I Tried Asos Wedding Dresses Under $300
"This proves that you need to be in a sexy, tight dress."
Wedding Dresses From Asos
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Wedding Dress Rack
Beautiful bride posing in her wedding dress
studio343/Getty Images
Anonymous bride in beautiful lace wedding gown
warrengoldswain/Getty Images


  • Mishi K.
    Mishi K.

    Just because it's white doesn't make it a wedding dress

  • Simona Toader
    Simona Toader

    5:37 fancy witch I just can't 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Simona Toader
    Simona Toader

    1:23 "she doesn't have a filter sometimes " omg that's so me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏

  • Kat Kk
    Kat Kk

    They look exhausted

  • Christina Curcio
    Christina Curcio


  • erk thejerk
    erk thejerk

    next video needs to be sponsored by Wacoal

  • Chiyuuum

    ok but how tf are you supposed to react to someone joking about you marrying their fiancée 👀😗

  • jennifer spurlock
    jennifer spurlock

    The second one looks cheap to me

  • 508 West 24
    508 West 24

    for da fellas 10:13

  • sivkasta bjeloguza
    sivkasta bjeloguza

    I hope she’s over 40, and has 5 kids because hee boobs... 😟

  • The Sarcastic potato
    The Sarcastic potato

    I'm preserving my body for Harry Styles Same girl same

  • What is Love?
    What is Love?

    Some people are very rude giving their opinion, even insulting. Still, Wearing the right underwear and shoes will make the dress look much better, She has a beautiful body and it is perfect if she choose not to wear a bra, it is a simple suggestion if she want to try on more wedding dresses. I don't usually wear bra either, but there are outfits that fit better with one, that's it.

  • What is Love?
    What is Love?

    The second one is the best

  • Nena Ami
    Nena Ami

    No dress looks good on her body. Get a good supportive bra girl.

  • Jay Pritchett
    Jay Pritchett

    My wedding dress was $40 and I still wear it once a month

  • Kayla Tremblay
    Kayla Tremblay

    I feel like what she said about Jaz and Linsay are the opposite like Linsay will find a nicer way to say it and jaz will blurt stuff out lol.

  • Holly A.
    Holly A.

    why they're pretending they don't know every dress is cheap when they're like 4 dresses deep and they've all been like £150 so far... what y'all playing at

  • Isabella Nicolini.
    Isabella Nicolini.

    To all the people getting heated about comments suggesting that Nina should wear a bra... stop. Wearing a bra is NECESSARY in this context because she is trying on cheap dresses, they don't have a strong structure like the ones in specialized stores, these kind of dresses are made so the bride will need to wear a bra if she really wants the dress to shine. And she's trying them on in a video as a part of her job, not in private with her friends, she should be aware of the impact the brand will have when she doesn't showcase their product properly. You have now a million people thinking all dresses were crap when in reality they would have looked much better. Wearing a bra is not necessary for dresses by specialized designers because they offer a built-in structure most of the time.

  • Shikhaa Munglani
    Shikhaa Munglani

    It's wrong to compare if the dress if over or under the average because all are under average. The basis of comparison is simply wrong and misleading

  • Tails The fox
    Tails The fox

    Please buy a supportive bra and ditch the ridiculous black boots😒The embroidered fringed dress would be beautiful with a vintage/rustic themed wedding.JUST BUY A GOOD BRA,INVEST IN LASER HAIR REMOVAL AND WEAR SUPPORTIVE UNDERGARMENTS!

  • BattleAsh_ _125
    BattleAsh_ _125

    Oof I tapped on this video with full volume I’m dead 😐

  • Eser10ten

    Step 1: Put on a damn bra.

  • Tatiana Hentz
    Tatiana Hentz

    I love them but the audio it's bad.

  • queen

    The dress at 11:21 they all loved it but it literally looked like her chest was gonna come right out the top it didnt fit her well

  • Scamper Scamper
    Scamper Scamper

    Good grief girl....forget the dress. You need a bra fitting first. Any dress you pick out will need proper underclothing to carry it off. Your fiancee is going to look like he's marrying his grandmother if you don't!

  • Tina

    Wearing these dresses requires an appropriate, well-fitted brassiere. The second dress is pretty nice, I think.

  • BigTittie Jiminie
    BigTittie Jiminie

    This just wasn’t it 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • A. Deluxxxe
    A. Deluxxxe

    Put on a braaaa

  • Sur Gupta
    Sur Gupta

    none of them seemed like a wedding/ reception dress!!

  • RosefrmVenus

    Her breasts need major help. She needs a good bra. Either own the boobs or get a reduction.

  • Jonasti Richmond
    Jonasti Richmond

    Nina a bra would make so many of the dresses work

  • Sydney Dallas
    Sydney Dallas

    she really needs to get a fitted bra

  • Bluebully Bully
    Bluebully Bully

    to the "lady" in the green dress please closed your legs

  • Arialle Lee
    Arialle Lee

    “What do we get if we won?” “You………get to marry my fiancée…I’ll give him to you” That is not very nice...not nice to the friend and fiancée……

  • Sara Mahjabin
    Sara Mahjabin

    I think nina is just not wearing bras ever. Only mentioning it cos of all the comments saying to wear one. I mean I agree, I think itll look better if she does, but her prerogative not to wear one if shes doesnt want to. Each to their own!

  • Hey MissMeliss
    Hey MissMeliss

    The black boots need to go and a proper bra or undergarments needed to happen

  • Denise Wallace
    Denise Wallace

    Thank you for showing what your bosoms look like without a bra made me feel more confident that there are people out there with boobs like me

  • Pip Girl
    Pip Girl

    This video is frustrating to watch. Get a good bra and take off the damn black boots. Her friends don't know anything....

