I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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  • brazil

    haha grape

    • Mist

      Last reply.

    • I'm patato master
      I'm patato master

      I litterly laughed at this for 3 minutes

    • Lukas Estudio
      Lukas Estudio

      Ha ha

  • fif- 33ror gam3s
    fif- 33ror gam3s

    Tomatoes soup yucky -3-

  • Jessica Warning
    Jessica Warning

    Guys I think he's gay

  • AM S
    AM S

    I'm drinking chocolate milk as I watch this 😂🍫🥛

  • Jessica Warning
    Jessica Warning

    Sooooo you're g-gay😅🍆

  • Rainhound

    1:18 basically GradeAUnderA

  • The D!fferent One
    The D!fferent One

    I feel you, After I had surgery I had to eat a soft diet. The only soft thing I had at home was... YOGURT! I don't really like yogurt anymore. I have to eat it for every meal every day for 6 weeks! I've never wanted cereal as much as that in my LIFE! 'o.o

  • Neo The Ninja
    Neo The Ninja

    4:02 when your minecraft house is blown up by a creeper

  • Neo The Ninja
    Neo The Ninja

    Weenie Hut General Me:BRUHHHHHHHH

  • MetsGirl Rocks
    MetsGirl Rocks

    “Anyways, don’t forget to like that smash button” - Adam the grape 2019

  • Meme_Collector-[ADMIN]

    Y does else look like koro sensei from assasonation classrom? 8:31

  • Shy Ann
    Shy Ann

    I have TMD, which means that my jaw is fricked The part that goes up into my skull is bigger than the other. And it hurts to open my mouth more than like two inches, I have to squish my hamburgers down, I can’t eat overly hard foods or anything like that. I need surgery, and I love food so it’s gonna be torture for me too Thing is I have braces, it’s making the TMD worse which means the orthodontics people are gonna have to take them off before they do half the stuff the braces need (the band that goes from top to bottom)

  • the gamer fox
    the gamer fox

    Like the smash button? :^

  • Jesuspotatao UwU
    Jesuspotatao UwU


  • ceeroc507

    SomeThingElseYT is in another channel guys search the channel sr pelo and watch the video about story time!

  • ceeroc507

    SHUT UP!!!!!!!! NO! SHUT UP NO

  • ceeroc507

    The other way to get surgery for jaw is eating a jaw breaker.

  • Miguelangel Rodriguez
    Miguelangel Rodriguez

    Oh my freaking God I don't why you didn't start a patreon account you can get more money than getting demonetized

  • Stella Art
    Stella Art

    Like that smash button?!

  • LifeofRylan

    I feel bad for Adam :( at least it’s over now :D (sorta)

  • 的模拟

    I don't know why but you look a bit like iron man.

  • Epicsimulator

    Idk why in particular but you be cute

  • Gamer Krol
    Gamer Krol

    Uhh... does James (theodd1sout) know this story?

  • damien Arreguin
    damien Arreguin

    Many IT-myrs have 1:34

  • SnowRush 809
    SnowRush 809

    What would you do for a million dollars? Uhhh.......probably suck d- I DIED 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • SnowRush 809
      SnowRush 809

      Edit: Sorry if this was already commented

  • gL1tCh64

    Anyone notice that he said “like that smash button” 12:24

  • Moon Stream
    Moon Stream

    Did anyone see the “Butt lolz” At 4:00-4:01?

  • Daniel Roman Know
    Daniel Roman Know

    This a true story I might get jaw surgery 😭😭

  • A Noodle
    A Noodle

    Why are we here? Just to *s u f f e r*

  • Hazbin_Jones

    1:41 *BlackHat mode on* DR. FLUUUUG!!!!

  • Pro Gamer111
    Pro Gamer111

    Ironically watching this 2 months after it came out

  • Alejandro M
    Alejandro M

    Did anyone notice Dexter on the background 8:27

  • Wyatt bauman Vlogger
    Wyatt bauman Vlogger

    1:36 he learned

  • Jane Bradley
    Jane Bradley


  • Davy Land
    Davy Land

    Bro I’m a go make chocolate milk 😂

  • Sirnicolas 205
    Sirnicolas 205

    The bippaty boopaty one had me dying 2:54

  • Guillermo Alcántara
    Guillermo Alcántara

    On the list of things to take to Vidcon if I ever make it to one: A chocolate milk pack for Adam

  • Morgan Darby
    Morgan Darby

    I swear to GOD!!! Adam 2019

  • Cyberfrost97

    9:58 was that a Bo burnham reference?

  • Scorcherz

    stupid grapeboi

  • Megan Tron
    Megan Tron

    I will never take tomato soup for granted again

  • Jillian Gamer
    Jillian Gamer

    Doctor: you need your jaw shut for 6 more weeks Adam: *triggered*

  • Disco Queenie
    Disco Queenie

    How do you-- how do you vomit

  • Believer Wolf
    Believer Wolf

    4:01 the butt of Adam

  • Caleb Carter
    Caleb Carter

    Wait... You couldn't breathe for the first two weeks. So you were dead for two weeks. R.I.P SOMETHINGELSEYT. Was born in(?) And died in 2019 or 2018 depending on when this actually happened.

  • Derric Delos Santos
    Derric Delos Santos

    What do you mean by like that smash button smash SMASH BROS Ultimate

  • CameBack TheGamer
    CameBack TheGamer

    hi grape how are you grape : )

  • Sadie- Kun
    Sadie- Kun

    Demonization had a butt 😂

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat

    I would watch the food eating channels to because I had a tonsillectomy and I could not eat or drink for a month but watching the food channels it would actually make me feel at ease

  • Stephanie Valitchka
    Stephanie Valitchka


  • Tom Randall
    Tom Randall


  • Robotic Press
    Robotic Press

    Butt lolz

  • Rosy Perez
    Rosy Perez

    "Like that smash button" I haven't laughed that good

  • Faze Hyper
    Faze Hyper

    My favorite food is a Barrito

  • i love max
    i love max


  • i love max
    i love max

    AAA- *EH.*

  • Renato Marines
    Renato Marines

    Adam: not smile for pictures for most of my life. Everyone: *SCREAM!*. Me wearing earphones: AAAHHHHH!!!

  • fortnite kid
    fortnite kid

    Stop f*cking cursing

  • Oscar Likes To Do Things
    Oscar Likes To Do Things

    What happens if you’re jaw is wired shut and you vomit?

  • [Brussel gaming]
    [Brussel gaming]

    2:54 2:54 2:54

  • TheDerpBros Gaming
    TheDerpBros Gaming


  • Emily Tenia
    Emily Tenia

    Yo make me laugh so hard i subscribed ur actually hilarious

  • Desiree Araujo
    Desiree Araujo

    Is it just me or does Adam kind of looks like Markiplier. Idk probably just me lol😂💙

  • pwf arts
    pwf arts

    5:18 that face tho XD it looks like me when my teacher is handing out my test score

  • TheAtlanticCraft Jr.
    TheAtlanticCraft Jr.

    Engage all defenses... And get that man a shield And get that man a chocolate milk

  • Marcos Jr
    Marcos Jr

    Where are the subtitles in Portuguese for Brazilians?

  • Nathaniel Campbell
    Nathaniel Campbell

    Nobody: Not a SINGLE SOUL: Adam: "At this point my mouth was SOPPING, WET.

  • Westland Ulysse
    Westland Ulysse


  • phase glitch
    phase glitch

    Yay chocolate milk

  • Mr Dead
    Mr Dead

    He is thanos

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