i got cheated on but that's okay
Tana Mongeau
love you guys. it'll all be okay.

  • maiya franke
    maiya franke

    “I love brad so much still” 2 months later: marries jake Paul

  • Md Anik
    Md Anik

    I would never cheat you

  • Evie Mann
    Evie Mann

    Thank you for being so vulnerable. I really needed to hear this. I love you so much tana you’re so smart and thoughtful in ways the media never acknowledges

  • Sway FN
    Sway FN

    Brad never cheated on you cheated on him

    • Fire bow Is ok
      Fire bow Is ok


  • jennyB07

    The dramatic whispering thrown into this never fail to make me laugh out loud

  • Manaflow Band
    Manaflow Band

    I love how ppl are so dumb to upload videos of their personal life..Fucking psychos talking to a camera for hours and act like they care about their viewers

    • Manaflow Band
      Manaflow Band

      @Fire bow Is ok I speak the truth🤷‍♂️

    • Fire bow Is ok
      Fire bow Is ok

      Why you so mad? Get back on your meds

    • Breana Rosa
      Breana Rosa


  • Arvin Somasegaran
    Arvin Somasegaran

    Jake Paul is an idiot

  • Sincere Tickles
    Sincere Tickles


  • Sincere Tickles
    Sincere Tickles

    he is a bitch and he studip but you love he so take your tome

  • Olivia Kate
    Olivia Kate

    Cheating is a dumb thing to do if you have losed interest in some one tell them bc if you cheat it will only make things worse and make them feel bad .

  • Emily McNulty
    Emily McNulty

    This video had me tearing up been there done that I feel you .. time heals everything happens for a reason

  • Chloe_lynch 124
    Chloe_lynch 124

    I love how she describes everything she felt perfectly and didn’t say a thing bad about him she is honestly a really sweet genuine person

  • Keely Edwards
    Keely Edwards

    i just watched this video, and about a month ago i was in the exact same state that you are in this video. you're right it will be okay. i lost myself in a man that i was deeply in love with, and he changed me extremely. i lost so many friends because of him, i changed myself almost entirely for him because that's what he wanted. and im finally at the point to where im almost over it. thank you, i needed to see this a lot sooner than i did, but everything happens for a reason and i will stand be that until the day i die. some people are chapters in your life, and the real ones are characters that are with you throughout the whole story. I love you so much tana, i've been watching your videos since i was about 14 and im now 19. ik you don't know me, but i will be here for you no matter what. im a great shoulder to cry on and listener, and we could even smoke together (honestly that's on my bucket list so i would looooove that lol) if you ever wanna talk just look me up on insta. again thank you and i love you so much.

  • katelyn catron
    katelyn catron


  • Erin McQueen
    Erin McQueen

    i’m struggling with shit like this too and i feel at my lowest. watching tana and her self growth and her healing process has inspired me and made me realize that things will get better. thank you for sharing your story with us. love you

  • H Monster
    H Monster

    I know that this is crazy and unrealistic but I just want to go on a FaceTime with her and tell her everything good about her and tell her everything she deserves ♥️

  • dhakíya hazel
    dhakíya hazel

    ive never related to your words so much tana, your so gorgeous, i love you queen x

  • dhakíya hazel
    dhakíya hazel

    the way i tried to not cry while watching this video, dude i was cheated on for literally a year and 3 months and dude, i alwayysss think i couldve changed him and i couldve kept him, but brooo CHEATERS R ALWAYSSS GNA BE CHEATERS!

  • lila hale
    lila hale

    Watching this is quarantine and I’m still crying

  • Bridgette Curley
    Bridgette Curley

    I felt this so hard x I know this was a while ago but I’m still sending you my love ❤️

  • Sophie Paltoglou
    Sophie Paltoglou

    I’m crying about this a year later

  • Bella Breene
    Bella Breene

    How can she not blame brad. He cheated

  • Sabrina Schriefer
    Sabrina Schriefer

    onlyfans.com/alllovecali 🍒💘💨 love you tana 😍

  • Emeline Edgett
    Emeline Edgett

    4:46 your welcome

  • Unacceptable

    I wish I was a stan for you in this time period Tanna... oof



  • LaLa

    I'm so sorry. I separated from my 15yr relationship last Dec due to being cheated on. It hurts so bad! And causes you to feel stupid because you trusted them. Everyone had to decide this on their own as every relationship & it's break down is different. I'd be asking myself tho, if he was really wanting a monogamous relationship with you (after all he's the one that cheated) or if he was really using that as a control measure in your relationship to gain or exploit the situation. Please consider this question when making your choice to try again or not with him. Stay strong! Xx

  • Jonathan Grabban
    Jonathan Grabban

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    Leave a cheater to date a cheater 👍

  • Dana Vargas
    Dana Vargas

    i got cheated on 9 times he lied and lied every day he said he only cheated once but he didn’t i kept finding out more and more and then the last thing i found out recently is that he fucked another girl two times :/ and when he told me why it hurt me he said he did just cuz it was awkward so he just went with it and he said he tried to finger this one girl and i said why did he chose her and he said because she had an open mind and i didn’t and i still take him back no matter what 😭

  • Karma

    Eric Petre Voicemails & Texts. Crazy: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-OX3Pha0FURU.html

  • Weirdo yee
    Weirdo yee

    Why did you like Jake anyways? There are many better boys out in the world

    • shshns dnnsns
      shshns dnnsns

      This was about Brad

  • Haley Strahan
    Haley Strahan

    you know a youtuber is being serious when they don't put the caption of a video all UPPERCASE LETTER.... I'm sorry I had to.

