I Spent A Night In A Haunted House! *SCARY*
Dan and Riya
It is Halloween in high school. The popular girl, Cinnamon, tells Tootsie, Riya and Raja to stay at the haunted house. But when strange things begin to happen. The witches began making their potion and needed an eyelash of a virgin. All the students must work together to get out alive! Little did they know the house was haunted by witches. #Halloween #HalloweenDare
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  • Mangsien Lien
    Mangsien Lien

    This video is not scary for me

  • Margie Elisa
    Margie Elisa

    10:06 rhubarb looks hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas

    Nott funi cinamon

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas

    Rajjaah: momi

  • Valentina Queen
    Valentina Queen

    i know its late to say this -.- but you did a great job and YOUR THE BEST IT-myR EVER =D

  • squishy Girl
    squishy Girl

    We have to prietaited to dan and riya, they are working so hard to do this for us I LOVE U DAN I LOVE U RIYA U GUYS ARE MY WORLD 😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕

  • Yna Almendras
    Yna Almendras

    3 Rita’s 2 dan’s

  • alanloke77@gmail.com Loke
    alanloke77@gmail.com Loke

    Why didn't rubarb bring like alot of the lavender spary so that they all can spray at the witches

  • rocking girl
    rocking girl

    I am country If she asked me to stay in that house i would say ok I am bring a gun and a pocket knife

  • angel almira
    angel almira

    Love you dan and Ria keep making more funny videos

  • Sara Dragarić
    Sara Dragarić

    This. Is. Soo scary

  • Kristel Pimentel
    Kristel Pimentel


  • Ava Hughes
    Ava Hughes

    OMG you guys worked so hard I love so much

  • Nay Davis
    Nay Davis

    This video was made after my birthday

  • Blue and winter theme Roblox Blueberry winter
    Blue and winter theme Roblox Blueberry winter

    Thx witch I can said about your face

  • Brittany Paden
    Brittany Paden

    It’s funny how Tasha was like ahhhh mummy cuz he got scared lol 4:16

  • Brittany Paden
    Brittany Paden

    Y’all gave me nightmares

  • Hayman Khi
    Hayman Khi


  • Emmanuel Edmond
    Emmanuel Edmond

    If i was in their places i would be scared if you agree, like this comment.

  • Shazia Hussain
    Shazia Hussain


  • Ian Evans
    Ian Evans

    I love the part when Rajah said yes because I have no other choice to rhubarb

  • Israt Jesmin Fatema
    Israt Jesmin Fatema

    I love the video 😍😍😍

  • Lisa Jansen
    Lisa Jansen

    You never saved James

  • Nikie Du plessis
    Nikie Du plessis

    Raja I ship you and tootsie 💜💜💜 I love you 🤟 I love you Riya and Dan 💜💚💚

  • Blue and winter theme Roblox Blueberry winter
    Blue and winter theme Roblox Blueberry winter

    I like it

    • Blue and winter theme Roblox Blueberry winter
      Blue and winter theme Roblox Blueberry winter

      Qasd was my kJ Fjgjgjhjhh Fjgh Gkgkhj Gkhkgj is a winter ❄️ was that I can do a lot more than you think 💭 I have been to the I have been to Hi 👋 was Hi little psychopaths in my house Hey I have a nice little party 🎊 Hi I love ❤️ I have a good day Fufugj is Fjnkb

    • Blue and winter theme Roblox Blueberry winter
      Blue and winter theme Roblox Blueberry winter

      Dump hahahahaha

  • Lillyanna Asencio
    Lillyanna Asencio

    Haha I watched this thousands of times

  • Yasmeen Farraj
    Yasmeen Farraj

    I KNOW !!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jhenelle Belnavis
    Jhenelle Belnavis

    I love cooking Diary It's the best game like ever I don't like from the day came out it's good

  • Luisa Ramirez
    Luisa Ramirez

    Is that girl with the red is your red hair real

  • Maria Herald
    Maria Herald


  • Nella and Natty BFF peterovi
    Nella and Natty BFF peterovi

    I thought dan was vegiterian

  • karima adam
    karima adam

    So since the curse has been lifted for hector where is his friend ???

