I Survived a 72-Hour Military Combat School
Logan Paul
We traveled to Virginia to get our asses handed to us by former members of Seal Team Six, the Military, and Law Enforcement.
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • RealVon Harvey
    RealVon Harvey

    0:14 this part reminds me something.

  • Marcos Alejandro Guerrero-Obispo
    Marcos Alejandro Guerrero-Obispo

    rip headphone users

  • Extreme Ed
    Extreme Ed

    This a whole movie

  • Bill Thomas
    Bill Thomas

    Mike being told to shut the hell up was the best part of the video

  • ツLexx

    Fking autosnipet

  • Wish

    Just me or his videos are entertaining now

  • Area 51 Guard
    Area 51 Guard

    300K likes and he joins the Marines.

  • Xryz -
    Xryz -

    The real respect is to the camera man

  • Max Reid
    Max Reid


  • Carter Anderson
    Carter Anderson

    15:04 was the coolest part to me

  • Asier Alacuart
    Asier Alacuart

    Why is the title in spanish

  • Hosna Nur
    Hosna Nur

    He has the coronavirus

  • muhammad Akar
    muhammad Akar

    7:27 OMG lmao the disappointmentloloololol

  • NoName IdkName
    NoName IdkName

    Thats like my schools playground

  • Sean Brodbeck
    Sean Brodbeck

    I feel him influenza sucks ass bro got when I was 8 couldn’t leave my house

  • Freydaleplays

    if u stand up u can get more air u wasent standng

  • Josiah Jojo
    Josiah Jojo

    Nobody: wHy DiD yOu CoMe aNd GeT hIm

  • Adonis Adams 1
    Adonis Adams 1

    Logan: the vest is 100 pounds and the gun is 300 pounds The instructor: the vest is 60 pounds and the gun is 30 pounds

  • luluseaa

    I like this type of content of superation videos

  • Andre Joaquin Sy
    Andre Joaquin Sy

    More like a pool of pee

  • Muhammad Snackdaddy
    Muhammad Snackdaddy

    I will admit, that I'm surprised he was allowed to use a firearm at all during this training. But now that he's gone through such training and used firearms, I'm hoping he'll uphold the right of the people to do so.

  • GameDude Redd
    GameDude Redd

    For your next vlog go to north korea

  • Joseph Johannes
    Joseph Johannes

    Logan u have just achieved a great honor as a civilian to train with these guys they have kept our country safe what they have seen would scare all of us use this knowledge in your fights to never give up bro

  • Rachel Macdonald
    Rachel Macdonald

    u should do acting again

  • Maximo Blanhir Enriquez
    Maximo Blanhir Enriquez

    Logan:I am a pro boxer Mike: nah not

  • Tony Ingold
    Tony Ingold

    my parents where in the milatary and im so happy to be able see what they had to do to be so good

  • Mier Cano
    Mier Cano

    Video was funny serious and just really good

  • JUSTINA Hoffman
    JUSTINA Hoffman

    that was very life change moment

  • L.Neshelle uncut and unedited
    L.Neshelle uncut and unedited

    He was in DC I live in Baltimore Maryland and I didn't know. OMG I would have had the best hug of my 36 year old hug from Logan and I would have proposed to Mike. I LOVEEEEE MIKE.

  • Daniel Espinoza
    Daniel Espinoza

    Katie made you look like a dip shit boy

  • TheCanadianFlamingo

    Atta fuckin boy

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    14:16 guy scared the shit outta logan with the rock😂

  • Ethan Doyle
    Ethan Doyle

    i hate mike

  • John Morris
    John Morris

    ruger precision rifle .308 with a hybrid muzzle brake=an action as loud as a slamming a coffee cup on the floor and apparently a suppressor???

  • John Morris
    John Morris

    a light ar pistol with a sig pistol brace=300lbs

  • Joseph Vernon
    Joseph Vernon

    0:31 he stole tbjzl’s bars

  • Mr Commentator
    Mr Commentator

    Influenza joke from Tobijzl

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    This course cannot simulate finding out your girl is getting gang banged while on deployment. Combat is more mental than anything and knowing you have a mansion to go to if you quit is why you will never know what combat is really like. Its obvious you want to prove you have a warrior spirit but you don't and you'll never compare to my brothers who fight in wars for $2,000 a month.

