I Spent $1,000,000 On Lottery Tickets and WON
I didnt think i was going to win that much... looks like im buying an island
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  • MrBeast

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    • v1ily

      Hi jimmy

    • Yezon60fps /:
      Yezon60fps /:

      Beast is a beast

    • MOVED the lord anmazook
      MOVED the lord anmazook


    • Sabko


    • Nora T
      Nora T


  • Mason Carver
    Mason Carver

    9:04 Chris that’s kinda sus

  • TheWaffle_Sir


  • KDrop

    Can i please have $50,000 to help my family?

  • Peyton Erzar- Tyndall
    Peyton Erzar- Tyndall

    I love you

  • gayslayer 69
    gayslayer 69

    An Island? Wait what

  • Taine Heke
    Taine Heke

    I love you mr be@st

  • Distortion 99
    Distortion 99

    So how did they win again?

  • Consti

    he must really trust these people with this..

  • en jel
    en jel

    When you cant win the lottery, but you can buy an island.

  • MAI Gaming
    MAI Gaming

    I thought he would say I am going to give it away to charity

  • _ Tygerz _
    _ Tygerz _

    Mrbeast now: buying an island! Mebeast in 20 years: *buying megalovania for copyright strikes*

  • Hailey Plays games that nobody asked for
    Hailey Plays games that nobody asked for

    Where In The world dose he get all his. Money 💰

  • Ali Ahwal
    Ali Ahwal


  • Peyton Erzar- Tyndall
    Peyton Erzar- Tyndall


  • SUVR

    LoL, you're seriously crazy...wkwkwkwk

  • Naim Yadiy Ys
    Naim Yadiy Ys

    "To be honest,this channel wouldn't be the same without Chris and Chandler" Trending comment

  • Ho scale Athearn Genesis Fan 135!
    Ho scale Athearn Genesis Fan 135!

    This is clickbeat but I love Mr.Beast

  • Ralph El-kassis
    Ralph El-kassis

    9:03 AND 9:30 they good?

  • Alison Lewis
    Alison Lewis

    I love y'all but you really need to social distance or at least wear masks. Think of the people that could be endangered because of these

  • Triona Bason
    Triona Bason


  • Basically tik tok On youtube
    Basically tik tok On youtube

    LaST tO TaKe tHeIR hAnd oF thE isLanD WinS iT

  • Sam & Lindsey Helfrich
    Sam & Lindsey Helfrich


  • Eveline Aldef
    Eveline Aldef

    This is soo fuunnnn 😍😍😍😍

  • Deano Mac
    Deano Mac

    Imagine being this mans friend ...

  • Aikou JR
    Aikou JR

    5 hours late gang : 👇

  • Jefferson Xu
    Jefferson Xu

    I know i aint help with the scratch off but let me join to compete for the island lol.... HELP

  • Nicu

    damn I would need only 60k to buy an apartment

  • Ben

    Mrbeast is too bored with his money cmon give me ur money

  • T Loading
    T Loading

    oh nah 9:05 did he kiss him thats wild lls

  • D* C*
    D* C*

    This just goes to show that the lottery is a scam you never actually win and when you do it’s just the money you’ve already spent in the past So you’re never really getting ahead. This is just a government way of paying tax without you knowing it

  • tank games
    tank games

    Pls feature this comment on a vid

  • Wynics_ on_YT
    Wynics_ on_YT

    You won -300,000 dollars congrats

  • Jonathan david Pizarro mallqui
    Jonathan david Pizarro mallqui

    OMG it's all I have to say

  • U.w.U Im sry
    U.w.U Im sry

    To be honest this channel wouldnt be the same without Jimmy

  • CappyBrew

    total drama island lol

  • Heather Soman
    Heather Soman

    If you pause at 3:41 jimmys face xDD

  • minecraft player
    minecraft player

    The millionaire who has shorts everywhere. I love this guy

  • Peyton Erzar- Tyndall
    Peyton Erzar- Tyndall

    Can I have $500

  • A i d a n • 32 years ago
    A i d a n • 32 years ago

    I hope tyler wins

  • Bambang Seto
    Bambang Seto

    When jimmy say he gonna buy privite island is very very mind blowing

  • Siim - Rasmus Lindau
    Siim - Rasmus Lindau

    4.8 M views in 5 hours, damn.

  • wahyu putra Nugraha
    wahyu putra Nugraha

    I think . You allready do this before.. long ago.. or i just see the future? Before

  • Denis Bernal
    Denis Bernal

    U should do that with viewers

  • Evan Veres
    Evan Veres

    Casually says he went to the bank and withdrew 70k

  • Purple Spaget
    Purple Spaget

    tbh mr beast might just be money laundering

  • Andrew Reyes
    Andrew Reyes

    how do you buy a private island?

  • a

    donate to lebanon

  • Jessica Boley
    Jessica Boley


  • ales gaming8
    ales gaming8


  • Dinesh Thapa
    Dinesh Thapa

    MILLION OML I've never even got a thousand DOLLAR lol

  • Juanito Rodriguez
    Juanito Rodriguez

    *Chandler And Chris Have the Luckiest Jobs in The World*

  • king sora
    king sora

    Oooooh boi private island competition!

  • Sagar Sultania
    Sagar Sultania


  • Alexandra Paniagua
    Alexandra Paniagua

    Hola a todos

  • Atx-Jonathan

    Damn me needing a car lol

  • Sabrina & JohnnyAngel Rojas
    Sabrina & JohnnyAngel Rojas

    *2050* Mr. Beast: “Im buying this country”

  • Cloaked MaZa
    Cloaked MaZa

    9:04 did Chris just kiss Karl?

    • TR Gaming привет меня зовут Тарын
      TR Gaming привет меня зовут Тарын


  • Dakota Mc
    Dakota Mc

    Who would love to have there own island

  • jeimielle

    Wow,1,000,000 dollers!!!!!!


    This is where TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND begins

  • Fear Alex
    Fear Alex

    Who else realized Tyler oleveria was there

  • Sauced Mar
    Sauced Mar

    Beast really just bought an island

  • Saanvi 555
    Saanvi 555

    Everyone else spending their money to buy a house, travel,pay for college Mrbeast- LOttErY tIckEtS

  • Alexandre J. W. Klaus
    Alexandre J. W. Klaus

    how much you think hell earn in 3 vids? gotta be more than 1.8 mil or he loses money!

  • Yushiro Tanabe
    Yushiro Tanabe

    This really tells us that lottery tickets aren't worth it for most people

  • Black TV
    Black TV

    MrBeast is the one of the best people on earth.

  • Samuel Camargo
    Samuel Camargo


  • Soft Gt
    Soft Gt

    So...Tyler Olivera u workin there now?! 😂

  • Gwapo Saberon
    Gwapo Saberon

    Pls give me iphone11 15pc plsssss 😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏😁

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