I no longer care for sports
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hello how's it going. This cartoon is done and now you are watching it. Isn't that wild? yes. I hope you like this one. It's about the times I played sports. I played basketball, baseball... I am just realizing right now that baseball is called base ball because you run around the bases... wow. I really just didn't know that this whole time. Anyway I also did skiing and track and field. I was bad at everything I did. I also talk about how I'm really bad at golf, but I am kind of thinking listening back to it that you kinda had to be there for that one. I think I've come a long way when it comes to making these videos but oof sometimes I just fall right on my face when it comes to telling stories. But it's all about improvement right? I'll just do better next time :)

I find that I am not really big into competitive stuff. Sports being one thing, but video games too. I like more casual games like minecraft. I used to be big into league of legends, but haven't played in years. It was so toxic, so now I just play block game :) and make block house.

thanks for watching ❤️ hope you liked it.
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      Henry the pizza man

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    Amy Ledbetter

    I love your videos!!!!!

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    Joseph Altenhofel

    Sports are evil

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    // tricky //

    i know this isn't important to the video but I hit my leg on my bed frame

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    Navoii Gamer

    "skiing is impossible" norwegians: maybe I am a god

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    Life Sucks


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    Tyler Britt

    Minecraft = best game

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    A was eating Big League Chew while watching this. Really funny.

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    i can relate to this so hard my god

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    5:17 One for All, FULL COWLING!

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    Emrora M

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    ThePotatoLord :P

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    upLIFTER 4200

    he no longer cares for sports

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    0:11 when the bully beats me up

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    Lorenzo Morselli

    Also I am Pro Sports all the way :D

  • Lorenzo Morselli
    Lorenzo Morselli

    Andy: Hates sports and does not do it. ( My mom making me doing sports my whole child hood and took ). 4 sports ( Including Ski-ing ) Also Andy I know what it feels like to suck at ski-ing but I got really good in a couple weeks.

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    Deer Hooman

    What was that chemical game caaaallled :0 i wanna plaaaay

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    Donnie Dragon

    Why is this so relatable-

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    J O I N U S

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      sports suck

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    I love your videos and your TickTock videos too you’re doing a great job keep it up

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    Cam H

    I am sooo sorry if this hurts your feelings and I really don’t mean it to be... but the part when you were shuffling in the snow I laughed hard because I have done that before

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    I only saw one video of urs before coming here and I already knew that I would be subscribed by the end of the day 😌😂


    If this was me after every video: Hahah I did a funne

  • Funny vines
    Funny vines

    Big league chew!! OMG I remember ma bro used to do T-ball and whenever the games/tournaments were done, me and ma bros friend's sister would always get some. It brings back so many memories!!! I do horseback riding. And if you tell me that it's not hard, think again, and watch some videos explaining it. I have to explain to the people who tell me that the horse does all the work. It does hurt, but I like having the rights to hit them with my crop (a hardened whip). So... Horseback riding is one of the most hard sports in the world. If anyone else does it as a sport, please comment to tell. We need to grow our comminity!!!

  • Anna Baggett
    Anna Baggett

    mmm ok 6:48

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    Sara Bartsch

    “Oh billy Bobby jimmy jonny just got 3 Kickies into the goal, he’s been doing pretty good this season.” “... a what?”

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    0:19 just realized the other guy has no arms

  • EvenSpider8692

    I cant get through any of ur vids without laughing XD

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  • .°Eππe¥uex™ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ


  • Brittany Wagner
    Brittany Wagner

    When i was younger i was really good at *certain* sports. Soccer, kickball, football, tennis, and track and field. Everything else, terrible. There was no in between. Either i was the best or worst on the team. I dont know why.

  • Brittany Wagner
    Brittany Wagner

    You chose the oldest logo for the YMCA lol.

  • Amy Root
    Amy Root

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    UI insanity

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  • Michael Wadsworth
    Michael Wadsworth

    I don’t know why, but when I was little and still being forced by my parents to play every sport under the sun just to keep me from playing games all day, everyone would freak out whenever I did something actually good. It’s not that I never tried- it’s that I just sucked at most of the sports. But whenever I did do great, and people got really excited, it made me really self-conscious, like “yeah, I know I don’t do so great all the time, but all I did was make a free throw shot… everyone else does that all the time and y’all even don’t bat an eye…” I don’t know, I just wanted to be treated like everyone else and I hate being put on a pedestal, so whenever anyone gets all overly excited about some menial task I do it just makes me even more aware of how bad I am at that that thing and how little others must usually expect of me.

  • passing the time
    passing the time

    Giving kids medals for losing encourages them to participate in more activities, but it teaches them a bad lesson about how ,”EvErYoNe’S a WiNnEr.”

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    0:31 i love it

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    The Jingo

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    Me: Gets rid of a fear All my other phobias: 5:52

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    Laila Groh

    Dude, I just found you today and you are freaking hilarious. Good job😁👌

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    Rafael Amorim

    I'm dying with this end hahhaahahah

  • Kaitlyn Page Cookie
    Kaitlyn Page Cookie

    “Artists don’t wanna move, they just want to sit and draw.” Please explain this to my family

  • Kaitlyn Page Cookie
    Kaitlyn Page Cookie

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    Furry Nicky

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    Asylum 747

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  • Ethan Stainbrook
    Ethan Stainbrook

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    Luciano Alencar

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    depressed_bouncy _mushroom

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  • Bruh

    Oh its was very fine video, thank's


    Cross country skiing isn't that hard probably because I'm from finland

  • UraniumPuppy 4000
    UraniumPuppy 4000

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  • Rebecca

    NOOOOOOOOOOO why is no one talking about how he died :'( also, is this his way of transitioning to a different character without making a huge fuss about it o.O

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