I'm Coming Out.
I love you all so much…
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

  • NikkieTutorials

    *I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖

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    • Aldijana Mesic
      Aldijana Mesic

      I love you too 💚💚

    • thizzyy


    • Eva Tahsin
      Eva Tahsin

      We all loveee you soooo much!!❤❤

    • Nuray quliyeva
      Nuray quliyeva

      İ lavvvvv uuuuuuuuuuu Nikkieee❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  • Carrianne Freeman
    Carrianne Freeman

    this is 5 months after this was posted but go girl !

  • Rhianna Deery
    Rhianna Deery


  • Zara Astele
    Zara Astele

    Proud of you baby girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • JustNoelle

    She says “it’s 2020” like that’s a good thing 😂 just wait girl

  • Pamela plays
    Pamela plays

    yes nikiii love u stand out💗💗❤️

  • مورتيس

    الي من عند ابو الروب لايك

  • Oh LaLa
    Oh LaLa

    I love this babe so much ❤

  • Maid withaSmile
    Maid withaSmile

    Here's a hug 🤗 I love you...You are amazing

  • Philippa Louw
    Philippa Louw

    Nikkie is so beautiful 🌈🌈

  • Michelle Doan
    Michelle Doan

    i have always been an avid follower since the beginning and i fell onto this video accidentally after seeing someones tiktok comment. im all for it and im all for you. fuck the haters and blackmailers. stay true!

  • Savannah

    this made me cry tears of happiness..... wow I'm so sorry someone blackmailed you into coming out. that's fucked up. :( but people who genuinely like you for YOU, for Nikkie, will support you always. you're beautiful, girl!!! and so talented. 💖❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • smexy momma
    smexy momma

    Still beautiful and very talented!!

  • Julie Ft
    Julie Ft

    Inspiring x

  • Kenna Avyla
    Kenna Avyla

    Good on you I love you for coming out your who you want to be if you want to be a girl your a girl nothing else to say about it she is not a boy and girl this is 2020

  • Cady Shaw
    Cady Shaw

    No hate, but I'm confused. She was a boy?

    • Maria

      Look up gender dysphoria, but basically, yes

    • Ash

      She was born in a boy's body, but she has the mind of a woman :)

  • cindy Halvorsen
    cindy Halvorsen

    Bless you you took the power away from your blackmailer and took back your control over your life. Love you.

  • Kate H.
    Kate H.

    You are amazing and you should always love your self 😁

  • Chlxox Xoxo
    Chlxox Xoxo

    Did Jeffrey star make you do this !?

  • Taylor M
    Taylor M

    Okay WAIT. just a theory but with everything going on...What if Jeffree Star was the one blackmailing her.

  • Harmony F
    Harmony F

    Nikkie is such a beautiful vrouw! We love you girl!!

  • Alinés Medrano
    Alinés Medrano

    for me you'll always be the same girl who i've been watching all of this time

  • Sofia Gonzalez
    Sofia Gonzalez

    I dont get why it makes a difference like "ok" I liked her before and I like her now like why would anyone blackmail her?????? She's being who she is

  • Demons Gaming
    Demons Gaming

    Can I have a hight five. Only if you accept her as who she is... guess imma highlight five all of you 🙂 🖐=🦺=✊🏻 👖

  • Logan Roof
    Logan Roof

    Transphobes rise up

    • Ash

      Hell nah

  • Chocolatetown Forever
    Chocolatetown Forever

    She should have came out as a linebacker instead.

  • Rachel Ufferman
    Rachel Ufferman

    I don’t believe you’re trans... I think you’re just saying that honestly.

    • tea


  • Keshly Lopez
    Keshly Lopez

    Omg girl, you are the best.

