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    How do you become A kid on GTA five

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    le monde du gaiming avec Alex

    How meny time did you say im just à kid

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    Caylus:i'm just a kid Me:I'M JUST A KID AND MY LIFE IS A NIGHTMARE XD

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    This is how many times Caylus Said ‘’Im just a Kid’’ 👇 👇 👇

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    Guy:What the f*? Caylus:*shoots guy* Me:*dyeing*

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    What is 12 #36

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  • S w e e t i e B e a r
    S w e e t i e B e a r

    Caylus: let’s do some more kid things! Caylus: Hey guys wanna see my tricks?! Guy: OOF *dies* Caylus: Whoops.

  • S w e e t i e B e a r
    S w e e t i e B e a r

    Caylus: OmG iS ThE poLiCE shoOTiNg mE. Caylus: oH I ThOUgHt he wAs ShOoTinG MaH

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez

    This is how many times caylus said “that was sick”

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    kryzia Rivera

    *So you ride a car as a baby?....but can't drive as a kid....?*


    I’m not falling for the charging thing anymore :D

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    U funny

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    You Copy jellies video

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    This is how many times he said I’m just a kid ⬇️

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      Brandon Moore

      Maybe he is just dumb

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    Alfredo Santana

    Caylus: I’m a kid so obviously I can’t drive a car Me: remembering that he drove a car and a motorcycle when he was a baby

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    This is how many times Carlisle said “I’m just a kid” ⬇️

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    I love infinite let’s keep on watching him


    6:49 He bicycle kicked hes tooth out


    4:01this guy wants to play catch with a sranger holding a gun

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    Chrisla Norelus

    Ok I did it your welcome

  • Chrisla Norelus
    Chrisla Norelus

    Ok I did it your welcome

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    Who would bully someone ?

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