I Got Locked In My Crush Bathroom And I Saw Everything
My Story Animated
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  • Shane Kennedy
    Shane Kennedy

    Ok did she really look like that

  • Nicolas Maya
    Nicolas Maya

    Damn all of these stories always go so wrong at the end of every video

  • Quinn McCormick
    Quinn McCormick

    0:15The coffee stains were already on her clothes before the spill

  • Kasi Adam
    Kasi Adam

    She is dumb

  • Super 3
    Super 3

    Girl: gets coffee on her Boy: don’t worry I have a towel

  • Princexx Jaylah
    Princexx Jaylah

    The way shes No ah

  • Freddy Castellanos
    Freddy Castellanos

    Is Noah a vampire???

  • Wojtek Świercz
    Wojtek Świercz

    Why no one talks about the 3:55 snitch guy

  • Jaleen Lynn
    Jaleen Lynn

    she got him suspended wow

  • Anya Shah
    Anya Shah

    how the heck is this “getting locked into the bathroom and seeing everything”

  • Klaire_Twister 29
    Klaire_Twister 29


  • mega spido
    mega spido

    Girl: I need evidence that he’s stalking me Also Girl: takes pictures of him at school that show no evidence of stalking

  • ccharlotin

    Guy humps into her : omg he's so cute Guy: looks like an old football

  • super nova
    super nova


  • Demilovatoismyqueen

    Plot twist of the century

  • Alicia Webster
    Alicia Webster

    how can she tell the story when she had that codittion

  • Niamh Murphy
    Niamh Murphy

    Boy:forgets who she is. Girl:-watches him shower Also girl:he is playing hard to get

  • Alicia Webster
    Alicia Webster

    does she have a mind like a 3 year old? because she doesn’t know that she’s stalking him???

  • Alicia Webster
    Alicia Webster

    how did she get inside the boys bathroom???????

  • Sreya prabhu 11
    Sreya prabhu 11

    This girl is weird af😂😂😂😂

  • Charmaine Chapman
    Charmaine Chapman

    I would've just lied and said I walked into the wrong bathroom by accident

  • Charles RENWICK
    Charles RENWICK

    Jesus complete click bait title

  • Madhuri Barde
    Madhuri Barde

    His name is Noah?

  • Gabrielle Grady
    Gabrielle Grady


  • Emily Cozza
    Emily Cozza

    Ummmm........ there was coffee on her clothes before this dude even bumped into her

  • Holly Male
    Holly Male

    The coffee was on her shirt before she spilt it ?

  • Ellie Vlogs
    Ellie Vlogs

    Ok so I was scrolling through this channel and it said..I FOUND HIM TAKING A PREGNANCY TEST..Here’s another story..MY OLDER SISTER WANTED TO “IT” WITH ME! LIKE WTF!!

  • Raizel Zehuva
    Raizel Zehuva

    How did she get locked in her crush bathroom?

  • Abderrahman Mouzahir
    Abderrahman Mouzahir

    The principal suspended him without any proof

  • mobile games sakura
    mobile games sakura

    Omg its so dirty

  • Sufia Kanwal
    Sufia Kanwal


  • Aimee Chandler
    Aimee Chandler

    Lily carey jim care and Ellie carey

  • Slugcat

    Ok I was not wearing a red shirt when I was sitting next to that perfect headed jerk

  • Isabel

    what does this have to do with the title i-

  • Cameryn Fraser
    Cameryn Fraser

    That is so sad

  • Krun Purnell
    Krun Purnell

    Damn shit

  • Jax Washburn
    Jax Washburn

    I don’t think you should go back to the stupid doctor

  • Dread head_EJ
    Dread head_EJ

    There’s something wrong very wrong with this girl she took a dirty towel home and slept with it

  • Toasty doodles
    Toasty doodles

    Boy:I'm so sorry Girl:he loves you so much

  • Sophie Skegg
    Sophie Skegg

    I was about to throw hands

  • Cecil Gridley
    Cecil Gridley

    She is with the police to put Noah away, then when he says the love note was for Dakota her world was shattered? Why is she trying to put her crush in jail? She doesn't know what having a crush means.

  • Sophia Lee
    Sophia Lee

    Dude she's LITTERALLY a stalker herself

  • Courtney YT
    Courtney YT

    Is you gonna just leave that coffee on the floor or what?

  • Zain Adam
    Zain Adam

    Some of the slowest things in the world 1. Snails 2. Sloths 3. Time taken waiting for Noah to get out of suspension

  • DexLab ThPharmacy
    DexLab ThPharmacy

    You a snitch

  • Tiktok Mashups or edits
    Tiktok Mashups or edits

    Her friend tried “helping her” but made up several lies to get her arrested or noah

  • Skitlesss

    The stalk-ett has become the stalker.

  • abed itani
    abed itani

    Will.......to be honest ......this world is not for simple people if you Know what I mean .......you must have a 2 face all the time if you want to be joining a certain community other than your family community . In school community is another level of community so you have to know when you back off and when you have to take the shot and when you have to be honest and when you need to be unknown or known . If you're not a variable personality you're be loosing in the badass community as we say ( beautiful from outside and devil from inside )

  • eQueen of eGirls
    eQueen of eGirls

    Did u just bump into the hottest guy in the school?-every wattpad story ever

  • Jayda Reynolds
    Jayda Reynolds

    Is it just me or is Noah really pale

  • Jayda Reynolds
    Jayda Reynolds

    That’s clickbait nothing about getting stuck in your crushes bathroom

  • Jada Beckford
    Jada Beckford

    So, your crush shows up to your house and you go to the police correct me if I am wrong but isn’t that a good thing🤔

  • Jada Beckford
    Jada Beckford

    So, your crush shows up to your house and you go to the police correct me if I am wrong but isn’t that a good thing🤔

  • Bre and Jay gaming
    Bre and Jay gaming

    Okay I paused as soon as she said she decided to go in the shower room. No! yOU NEVER go in the MENS shower room who else agrees

    • Bre and Jay gaming
      Bre and Jay gaming

      @Hot Girl Deni yeah

    • Hot Girl Deni
      Hot Girl Deni

      Funny how 3 people agree

  • Ethan Hines
    Ethan Hines

    Is anyone gonna say she already has the coffee stain

  • Sophie King
    Sophie King

    Omg my bfs name is noah ❤

  • Chuck Valentine
    Chuck Valentine

    In the beginning she already hated coffee on her

  • PapayaLicious

    I had to h-au-ray

  • X Shinigami X
    X Shinigami X

    This girl may be self-centered , but Dakota is an ass

  • Damien Hlotke
    Damien Hlotke

    She really said his perfume 😂 she should have said his cologne

  • yamin oop
    yamin oop

    This story is just a girl thinking a little to much about her

  • yamin oop
    yamin oop

    Girl says he was going to kiss her and then he gets suspended,him: WHAT THE HELL YO DUMB

  • Super Quacks
    Super Quacks

    The hottest guy in school huh. HE HAS THE BIGGEST CHIN IN DA WORLD

  • RatKing1981

    Plot twist

  • Crown_vic Dude
    Crown_vic Dude

    Creators: I got an idea Next video: I was locked in an old folks home and saw EVERYTHING!

  • Superpeachlogan

    This is how many times she says noah

  • Xepje

    0:15 before it happend it was already on her shirt.

  • Rachel Teoh
    Rachel Teoh

    Tad the granny killer

  • Amber Robinson
    Amber Robinson

    wait a min at the time stamp 15 she already has a coffee stain on her shirt.

  • Inka_Playz

    girl goes into guys locker room and hears him singing about her. This is so realistic, like the realist of reals.

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