I spent a day with kidnapping survivors to learn about their horrifying experiences and how their lives have changed since escaping.
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    • Brie Go!
      Brie Go!

      I'd like to see an interview with flight attendants and/or pilots, if possible :) Great job with these videos, by the way!

    • Matt


    • Naomi Davis
      Naomi Davis


    • Thars De pauw
      Thars De pauw

      could you please make a video about adhd, i have it myself and I think there are still a lot of things that people dnt know about it itself and people with adhd.

    • Lee Thompson
      Lee Thompson

      That is not good not good

  • Myst

    Lol imagine getting kidnapped lmao

    • Myst

      Jk btw

  • Shae Cat
    Shae Cat

    I'm a kid watching this so I'm learning

  • Shae Cat
    Shae Cat

    I started crying when she said I thought I couldn't ever tell them I love them

  • Shae Cat
    Shae Cat

    They're so brave for sharing there past ... it helps us all learn what not to do

  • I'm the meaning of LA CHI MO LA LAA
    I'm the meaning of LA CHI MO LA LAA

    Those people in court has no brain or heart... Like what the fuck.. Giving these criminals only less than year punishment for that... First those people need brain cells ...mostly this is happening almost everywhere... Poor people being abused and criminals having good lives...WHAT do they mean by this.. 😠😠😠😠

  • Karlyy Babyy
    Karlyy Babyy

    It's really fucked up to me how people like that can be released! Like seriously and they get to live their lives freely doing whatever they want.. Whenever I hear stuff like this I honestly think why doesn't someone take it into their own hands and do something about it (if you know what I mean lol) I wish I could but I can't lol

  • Karlyy Babyy
    Karlyy Babyy

    Really on her birthday of all days in the year they have to release him on her birthday that's fucked up!! I really wish they would change it for her so she can enjoy her birthday in peace 🙏🏼💜♥️

  • Amanda Charlebois
    Amanda Charlebois

    This is why my parents didn’t allow me to go in chat rooms. Ever. I was caught doing it twice and was grounded each time. I finally stopped because my otherwise very chill and reasonable parents put the fear of GOD in me. Now, I understand why. Back then? I thought I knew how to keep myself safe. That’s the problem with kids. We don’t know what we don’t know. And if you don’t know what you don’t know, what you don’t know is A LOT.

  • Qaris Wilson
    Qaris Wilson

    People should get 20+ years for doing that to a child. 19 days?????? absolutely ridiculous.

  • Amber Xx
    Amber Xx

    Most people are killed 48 hours after being kidnapped so the 4 day comment that people told her was crazy🤦‍♀️

  • edenyang

    :O i heard about jans story from stephanie soos mukbang

  • Mtstrawb

    Yeah I’ll just act like I didn’t see just go through the wall ... lol 😂 new sub

  • Yes Regular
    Yes Regular

    I am so sorry

  • Dashawn Pittman
    Dashawn Pittman

    If a grown up got kidnapped would it still be considered kidnapping

  • Miranda Franco
    Miranda Franco

    casually falls threw ceiling

  • Farnoud Tavakoli
    Farnoud Tavakoli

    Respect 👊🏽

  • Nataly Solano
    Nataly Solano

    This is why victims don't speak up... justice isn't served.

  • Dracosbxss⚡️🐍🐇🦅

    OMg dude i just watch this whole story yesterday and it gets really ummm how can I say well um one weird to it gives you the chills and it’s just so sad how Jan live threw this

  • TheFloorBoardGuy

    Why didn’t the cameraman save her

    • TheFloorBoardGuy

      Oh gosh! What happened to the kidnappers?

  • Vanity Noedel
    Vanity Noedel

    But why was that dude (the one that recognized her) watching the video in the first place?

    • Shakur.

      im hoping he only doing it as a way to see if he can recognize people and save them

  • Helen Rocha
    Helen Rocha

    And there are people getting out of jail sooner for "good behavior", like excuse me??? They did terrible things like kidnapping, murder, rape and other horrible actions and you're releasing them sooner because they "acted good" in jail?

    • Connor Deforest
      Connor Deforest

      It’s because they proved there reforged stupid

  • Masked Medi
    Masked Medi

    Jan looks like me when i had a beanie for 7 days straight and then took it off

  • Noble Six
    Noble Six


  • Star Blade
    Star Blade

    I know not the right timing but I read the title like this “spending a day kidnapping survivors” and I went 😳

    • Evan Findling Gaming
      Evan Findling Gaming

      Dude wtf man

  • Becky Sharieff
    Becky Sharieff

    This would be my absolute worst fear. The strength these people have to experience such a horrible, traumatic event and continue on with their lives as normal as possible is just beyond me. I admire them so much.