  • J D
    J D

    ??? Wait I thought these soyboys dont like guns? 😂

  • poopy doopy
    poopy doopy

    It’s because he sneezed when he woke up

  • Individual Blend
    Individual Blend

    This dude ain't shit.

  • Young boilu1 Youngboilu1
    Young boilu1 Youngboilu1

    Is it me or should logan paul quit youtube and sing for the army

  • tyler campbell
    tyler campbell

    I would do sobar but im 10 and also love your vids

  • Calebwhite753

    Your a pussy

  • Da_ Little
    Da_ Little


  • Icey Rust
    Icey Rust

    2020 year of the pauls

  • erik moore
    erik moore

    You hear my voice? The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was sneezed. I’ve been sneezing all day.

  • Kody Callihan
    Kody Callihan

    how do i do this? seriously

  • KnockedBuffalo

    I think you low key need to work on your stamina. I know your sick and everything but working on that will bring a whole new level to everything you do

  • Bashar Arnes
    Bashar Arnes

    مين في عربي هونن🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️😴😂

  • Ali Rasheed
    Ali Rasheed

    Logan : I'm fuckin ready for ww3 . Reality:..........

  • leo dizon
    leo dizon

    As a marine, you know nothing about combat training.

  • Amy Mackay
    Amy Mackay

    Is it just me or does mike sound like steve-o? 😂

  • Carter Van Setters
    Carter Van Setters

    I have influenza

  • Caden Jones
    Caden Jones

    12 years old so I’ll do sober 2020

  • Cathrisse cherlyne Tinagan
    Cathrisse cherlyne Tinagan

    Is Logan Secretly training for WW3???

  • Wert

    The Corn-fed Ohio boy looks like a Californian soy-boy

  • Hamzah Yasin
    Hamzah Yasin

    Logan using Tobi's bars

  • 1000 subscribers With 1 Video Challenge
    1000 subscribers With 1 Video Challenge

    Daamn that Dirty Dom looks a badass ASF

  • 1000 subscribers With 1 Video Challenge
    1000 subscribers With 1 Video Challenge

    2:55 LMFAO

  • matDGamer king
    matDGamer king

    This is sickkk

  • Enforcer 813
    Enforcer 813

    Especially for doing stuff like this when you’re sick...imagine what you can do when you arent🤭

  • semi np
    semi np

    This made me hate his dumb man child ass even more

    • Robo-Knight YT
      Robo-Knight YT


  • Ceaseless Videos
    Ceaseless Videos

    What a hypocritical, incompetent, disrespectful, pussy. Oh and no amount of editing can make that last run look fast to someone who's done and been through that kind of stuff before.

    • Robo-Knight YT
      Robo-Knight YT

      @Ceaseless Videos Logan isn't disrespectful, that's straight up lie, how much salt did you eat to come up with that bullshit?

    • Robo-Knight YT
      Robo-Knight YT

      @Ceaseless Videos your point is...?

    • Ceaseless Videos
      Ceaseless Videos

      @Robo-Knight YT He's incredibly disrespectful to the men who are nice enough to have him there and then goes on Instagram and makes a post with a caption where he essentially claims that he went through what our brothers and sisters in the field go through.

  • phyto

    wait, didnt yall just get done grilling Kaitlin Bennet on why she needs to own an AR15?? LMAOO ok bro

    • Robo-Knight YT
      Robo-Knight YT

      @phyto both... again... people's opinions can change... don't be salty about something that has already passed... it makes people like you who thinks it's hypocritical just bad... because you can't get over something so fucking stupid...

    • phyto

      @Robo-Knight YT pointless as in their opinion on the matter changed? or pointless just cuz it happened barely a year ago...? i dont understand how its pointless. they seemed to have a strong opinion on those types of rifles, but will happily go enjoy shooting those types of rifles..seems a bit hypocritical, regardless of the timeline.

    • Robo-Knight YT
      Robo-Knight YT

      @phyto yes... so... it's literally pointless to talk about something that happened almost 1 year ago

    • phyto

      @Robo-Knight YT the podcast they deleted from impaulsive was 11 months ago??

    • Robo-Knight YT
      Robo-Knight YT

      That was 11 months ago... 😐


    the power of the money


    Absolutely an amazing video my king your videos getting better and better

  • Leroy Glass
    Leroy Glass

    What happened to 'Why Don't We'?

  • Boogie551

    Logan training not to sneeze three times

  • Andrew Bartleman
    Andrew Bartleman

    I'd be puking after the first part of that course haha

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