I Got Him EXPELLED From School.. (Fortnite)
I Got Him EXPELLED From School.. (Fortnite Battle Royale)
I feel so bad, I shouldn't have done this in Fortnite..
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All songs by Kevin Macleod.
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
(pg family friendly fortnite gameplay)

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      Sml Joseph Aka Joseph bro

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    Cameron Cadogan

    Why is he laughing

  • Cameron Cadogan
    Cameron Cadogan

    I hate this guy

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    Boogietan Roblox

    I hate likes

  • hehhehe channel
    hehhehe channel

    I feel very bad for him he got expelled Did hi

  • hehhehe channel
    hehhehe channel

    Did hi really go to the principal

  • Tim Baker
    Tim Baker

    Hi hi hi hi hi I hope you have a great day today and tomorrow morning I will be your fun

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    I did you are the best

  • Makye Ritter
    Makye Ritter

    me: - Staring at screen - Charlie: USE CODE MRTOP5 me: its not even loud - Charile: USE CODE MRTOP5!!!! - me: MY EARS.

  • Cherlonda Towns
    Cherlonda Towns

    he\really\shouldn't \be\playing\fortnite\in\school

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    Nathan The savage

    Oh no 666666 views

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    Guy Bricker

    You should have gave him v bucks anyways


    Oh my gosh your a bad person

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    mohamed ryan

    Why did u do this i fell so bad

  • Jzij H34e
    Jzij H34e

    It your fault mrtop5 why did U do it I know hez bored

  • GMD Sixty
    GMD Sixty

    Where is the part where he says is the loudest? I’m asking cuz I did not watch the whole video Edit: t and s

  • Logan Thurman
    Logan Thurman

    Yoooo your so evil

  • Oliver S
    Oliver S

    "Hey, Riley, use code MrTop5." "Charlie what are you whispering about?" "Just telling people to use code MrTop5." "Well, just yell it instead of going one by one around the class. Right as the principal walks in... "USE CODE MRTOP5!!" "Alright Charlie, you're coming with me." | V

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    Your NicsterV!!!!!

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    I feel bad about him

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    Is Charlie watching this??

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    Mr. top five I really like shout out because I did everything I could do your next hour I use your code in the item shop I even liked everything on one of your videos and I never did I thumbs down I just did a thumbs up I love your videos so much I just wish that now that you’re not shut out or I can play Fortnite with you I am subscribed to your channel I did that too

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    well its 2019 and im still getting clickbated, hurray

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    Dude I feel bad for him

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    Hey nic

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    jissel moricete

    Im crying l feel bad for Charlie

    • jissel moricete
      jissel moricete

      Why you Didten and I have a lot of friends who loves pizza and they never miss huh so much as they never get a chance to draw a line

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    Mark Tino Alaska


  • • Boba Tree •
    • Boba Tree •

    That kid either sounds like lox or chris from mr beast.

  • ★̇ⷦⷪCreatethestars★̇ⷦⷪ

    WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! (Sorry just mad no hate)

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    You feel bad

  • 10k Subscribers Without any videos
    10k Subscribers Without any videos

    Mi Pipo explicación por mainel es outubro un Spot Fortnite

  • 10k Subscribers Without any videos
    10k Subscribers Without any videos

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    I care about history

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    | V

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    And he still had time to send the video to MrTop5.

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    Blazej Berecki

    At least he can play fortnite at home for 2 days

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    BLOCK MAN GO Aminliveinsaudi

    Funny very funyy😂😂

  • test johnson
    test johnson

    Why would you do that pooor charlie

  • Kalvin Pickering
    Kalvin Pickering

    Give him 10,000vbucks to make it up to him and be nice don’t do that ever again

  • RandomFun OfLife
    RandomFun OfLife

    Your a bad person,poor charlie

  • Mr Shark bite
    Mr Shark bite

    Channel name should be Mrtopfortnite5

  • NikkiPlayz - ROBLOX
    NikkiPlayz - ROBLOX

    U sound like Nic like if u agree I I V

  • Didith Salamante07
    Didith Salamante07

    U want him to be expelled ur so mean

  • Sra Cruz
    Sra Cruz

    USE CODE MRTOP5!!!!!

  • Anthony Chic
    Anthony Chic

    Who doesn’t play Fortnite in school

  • Sushi Boy
    Sushi Boy

    You sound like tofu

  • GlockPlug YT
    GlockPlug YT

    Nobody: Everyone else: “ Make this button blue” 😒

  • GoldenSpiro 771
    GoldenSpiro 771

    Charlie in class:me cause I hate history too and I might like getting suspended

  • ivanyoel gomez
    ivanyoel gomez


  • Devion Walker
    Devion Walker

    I would of left at five 5 kills

  • Santiago Terreros
    Santiago Terreros

    Poor Charlie

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    Angel Vargas


  • Gavin Wang
    Gavin Wang

    Wow mrtop5fortnite can u stop making a troll vid because it getting people in trouble

  • aswome original adventure Nisay
    aswome original adventure Nisay

    Can you stop doing that

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    I think mrtop5 need to give more than 1000v bucks

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    Sad 😥

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    Did you know mrtop5 is nicsterv

  • OG CallMeBrazzy
    OG CallMeBrazzy

    He didn't get expelled he got suspended fucking nerd

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    aerol 1384

    Rip twrgy

  • Darling Daniel Zuniga ramos
    Darling Daniel Zuniga ramos

    Nobody use his code

  • Darling Daniel Zuniga ramos
    Darling Daniel Zuniga ramos

    Mrtop5 is a bitch his bad

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