I Love Hawaii!
Danny Duncan
First day in Hawaii! We picked up a hitch hiker and went cliff jumping and rode dirt bikes. thanks for watching!
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

    next video will be up saturday! it's when i crash the car :/ also no it's not that shirts are in stock again www.dannyduncan69.com/collections

    • Billiam The juggernaut
      Billiam The juggernaut

      Clashing Andy no homo right

    • Billiam The juggernaut
      Billiam The juggernaut

      This Saturday

    • Clay Galloway
      Clay Galloway

      Should i get dirt bike

    • Declan McCormick
      Declan McCormick

      Ay too Ronnie mac love his beers

    • Mint IOS
      Mint IOS

      Danny Duncan 999 likes lol

  • Moses Herrick
    Moses Herrick

    i swear google listens, im going to hawaii in a couple weeks and youtube recommends this

  • Strughts

    6:03 he got fucking horse legs

  • Jonas Kopstad
    Jonas Kopstad

    That miserable bitch what a waste of fresh air

  • Daniil Oxyuk
    Daniil Oxyuk

    2:45 she talks a lot of smack for someone who’s job is being replaced by Google more and more everyday

  • Bella Hendrickson
    Bella Hendrickson

    imagine being this much of a legend

  • Mitchell Wilson
    Mitchell Wilson

    He said pick him uppp!!!😂

  • itzSihnfullyツ

    what is dat kawaii

  • Doff Doff
    Doff Doff

    Why the workers in hawaii be so pressed like bro youre in hawaii

  • Josh Z
    Josh Z


  • Kino0623

    10:19 I am, but 2 years later :)

  • Fishy


  • Will Doyle
    Will Doyle

    I had to watch 6 ads in this vid

  • Don’t care
    Don’t care

    You met rocket wtf

  • Don’t care
    Don’t care

    Yo Danny went to Kauai

  • Salman


  • thugginwitq -_-
    thugginwitq -_-

    People saying I clicked on here because the girls I clicked on her because I live in Hawaii

  • Beetle Juice
    Beetle Juice

    Danny I went to the same bridge 3 times in Kauai

  • Just Jacob
    Just Jacob

    has anybody ever noticed that Gary and Danny look just alike? or is it just me

  • Lucas Hemlani
    Lucas Hemlani

    2:33 when your downing off meth

  • J42waylay Wells
    J42waylay Wells

    Who’s watching this in 2020


    Why’d you buy him Dasani water tho

  • Holdmygroze


  • razorsharp 1
    razorsharp 1

    Who clicked for that 🎂🎂🎂?

  • Larry Cockrell
    Larry Cockrell

    Those songs from Lilo and Stitch 🤣

  • ReKeZoSo

    Nice Thumbnail

  • IamStraw_

    everyone plz help www.gofundme.com/f/qpqaaq-dream-laptop?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1

  • Yung Drab
    Yung Drab

    Danny: "got any advice" Hawaiian dude: "ive been going for 11 days. Without eating."

  • Hyper Finder
    Hyper Finder

    Kanuael Duncan

  • Joel Luviano
    Joel Luviano

    Bruh i died when Danny got denied when giveing a fist bump lmaooo

  • Devyn Santaella
    Devyn Santaella

    Body 10/10 face 2/10

  • Mr. Exile
    Mr. Exile

    I live there in Kauai

  • FunkeyKow

    Danny gave ronnie mac a shout out

  • ivy_savage69

    Thumbnail 5:53

  • Zephyn Johnson
    Zephyn Johnson

    I’m watching this in 2020 right now

  • knxxy

    pg this video

  • Dakota Stukins
    Dakota Stukins

    Sometimes I feel like jesse james😂😂😂😂

  • F.B.I - 100K Without A Video
    F.B.I - 100K Without A Video

    5:50 thank me later g

  • Tommydargydarg

    "I think its fiiiine" had me crying

  • Landon Harris
    Landon Harris

    Who else watched Danny's ass instead of the girls! Danny fine no homo

  • isaac 2tall
    isaac 2tall

    Would of told that lady get a new job 😂 with yo unhappy ass

  • 180withscope

    plot twist - danny has split personality disorder and gary is one of his personalities

  • Kanoa Porter
    Kanoa Porter

    Come Oahu Danny boy! Bring Da braddaz 🤙

  • Hans Zuerner
    Hans Zuerner

    2:20 this lady got you sick. Now she owes you a free helicopter ride 👌🏻👀😂

  • Hardcore Milkbo
    Hardcore Milkbo

    He's more thiccc than the girls boi damn you thiccc boii

  • Ayyy idk Yt
    Ayyy idk Yt

    “Off on another adventure” as kid cudi would say

  • GetR4ided

    Danny Duncan: I Love Hawaii! Me: * sees thumbnail * I Love Hawaii too :)

  • NYD_destroyer96792 Boi
    NYD_destroyer96792 Boi

    I’m from Hawaii

  • Joseph Anguiano
    Joseph Anguiano

    That lady looked like she was dying bruh sick 😷

  • Chase Folsom
    Chase Folsom

    Imagine getting mad because someone touched “your” computer. Not even hers

    • Judah Baggerman
      Judah Baggerman

      Bruh it was literallt behind the bench so customers wouldnt touch it

    • Chase Folsom
      Chase Folsom

      Tegan Holme maybe but that’s a low chance

    • Tegan Holme
      Tegan Holme

      It actually could be hers

    • Bean Guy
      Bean Guy

      @Xapp bro what??

    • Chase Folsom
      Chase Folsom

      Xapp what

  • Let’s Talk Cars
    Let’s Talk Cars

    Everyone talks about how Danny is good at everything but the reality is that he has no fear. When you live life with no fear of failing you will find out that your good at a lot more things than you think.

  • JPL Scootering
    JPL Scootering

    I think i just saw the geico gecko

  • 8lixes

    I LOST

  • Anonymous

    Danny lookin like a whole SNACK out here

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson

    I have eaten at that exact table

  • Joey Beyersdorf
    Joey Beyersdorf

    That 🎂

  • Taylor Riling
    Taylor Riling

    my mom picked up a hitchhiker once. Long story short he had just killed a man:/

  • HushPuppySam

    9:00 mall grab

  • Arturo Sagastume
    Arturo Sagastume

    I came to watch this video

  • Obi wan Kenobi
    Obi wan Kenobi

    We can see that on the thumbnail

  • Mr Twig
    Mr Twig

    Had to have troubador Goerge Straight lol

  • Parker

    does anyone know the music at 0:48 and 3:05

  • Taven Reilley
    Taven Reilley

    look at danny man so inspirational

  • Rxzon Dayez YT
    Rxzon Dayez YT

    With out shoes

  • Rxzon Dayez YT
    Rxzon Dayez YT

    I always walk around town in shoes

  • Josue Ceveda
    Josue Ceveda

    Daniel do be kinda thick tho

  • Yaquil II
    Yaquil II

    Danny too cute in the thumbnail

  • Ronin Fogarty
    Ronin Fogarty

    like cause im Danny Devito

  • Mac GrayMcDonald
    Mac GrayMcDonald

    Girls wee beat

  • Oscar Soriano
    Oscar Soriano

    Danny has more ass then the girls

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