  • Crystal Cain
    Crystal Cain

    Brave Lady 💖 I'm shook, but feel so happy for you!! I do wonder why you "had to" reveal??? With all the rumors of blackmail going around I hope that was not the case! I have been a fan of you, your heart, talent, and authenticity since the first video of yours I saw. Congratulations 🎉 God Bless 🙏 Much love XOXO 💜

    • Ash

      Yeah, she was blackmailed :(

  • susu Ho
    susu Ho

    I need someone to explain to me what the LGBT is and what makes each group of it different than the other ... I mean how is a trans different than gay or bi ... thx

    • tea

      Google it

  • Abigail Noyes
    Abigail Noyes

    Who else thinks Jeffree Star was the one who blackmailed her into making this video?

  • arch 24
    arch 24

    Hello Nikkie, How are you? I hope you don’t mind me asking, ahmmm have you done already SRS? Im from Philippines 🇵🇭. Take care love and support. Mwuah

  • oOBubblegumPrincess

    4:30 this sexism... I like Barbies so and long hair so I am a girl... wtf

  • Fawn_Draws

    Honey, if Jeffree blackmailed you, please spill the tea. He wants to watch the world burn.. you’re a gorgeous woman, and as far as I’m concerned, you’ve done nothing wrong. You’re so sweet.. ;-;

    • Taylor Trost
      Taylor Trost

      Was just thinking this!

  • Its Aleks
    Its Aleks

    So who wants to find the people who blackmailed her and bonk 🔨 their heads

  • savanah brown
    savanah brown

    I love you

  • Cute_ couples
    Cute_ couples

    When she said your hair color that really made my day I have red hair a I have always been bullied for my hair 😭

  • Colleen the CatLady
    Colleen the CatLady

    You are soooooo beautiful!!! Blessings!!!

  • MariskaJayne

    💖 Proud of you Nikkie. Never change who you are and don't let anyone else define how you live your life. 🏳️‍🌈

  • Mairwyn Curtis
    Mairwyn Curtis

    I have to ask now...who was it that was going to blackmail you darlin....in light of current drama....you are the first one I thought of

  • Mariahdoes Asmr
    Mariahdoes Asmr

    Nobody should never ever judge anyone that is different although you are trans we still all love you

  • Aurora Villalobos
    Aurora Villalobos

    You are Nikkie. We will always love you, and we will always support you. 🥺❤🌈

  • Jessie Combris
    Jessie Combris

    You are beautiful!!!

  • Luve Leigh
    Luve Leigh

    Jeffree, if he blackmailed you, please come forward.

  • Yelinee Garcia Garcia
    Yelinee Garcia Garcia

    im ok be happy

  • Stephany Reygadas
    Stephany Reygadas

    the most amazing vrouw

  • Stephany Reygadas
    Stephany Reygadas

    Sooooo much respect girl

  • bnitons

    You take care of yourself first. Know you are admired and supported. Signed, a middle-aged cis-het white guy who just wants people to be true to themselves.

    • Graham Buckley
      Graham Buckley

      Cis het ? What language do you morons speak ?

  • Maribel Zapata
    Maribel Zapata

    I love you Nikkie Tutorials so much and thank you 💜❤️💕

  • Ana Jimena Estrada Tijero
    Ana Jimena Estrada Tijero

    WE LOVE YOU NIKKI, And thats it, you are nikki, nothing else!!!!!

  • Ryuji_Simp Haru_Simp
    Ryuji_Simp Haru_Simp

    I'm not really a fan of makeup and stuff, I don't watch beauty tutorials, but I support her a lot and I know it takes a lot of courage to take this so go on Nikki!!!

  • Susan Sam
    Susan Sam

    Totally late in watching this video lol. She handled this situation beautifully....With grace and dignity ♥️.

  • Marcus Galaviz
    Marcus Galaviz

    Gained a fan supporter

  • Marcus Galaviz
    Marcus Galaviz

    Nikkie your amazing

  • Devon Bolla
    Devon Bolla

    Hi Nikki I’m 8 and I really wanna be a boy But my parents would say ur just wrapped up with ur sister But I’m really scared to tell me mom

  • Myriel Pham
    Myriel Pham

    You’re stunning and beyond brave. ❤️ There is so much respect for you even if some don’t want to admit it. You’re simply amazing.

    • Graham Buckley
      Graham Buckley

      Brave! How?

