I said YES to Gavin Magnus for 24 hours!! - (Bad Idea)
Carter Sharer
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Today Carter Sharer said yes to everything Gavin Magnus asked for 24 hrs. Carter and Gavin spent the whole day together at the Team RAR house and even went to Kylie Jenner house in Carters Lambo. Gavin even took Carters Ferrari! Comment #24HourChallenge #TeamRAR #GavinMagnus if you loved this video.
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I Let Gavin Magnus Control my Life for 24 hours!! - (Bad Idea)
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  • Pasha Talukder
    Pasha Talukder

    His voice is like girls

  • Jana Oliva
    Jana Oliva


  • Jana Oliva
    Jana Oliva

    Why did he try to go to Kylie's house?

  • Jana Oliva
    Jana Oliva

    Remember there's always a 5 second rule!

  • Renee Barger
    Renee Barger

    I love you gavin

  • Bella Boo
    Bella Boo

    I would make carder to buy me a...STOR!! And I would make carder get back with liz

  • Haedyn Cox
    Haedyn Cox


  • Josefine Fongyllen
    Josefine Fongyllen


  • Joseph Hecht-Enns
    Joseph Hecht-Enns

    So cool 😎

  • TJR Gamer
    TJR Gamer

    Get back together

  • KahLi Robinson
    KahLi Robinson

    Buy a free car

  • Edith gorostieta
    Edith gorostieta


  • Robert Howell
    Robert Howell

    who even watches papa Jake anymore

  • kuldeep kaur
    kuldeep kaur


  • Chase Payne
    Chase Payne

    Lambo a manchine making me a billionare

  • Robert Nesci
    Robert Nesci


  • David Pajaron Romero
    David Pajaron Romero

    christina aguilera

  • nj aquino channel
    nj aquino channel


  • Chesnie Hinson
    Chesnie Hinson

    Gavin a savage

  • Elbert Perez
    Elbert Perez

    @Brent Rivera did the same thing that you did w/Gavin

  • Susan Monroy
    Susan Monroy

    Milly attacked him when he had the keys running🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dori Ann
    Dori Ann

    Have mnijames

  • Ethan Milton
    Ethan Milton

    It comes like he stole Carter's stuff

  • Ethan Milton
    Ethan Milton


  • Ethan Milton
    Ethan Milton

    And he even threw away Carter's Money in the pool

  • Ethan Milton
    Ethan Milton

    Bra he just stole Carter's Ferrari

  • Jian Ming Zeng
    Jian Ming Zeng


  • Rush Mountmore
    Rush Mountmore

    Mili used to be pink

  • Martina Ward
    Martina Ward

    Pay xbox

  • Jackie Touma
    Jackie Touma

    Gavin fight you for coco

  • Jackie Touma
    Jackie Touma


  • Rudra Patel
    Rudra Patel


  • Ignus Jacobs
    Ignus Jacobs

    💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💑💏💏. 💏💏💏💏💏

  • James Sherman
    James Sherman

    Is Ryan still on the team

  • bella and star
    bella and star

    whay dose lizzy not whare merch

  • • Gxcha Abbie •
    • Gxcha Abbie •

    The mini version of Morgz

  • ChristopherDiaz6311

    Always down for you said get out there in Biga

  • ChristopherDiaz6311


  • ChristopherDiaz6311

    Do you have any at school that’s part of the room not cool at all gather you should get out yeah you know yeah that means that there’s girlfriend get out love you that’s mothers house don’t ever come back and go away traveling don’t even try to come back to Carter’s house inspector too old to be driving you don’t have a driver license that’s nice can you even don’t know how to drive with a little and you have a mom and a dad guy thing OK yes


    By me a rari

  • blake jonson
    blake jonson

    To the 1% reading this I hope you stay safe derringer These times 🥰🥰😍

  • Sharnice Frazier-Boyd
    Sharnice Frazier-Boyd


  • Sharnice Frazier-Boyd
    Sharnice Frazier-Boyd


  • Josue Portillo-Jarquin
    Josue Portillo-Jarquin

    how old is gavin M

  • Jennifer Parsons
    Jennifer Parsons

    Did Gavin actually move in

  • Jennifer Parsons
    Jennifer Parsons

    Did Gavin actually move it

  • Hayli Marler
    Hayli Marler

    Gavin is the only cute and hansom person in this video

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel

    You have to say yes to Lizzy Next to next video you have to say No to Lizzy for 2 of the video you have to say Lizzy for 45 hours

  • naruto cloud
    naruto cloud

    Stop the cap

  • naruto cloud
    naruto cloud

    We poor this will never happen to me

  • Shannon Sardinha
    Shannon Sardinha


  • Gailann Steede
    Gailann Steede


  • Andrew Geer
    Andrew Geer

    I would want a Lamborghini aventador, a Bugatti veyron, a mansion, and 1,000,001 dollars.

  • LJT Family
    LJT Family

    That was liz driving we all know that right

  • Samara Szymaniak
    Samara Szymaniak

    Buy a rolls Royce

  • Rylan Ratliff
    Rylan Ratliff

    I wanna ask him can you iPhone 11 Pro

  • LS_vlogs


  • Kevin Cunningham
    Kevin Cunningham


  • Kevin Cunningham
    Kevin Cunningham


  • Kevin Cunningham
    Kevin Cunningham

    Hi carter 🤠

  • Pedro Pablo
    Pedro Pablo

    Stevens house from a video and put it on your video

  • Pedro Pablo
    Pedro Pablo

    Go to Stephen share house

  • Lauren Davis
    Lauren Davis

    can i come please

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton

    Lol 😝 has not liked yet now I DID

  • Storm Armstrong
    Storm Armstrong

    I can only do A backflip

  • Helen Amerson
    Helen Amerson

    He cute little boy

  • Tom Jayes
    Tom Jayes

    D Z S D

  • Luna Puu
    Luna Puu

    I would ask for 10mill

  • Steve Burrell
    Steve Burrell


  • Jaxson Spiteri
    Jaxson Spiteri

    I’m a fan

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