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The video is about radio rebel
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on IT-my, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Alice

    I have a theory about everyone knowing that the show was on the radio. A looping message on the original platform saying "this show has been moved to such and such radio station, go there to listen" or something like that

  • Not_ Jay_Gacha
    Not_ Jay_Gacha


  • the one in the corner
    the one in the corner


  • Fundamental Pain
    Fundamental Pain

    The faces Debbie Ryan manages to pull off in this movie make it look like she took mushrooms and was asked to shy.

  • •märsh_mëlløw•

    Yey I turned on notifications - am I greg yet?

  • Anabelle Rigg
    Anabelle Rigg

    the fact that my best friend and I just started making hella palatine jokes all the time and there is a good 15 seconds devoted to him, I just really appreciate it

  • Narzick

    This movie is a dogshit rip off of my favorite movie Pump Up The Volume

  • the one in the corner
    the one in the corner

    I remember watching that when I was like 12

  • alex sandra
    alex sandra

    Are we gonna not talk about that mini stick on radio??

  • actually adri
    actually adri

    walmart pg version of pump up the volume.. christian slater is the superior radio rebel✨

  • itzzMilkk Edits
    itzzMilkk Edits

    I stopped watching Danny's content for a while and I decided to watch this one and oh man this was a blast to watch. it's safe to say I'll be watching the ones I've missed

  • Loola 1257
    Loola 1257

    NO I'M REDIO REBEL (also am I truly greg?)

  • Some Loser
    Some Loser

    What about the movie Sky High? I feel like that would make a great video!

  • Bootgang girl2
    Bootgang girl2

    I don't trust edited comments

  • Artificial Gummies
    Artificial Gummies

    Finally, a document in a movie I actually watched lol

  • NateW420

    the principal fucking died

  • Zero Wind
    Zero Wind

    Lemonade mouth was a honestly weird movie, def would love a greview :)

  • The_Phoenix _707
    The_Phoenix _707

    is the morp thing a common thing cause if not they stole that from malcolm in the middle

  • Kile Chan
    Kile Chan

    Im Greg!

  • Raedyn Wheatley
    Raedyn Wheatley

    7:11 when you can’t high five because of COVID-19

  • Turkish_Santa 1
    Turkish_Santa 1

    Oml I forgot about zunes you just brought me back a ton of memories.

  • Potato potato Velo
    Potato potato Velo

    No I’m radio rebel!!!

  • Rori Guthrie
    Rori Guthrie

    Wait so who's radio rebel

  • EarthWorm Sally
    EarthWorm Sally

    I am a Greg. I've never felt more accomplishment then turning on the notification bell and subscribing to Danny.

  • Ashlee Slavey
    Ashlee Slavey

    NO IM RADIO REBEL!!🙎🏻‍♀️

  • BubbleOwU

    *No one's gonna talk about the fact that the literal fucking school worships radio rebel*

  • Clara Bastos
    Clara Bastos

    omg please do “lemonade mouth” next!!!

  • Jessica Hartmann
    Jessica Hartmann

    Danny PLEASE watch the My Babysitter's a Vampire movie it's so wonderfully bad. The guy who plays the lead singer in Radio Rebel is one of the main characters, which is just a fun bonus.

  • Bot than
    Bot than


  • Dolphin Kid
    Dolphin Kid

    Cool 😎

  • Tori Wakelin
    Tori Wakelin

    Can you do high school musical? I recently watched it for the first time and would love to hear your analysis of it >:)))

  • shadowthief150

    You should watch Lemonade Mouth, its one of the few good ones

  • Michael Willemin
    Michael Willemin

    Overthrow the PRINCIPAL

  • Liv S
    Liv S

    Danny please please PLEASE review Amityville: Mount Misery Road (2018/19) it is the WORST movie I've ever seen and I've seen my fair share of B movies, trust me (it's more like a C movie, honestly), the character depicted on its cover isn't even in the movie and I just can't even describe how bad it is

  • Hazard Raps
    Hazard Raps

    I kept thinking Tara was the black girl because Tara usually isn’t in the camera shot or isn’t talking and the black chick was always talking

  • Zarah May
    Zarah May

    9:27 THAT FACE DOE 😂😂😂😂 HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • fearless lives forever
    fearless lives forever

    this is literally disney ripping off a masterpiece christian slater stars in but, of course, making it god awful. i've been saying this for years; am i the only one that knows this?