  • Hopexbae jk
    Hopexbae jk

    I’m here for u mama no matter what u are I love you ❤️😘

  • Bikinigirl05


  • Krystal Ice
    Krystal Ice

    I accept you I am trans too❤

  • Shayla-christie Dunne
    Shayla-christie Dunne

    I’m so proud that nikkie was the person who taught me to be myself and how to do thing for myself 💘💘

  • Ellie Rose
    Ellie Rose

    Love the makeup look!❤️💕Love your story!💕🏅🩰📝

  • Tigran-T

    I disliked😁

    • Tigran-T

      tea no I can’t stop he is a man

    • tea

      Tigran-T can you just stop ???!! Nikkie is a woman

    • Tigran-T

      tea he is a male and he can’t change that

    • tea

      Tigran-T why do you keep calling her a male when she is clearly a female

    • Tigran-T

      tea **male

  • Ariel Davenport
    Ariel Davenport

    I bet Jeffrey Star was the one blackmailing her!!! No one should ever be forced to come out. It is one of the scariest moments in someone’s life!!

    • Graham Buckley
      Graham Buckley

      @The AniMATEy her 😂😂😂 It's a stone cold gay dude in drag. End of.

    • The AniMATEy
      The AniMATEy

      @Graham Buckley you are the snowflake. you can't accept someone for who they are and for some reason you're offended by *her* yes. *her*

    • Graham Buckley
      Graham Buckley

      Honestly. The scariest moment of someone's life is coming out. SNOWFLAKES 😔

  • randi jolie
    randi jolie

    Was jeffree the one who blackmailed you? 😳

  • Grissom’s Mama
    Grissom’s Mama

    I’m so sorry that you got your choice taken away, but I’m so proud of you the way you handled this. If I hadn’t known about the coercion, I would have thought, “oh, that’s good for her.” In a really happy way. I’m trying to keep my happiness in the forefront because I’m sooo angry that you were violated.

  • a b
    a b

    I ♡ you so much. You are such an inspiration. You're videos make me smile and bring my a few moments of joy during my hectic days. Btw girl, your makeup for this is such a gorgeous combination of fierce and vulnerability.. my favorite look of yours yet.

  • Azora Rose
    Azora Rose

    Trans women are real women 💗💜💙

    • Graham Buckley
      Graham Buckley

      @Eclipse Arts yes they are still biological women with or without a uterus. Is Nikki a biological woman ?

    • Graham Buckley
      Graham Buckley

      Can Nikki get a period? Can Nikki have a baby naturally? Will Nikki go trough the menopause? Does Nikkis breast give milk? Does Nikki have to worry about ovarian cancer? Does Nikki have a clitoris? Shall I keep going ......

    • Eclipse Arts
      Eclipse Arts

      @Starmellow what about people having to remove their uteruses to save their bodies? Are they still woman? Yes

    • Hood Rat
      Hood Rat

      @Starmellow what about cis woman who had to have a hysterectomy? Are they suddenly not woman because they no longer have a uterus?

    • lifelesswhisper -
      lifelesswhisper -

      @Starmellow hm, do you have a brain? It appears not, but we still accept you as a human :)

  • Michaela Stefas
    Michaela Stefas

    we will always love you who ever you are

  • Patrícia Lopes
    Patrícia Lopes


  • Mandii Jönsenn
    Mandii Jönsenn

    Was jeffry starr the one who was black mailing her? He said he had a lot of dirt on other youtubers.

    • Graham Buckley
      Graham Buckley

      Jeffrey Star & Nikki had set this up from the beginning. Get real. Look at the transcripts on darkweb .... Both have planned this since last August 2019.

    • Cringey Potatoes
      Cringey Potatoes

      Mandii Jönsenn no he/she/they I’s a part of the LGBTQ+ community

    • Catherine White
      Catherine White

      She promoted his eyeshadow pallets after this, so it's not likely.

    • Fawn_Draws

      I wouldn’t doubt it. No doubt he wants to take his “competition” down.

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