I just listened to the Top 10 on Spotify...WTF?
Rick Beato
In this episode I check out the Top 10 songs on the Pop Charts worldwide.
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  • Mr Mojo
    Mr Mojo

    DO THIS EVERY MONTH OR TWO! Would also be cool if you analysed and took requests of newer modern day artists like Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Harry Styles, Tame Impala, etc

  • Adrian Reyes
    Adrian Reyes

    Here is my last important question that is the real test of a great tune. How many of these top 10 will people being listening to 40 years from now?

  • Adrian Reyes
    Adrian Reyes

    Rick, is it that Listeners today have dropped their standards, or that the powers that be that decide AirPlay have just imposed substandard melodies on us? I know millions of listeners love this (not me), but are they just being fed Salisbury steak, and being withheld the Ribeyes? I agree, a few tunes are very catchy, but most are canned cr&$

  • jamie banks
    jamie banks

    Never herd of any of them thank F 🎨

  • Adrian Cooper
    Adrian Cooper

    Listening to the Top 10 for "the sonics of it", is a bit like reading Playboy for the articles.

  • music cliche
    music cliche

    Is playing music on youtube bad?

  • music cliche
    music cliche

    Does rick still make money on this video?

  • Amin Dogoonchi
    Amin Dogoonchi

    check tihs out

  • karstdeviz

    the top 10 tracks don't describe all modern music, there's other music than this that's actually good. It's out there, you just have to look for it a little longer.

  • AssShaker Studios
    AssShaker Studios

    LMFAO! Yep. They copy everything! You should listen to some JayZ...his copy is crazy! And why is Auto-Tune on everyfucking thing! It sucks ass!

  • parham rahmani
    parham rahmani

    I love this guy. He is the perfect example of being versatile, breaking down some modern pop music. I believe some modern non-pop songs are actually good it's just not our taste and we are living in the past way too much. Pop music is just not serious, it suddenly gets famous and it suddenly disappears. But some decent modern bands (the late 90s till today) like Black Keys, White Stripes (+many alt.rock early 21st century bands), Kasabian, MGMT, Khruangbin, The Raconteurs, Tame Impala, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Brian Jonestown Massacre,.... are out there and get ignored by classic rock music snobs. (I even didn't mention many good modern jazz or blues bands and artists) I really wish people would listen to some modern rock music, some of them are crazy good. especially in psychedelic /progressive rock and also in Indie/Alternative rock music. Let's not forget that this top 10 only applies to the USA. Most bands are making a different approach because the old fashioned long technical guitar solos and power chords are being overplayed. With this new approach, you'll see many Gen-Z would listen to good music.

  • mandraxfilostein

    This guey has an awesome ear.

  • Phanto

    He’s much nicer than I am.

  • A Milton
    A Milton

    Cardi B has musical talent? She can clap 2/4 time with her ass cheeks. Can you?

  • Bhagya Mc
    Bhagya Mc

    Human don't make music today, computers do!

  • Matt G
    Matt G

    Sounded like 8 out of those 10 songs were nearly the same tempo and featured a four chord progression that repeats and...that's it. That's exactly why 90% of chart music sounds boring to me these days. What happened to verses, choruses, bridges, middle-8's, key changes? What happened to variety?!

  • happy twolaffs
    happy twolaffs

    rock n roll records ain't selling this year.

  • Russell Boynton
    Russell Boynton

    I don't listen to anything off of the top 100.most of it is trash.

  • bassistdc

    I don't give a rats ass about charts!

  • Cody McElroy
    Cody McElroy

    Him: “Song two is cool. It’s got a cool riff. Fat back end. Nice melody.” Me: “This song is boring as f**k wtf is this lame crap.”

  • who wants to know
    who wants to know

    I feel as a producer it should be known most people listen to garbage.

  • William Rumley
    William Rumley

    As far as today's pop goes, I think they're repeating what happened in the 50's with pop. And eventually, listeners will want to hear something different. I hope that this time around, there will be musicians that shake things up enough to be more popular than the generic pop. Back in the 60s, it was the underground club scene, the back corner of the record shop, and bootlegs. Now it's gonna be social media (if the algorithms don't strangle the original stuff to death).

  • Đura Mura
    Đura Mura

    Music will get better after corona.

  • JETZcorp

    So here's something I'd like to see. Pick a computer-generated random number between 1 and 3,650. That's your day of the decade (eg the 1980s). Go back and find the Billboard or whatever chart for that point in time, and break down those top 10 songs. It'll be a cool little slice of time, and maybe dig up some songs that were really big for a moment but became lost in time.

  • disco selector
    disco selector

    beautiful guitar, thoug

  • Avuelix Boiled
    Avuelix Boiled

    That lick in the beginning of the Jason Derulo song irritates me to no end just like River Flows In You

  • Mr.Charlie

    I made it to the 3rd song before my spirit died.

  • Reaper of Game5
    Reaper of Game5

    You know there was a study made to prove that music got worse and worse as time passed and Cardi B is a living proof of that

  • John Crazy
    John Crazy

    bunch of junk!!!


    Dude I'm loving this idea of going through the top 10s. I would like to see more

  • MrKankuamo

    I agree that there is production value and something to appreciate about these songs. However, that might make them a good product, not necessarily a good song. A lot of popular music before and now are consumable goods, perishable.

