I Missed This Entirely and I Can’t Unsee It...
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In order to take a break and step back from everything that they found in the last episode, the team dives head-first into the Reddit again to see what the fans have found, both in the way of new discoveries and hilarious distracting memes. However, relating to the former, the team makes an interesting new connection when it comes to the Syntec logo, and the speculation on what that might mean as a whole becomes front and center.
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The following story was created for entertainment purposes only and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. This story and it's characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary. Do not contact, engage with, or approach anyone or any company not directly linked in the description or confirmed to be a part of the story.
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  • WitherdFoxPlayz

    i was watching through this playlist to catch up with the series and whats going on when i scrolled down and saw a channel called pypherPH i think it was and it just creeped me out TwT

  • Amelia Eskelsen
    Amelia Eskelsen

    I feel bad fo Sam...

  • Anthony Pickell
    Anthony Pickell

    if this is all from matthias's imagination then I'm impressed

  • ned culibrk
    ned culibrk

    The snake logo of syntec says 863 thoes rings mean your part or syntec, it was a trap

  • Tiger Dolphin1
    Tiger Dolphin1

    How did Sam get in front of Matthias 6:30

  • cada crank
    cada crank

    well deb was the one that put your birthday out there sam lol 🤣

  • Jayne Freshwater
    Jayne Freshwater

    *Matthias goes and searches youtube* Me: *squints* ow My neice: bright *Matthias gets on IT-my* Me: * squinting again & tearing up* ow it's not on darkmodeeee *whining* My niece: *laughs at me*

  • AwkwardCrackhead

    me actually checking if i was subscribed while rewatch from my SUBSCRIBTIONS list

  • Qibli

    what do you have in common there's something about you that nelson wants

  • clyd zxch / cyrdxzchrty
    clyd zxch / cyrdxzchrty

    Syntec logo if u mix them together and make everything background black and the things you see inside the colours thing to green it will become Syphus Corporation

  • M D
    M D

    What if Nelson has a IT-my channel

  • WayCray

    In the beginning when it stayed it’s fictional my curiosity when 💯 to 0

  • Ariel Sievert
    Ariel Sievert

    My brother was born 1999, weird world we live bro.

  • J H
    J H

    34:22 DAAAAAAMN ANDY CARTER YOU NAILED IT!! I’m just rewatching this series after watching the season finale earlier today and you were 100% correct!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Francisco Herrera
    Francisco Herrera

    8:01 just play the part from Always Sunny with Charlie and the chalkboard.

  • Amanda Hardee
    Amanda Hardee

    I have been thinking how about yall ask Sams mom was the nurse or doctor that helped make you born same and if they were named D or Nelson???

  • Brian Acevedo
    Brian Acevedo

    Ok hear me out so wood Matt and Sam had a after life like the ppl who died to the syntec thing were Matt Sam and woods but now they finding out how they grow up and died in there past life

  • Erica Padron
    Erica Padron

    they should have waited to tell us that 😑

  • Colbie Grace
    Colbie Grace

    Matthias, bruh. You've been in mutiple q/a's, each time the question "is this real?' comes up you say yes! I'm so confused right now lol. I've had my suspicious that this isn't real but know I'm just sad lol

  • Preston Nisbet
    Preston Nisbet

    The liquid in the vial was hydrocloric acid and can catch things on fire but what doesn’t make sense is how did he inject it in to him it would have killed him

  • Not _Pamba
    Not _Pamba

    really random but i really wanted to know those sleep facts matthias was saying 😂

  • Doku dotGG
    Doku dotGG

    Lol super soldier serum

  • lil G
    lil G

    Wait the computer said he will give you a request but the guy you got the drop from asked you a thing to give him something

  • Yoru Sho
    Yoru Sho

    Yo was I not the only one that wanted to hear the facts about sleep that Matt talked about? I wanted to know what he wanted to say... Sad...

  • Nash Howe
    Nash Howe

    It was wrote in paper then erased then wrote in marker

  • Playable

    Time travel is proven to be possible but not yet done

  • Trev- Dog
    Trev- Dog

    Kinda looks like my hand writing🤷‍♂️

  • Rhys Gillanders
    Rhys Gillanders

    Maybe each key was for a different cell or something for different patients.

  • Dakota Cockman
    Dakota Cockman

    Ask your mom if she worked for sytenk

  • Tco Sindrikke
    Tco Sindrikke

    What if the lowest format is D’s bith

  • Tco Sindrikke
    Tco Sindrikke

    Just wanna say that on roblox there is a user called john doe what. That user was warned of being a dangerous user what if that has somthing to do with it?

  • fortnite gamer
    fortnite gamer

    man i thought it was real

  • JustinzYouTube

    I bet you she is genetically perfected...I mean look at Sam 😍🤤

  • Jasmine ochoaaa
    Jasmine ochoaaa

    Why do y’all gotta ruin this series😩 couldn’t you just told us this when the series was over?!!😭😭😭

  • Lex Vanorden
    Lex Vanorden

    This needs to be an actual thriller movie lmao

  • Kaleb McGinnis
    Kaleb McGinnis

    threy john doe is d

  • Ali Alsharief
    Ali Alsharief

    Why did they say it now there is no excitement

  • someanimegamer

    Matt's eye are blue

  • betty hollister
    betty hollister

    is D sams mother

  • Missile 2009
    Missile 2009

    I wonder if Sam’s mom has anything to do with this.

