I Surprised Him With His Least Favorite TikToker
Dolan Twins
Sorry Grayson...I just had to
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  • Queen BaeBae
    Queen BaeBae

    I think Griffin Somewhat Looks Like Ethan

  • Laila Kay
    Laila Kay

    y’all should make pranks like before it was really funnyy

  • Alexandra Majdalani
    Alexandra Majdalani

    Imagine how awkward that car ride wouldve been

  • Gracia Helena
    Gracia Helena

    actually don't really like Thomas but this video changed my mind 😂

  • 24 Verr
    24 Verr

    I dont see it ... I think they look nothing alike

  • Chloe Butler
    Chloe Butler

    he looks nothing like gray

  • Marissa Santiago
    Marissa Santiago

    He doesn’t look like Grayson at all

  • Justine Moore
    Justine Moore

    thomas looks NOTHING like grayson lmao

  • Acacia Collins
    Acacia Collins

    I have a friend I went to high school with and I compared Ethan and my guy friends photos together and they looked a bit a like but that was about 2years ago

  • Ashley Polley
    Ashley Polley

    I feel like Thomas said Grayson was f?cking Addison when they beeped it out ngl 🤦‍♀️

  • J BR
    J BR

    gray looks so pissed LMFAOAO

  • Moises_414

    They don’t look alike at all

  • Rhea rodrigues
    Rhea rodrigues


  • cjthomasfilms

    I miss these videos tbh


    Yeah... its a no for me. not a bit alike.

  • Jelissa Perea
    Jelissa Perea


  • Fatima Tahib
    Fatima Tahib

    You guys should definitely make more Tiktoks and maybe even recreate some old vines 😱

  • Drew

    He looks nothing like Grayson lol

  • Sofia The crackhead
    Sofia The crackhead

    Lmao I still come back to this

  • Unicorns🦄

    hi gracie and tomy SKDHDKSJ

  • Endira Bose
    Endira Bose

    for some reason to me Griffin Johnson looks more like the twins than Thomas does

  • Cailyn Kusek
    Cailyn Kusek

    yikes i was definitely hoping it would be griffin johnson...

  • Che Dashiell
    Che Dashiell

    Grayson was triggered when Ethan asked if it was okay to call him Gracie

  • P Roy
    P Roy

    This is the most angry comment section u will ever find.🙏🏼

  • Neah Marie
    Neah Marie

    Every time I see long here Grayson🥴😩😍

  • HiThereLove16

    Actually, if you look at them in the Tesla.. He looks like a blown-up Ethan.

  • Daphne delos Santos
    Daphne delos Santos


  • R u s h i i
    R u s h i i

    So he dislikes Thomas more then candy ken? 😳

  • Sarenidy Boydston
    Sarenidy Boydston

    Nobody will prolly see this but slow down the video and click this 4:10. You will see his gf as his wallpaper.

  • Shannon Suber
    Shannon Suber


  • Kat Lynn
    Kat Lynn

    my favorite part: “but i also love fucking with grayson” -ethan😂😂😂

  • Ava Williams
    Ava Williams

    “i wouldn’t say beef bc i am vegan” i am dying 😂

  • Lavila6


  • Mehar heer
    Mehar heer

    Omg in there recent vid someone said in the comments to watch this vid at 4:10 at really slow speed, his wallpaper is kristina🥺❤️ I’m dying it’s so cute

  • Amanda Evans
    Amanda Evans

    I am dying Bahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amanda Evans
    Amanda Evans

    This is fucking hillarious

  • Christo Kruze
    Christo Kruze

    Hi my name is Christo not really important I have a friend named Jordyn and she loves Jason Dolan so much so as her friend I’m asking can you send her one message that would mean the world to her. Her instagram is jordynkiera_ thank you

  • Amber Jones
    Amber Jones

    What's actually funny is that they look NOTHING alike. They have the same hair color, thick brows, and a similar eye color. That's it. There was nothing "trippy" about it, lol.

  • Lana Wael
    Lana Wael

    the awkwardness is literally radiating from the screen LMAO

  • Lumkile G
    Lumkile G

    YO like for real tho “give me the f*cking purple couch” !!! Or litrally just the pillows (like this so they can see :) ! )

  • Grace Charette
    Grace Charette

    Graysons arms 😍

  • layla hamoodi
    layla hamoodi

    just me who thought it was going to be griffin johnson not thomas? i dont see the resemblance between thomas and grayson at all

  • Diana Torres
    Diana Torres

    okay gracie

  • Sheogorath

    Did Grayson and Shane Dawson have a baby at some point...?

  • Olivia Joy
    Olivia Joy


  • Kaitlyn C.
    Kaitlyn C.

    Just because you don’t see that they look alike, doesn’t mean you guys gotta be mean. Thomas is a human being. He has feelings. Quit saying he’s ugly or the Walmart version of Grayson. This comment section did not pass the vibe check

  • Makayla Cameron
    Makayla Cameron

    Saying gray and Thomas look alike is literally an insult to gray 😂 I also do NOT think they look alike at all !!!


    Shane Dawson + Dolan Twins = Thomas.

  • Roxanne Vienna
    Roxanne Vienna

    I don't see it.

  • LifewithMik

    at 8:10 i saw it, he does look like Grayson. tell me im wrong

  • Louie Antonio
    Louie Antonio

    I Need Glasses Cuz I Don't See The Similarity.

  • susan noriaa
    susan noriaa

    who is that Thomas dude again?

  • Samantha Garcia
    Samantha Garcia

    I dont think they look the same. Eyes kinda but thats its. I would belive if they were brothers or cousins. But not twins.

  • kawaiigamergirl

    bro am i the only one who thinks grayson and ethan look similar

  • Kayla Nayak
    Kayla Nayak

    they actually look like triplets

  • Heeral Makwana
    Heeral Makwana

    The fact that Ethan was calling Thomas a "kid" even though he is older had me dead!! 🤣🤣😭


    OMG this is deja vu.

  • Victoria Serena
    Victoria Serena

    I don’t see it

  • Rose Lourose
    Rose Lourose


  • Poor Mom life
    Poor Mom life

    Omg Ethan!!! You had such a m9ssed opportunity here!!!You could have walked in acting like you thought be was Grayson say thanks bro for deciding to drive me to get my Tesla & just called Grayson Tommy ALL DAY & act like Thomas was actually Grayson all day lol 🤣🤣 dangggg

  • Autumn Norris
    Autumn Norris

    I love how Grayson and Thomas are in the same pose standing in the door way> 😂😂😂😂

  • Daisy Sanderson
    Daisy Sanderson

    2:44 bestdat.site Hi :)

  • Trinity Pelletier
    Trinity Pelletier

    gray hits different in this video

  • Zenna Stirling
    Zenna Stirling

    Tommy is Gray if you take Ethan out of Grayson

  • Shawna Stahl
    Shawna Stahl

    U guys almost look alike!! I see it when I look at u two real fast..

  • Lindsey Franco
    Lindsey Franco

    You guys should do it with a lie detector 😂

  • iigeorgia_bearii Fresh brownie fan
    iigeorgia_bearii Fresh brownie fan

    Greyson needs do go back blonde.

  • jodi leah
    jodi leah

    ethans lockscreen 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Dolly Esparza
    Dolly Esparza

    ok ethans wallpaper

  • Jenna Reese
    Jenna Reese

    I wonder if their faces could unlock their phones

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