  • Diana Makwarela
    Diana Makwarela

    My favorite part was when tootsie said Lord McDonald

  • Diana Makwarela
    Diana Makwarela

    Tootsie you can,t force me to come

  • Candice Moreland
    Candice Moreland


  • Angela Hyder
    Angela Hyder

    Rhubarb isn’t a virgin that’s weird

  • Marwa Manea
    Marwa Manea

    Who else thinks ruhbarb always eats the pancakes at the diner?

  • Lorraine Rivera
    Lorraine Rivera

    Quinn Harley Quinn

  • Ishrak Ahmed
    Ishrak Ahmed

    What about james? He is still traped

  • Thomas Quattrocchi
    Thomas Quattrocchi

    Raja has boobs?

  • Susana Velazquez
    Susana Velazquez

    Can someone tell me the name of the video where riya presented raja as her boyfriend to tootsie ?

  • Maya Padaliya
    Maya Padaliya

    the amount of people who will be watching funny things after this so they dont get nightmares ( the amount of likes)

  • Mekyle Dlovan
    Mekyle Dlovan

    rubarb lov rajah

  • Niko Neznanovic
    Niko Neznanovic

    It, was So Funny wenn rubarb was sfere It was So Funny

  • Alexa plays
    Alexa plays

    This should be a scary movie

  • lucimedias

    I’m sure it looks like Titanic‘s

  • Sunil Bhandari
    Sunil Bhandari

    I feel like rhubarb cares more about her bag then raja 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Asim Sabic
    Asim Sabic

    I'm not scared😱

  • Diana Makwarela
    Diana Makwarela

    Riya you should be a princess

  • Diana Makwarela
    Diana Makwarela

    Lord McDonald killed me 😂

  • Gacha Pup
    Gacha Pup

    I love Tootsie’s costume and Cinnamon’s also riya’s

  • Hamza Naeem
    Hamza Naeem

    I not scared

  • Evelyn Gonzalez
    Evelyn Gonzalez

    I love eleven

  • KittyGachameOw gachatuber
    KittyGachameOw gachatuber

    Raja: I am not a virgin Everyone: *stares* Raja: please Me: 🤣🤣😂😆💀😂😆☠️😆 14:32

  • KittyGachameOw gachatuber
    KittyGachameOw gachatuber

    Raja: I am not a virgin Everyone: *stares* Raja: please Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😆😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elroe Kebede
    Elroe Kebede

    What is riya supposed to be

  • Phoebe Broomhall
    Phoebe Broomhall


  • Bryan R
    Bryan R


  • Janell Hernandez
    Janell Hernandez

    Why was cinnamon talking all this mess in the beginning but at the end she was all scared🤯🌪🔥

  • Xxlove cutiexX
    Xxlove cutiexX

    Riya I love ur crop top😄

  • Xxlove cutiexX
    Xxlove cutiexX

    Never seen cinimom hugged tootsie😄

  • Xxlove cutiexX
    Xxlove cutiexX

    The wichs mom is daniel😏

  • Xxlove cutiexX
    Xxlove cutiexX

    I remember it🙂

  • Mario Hernandez Jr
    Mario Hernandez Jr

    In love

  • Mario Hernandez Jr
    Mario Hernandez Jr

    Riya an angel and Daniel a devil

  • joncita todechine
    joncita todechine

    Riya from stranger things costume

  • Madeline Saliba
    Madeline Saliba

    Oh no

  • ProAlly

    I laughed so hard when rhubarb lift her bag and she was chattering

  • Mhabuba Siddika Khanam
    Mhabuba Siddika Khanam

    This is the best video ever

  • Alma Bislimi
    Alma Bislimi

    Tootsie is like lele pons

Prossimi video