  • player07

    the amount of time and effort that probably went into this jeez dude . applaud them

  • Rohan Abraham
    Rohan Abraham

    Yo how do u guys think Sam is so talented . SHE IS A GENETICALLY MODIFIED BABY. Like come on its obvious and just because same in born in London doesn't mean there can be tests done come on everyonee knows how many companies can be based in on country and have its tests and operations done in a completely different continent

  • Yasmin Al-bidieri
    Yasmin Al-bidieri

    well if matt is that good at under cover stuff he needs to text him undercover,and act like he is apart of the business,and say as if you wanted to go to the vault im sorry if anything happends :)

  • Gabe LaCroix
    Gabe LaCroix

    4:28 did she just say she used to be with syntech

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez

    I like how it went from “it’s woods man it’s woods” -Kevin to predicting all of them to work on this and working together

  • Gianna Kalinowski
    Gianna Kalinowski

    the three snakes mean biotech research/unhuman research

  • Giraffe Lover
    Giraffe Lover

    What happened to the cop?

  • One Track Mind
    One Track Mind

    Looks like 3 snakes.

  • Josh Adkins
    Josh Adkins

    If this is all fictional then Mathias should be a movie director

  • The Redwolf24
    The Redwolf24

    well now knowing that this isn't real has completely ruined it

  • Chris Hahne
    Chris Hahne

    The logo looks like snakes

  • Gloria Jacops
    Gloria Jacops

    it says in the start its fiction at first glance but if you read it say that characters names are fiction the companies are real and syntec is now a Canadian ceramic store supposedly

  • Sterling Conley
    Sterling Conley

    love your Chanel and the vids been here since the the first key and it keeps getting better

  • Sheree Brown
    Sheree Brown

    Pogers looololl

  • Ttops06

    Props to Matthias and the crew. This is an amazing mini ARG. You should try leaving hints in other channels as well.

  • Ena Regio
    Ena Regio

    I always thought that this was at least semi-scripted, but it seemed so real especially in the beginning that even I sometimes doubted that it was scripted.

  • Sarah Holbrook
    Sarah Holbrook

    Bro he just wants to give sam a happy birthday gift

  • The_ Zu_Zu
    The_ Zu_Zu

    I am surprised yet not surprised that this isn't real. I am so happy that you guys aren't actually going through this crazy stuff.

  • Hoodlum Gamer
    Hoodlum Gamer

    I'd say time travel as its possible but only for the limited people and if not physic powers as there as been a few back in time that could read the future is the only 2 ways of being able to get future evidence but loving the cliffhangers it keeps me guessing whats going on but I think you shouldn't trust the undercover cop and d as they seem real doggie

  • James Studio Animation
    James Studio Animation

    i love the old matthias channel office style more

  • TheLewis FamilyChronicles
    TheLewis FamilyChronicles

    In the video at 21:00 minutes go back and look at all the names with patient ID 836 their true names might be there, so if they are D and his parents true identity’s might be there as well! We will all have to do our research on the names and if they don’t show that only proves the fact the LAPD are involved in hiding the information. :O I might’ve solved the case hopes this helps you in your time of struggles.

  • Emma Harland
    Emma Harland

    I just want to know how they found the liquid that burns through the floor and plastic

  • Lazarina Acosta
    Lazarina Acosta

    Saying this isn’t real kinda made everything less interesting. No offense

  • Alright shit people
    Alright shit people

    No legit staaaaaphhh, i was so looking forward to this series and its addicting, but its not real, but its still a good series tho, win win situation for me i guess

  • Alright shit people
    Alright shit people

    I wish i didn't read the disclaimer... Ugh

  • taetaethequeen

    So i had a theory, what if the keys that they found in the red box where keys to rooms that they kept their patients that they did experiments on in. Also if the guy who broke in was nelsons son what if syphus did those experiments on his son and the test where successful.

  • Selma Sasidharan
    Selma Sasidharan

    matt syphus has a youtube account i just found it go check it out there are really short vids in that 4 to be exact

  • Spider Guy
    Spider Guy

    Damn I’ve been binging this series and just got this point, I’ve already guessed that it’s scripted cuz it’s super obvious, but having a confirmation still kinda sucks tho edit: but also, now that it’s confirmed to be scripted, now they can do some REALLY wacky stuff, like having syphus gain superhuman abilities or something

  • Tori Compton
    Tori Compton

    So this was never real?

    • Nopalman Chasamanga
      Nopalman Chasamanga


  • CyCy Studios
    CyCy Studios

    How do they say its not real but then have all this stuff start to add up to me to where like it seems to be real. Like can you guys do a vdeo on explaining like this WHOLE thing because im like VERY confused now. I NEED ANSWERS PLEASSSSSE.

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