  • WesleyBoi Howell
    WesleyBoi Howell

    I just recently watched Jan's story on netflix, if anyone's interested its called Abducted in Plain Sight.

  • Jewel Bally
    Jewel Bally

    I am disgusted..... Why is it that when someone steals a car... They get 40years...but when someone gets *****... It's a week..... Why.. Just why?!?!?! I'm soo angry right now... God bless these strong women for sharing their story... It's teachings a lot of us... Including me, the dangers.

    • Connor Deforest
      Connor Deforest

      Technically stealing a car is usually like a mont or a fine shut up

  • Jewel Bally
    Jewel Bally

    Don't teach us how to find x..... Teach us more about this topic

  • Maysyn Nevares
    Maysyn Nevares

    I remember hearing about jans story. I watched the doc about her and realized a family friend had the same tactics as her abductor

  • Izziee Roblox
    Izziee Roblox

    I would have been uncomfortable sharing such a traumatizing story

  • Sunflower Seeds
    Sunflower Seeds

    All these people are so strong this is such a terrifying thing that they had to go through.

  • Poisoned Lord
    Poisoned Lord

    Bruh i thought his intro said we was going to sit down and kidnap survivors

  • JaytheBean

    I would just like to point out me and Anthony have the same last name....

  • Kawaii Gamer Girls
    Kawaii Gamer Girls

    If u wanna watch the whole thing of jans story it’s on Netflix I saw it I’m watching it now 😂🙂

  • Raccoon Gaming
    Raccoon Gaming

    How to not get kidnapped Don’t get kidnapped

  • Sunny D
    Sunny D

    This was posted on my birthday. huh

  • Professor Dumbledore
    Professor Dumbledore

    I've heard about Jan's story before! There's a whole documentary about her kidnapping called "abducted in plain sight" and you can also watch Christina Randall's video about it. Or you can just search up *abducted in plain sight* , it's very fascinating and I'm sending my love to everyone :)

  • superunhappysnail

    imagine talking about your traumatic life experiences to some guy with an airpod in

  • Hello mate
    Hello mate

    I watched the first lady’s story on Netflix and omg I couldn’t believe my eyes

  • Keira S
    Keira S

    Girl don’t watch this at night

  • シrosiepeaches

    her birthday damn

  • tiredsn0w

    i developed a type a personality disorder from trauma way less bad than this. i can't imagine how they can even talk about it. they're so strong. i wish i was that strong - i tried to kill myself 4 times from 8 to 13 and still have a severe self-harm addiction and an eating disorder. im really weak, especially compared to them. they're amazing, honestly. i wish i could talk to one of them sometime

    • tiredsn0w

      @peachy thank you, that's really nice of you

    • peachy

      this sounds really weird but just know im here if u ever wanna talk abt it

  • Open Waters ALDC Love
    Open Waters ALDC Love

    I hate the fact that eights others kids went through what Jan went through only because the court system didn’t send that man to life in prison when they should’ve. Honestly breaks my heart

    • Connor Deforest
      Connor Deforest

      Well there’s no proof he kidnapped other people and life is quite harsh like murder level just take a chill pill 15 years is enough except the torture guy that might reach life

  • Olivia S
    Olivia S

    the scariest part about this was young jan's haircut

    • Hobi’s Spritueee
      Hobi’s Spritueee


  • Lily M
    Lily M

    The fact that none of them had to comply stop was amazing 👏

  • A B Cars N’ Guitars
    A B Cars N’ Guitars

    Jan is so beautiful! So is Alicia too of course :) but Jan just looks so good for her age! These are some strong women right here... respect to both of you.

  • Callie T
    Callie T

    My teacher just shared with us that she was kidnapped by her biological father and taken to a different state until years later she was found. Her family were all alcoholics and she had to go to 12 separate schools in her life. Now she is a totally changed and amazing person teacher, and mother. She is so helpful and kind and is absolutely thriving today. I'm so proud of her

  • BioyNeo

    Why the title is in spanish and the video doesn't have subs?😔

  • Kourtni Pullen
    Kourtni Pullen

    I got an ad on this video for the app called spoon and it said looking for someone new to talk to you? Chat with strangers and I was just like... Wrong audience?