  • Nanna Duelund
    Nanna Duelund

    Fitted bra. Just saying.

  • shelby brooks
    shelby brooks

    "i love 3 ways"

  • Aleah Lobaton
    Aleah Lobaton

    "I'm reserving my body for Harry Styles."-Lindsay UUUHHH EXCUSE ME LINDSAY HE IS MINE!!!😤😤😂

  • Kaycee Rapp
    Kaycee Rapp

    The second dress with the boots makes me think of chuckies bride.

  • Gabrielle Marie
    Gabrielle Marie

    I bought my wedding dress on ASOS and with student discount the cost was $115. Due to the size and style I didn't even need to get it altered, but I did buy $50 worth of frog-closure buttons that I sewed down the back. All in all, the cost of the wedding, reception, attire, and hidden costs totaled about $8,000 with 150 attendees and without cutting any corners! We spent the most on a really good photographer and second shooter which took up about 1/4 of the total budget. The second biggest area of spending was food. It is completely possible to plan a luxurious budget-friendly wedding while working and in college with minimal DIYs and plenty of outsourced (paid) help. For reference this was in the DC suburbs of Virginia in 2019 so it was definitely not one of the cheapest parts of the US to get married in. That being said, my advice to all of my engaged friends is to save your money and elope! Weddings are beautiful and I don't regret mine, but the goal of a wedding is a marriage and that's between you and your spouse. Eloping in a place you love with a good photographer and well-fitting clothing (buy vintage or cheap and get it altered!) could very well leave you with fewer regrets and more positive memories.

  • Alison Coles
    Alison Coles


  • Audrey Morrison
    Audrey Morrison

    yall r so rude like it was a joke for her friends she wasnt going to get married in them and if she wanted to get married in them then who cares. ppl can be so rude

  • Reynaldo Lara
    Reynaldo Lara

    Spoiler: they hated all of them

  • K-Canna Queen
    K-Canna Queen

    All the kpop fans hating on a bucket hat... but bruh we all know our idols have worn them dozens of times ._.

  • — violeta
    — violeta

    OKAY Y'ALL BETTER STFU NINA PROBABLY IS WEARING A SUPPORTIVE BRA!!!!!!!! there's a video where she poses with her insecurities where she says her breasts just have this line in between then, it has always been like this and she is in fact insecure about them! She doesn't need sky high boobs to be pretty

  • Wedding Sew
    Wedding Sew

    Can you show this dress arina-bride.ru

  • udara rathnayake
    udara rathnayake

    ASOS has nice dresses. Are we even looking at the same site?? 🤔

  • *Moon water*
    *Moon water*

    All the dresses looked cheap/frumpy! Didn't like her boobs in any dress either. What a flop from ASOS and buzz feed👎. So glad I've never bought anything from ASOS now 😂

  • Lucy

    that second dress is gorgeous

  • Anika Satpathy
    Anika Satpathy

    “i’m preserving my body for harry styles” - Lindsey

  • Cat Haehl
    Cat Haehl

    All of these dresses would look so much better with the right foundation garments.

  • Cari Winter
    Cari Winter

    If you were getting married a second time at a beach wedding... to someone you're not sure you love anymore... LMAO Jazz you're ruthless girl!

  • Loretta Posey
    Loretta Posey

    Congratulations, Nina

  • Jasper

    anyone know what dress she was wearing in the beginning? looks super cute! 1:49

  • Hickory Docks
    Hickory Docks

    Why could Nina not put on the beautiful dress that was on the mannequin in the corner?

  • Tataina Dragneel
    Tataina Dragneel

    I'm preserving my body for harry styles....gurlllll!

  • maximusfattybum

    Wow what a bunch of bitches. Please think how upsetting your comments are for Nina to read. If you haven't got anything nice to say then its better to say nothing at all.

  • sxrika-b

    i hate how her "friends" were beating around the bush about her breasts. "ohh i dont like how this dress fits around your chest". like why tip toe around the subject? if she's really your friend then tell her a good fitting bra or tape would make the dresses look better on her

  • Healing Touch with Julia
    Healing Touch with Julia

    "I'm preserving my body for Harry Styles" SAME Lindsay

  • Tovi Chishi
    Tovi Chishi

    Virgin but saggy boobs definitely not virgin🤭

  • Tovi Chishi
    Tovi Chishi

    Big boobs is okay. But why so saggy unless she have 3 or 4 kids. Without kids shouldn’t be that much saggy😬😬

  • Rasha Suleiman
    Rasha Suleiman

    Cant get over the black boots. Like how did none of the 'trendy' friends say something. And the under garments. Styling is everything.

  • The Indigo Papillon
    The Indigo Papillon

    I would have had them pressed

  • Jess Boo
    Jess Boo

    Ppl be arguing about "nina should wear a bra" and "what do you care about her look". This is a frickin video about wedding dress in which she looked for which one _looks_ better and we're not allowed to comment on her _look_ ? I mean if this was another one-size-fits-all video, i couldn't care less about her look. But in this video the way she wears the dress would change the judgment

  • lisabing

    I love Jazz's dress!

  • Life of a Cait
    Life of a Cait

    Okay. My wedding dress was $100. It was a big ballgown and it looked expensive and felt expensive with the fabric and fixture of the dress. So my advice is... TAKE SOME TIPS FROM DAVID'S BRIDAL $100 DRESSES!!! My dress was a all lace beautiful ball gown and it looked a MILLION times better than these dresses. They look like you could sell them for $10.

  • Jay J
    Jay J

    LMAOOOO when Nina said they were from Asos Jazzmyne looked at the camera like "there goes my brand deal"

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