  • Mike Taglione
    Mike Taglione

    At this moment, I'm listening to "Drop Dead Legs" by Van Halen! 👍 The difference between music today and yesterday is, in most cases, it had (and still does) a positive effect on multiple generations. Music should make us feel good, if it doesn't, forget about it! If music gave off a fragrance, the older stuff still is like a "breath of fresh air", while today's music smells like "@ss" and with an overwhelming dose of "bad foot odor"! 😜 👍

  • Julian Dancingshadow
    Julian Dancingshadow

    1-3-6-4 ? Is that Nashville numbering?

  • A Skeptical Charmander
    A Skeptical Charmander

    Thumbs up for the video and for Rick. Thumbs down for the source content. Except The Weekend, he gets a pass.

  • SteadyMcShredson

    All you need to write a hit song: 4 diatonic chords, a simple melody, the right song structure and a lot of luck!!!

    • William Rumley
      William Rumley

      verse-chorus-verse, baby!

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider

    I was waiting for the WTF moment but it didn't happen. Now I am empty inside.

  • Corey Audet
    Corey Audet

    She needs a mop and a bucket to clean those lyrics up!!!

  • The AvidAustralian
    The AvidAustralian

    I actually like blinding lights a lot 😂 I vibe to that song


    Your guitar tone is great. I wish I could have actual Marshall tone in my apt :(

  • portaccio

    OOh fun, I'm going to do this now.

  • IT'SME

    I'll stick with my UFO & Foghat thank you.

  • Carlos Arias
    Carlos Arias

    1:25 The lyrics are... what should I say.. Me: Garbage? I’m trying, God I’m trying to appreciate today’s trending music... but it’s so hard. Still I know that are a few gold pebbles among the mud. I’m sorry I’m trying not to be negative, and actually I’m constantly looking for new talent, just as Rick does. The effort of most of them is so little, so little invested, the only way to be transgressive is to throw random bad words to sound edgy yet the music is so safe. I grab The Clash’s London Calling or Run DMC, or Pixies and the contrast is huge. But I’m trying not to be like a cranky grandpa. There’s still cool stuff.

  • XEdgeRenegade666

    Truly speaking, this music mastermind is making all shitty modern songs look a little classy... lmao 🤣

  • Lemmy Winks
    Lemmy Winks

    Before every great empire fell their art suffered first. This is most notable in ancient Greek sculpture. It really is an amazing thing to dig into. It'll blow your damn mind because it happens to ALL of them. From Rome to Beijing. Minus the Mongols. Those guys were...different.

  • Conor White
    Conor White

    When you're not his age and still remember that, lol @ 14:48 sec.

  • Lotus Flower
    Lotus Flower

    That’s the top 10 these days eh? How sad...

  • Brian Cross
    Brian Cross

    Love seeing Rick’s analysis of all styles of music.

  • Jason Duran
    Jason Duran

    Cicada hi hat.

  • Michael Whitaker
    Michael Whitaker

    How you stayed remotely positive through these is admirable, but you know this is all crap, right.

  • Eddie Houser
    Eddie Houser


  • Ivana Notyers
    Ivana Notyers

    He’s just being polite. It was all crap.

  • Drumbone71

    Thankful to grow up in the 80s.....🤮

  • Pix Els
    Pix Els

    I should really learn music theory, it's so impressive seeing how he just hears the song and instantly knows the chords/progression...meanwhile I'm struggling at bending on an accoustic haha

  • Thomas McGoey
    Thomas McGoey

    Jason Deriloo omg 😂😭

  • Rapture1469

    Autotune is so annoying - it is terrible! I absolutely hate it and I hate that it is spreading into music that i snot just pop.

  • Anthony Salvatore
    Anthony Salvatore

    I really hope RHCP sues the artist of that Lemonade song. When Rick played I was like “hey wait a minute that sounds like a chili peppers lick.” Like cmon it’s in the same key, almost the same exact guitar part. It’s horrible

  • Bruce T
    Bruce T

    i have serious work to do. ah phuck it! let me watch a Rick Beato video instead!

  • Apockiller

    Ok so I do NOT listen to new music...I usually find songs that I like after the fact. And I have never listened to a Cardi B song ever...so thanks for that Rick...I have lost IQ points for that.....

  • Baz 84
    Baz 84

    Mainstream music is getting worse and worse....

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson

    Out of 100 songs, 3 are just okay, which means the other 97 are WSCrap the internet has ruined peoples ability to create music worth listening to, no imagination amateur style computerized vocals and copy cat regurgitation, my generation produced The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Rollin Stones, Fournier, The Eagles, Van Halen and countless numbers of other mega superstars without an iPhone or the internet, this generation produced Justin Beber and Wet Ass *ussy all of them pretty much forgettable if only there was a hot tub time machine, I'd go back.

  • Michael Angelini
    Michael Angelini

    Top 10 diarrhea on spotify...

  • ian lynx
    ian lynx

    rick’s commentary is amazing, but damn those comment sections suck.

  • foskeight8

    The fact "WAP" is the top rated song on the planet just illustrates how far humanity has fallen.

  • White Flag
    White Flag

    Today's music has 1/100 memorable songs

  • hotheroe

    They peddle this junk to young people because they have no idea what good music is yet.

  • Brent Tauro
    Brent Tauro

    Please make this a thing

  • theintoxicatedpodcast

    God i hate pop! pointless. musical masturbation

  • Detlef Goellner
    Detlef Goellner

    Seriously? This is all complete generic garbage.

  • ted Davis
    ted Davis

    Today's music is mostly garbage. Give me the 60s and 70s over this crap.

  • Groove Kingdom
    Groove Kingdom

    OMG that fast hi hat is disgusting....because its not realistic....and everybody do the same things.....because the world now is whatever others are listening is what you too got to listen too...;even if its isn't nice....

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