  • • Synth_Wxve •
    • Synth_Wxve •

    This is a sexual abuse story of my grandma, she was raped by her dad and I look up to her for her strength and growth So, when my grandma was about 12-13, she obviously was able to have sex at the time due to the fact of her periods were starting. Her dad was abusive to her older sister, sexually, mentally, and physically. At the time, physical abuse was different than it is nowadays (obviously). So, he became physically abusive to my grandma. Now, everyday at midnight, her dad would come into her room and rape her. Every. Single. Night. My grandma tried staying strong and tried not to cry because of the pain. Though, she told me that she had this bean bag chair in her room. She said she would imagine Jesus sitting in that chair, just holding her hand making sure that whatever happened, that she would be ok with him by her side. My grandma told me that God was her strength, with him by her side, she could do anything. Now, you might me wondering, “why didn’t her mom do anything?” And we still wonder about that today. Her mom will never say anything about it other than I don’t know. But, my grandma’s therapist at the time said, and I quote: “what do you want out of her telling you why she didn’t defend you? If she were to tell you what would you get out of it? You would still be upset, you might be even more really. Asking her why isn’t going to change anything.” Her mom is the type that helps the ones in need, but brags to the ones who have enough. And really, as much as she says that her husband wasn’t a good man, she still refuses to say why she didn’t defend her daughters from being raped. In present time, we have come to realize that a lot of men from my grandma’s side of the family were sexually abused by a pedophile and had done so themselves. We have realized that not only did we have a family of pedophiles, but that instead of raping random kids, it was their own daughters and cousins. Talk about gross. But, we have stuck up for ourselves now and my grandma tells her story to people who could use it and has become a very strong and successful woman. She is married to a great guy (my grandpa) and has had 4 kids, counting my mom. I don’t know what it’s like to be raped or kidnapped, but I sure do look up to my grandma and anyone who has gone through that and how strong they have become. I love you grandma ❤️

    • the cringe one
      the cringe one

      She deserves everything good. She is a warrior

  • Provoke

    Imagine being that girl and seeing that video of what he did to her after she was rescued -_-

  • Gogginc

    was the word that wasn’t “kill” that was censored “raped”?

    • - Vorticia -
      - Vorticia -

      Yes. It was censored in an attempt to limit triggers

  • harrypoddd

    anthony's content is so good

  • Ray S
    Ray S

    the music doesn’t help though like they should turn off the music and music effects and stuff it’s annoying

  • Ray S
    Ray S

    There life is literally like a movie like horror or some kine shit lmao😳😳😬💀

    • carlos alicea
      carlos alicea


  • Maria Alwan
    Maria Alwan

    I'm sorry but I think the editing, the music and switching.. including the billion commercials is disrespectful and completely horrible.. frustrating to watch..

    • Connor Deforest
      Connor Deforest

      Bruh it’s making light of a dark topic heard of tone stupid

  • Kai Chisaki
    Kai Chisaki

    I feel so bad for them.

  • Los tips de Bruno
    Los tips de Bruno

    1:17 Everyone: *DON’T SAY WONDROUS*

  • UvU [Albert] [fan]
    UvU [Albert] [fan]

    OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOh that’s really creepy-


    i almost got kidnapp once but my dad with a walker that 55 years old then my dad grab his neck choke till he said yes then he ran away i love my dad



  • Emily Ramirez
    Emily Ramirez

    Okay but is anyone else completely mind blown by the "alien" story...Like wth that's a whole real life movie... EDIT: nvm yall i just realized this is that documentary on netflix and I just watched it and my mind is even more blown now....

  • bbyari

    Jan’s story was a little confusing to me, it’s 4am so everything is confusing. But Alicia’s story was sickening. I’m so sorry for her and she was only 13 I’m glad that she’s now found a way to teach other children/teens how to be safe on the internet.

  • TheBigAwesome

    Bruh idk what I would do after seeing the torture devices... I would lose my sh*t

  • Scuffed

    Hasnt he already seen them for a long time????

  • deadsocixty


  • Brenna Mcilvain
    Brenna Mcilvain

    When she said Pittsburgh PA my heart honestly dropped! I’m from that area and that’s so scary! She truly is a survivor, both of them are !

  • It’s Jazlin
    It’s Jazlin

    Oh my gosh I fill so bad😔😔😭😭☹️☹️🙁🥺🥺🥺😦😦😧😧

  • Ashton Lim
    Ashton Lim

    what happened to that brainwasher's family?

  • Ashton Lim
    Ashton Lim

    more interested how the man who reported it was watching child torture.......

    • Connor Deforest
      Connor Deforest

      He was probably scrolling through streams and saw it stupid

    • Nothing Interesting
      Nothing Interesting

      At least he reported it.

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