  • Silver Song
    Silver Song

    Nice amount of subs

  • Andrea Medina
    Andrea Medina

    I laughed so much through the whole video

  • ArloJackCheese

    maybe the real radio rebel was the friends we made along the way

  • Mister Reza
    Mister Reza

    Hey danny! Congrats on the 3, *69* million subscriber!

  • Johnathan Bennett
    Johnathan Bennett

    Hey! Nice to see Todd has a life outside of Brakebills.

  • Sheldon and Ezra Cancer
    Sheldon and Ezra Cancer

    Danny Greg mmmmmmmmm

  • Just_a_random_person_ yeet
    Just_a_random_person_ yeet

    "On the conversation they're happening-"

  • Fallen Intellect
    Fallen Intellect

    That's what my gym teacher did every week

  • karsyn wetzel
    karsyn wetzel

    Imagine not having a prom

  • Ava

    I kept skipping past this in my recommendations and then I finally clicked it to check it out and I’m obsessed...thank you.

  • Lovely Lunette
    Lovely Lunette

    They really just pulled a Spartacus

  • Jordan Murphy
    Jordan Murphy

    Why is it necessary to have that conversation in a closet anyway

  • Ayres Gaming
    Ayres Gaming

    Wait... I thought I was radio rebel

  • baguetteyspaghetti

    I turned on notifications am I truly greg?

    • Knowledge is Key
      Knowledge is Key

      + *greg points* +

  • emileetime _.
    emileetime _.

    i kinda feel bad for debby if she knows abt this meme

  • Isabella Fischelt
    Isabella Fischelt

    Make a video about Starstruck!

  • Alyssa N
    Alyssa N

    You should review the Disney channel movies Starstruck and Geek Charming

  • Divine Parker
    Divine Parker

    Notifications are on boiii.I’m watching this at 2 am while taking a sh*t and can someone tell me why my sh*t looks like a dildo?😳😳

  • Zach Shapiro
    Zach Shapiro

    I’m a shy high schooler, this movie....... no

  • The Amazing GurGaNofIn
    The Amazing GurGaNofIn

    13:36 that's my friends when i'm upset

  • Fab _
    Fab _

    16:32 holy haven’t laughed that hard in forever

  • BLITZ Zex
    BLITZ Zex

    after they wear red crips shoot them

  • dew cat
    dew cat

    funny thing is that smirk , debbie is visibly surpressing it in the insatiable series its like her natural traits

  • Delia

    She looks like she has a bunch of canker sores so she has to smile weird so it doesn’t work

  • Goldfish Fishysons
    Goldfish Fishysons

    No, I am!

  • Acey HK
    Acey HK


  • Eleven Loves her Eggos
    Eleven Loves her Eggos

    You should watch The suite life movie its kinda cringe worthy and it also has Debby ryan

  • Alex Jensen
    Alex Jensen

    I don't know if I'm like... Not listening enough but her voice isn't all that different from irl to voice modifier to me??? It sounds almost the same just a little less grainy

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    Hello yes I am radio rebel

  • caroline

    this is all i need in life to be happy. this video

  • Grant Muller
    Grant Muller

    Buddies ego lmaoo... he has pictures o himself on the wall and his merch is his name

  • Kat x
    Kat x

    to be fair, when i took p.e we had free days where we could do whatever as long as long as it was an activity

  • Vocaloidevil !
    Vocaloidevil !

    Please do girl vs monster! It was and still is my favorite disney channel movie ^-^

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