334

  • Pauline Taylor
    Pauline Taylor

    Rosis are red violets are blue

  • Jermaini Thomas
    Jermaini Thomas

    Yes it is fun u can fight and change characters

    • Jermaini Thomas
      Jermaini Thomas

      I know

  • Jermaini Thomas
    Jermaini Thomas

    The code for 6he safe is 2019

  • das ist lüge Ebru
    das ist lüge Ebru

    Danke schön fenkl

  • Super Ethan
    Super Ethan

    Chad i now how to play MINECRAFT to im a pro at MINECRAFT and your in CREATIVE MODE!!!!

  • Tonya Young
    Tonya Young

    I play Minecraft 😛

  • Greg Dunn
    Greg Dunn

    Yes I play Minecraft.

  • Greg Dunn
    Greg Dunn

    Chad try 2019 because that's the Year. Love your videos.

  • twin Squad for life
    twin Squad for life


  • ayve cruz
    ayve cruz

    Maybe is one and 14700

  • emma delrosa
    emma delrosa

    The code is 2019

  • Lacey Prothero
    Lacey Prothero

    The code for safe is 2019

  • Polly Ho
    Polly Ho

    I play minecraft but the code for the safe is 2019 ok its 2019

  • Polly Ho
    Polly Ho

    Its real cuz its 2019

  • Polly Ho
    Polly Ho

    Rose are red violets are blue i minecraft too

  • Muhammad Imran
    Muhammad Imran


  • Amanda Joyce
    Amanda Joyce


  • Joy Paypa
    Joy Paypa

    Yes im

  • Damian Kealy
    Damian Kealy

    Hold for glow

  • Crystal Light
    Crystal Light


  • Dariel Derrick
    Dariel Derrick

    I thick the code is 2019

  • Denisa Zekovic
    Denisa Zekovic

    The cose is 2019

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