I hate Tayler Holder
Bryce Hall
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  • Melissa Holland
    Melissa Holland

    Bryce needs a bad bleep

  • Gursimer Games
    Gursimer Games

    Cop the merch: partyanimal.shop If you don’t I will find you and take your cookies.

  • Rehan Rozia
    Rehan Rozia

    Taylor never fakes his vedio go watch his "'surprised vedio to his parents'"

  • Tori Contreras
    Tori Contreras

    Bryce barely walking through the gate and me being like "YOOOOOOOOOO its the Maverick house!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Dominic Bimson
    Dominic Bimson

    2:40 why she trying to flirt she is just cringe 😂😂



  • Bro Van 22
    Bro Van 22

    There merch is so overpriced


    2:44 this is f*ck lil Taylor ten years later

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin

    2:28 XD

  • Juan Villagran
    Juan Villagran


  • melany villagran
    melany villagran


  • Ashley Greggs
    Ashley Greggs

    I would really love a signed hoodie.

  • Luke P
    Luke P

    why is jake always eating in other videos?

  • Emerson Kelly
    Emerson Kelly

    Jake Paul casually said “Bryce small”

  • Myriam Rifai
    Myriam Rifai

    My mom said tomorrow she will get me your hoodie I'm so exited and pls follow me back

  • Boitumelo Tumi
    Boitumelo Tumi

    But y'all look alike

  • Ruben Pires
    Ruben Pires

    Hello Bryce

  • Prapti

    i wish all these merch could ship to india too

  • Peggy MacMillan
    Peggy MacMillan

    He's your brother right why would you hate your brother?🤔

  • Kinda Shady10
    Kinda Shady10

    Candy ken

  • nixon owens
    nixon owens

    y would he hate Tayler!!! No offense Bryce but Tayler has way better montages than u :)

  • Kayla Bateast
    Kayla Bateast

    Ok the amount of times he said youtubers in the first 10 seconds...

  • Savannah's Rockin Roller
    Savannah's Rockin Roller

    Candy can baby j

  • EKVo

    What I thought you was friends

    • EKVo

      Who liked my comment?

  • andra barlescu
    andra barlescu

    Hahaha it's like lil tay 10 years later

    • Safiya Morehouse
      Safiya Morehouse

      Haha lmao 😂

  • Kaylee Sake
    Kaylee Sake

    Did anyone realize he’s wearing Addisons I need a bad bleep merch

  • Josiah Lucero
    Josiah Lucero

    2:12 f the hype house 😂😂😂😂

  • 2020 Crazy and funny
    2020 Crazy and funny


  • Czewski

    How many time you finna flip ur hat?

  • sburtle1

    9 year olds rn being sad af

  • PlayWithGabutii

    2:39 XDDD

  • aaliyah tomlinsin
    aaliyah tomlinsin

    The sway boys live in the old free Time house

  • R_XlR_yt


  • Nay Garcia
    Nay Garcia

    Me to

  • Audrianna Padilla
    Audrianna Padilla

    I’m here for the lil yay ten years later

  • Chloe Rblx
    Chloe Rblx

    who’s here from tiktok?

  • souhayb chendeb
    souhayb chendeb

    When tayler said "I still don't know you guys " l laughed my lungs out and I am still repeating this part and crying out of laughter and I really want to meet you guys ily❤❤❤

    • souhayb chendeb
      souhayb chendeb


  • Anita Cupial
    Anita Cupial

    Also go cop the Addison I need a bad bleep merch

  • Junior Fuentes
    Junior Fuentes

    Those that were in the Tesla are candy ken and baby j

  • Brenda Davis
    Brenda Davis

    anyone notice jake said bryce paul

  • King Rhyse_2
    King Rhyse_2

    swag for life

  • voguekio yt
    voguekio yt


  • For Myself
    For Myself

    Who is party animal 👇🏼

  • Zoey Poole
    Zoey Poole

    Can you follow me on tiktok

  • Zoey Poole
    Zoey Poole

    Hey Bryce you are cute

  • Avanixcherry._.

    And I love tayler holder


    I really really like bryce hall

  • BTS lover
    BTS lover

    I see him as a good IT-myr . He is awesome 💜💜💜

  • Betsaida Meynard
    Betsaida Meynard

    Whoever that little girl was, she was sooo cringy ewww

  • Alex Lhamon
    Alex Lhamon

    why u always gotta hoodie on? lol bro its summer like 85°😂

    • Lonley Katerina
      Lonley Katerina

      You must not be cool... So blessed you are lol

  • anshika khandelwal
    anshika khandelwal

    After every sentence Bryce be like:"shop the party animal merch"😂😂

  • ThatKidN0va

    guys i dont know where to find his merch. hopefully he says it one more time just in case

  • Midnight Dancer
    Midnight Dancer

    Bryce:"The sway boys are youtubers" Me: Griffin and anthony are cheaters

  • Madison Burns
    Madison Burns

    Sway house rocks

  • Claudia Sosa
    Claudia Sosa

    I love bryce😍

  • Lacey Bainbridge
    Lacey Bainbridge

    We hate u

  • Roley Royy
    Roley Royy

    Actually he loves tay so much

  • Bailey Holland
    Bailey Holland

    Oop as his girlfriend is in the hype house

  • Mynelia Richardson
    Mynelia Richardson

    I don’t like you Bryce 😬🙄

  • Khun Ranuth
    Khun Ranuth

    Candy Ken and baby j

  • Josefa Valdovinos
    Josefa Valdovinos

    That was the person who sed shut the f up

  • Josefa Valdovinos
    Josefa Valdovinos

    That was the

  • Addison Vitcusky
    Addison Vitcusky

    Are you friends with Taylor holder or are you not make up your mind

  • Brooklynne jemerison
    Brooklynne jemerison

    Don’t get me wrong I do you like Bryce hall but like he show me spreading rumors about the hype house like saying like bad things about the higher powers the hype house has like done nothing to him but if I’m mistaking if I have that I’m sorry.

  • Katie House
    Katie House

    I liked my own comment!🙃

  • Katie House
    Katie House


  • Tattd Cakes
    Tattd Cakes

    You try to act so cool but you’re not

  • Tattd Cakes
    Tattd Cakes

    Stop trying to get Addison Rae’s butt

  • Tattd Cakes
    Tattd Cakes

    You cuss too much that I hate you

  • Edward Jr Fondeur
    Edward Jr Fondeur

    Who came here after watching candy ken meeting them

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