I Replaced My FACE.. (Shocking true story)
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  • Zara Ahmed
    Zara Ahmed

    No idea

  • Steven Lauroj
    Steven Lauroj

    hahhahaha dab or for pros anly even if it is 2020

  • Lina Le
    Lina Le

    Wow 🤩 lol 😂 awwww 🥰

    • Lina Le
      Lina Le

      It is meeeeee

  • Cody Davis
    Cody Davis

    1:35 It’s actually Marius not Marios.

  • Apar Reyes
    Apar Reyes

    Us girls needs to compliment each other more and appreciate each other more because a lot of girls feel very insecure.

  • Estella Miller
    Estella Miller

    I am a girl so I’d like to say to everyone I am not a back stabber because I would never talk behind my friends back or anyone’s back that’s just disrespectful

  • DarkETheFlipper

    Listen closely at the start where she says here name like if you heard anime reply if you heard anna

  • Hot Wheeles Wars
    Hot Wheeles Wars

    Shutup and just watch the video

  • eightmmfreak

    she told her parents that she wanted to be home schooled because she made out with a man

  • theresa daw
    theresa daw

    I'm home schooled and I eat in class

  • Alexis T
    Alexis T

    So caulsy likes the pretty girl

  • Lillyan scamperino
    Lillyan scamperino

    Cuz us girls are drama queens

  • gamer tomboy
    gamer tomboy

    My "Bff"talked behinde my back. We have been friends since kindergertan and it was 4th grade when this happened, She said she needed to go to the bathroom so I said okay I decided to follow her, because I knew the way she was going was the wrong way. When she stoped,I saw 4 girls (the girls who bullied me) talking to her, she strted saying mean things about me and my family. So I acted like I was walking bye and said Oh I didnt know you we're friends with brats Ella. And I also said we are NOT friends anymore... the moral of the story is that some girls act as real friends that u can trust but they are really fake friends

  • Renee Rawlings
    Renee Rawlings

    Right I'm usually the one left out!

  • shai shai
    shai shai

    Me and my bro love your videos

  • Maya Gutierrez
    Maya Gutierrez

    No matter what if sombody bully's you they are just jellous That your more pretty then them

  • Dominika Mistewicz
    Dominika Mistewicz

    I do not do those things

  • Sophie Buch Hansen
    Sophie Buch Hansen

    Okay so she has blonde hair and is pretty and i am THE BLONDEST EVER and i am so freacking ugly so😕

  • Whitney Childers
    Whitney Childers

    I don’t do that the sassy girls do

  • John Vishneski
    John Vishneski

    not to be rude or anything but i think all those girls except anna mae was on there period

  • The Chicks
    The Chicks

    i’m a girl........I DIDNT DO NO NOTHIN

  • fireknight 109
    fireknight 109

    I agree, girls stop dumping me on Valentine's day

    • fireknight 109
      fireknight 109

      There mean

  • Onami K
    Onami K

    Dude those story channels make fake stories

  • King Gamer
    King Gamer

    Everyone in USA is getting home schooled cause of covid 19

  • Xx Gacha _ Miku xX
    Xx Gacha _ Miku xX

    My "bestie" talks behind my back she said I was a h*e I just said don't be a wimp and say it to my face!

  • Emme Leman
    Emme Leman

    Ur mean to each other either because we’re Jealous or feel threatened by their looks. Or ur just assholes

  • Michelle Nichols
    Michelle Nichols

    Caylus / infinite: why can't girls just be nice and NOT talk about each other behind their backs? Me: bro, I feel ya I'm the tomboy of the class and I feel like the 'popular' girls talk behind my back! I'm usually hanging with the boys though when I'm not on the swings and I'm in 3rd grade! I feel you

  • Michelle Nichols
    Michelle Nichols

    Not all girls are mean! Some girls are nice! Mainly tomboys because we don't wear makeup and have spoiled brat attitudes and all that!!!!!!! Still love your vids though!!!

