I Got A Six Pack In Six Weeks
The Try Guys
The before and after is SHOCKING! Watch Ned get a six pack pack in just six weeks!
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  • Josh

    You know that they say. Abs aren’t made in the gym. They’re made in the kitchen. I will say for all gym goers and athletes hardest dedication for complete training is always the diet. And it just goes to show how important a healthy diet is.

  • Autumn Sanderson
    Autumn Sanderson

    Your face looks drastically better. I think maybe quit alcohol? You seriously looked like a zombie before.

  • briieme

    I saw your trainer recommended 40% carbs but the diet he put you on is nowhere near 40% carbs, it looks more like a keto/low carb diet. You need carbs for energy and to build muscles. The reason you started feeling tired at week 4 was your body going through ketoacidosis. It's not a long term healthy sustainable diet, it's really hard on your liver and kidneys. I would recommend talking with a someone who has an actual degree in nutrition to create a better long term meal plan. You definitely need more carbs if you're working out that much. Luckily by eating pizza and drinking wine you were supplementing some of the absent carbs from your diet plan.

  • Laya R
    Laya R

    the body positivity makes me so happy

  • Matej Kavčnik
    Matej Kavčnik

    I don't see any coach Greg comments here.

  • GetOutMeCah97

    Suck it in Ned... people do this literally in every picture I see to make themselves look better than they actually do 🙄

  • Cowta Playz
    Cowta Playz

    Idk why But I naturally have a 6 pack always, all I do is sit down lol, but when I flex in a mirror I got one, maybe because of my weight class?

  • Haris Isam
    Haris Isam

    This is terrible,first of all you need to be in a caloric deficit and be doing a lot more cardio. Realistically he needs to burn about 5 more pounds in order for those abs to show when not flexing, at the end Ned is flexing as hard as he can to show the end product.

  • Moist bagels
    Moist bagels

    whos here from dr greg?

    • Haris Isam
      Haris Isam


  • Sarah Kensok
    Sarah Kensok

    I want to see a video where Keith and Ned do a similar challenge to this

  • Icie Henry
    Icie Henry

    2:02 ok can i just take a sec to marvel at how awful the stock photo actor mangles that avocado? they are so far away from the skin. why did anyone let them do that?

  • Cassie Amber
    Cassie Amber

    why does it feel like Wes was born like 2 days ago

  • Mr K
    Mr K

    Ariel is kicking ass!!!

  • Zer0 as in the number
    Zer0 as in the number

    Keep the abs u look good and don't eat pizza

  • Journey to Alex
    Journey to Alex

    Ned and Ariel should sign up as a challenge for a marathon. Would be awesome to see them prepare and it would keep Ned motivated to continue working out.

  • Kuya Kusumi
    Kuya Kusumi

    digging ned's facial hair. also, not sure if it has to do with anything but, but ned seems like he has more energy or is getting better sleep between the beginning and how he looks at the end

  • Spectagirl

    No one: Ned: so, I’m basically athletic

  • Nikida Marshall
    Nikida Marshall

    This actually makes me feel more confident with myself. I never have to take breaks during my exercises, and I exercise for two hours 3-4 times a week. I always thought I wasn’t trying hard enough 🙏🏻

  • SoooJokes

    6:39 👀

  • Paul Rail
    Paul Rail

    What brand are those blue boxer-briefs (wtih the triangles), those are sweet! The logo on the waistband looks like CG? The G is upside down?

  • Jacob Kanupp
    Jacob Kanupp

    Six weeks to giant pecs next

  • Sailor Slytherin Saffy
    Sailor Slytherin Saffy

    Is it me or is Ned's hair getting lighter?

  • Shauna Rigsby
    Shauna Rigsby

    get it Ned!!

  • Ash Green
    Ash Green

    I want to see Keith try this

  • Elizabeth Winston
    Elizabeth Winston

    I can’t believe his kid is 2

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    He kinda looks like Tobey McGuire fit when he was in the first spider man

  • Alyssa Carver
    Alyssa Carver

    He grows a full beard in six weeks

  • Rem Desu
    Rem Desu

    100 push ups 100 sit ups 100 squats 10 km run Should be enough

  • Rodrigo Pineda
    Rodrigo Pineda

    between the beautiful eyes and those new abs, this whole video was like some sort of soft porn...

  • Girodani

    I don't really think that starving is the solution for Abs. If you want real abs, you need to eat a loot more, cleaner (especially rice and chicken) and cut your little fat by turning it to muscles while bulking. I don't know guys that's just my personal opinion. ps. I didn't mention the cardio every morning :)

    • Bad Bunny
      Bad Bunny

      Pyrros Dimas Lmao how did u know😂😂 but yea i dont know why people think this way. U can still eat pizza and lose weight u dont have to eat broccoli and fucking rice

    • Pyrros Dimas
      Pyrros Dimas

      @Bad Bunny May Lord Greg save these peasants from their stupidity.

