I GOT INJURED DOING ACROBAT DARE! (bad idea) | Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca had to go to the emergency room after her accident. First Rebecca Zamolo created "Preston crashed our prom inside our house!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Prom the music video challenge in 24 hours!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Last to stop touching evil fountain of truth wins challenge." Now Rebecca must get her vision correct and she thinks by tricking her friends it will work. First she tries to faint in front of them to see the reaction. Next Rebecca tries something at the gym. Will it work? Rebecca has an accident at the gym though and must take a trip to the emergency room with Maddie. She blames her husband Matt. Was it his fault? Maybe if Matt tries for 24 hours to help he can make her happy. Maybe Rebecca will get her revenge. Do you think Rebecca can survive this challenge? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Rebecca Zamolo
    Rebecca Zamolo

    That was a bad idea. Dont be shy, SUBSCRIBE and join the ZAMFAM!

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      cristina radu

      @Faheem Khan yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • mulford11

      Hannah Scott fdhdfgn

    • Chris Lai
      Chris Lai

      I want to say something can you even on like say sorry to your wife I’m actually talking to your husband please

    • Tina Manning
      Tina Manning

      Matt going to push you in the pool and madde

    • Rob Snider
      Rob Snider

      @Samiiro Nuradiin Rebecca’s not actually hurt...

  • Courtney Carter
    Courtney Carter

    are you ok

  • Law West
    Law West

    i think you shod take matts dog awhay from him or por slime on him when he is sleeping

  • Carter William gaming
    Carter William gaming

    Back in a sec

  • Analise Llanos
    Analise Llanos

    I completed th

  • Kenny Vanthournout
    Kenny Vanthournout

    Weird looking

  • cdw58089

    I am knows you’re so funny

  • K Brant
    K Brant

    Don't trust Noah he is with RHS

  • K Brant
    K Brant

    Red guy made me laugh something about robot wire 🤣

  • Reem Mohammed
    Reem Mohammed

    Pretend That Someone stabbed you or pretend that you’re sick

  • Bonnie Crealese
    Bonnie Crealese

    I vote map

  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug



    Mat it is your fallt

  • T veal
    T veal

    Your farts. Matt

  • Doriwasty Amponsah
    Doriwasty Amponsah

    Matt is your fault you're the one who sabotaged her

  • Doriwasty Amponsah
    Doriwasty Amponsah

    Hacking and snacking

  • Bella And ella
    Bella And ella

    Daniel was saying hacking and snacking

  • Shamima Khan
    Shamima Khan

    Daniel said hacking and snakin I think?🤔

  • lisa salt
    lisa salt

    He said “hackin and snakin”


    Rebecca he said hacking and snacking

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin

    At can't suBscRIBE

  • Tom Beagelty
    Tom Beagelty



    Daniel said hacking and snacking

  • Danielle Gault
    Danielle Gault

    Pretend that you broke your leg

  • Sarah Fadi
    Sarah Fadi


  • 2r15 LU YU YAU
    2r15 LU YU YAU


  • Brittany Girven
    Brittany Girven

    That prank was full on

  • spirt note27
    spirt note27

    Rebecca are you just got caught what was the guys out there thank you

  • Miriam Nunez
    Miriam Nunez

    Matt is going to prank you next video

  • Brenda Rtas
    Brenda Rtas

    Matt and Daniel And Matty is so mean when you reach a returning to play league pass out then they didn’t even realize anything all they want is mad at you honestly Maddie she didn’t even care she was just happy from you know no one realizes she even stopped and you were back up

  • Ayabear7

    When you were asking what daniel said he said hackin and snackin

  • Joanna and slime creation
    Joanna and slime creation

    One time I tried to do A twist and broke my leg and my arm

  • Joanna and slime creation
    Joanna and slime creation

    Matt totally deserves that


    I do not like you guys for that only Rebecca

  • xxfruity.royalxx

    20:16 is just amazing 😭

  • Gisela Lopez
    Gisela Lopez


  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez

    Pack and snacking

  • Keyly Rodriguez
    Keyly Rodriguez

    Rebbeca how is zam fam

  • zolymar pagan
    zolymar pagan


  • Hayden P.
    Hayden P.

    He said hecknizeck

  • Hildred Young
    Hildred Young

    I like Rebecca's more because I was just mad I want everyone even if I got a hundred L. I found them

  • Allie simpson
    Allie simpson

    He said like picking a second

  • Gael Victoria
    Gael Victoria

    that’s is a prank

  • Thamer Alkaabi
    Thamer Alkaabi

    When she said with this made me laugh

  • Tala baddour Baddour
    Tala baddour Baddour

    I already did subscribe

  • se in lee
    se in lee

    It is Matt flute.😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • se in lee
    se in lee

    He said Hacken and snacken.😂😂😂😂

  • Annette Johnson
    Annette Johnson

    He said hacking snacking

  • Thylissa Laas
    Thylissa Laas

    I hat you but Rebecca!

  • McGuirk Family
    McGuirk Family

    He said Hakin is snakin

  • Shyam Tube
    Shyam Tube

    Is she say is don’t go down Rebecca sing like that he said


    Hi said baxk in a second

  • Stjepan Rukavina
    Stjepan Rukavina


  • Amanda E. Little
    Amanda E. Little

    Thank you John

  • Skye Macklin
    Skye Macklin


  • Learning with Heiress
    Learning with Heiress

    Hacking and snacking that’s what Daniel said

  • Dino_ ChargeYT
    Dino_ ChargeYT

    He Back in a second

  • Ruta Faaiuaso
    Ruta Faaiuaso

    Hack’n and sack’n

  • heather Bennett
    heather Bennett

    I actually thought that rebecca got hurt

  • Lemon meems
    Lemon meems

    Hack has matt

  • Crystal Woodward
    Crystal Woodward

    Poor rabeca

  • Christina Medrano
    Christina Medrano



    I think Daniel said snacking is hacking

  • Rosa Leach
    Rosa Leach



    omg that was so funny anyways, it was a great idea to prank them... maybe i should try it on my sisters???

  • DailyBoys Vlogs
    DailyBoys Vlogs

    Hack in and saken

  • addison steward
    addison steward


  • Luke Silvers
    Luke Silvers

    Loooove your

  • Airica Love
    Airica Love

    Hi 👋

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    cithey Hall

    haking and snaking

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