  • Stelly Gonzalez
    Stelly Gonzalez

    Ok only some girls are mean

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young

    My best friend talks behind my back alot

  • niel sideño
    niel sideño


  • Hi, I’m Lonk From Pennsylvania
    Hi, I’m Lonk From Pennsylvania

    This is how many times she said it wasn’t my fault | | |

  • Braelyn Thombleson
    Braelyn Thombleson

    Well I am really nice

  • Macie Jean
    Macie Jean

    I do not know why girls do that??????????????????????

  • linda newton
    linda newton


  • Michele Bushyhead
    Michele Bushyhead

    We are not rood

  • Alexis Hall
    Alexis Hall

    I don’t know why we do this

  • Kimberley Wood
    Kimberley Wood

    I em nis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristin James
    Kristin James

    I dont do that!😡😠

  • LaCora Wyche
    LaCora Wyche

    they are messy

  • 637 Gang
    637 Gang

    Schools best you get to do really what ever you want to do you take breaks when you want

  • Angela Lewis
    Angela Lewis

    It s fake

  • Lily Clayton
    Lily Clayton

    I don't talk about people behind people's back infact people talk about me behind my back

  • Oakley W
    Oakley W

    Idk I’m a boy!

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez

    Girls do that to have fun

  • Isabella Sibinovski
    Isabella Sibinovski

    I am actually having trouble at school with two of my "friends" Adi and Aubrey. They are saying things like I'm annoying and everything goes my way and that im just in general a big brat. In reality I am not. I think I am a sweet, loyal, loving, kind person with a great personality. If you are reading this Caylus, thank you. I don't want to bore you so I will say that I love you and you amazingly awesome videos. Can't wait to watch your next vid.

  • Gacha Life Queen
    Gacha Life Queen

    Girls do that because they’re scared they try to be better than other people then trying to make other people feel bad because the thing that I miss them feel better and I know that because I was one of those people but not anymore

  • Alison Zaranek
    Alison Zaranek

    Us girls can’t all be put under the same umbrella Like if u agree

  • Samantha Boukas
    Samantha Boukas

    With gurls drama is everything

  • The_official Doge
    The_official Doge

    I'm a girl but idk

  • Beka Xx
    Beka Xx

    My * friends r always getting me into trouble for no particular reason like bruh

  • Charlie Hall
    Charlie Hall

    I got home schooled for 3 yrs.

  • Rafferty

    hey im a big big big big fann!😛😝😜😋

  • Rajolon Men A9ssa lmadina
    Rajolon Men A9ssa lmadina

    7:49 Because they are idiots

  • Kimberly Hoskinson
    Kimberly Hoskinson


  • Cameron Rognan
    Cameron Rognan

    we dont want to sound mean to them

  • Tala Minto
    Tala Minto

    This story is like my life , it’s really hard to make the right decisions , and Own up to what people want to see, even tho I am still in high school, it’s really hard.

  • Demonic Mushroom GD
    Demonic Mushroom GD

    2:57 Best part hands down

  • Nmenegas@gmail.com Menegas
    Nmenegas@gmail.com Menegas

    I am a girl and I am a tomboy.But there are a lot girls&boys talking about my friends well..When they do that....They are dead.

  • Gillian MCNALLY
    Gillian MCNALLY

    Dont worry you look bootiful infinite 👌 U.U

  • Gillian MCNALLY
    Gillian MCNALLY

    I dont gossip and also i apoligize for doing nothing

  • Valerie Gaynor
    Valerie Gaynor

    Girls are jealous and rude Thats why

  • Lauren Zisa
    Lauren Zisa

    I get bullied by boys

  • OI IO
    OI IO

    i am nice to everyone

  • Dominic Wilson
    Dominic Wilson

    wit ubout beyblade

  • Assassin Wolf
    Assassin Wolf

    15:00 I am just screaming of laughter at your reaction😂😂

  • tgvar

    We get jokes fast

  • Maddie ONeill
    Maddie ONeill

    Girl dramma

  • Sleepy Chicken
    Sleepy Chicken

    One time my friend was getting bullied for dating a non popular girl so I went up to the kid that was bullying him and slammed my fist on his hand and nobody talk about him or her. he became the most popular kid in my school and that also made me popular. (I moved to a different school)

  • Sulimar Richardson
    Sulimar Richardson

    This is so sad 😢

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