    • Bad Bunny
      Bad Bunny

      Stop it. Its calories in vs calories out. You can eat cookies and pizza and as long as you are in a calorie deficit youll lose weight. These mfs are playing yall with 40 percent carbs 40 percent protein that is BULLSHIT. Make sure you are in a caloric deficit and make sure you get the protein u need and thats it!

  • Sophia Margolis
    Sophia Margolis

    a dressing that i recommend so that i cut the ranch out is raspberry vinegarette

  • Zed Uriel Gesta
    Zed Uriel Gesta

    Is this Fwhip tge Minecraft IT-myr

  • Kelly Tieu
    Kelly Tieu

    each week Ned flexin at us. lol

  • RFPictures

    Anyone know the song at 13:46 ??

  • Kurtis

    You could've done low calorie dressings and seasonings. You should get greg doucette cookbook. Look up his youtube channel and you can eat happily and low calorie for life without feeling like it's a diet.

  • Dionne Friesen
    Dionne Friesen

    “Salad”😂 shit load of ranch and spinach 😂😂😂 actually tho, amazing job Ned!

  • mc ponce
    mc ponce

    OMG you look like Hugh Grant of Wolverine

  • zaafirah xoxo
    zaafirah xoxo

    My boi here went from a dad bod to a daddy bod I'm so proud

  • Joseph Silveira
    Joseph Silveira

    15:01 Loving the AFL

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy

    People think fitness and health is down to gruelling exercise and workout. When it's really more like 80% diet, 10% motivation and mindfulness and 10% focused exercise.

    • Memekage

      for abs i would say 70% nutrition and sleep and 30% exercise but everything else its reversed

  • Zzz

    This motivated me

  • Hannah Fitzgerald
    Hannah Fitzgerald

    Did anyone else notice that he said he never met chloe ting but I think they did a conference that she hosted and talked with them?

  • Valley rider
    Valley rider

    How many calories did you eat every day?

  • EITRA 300
    EITRA 300

    Watch Greg doucette video on dis

  • Surfing On Frequency
    Surfing On Frequency

    You're 100% GLOWING! Literally a shining example ♥️lol

  • R a m
    R a m

    It's my luck I always have someone like this move in ABOVE me. Send a dozen glazed donuts every day. That'll fix it.

  • innis free
    innis free

    Definitely progress but also the light is better in the after picture

  • jill ian
    jill ian

    It really seems like he wasn't meeting his protein goals at all really lol

  • ashton

    i think it’s so crazy watching other people workout and blow through parts of workouts that i struggle with and then struggle with parts that are easy for me, like i just mean it’s insane how different each person is.

  • Tigers Code
    Tigers Code

    Not to be a bitch but Ned, one of my favorite TryGuys not being able to do what I can makes me feel better about myself

  • Alexander Mandina
    Alexander Mandina

    I’m a big bowl pasta boy.

  • Gabrielle williams
    Gabrielle williams

    Go Ned!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪

  • Aelan Harris
    Aelan Harris

    I’m most proud of Ned’s salad improvement

  • Pxlarizd

    Wes' so cuteeee

  • Konner

    counting macros is an example of disordered eating and I’m super fucking sad it’s in a try guys video :/

  • C. Sphire
    C. Sphire

    Watching this nibbling Peanut Butter M&M's.

  • Maddy the queen
    Maddy the queen

    We have Jenny’s ice cream in Tennessee and*chefs kiss*

  • TINK

    Even at 12 mins in his face looks cleaner brighter n more refreshed,fp to him.

  • wai loong hiew
    wai loong hiew

    I always felt super weak because I could only hold a plank about one minute

  • Derpy Derpstein
    Derpy Derpstein

    Dude you look completely different

  • Derpy Derpstein
    Derpy Derpstein

    Wait for real? Half a fist is normal?? My mom always yells at me for getting full too fast

  • Sam Wrzesinski
    Sam Wrzesinski

    Neds existential dread is mutual 😂

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown

    I write this as one of my top 5 try Guy videos. This is inspiration for me to get more serious about getting in shape. Thank you Ned. Provided I don't have covid-19 you just might have changed my life for the better.

  • Carol Hafer
    Carol Hafer

    you done very well. Like the beard too. You just maybe the best looking Try Guy now. And you have a lovely family and your wife seems very supportive too. All in all you look great and you seem happier too.

  • Franklin Senekhamphone
    Franklin Senekhamphone

    "'I'm a big bowl pasta boy" probably the most relatable quote on the internet right now lol. Also, GOOD JOB NED! Ariel's a lucky girl!

  • Sophia. .Caputo.
    Sophia. .Caputo.

    Nice job ned and ariel

  • Juliet Triggs
    Juliet Triggs


    • Juliet Triggs
      Juliet Triggs


  • EDog

    f&%$ing clown

  • cathy herrera
    cathy herrera

    11:43 on the fridge!! are they having another baby???!!!😊

  • Yao Jie Wong
    Yao Jie Wong

    I always find how the Try Guys are so amazing at managing their footage. Like if I am going to partake such videos, I probably would have forgotten to keep note of what footage I had and stopped halfway,

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