I Survived a 72-Hour Military Combat School
Logan Paul
We traveled to Virginia to get our asses handed to us by former members of Seal Team Six, the Military, and Law Enforcement.
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • Nicholas Spidle
    Nicholas Spidle

    This video is like a call of duty game flashback

  • Stephanie Randall
    Stephanie Randall

    I dare you to challenge your brother

  • panda king
    panda king

    I Know what it feels like

  • rex aka rexq
    rex aka rexq

    "2020 is a big year for us" Me: Well yes but actually no.

  • Marcus Pfeffer
    Marcus Pfeffer

    2020 is fucked up and some shit

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    ghost 13


  • ghost 13
    ghost 13


  • john gonzalez
    john gonzalez

    Good job Logan keep up the good work

  • Spartacus

    This is very impressive I’ve done stuff similar but nothin like this

  • SeductiveFalcon

    THE THINNING 3!!!!

  • joaquin colon
    joaquin colon

    Logan looks like he would been In the army

  • KALEB Wooton
    KALEB Wooton

    Logan choking mike GET A TERNAKIT!!!!

  • Dexus

    When u play call of duty for the first time

  • TheRealTJ

    Logan you probably had Corona

  • עמנואל בירן
    עמנואל בירן


  • Mr. Augustus Alastor
    Mr. Augustus Alastor

    fuck you I'm 12

  • Zyon Brooks
    Zyon Brooks

    He has COVID 2020

  • Jeffy

    Bruh said 2020 is gonna be silver 🤣

  • Sarbeanos

    2020 tarzan confirmed.

  • Sarbeanos


  • Louis Holmes
    Louis Holmes

    So why do you feel the need for this kind of firepower logan

  • sargent doge_imnotgerman
    sargent doge_imnotgerman


  • Blue Assassin
    Blue Assassin

    this man doggin on one of the best mre smh

  • Hunner_999

    If there’s a zombie apocalypse I need this trainer on my team

  • Cxxr

    2020 be like bruh want to fight

  • Alvin Gacheru
    Alvin Gacheru

    The editor killed this,dc universe hope you paid attention😂😂

  • Jeremie Pachuau
    Jeremie Pachuau

    i would like to try that course one day

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    Icardi -B

    sub to m pls

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    C FN b DJ by y


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  • Jordan Gonzalez
    Jordan Gonzalez

    captan price is that u

  • pattyb0y5

    my das been doing that for 10 yrs and he never came back

  • Anthony Monteith
    Anthony Monteith

    Not flu .. Was COVID-19

  • Kevin Maxfield
    Kevin Maxfield

    Rib Pattie MRE eating instructions: You gotta heat that Rib Pattie up with the heater bag thingy in the MRE(green plastic bag that heats food when you add water), and then use the two pieces of wheat pita bread thingys to make a sandwich - but first squeeze the included packet of cheese spread generously on the rib pattie. Add salt and pepper packets, and acquire some tobasco sauce from someone on your team who has it in their MRE(not sure if it comes with ribs, but it does with Chili Mac if u can locate someone with that MRE), and now you have a proper meal👍. Watching Logan eat that cold rib pattie was so sad...

  • phoxtil

    your a bitch logan

  • Frank Anderes
    Frank Anderes

    Shut up Mike KSI could beat you up YOU Big mouth

  • GanggangAdan

    Dude he went sicko mode that was sick

  • wyatt eastman
    wyatt eastman

    Why the fuck am I watching this

  • Fizzishin’ 940
    Fizzishin’ 940

    These idiots right before this video literally told a girl there’s no reason to ever have a gun that holds more than 5 rounds. Look at these ass hats

  • Agrim Garg
    Agrim Garg


  • Agrim Garg
    Agrim Garg

    Did i hear 2020 is gonna be good??????

  • Andrew Valdez
    Andrew Valdez

    i kinda miss the longer videos now its just 5 minute videos and the first 2 minutes is just his sponsor

  • Hamad Alsuwaidi
    Hamad Alsuwaidi

    For snipers and riflemen they need to have to eyes open for anything coming

  • Hamad Alsuwaidi
    Hamad Alsuwaidi

    Hes closing his blind eye

  • Melvin elder
    Melvin elder

    You are a PUSSY this is NOTHING compared to BCT's for the Marines or Army

  • qtcaleb

    2020 is gonna be so good 1: Kobe Dies 2:Australia Fires 3:Quarintine 4:Corana Kills 750k 5:Giant Wasp😂

  • Isael Valladares
    Isael Valladares

    Yiu used to be so cool and now look at you working with Patty Mayo the man who threatens the elderly and mistreats women.😔So disappointed!

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  • moon light
    moon light

    that guy with the beard looks like my history teacher

  • The pro patato Heloo
    The pro patato Heloo

    2020:finishes me:oh god yess no more 2020 2021:oh hi did you like my trailer me: *-*

  • Brendan Reardon
    Brendan Reardon

    Ha, 2020 sober

  • Kota Williams
    Kota Williams

    I thought nobody needs to have access to this kinda of weapon what a fucking joke. Your a fuckup and have to have a baby sitter.

  • Isaac Grondahl
    Isaac Grondahl

    Hi logan

  • SirVibe

    Why can't jake make good content like this.

  • Danny 10
    Danny 10

    Outstanding Logan what a beast 💪🏻

  • Terminate Gumball
    Terminate Gumball

    Is Logan actually becoming likable???

  • reyna alvarado
    reyna alvarado

    5 months later Coronavirus keeps people inside

  • David Smart
    David Smart

    Future job is the marines

  • Josh White
    Josh White

    He was a jack ass

  • Crazyamazying JR.
    Crazyamazying JR.

    ksi is gay as fuck


    I started with impulsive before logans vlogs..10/10 can confirm logans vlogs will make u fall in love!!!!🙈🙈

  • Jesmarie Rolon
    Jesmarie Rolon

    Right domm looks like someone off callofduty

  • 丹ຮђ Qบiτ
    丹ຮђ Qบiτ

    We need to learn this before the zombie apocolyps

  • RENARS Kalnins
    RENARS Kalnins

    Ksi should do this

    • Karma Bolivar
      Karma Bolivar

      Lol he would be killed in 0.2 seconds

  • gh41zn Mobile
    gh41zn Mobile

    Dude, loga should join the military....

  • Es Dot Mike Sean
    Es Dot Mike Sean

    Logan had corona

  • Akshay Girish
    Akshay Girish

    6:08 those were some shakey legs

  • Sebastian Pacheco
    Sebastian Pacheco

    I mean he's a Maverick and so I am

  • Zoey Smith
    Zoey Smith

    I have a three-day school camp coming up I think it’s the same thing because they're both like hell right just with teachers and other random people

  • Brian YT
    Brian YT


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