  • Maddy Beaulieu
    Maddy Beaulieu

    Sad that after this she let jake do worse to her

  • Farrow GamesTV
    Farrow GamesTV

    Jake didn’t cheat

    • Farrow GamesTV
      Farrow GamesTV

      afrina XD oh lol I never look at the date of the video and with all the drama saying Jake cheated on tana with Erika

    • afrina :D
      afrina :D

      Farrow GamesTV this video is literally a year old it’s about brad not jake ??

    • Miah

      This isn't about Jake dumbass

  • Boss Queen
    Boss Queen

    Question really random. Jake Paul, How many exes does he have and how many has he cheated on

  • Summy V
    Summy V

    This is so crazy now wow

  • Carly-kate O'Brien
    Carly-kate O'Brien


  • Celia V-C
    Celia V-C

    this hit hard.... im so sorry you deserve so much better, coming from someone who is going through the same thing.

  • Rachel Balfe
    Rachel Balfe

    If you found happiness in it, you didn't waste time.

  • JEFFERSON Pimentel Familia
    JEFFERSON Pimentel Familia

    not ok not ok

  • Grace Long
    Grace Long


  • brooke angelina
    brooke angelina

    tana ur a badass and i look up to u so much stay strong like i know u are.

  • jerry sunny
    jerry sunny

    Tana is such a beautiful girl. Who will cheat such a beautiful girl. I am not a celebrity tana but I really love you. I wish I could date you and keep u for life.

    • Agney K R
      Agney K R


  • Emma Guerra
    Emma Guerra

    i love how 2 days after u posted this u posted a video in bed with jake paul lmao

  • _Astrid Olsen_
    _Astrid Olsen_

    Girl he’s in the wrong for cheating on you your Tana you will always be Tana he’s a dick and will always be a dick cheating is a choice that he made you shouldn’t have to go through that you don’t need him your at the top of the tree and he’s at the bottom of the tree

  • ꨄᑕᗩᗰᗰYᗩᕼᕼꨄ

    this vid shoulda been called "i got cheated on, but i'll be ok"

  • Natalka Pikul
    Natalka Pikul

    Who is brad?

    • logan computar
      logan computar

      Her boyfriend. Bruh how did you watch this whole video without realizing

  • Ryan Larbi
    Ryan Larbi

    I have no sympathy

  • garr

    I must be gay for this

  • Khanyi Gysman
    Khanyi Gysman

    "i just really wanted it to work" 😔

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens

    I thought this video was about Jake Paul

  • Gracie Mifsud
    Gracie Mifsud

    Go tana we love u❤️

  • Caroline Mussallem
    Caroline Mussallem

    I got cheated on too. Nothing physical but emotional cheating and Snapchat, multiple times. It hurts so much and I feel like it’s my fault. I’m trying to realize my self worth because I kept forgiving him and trying to see the best in him. I want to know why he would do me like that even when I all did was love him. I wanted it to work so bad too. Watching u bounce back is inspiring me.

  • J rocs
    J rocs

    Just because someone is hot, doesn't mean you need them.

  • Jayy Rodriguez
    Jayy Rodriguez

    U will find someone better

  • Aquarian Muse
    Aquarian Muse

    Thank you for this video, like it’s not easy at all to face the fact that u got cheated on, let alone share that with the world, so thank you mama for your bravery🥰

  • Alex Renwick
    Alex Renwick


  • Laila Hill
    Laila Hill

    It is not ok

  • crazy kids fam
    crazy kids fam

    I love you get better😀😀😀

  • HYPElivesHERE

    lying bitch lying bitch lying bitch lying bitch lying bitch lying bitch

  • Atalaya Nelson
    Atalaya Nelson

    You know what is really fucking weird, he lives in the same town as me. And goes to the restaurant my boyfriend works at often.. Tana so many people love and support you and I’m so sorry you went through this. I just wanted to mention this because like holy fuck it’s a small world after all.

  • It’s sam Periodt
    It’s sam Periodt

    You a bad b and your amazing and I’m late watching this but biiiitch u thrive ❤️

  • Heather Baca
    Heather Baca

    Love you Queen 👑

  • Lainey Tapia
    Lainey Tapia

    I feel like tana didn’t have enough time to grief over this & jumped the gun to another which didn’t work so it’s just one on top of the other

  • Just ADoggo
    Just ADoggo

    How is this entertaining? it's insane how people like this dumbass

  • bigboi _
    bigboi _

    I support you girl

  • Jo M
    Jo M

    You're not a role model and a bad influence.

  • Jo M
    Jo M

    Every girl gets cheated on. But not all get caught. But if you're not married and just dating or boyfriend and girlfriend, it is not cheating. It's only cheating if you are married. They signed a document, swore to God, made promises in front of loved ones.

  • Stellenbosch Stellenbosch
    Stellenbosch Stellenbosch

    why do you always get cheated on though. i think you must get yourself a good accountant boy

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