I made a City of Extreme Cruelty in Cities Skylines
Welcome to The Bathtub. It is forever on fire, surrounded by an ocean of sewage, with no sunlight.
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  • RTGame

    does everyone like my new city if you want to watch all of my city experiments together, I've made a Cities Skylines playlist here it-my.com/watchvideo/video-V37Au5H0kG0.html

    • David Finley
      David Finley

      @Achilles Arturo yup, I've been using Flixzone for since december myself :D

    • Alessandro Cason
      Alessandro Cason

      @Achilles Arturo Yea, been using flixzone for months myself =)

    • Achilles Arturo
      Achilles Arturo

      Pro tip: you can watch series at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.

    • yellow plate
      yellow plate


    • Azeem Travadi
      Azeem Travadi

      rt stream from this bathtub

  • SpiderBigTime



    This is aot

  • Krispy Beatzzz
    Krispy Beatzzz

    He sounds like he’s narrating an episode of attack on titan

  • Kingston Da King
    Kingston Da King

    I haven’t had this good of a laugh in a while, literally rolling on the floor when they started calculating the amount of shit people produced a minute

  • Rexor

    That explains why the firefighters never put the fires out, it’s because they’re so fat they can’t leave their beds

  • Rexor

    Is-is that a whirlpoop?!??!

  • herp the derp and derp the herp
    herp the derp and derp the herp

    I don't remember aot having this much shit

  • RoadTrain

    I nearly died laughing from this. Legit. Choked on my fucking food.

  • Space ecks
    Space ecks

    there is no war in ba sing se

  • Mihai Dijmarescu
    Mihai Dijmarescu

    who would have known sewage is so flamable

  • Mihai Dijmarescu
    Mihai Dijmarescu

    when MrBeast does a "eat 1000 taco's from taco bell chalenge " this is what comes afterwards

  • Mihai Dijmarescu
    Mihai Dijmarescu

    welcome to your new school its Shitopolis elementery school

  • michaelflash123's stuff
    michaelflash123's stuff

    RT is the best villain

  • missingindy

    Dear God.

  • Stewart Anderson
    Stewart Anderson

    This is like the Netherlands but literally shittier.

  • Seth Monroe
    Seth Monroe

    Two words: Water Slide

  • Jeynarl

    It's like the maze in the maze runner but instead of a maze it's poop. The poop runner

  • Mr.moto19

    I bet this city can share 1 wifi router


    he's back in cs!

  • Noah Donson
    Noah Donson

    Shitty Skylines

  • absboodoo

    Every Paradox gamer is a war crime committer with no exception. Even the Cities Skyline enjoyers? Especially the Cities Skyline enjoyers.

  • BadassFreeman

    'What volume of poo is this?' A shit-ton.

  • Benaya Moses
    Benaya Moses

    Josh, stop teaching other youtubers to destroy they're computers please.

    • EddyKidPlayzYT

      @Benaya Moses oh ok. That makes more sense

    • Benaya Moses
      Benaya Moses

      @EddyKidPlayzYT a youtuber, his youtube channel is "Lets Game It Out"

    • EddyKidPlayzYT

      Who is josh?

  • Henry Fortman
    Henry Fortman

    So the poopcano was just pre-hard mode as it seems

  • RedFox


  • Magnsarn


  • just a random person with a donkey pfp
    just a random person with a donkey pfp

    The reverse bathtub would have been a better name tbh

  • TheSamles

    attack on dookie

  • Kr0ll3x Gaming
    Kr0ll3x Gaming

    charlie and the chocolate factory really took a downturn didn't it

    • EddyKidPlayzYT


  • Not Emir
    Not Emir


  • Cifer

    The most surprising thing is how much waste those people managed to create

  • Gavrilo Princip
    Gavrilo Princip

    Citites in Venezuela be like

  • Thicc Boi
    Thicc Boi

    I'd rather shoot myself than drown in fecal matter

  • ggman
  • dontsinkthe boat
    dontsinkthe boat

    This has nothing to do with city skylines but everyone that has people playground is on a FBI watchlist

    • Q G
      Q G

      What is that?

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man

    "Hotel Zero Six, you are clear to land runway One Niner Right" "Uhh... Tower... With all due respect, I'm not making a short final from flight level 100, gimme vectors to a real airport".

  • Menacing Ship
    Menacing Ship


  • Kats

    POV: You watch RT make a waterfall of shit while you take an extreme shit from all the Olive Garden you ate.

  • KriegLord

    “How are they so ill” Well how the fuck do you think

  • canofbeans

    More skyline

  • ay pimpin
    ay pimpin

    0:55 its fuggin rock bottom from spongebob

  • Papa Gilbert
    Papa Gilbert

    The city was inhabited by poo-monsters, the mayor had giant walls to fend off the shit but they just produced too much, it was inevitable.

  • Trey Holyfield
    Trey Holyfield

    "Electrified Sewage" sounds like the name of a badass Nu Metal band.

  • Brenden Waltke
    Brenden Waltke

    Ah yes, I remember the good ole days where we would fill these volcanoes with poo… Miss those days…

  • Don Crown
    Don Crown

    Ur fake laffing and forced wittiness is really triggering me

  • ChrisDanceMusic

    Is the letter H silent in in Ireland. The bat tub

  • phantomfire12

    This is what happened to Atlantis

  • Youknowwhat LQ
    Youknowwhat LQ

    2 minutes in, the first video I've watched How can you violate more human rights than GrayStillPlays and Spiff can combined in one whole video? Definitely going to stick around

  • Ice L
    Ice L

    14:59 this ending is probably my favorite

  • Da Lava Wolf
    Da Lava Wolf

    Did you realize it has the 3 walls in attack on titans at 0:11

  • Catnumber 15
    Catnumber 15

    Is this attack on titan?

  • Imran Haque
    Imran Haque

    Attack on TItan took a weird twist

  • OdieMikes

    7:54 laughs in submarine

  • Zoe

    Tbh, the guy living next to the trash dump was probably one of the best options :/

  • Zoe

    The “most attractive city awards” scare me. Just how low is this bar set for these awards?

  • Zoe

    2:02 i-is that a sewerage waterfall?

  • HoleInTheSky

    Marquis De Sade wants to know your location

  • viper_77


  • Wolfdoggie Tenkaistar
    Wolfdoggie Tenkaistar

    pretty wet, bro

  • Nomit00

    when the highway is actually a way up high

  • Moosey

    This is so cruel, I love it

  • LordPhan7070

    9/10 no country roads

  • mitchell cook
    mitchell cook

    Reminds me of attack on titan lmao

  • Rick S
    Rick S

    shitting a litre a minute for 14 years had me in tears 9.6 tacos a minute lmao

  • George King
    George King

    The return of the King

  • SHDU Studios
    SHDU Studios


  • jalk bacs
    jalk bacs

    play mafia definive

  • Forter

    could you make a mod collection of all the mods you use on the city skylines workshop?

  • verx

    AoT's next season looking kinda weird...

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