I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement
i borderline went crazy about 30 hours in...
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    • gaming with Leah
      gaming with Leah

      I can't drive

    • Cez Cars
      Cez Cars

      You should do last to leave roof

    • John Talsmen
      John Talsmen


    • Jahrasi Artwell Positive Energy
      Jahrasi Artwell Positive Energy

      Hey j

    • R-oa

      I'm here from my sub feed twice

  • zhaun wong
    zhaun wong

    carol is so DUMB

  • Joshua God
    Joshua God


  • Leo lim Chanel
    Leo lim Chanel

    Little did they know their next.

  • Sue Kimpton
    Sue Kimpton

    He was rubbing his but

  • Potato_Gaming123

    are you still gonna finish that croissant?

  • Sheila Capps
    Sheila Capps

    They should have done nyan cat

  • Benjamin Kramer
    Benjamin Kramer

    Where’s my Lamborghini?

  • Sho Gun Is the best
    Sho Gun Is the best

    Did anyone saw 2:26 at backround mr beast was playing myusernames oof town road

  • itsShockWolf 190
    itsShockWolf 190

    I luv ur vids beast

  • TheAverageRobloxian

    Quarantine but for a whole year

  • PBCANDY Gacha&Gaming
    PBCANDY Gacha&Gaming

    Chandler:Ur getting something else green, it slime. Me:the slime was blue LOL TwT

  • Sydney Fleming
    Sydney Fleming

    That rap should be on Spotify

  • Jacque Porraz
    Jacque Porraz

    10:09 had me on the floor . Editing *YEET!*

  • Karina Tristy
    Karina Tristy

    ah i spelled something wrong who can guess it

  • WEI JUN tiong
    WEI JUN tiong

    wow good

  • Mark Alvarez
    Mark Alvarez


  • An orange Creeper
    An orange Creeper

    Did anyone realise chandler saying the the slime was green but it was blue so chandler is stupid

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G

    Plz do solitary confinement for 24 hours

  • TheBeck Faulkner
    TheBeck Faulkner

    My ears actually started ringing

  • TheBeck Faulkner
    TheBeck Faulkner

    Wait...... he shouted out himself

  • Aylin Cruz
    Aylin Cruz


  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    Do they understand the meaning of solitary?

  • Twist

    why did the camera man get slimed?

  • Antauzy

    "Let's go watch anime" 🤣

  • Kaiden Decastro
    Kaiden Decastro

    wonder where jake went

  • David Allen
    David Allen

    10:08 that was actually a one in a million shot lol

  • Angelo Joseph Baroque
    Angelo Joseph Baroque

    I can survive that

  • INTEL 487
    INTEL 487

    Check out my graffiti!! Much love y’all!!!

  • Niversa International Trading Co.
    Niversa International Trading Co.

    50 hours??? I spent that on the toilet. Try 87 days straight.

  • Edwin Pascual
    Edwin Pascual

    Mr. Beast is savege this bro

  • J.P. Wick
    J.P. Wick

    I can only imagine people no older than their tweens being entertained by this.

  • Lil Potato
    Lil Potato

    They should have put wasps in that room

  • Tulgrad

    i did it for 3 week, Thx corona virus -_-

  • Psvr Man
    Psvr Man

    :( :(😥

  • Psvr Man
    Psvr Man


  • Nicholas Phin
    Nicholas Phin

    Wow y’all watched anime without JIMMY. That’s cold.

  • Psvr Man
    Psvr Man


  • Nicholas Phin
    Nicholas Phin

    13:05 they finally cursed in their videos without bleeping it.

  • Idk bitch
    Idk bitch

    5:46 We all know what he really did.

  • Matthew Willis
    Matthew Willis


  • J P
    J P

    Joe mama

  • Ivy Mortimer
    Ivy Mortimer

    e e e e ee

  • Freakime

    Ok so let’s be honest, the thing we’re most curious about is... When is that freestyle rap gonna be released?

  • AngelC Videos
    AngelC Videos


  • RavenRunner82

    Yo my dad has been doing this for years

  • Javier Gaming
    Javier Gaming

    1:56 it's terrifying

  • Christopher Weiss
    Christopher Weiss

    This was far from solitary....

  • Sahara Ahmed
    Sahara Ahmed

    Fine asswhlole

  • Sahara Ahmed
    Sahara Ahmed

    Fine das

  • Key Ghost Draws
    Key Ghost Draws

    My dad did this challenge for for 12 years

  • GHOUL StormKiller
    GHOUL StormKiller

    Random Roast: Zack Is a Giraffe

  • Jose Abreu
    Jose Abreu


  • Jokez

    Terek is honestly a good guy

  • Reed Playz
    Reed Playz


  • I forgot the kids
    I forgot the kids

    8:58 That's quite a green screen they got going on there

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous

    try doing actual solitary confinement! guaranteed mil views

  • Austin Eschenbach
    Austin Eschenbach

    Should of turned the lights off lol way to win!

  • The SpaceX and NASA Nerd
    The SpaceX and NASA Nerd

    I know why jimmy doesn’t participate in these kinds of challenges, because he’s too gooooooooodddddddd (this is the original comment)

  • Aiden Smock
    Aiden Smock

    My dad has been doing this challenge for 20 years

  • Cindy Avery
    Cindy Avery

    Wish I could meet these guys pay my bills off. Yes sir I would...I think it's great what they do.

  • Crab and Mushroom facts
    Crab and Mushroom facts

    Rookie numbers mate

  • NinjaPixieLily Hi
    NinjaPixieLily Hi

    can you post the rap?

  • Random Things
    Random Things

    atac ta titen

  • I Toxik I Viperz I
    I Toxik I Viperz I

    Btw wheres Jake the Viling

    • I Toxik I Viperz I
      I Toxik I Viperz I


  • Pokemon Ultra Z
    Pokemon Ultra Z

    If I was him I would try to break the mirror.

  • Da Varpo
    Da Varpo

    1:52 whats that screaming sound effect called? 😂

  • Fugu Chad
    Fugu Chad

    I don’t think Chris knows what simp means lol

  • LDJW Entertainment
    LDJW Entertainment

    How about helping out a small channel? ;)

  • Selvin Aguilera
    Selvin Aguilera

    I love how the camera man helped him and he stull got slimed

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