I Tried Asos Wedding Dresses Under $300
"This proves that you need to be in a sexy, tight dress."
Wedding Dresses From Asos
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Wedding Dress Rack
Beautiful bride posing in her wedding dress
studio343/Getty Images
Anonymous bride in beautiful lace wedding gown
warrengoldswain/Getty Images


  • stfn88

    Why is she wearing black boots if she s trying on traditional wedding dresses?

  • Madison Gauldin
    Madison Gauldin

    she literally said all the dresses are under $300 so of course they will be cheaper than the average wedding dress!

  • Essence Of Ja’
    Essence Of Ja’

    2nd dress looks like a nice bridesmaid dress.

  • Priscilla Walker
    Priscilla Walker

    Jesus wear the one on the left of the couch. For pete sake ladies.

  • Julia Kleineidam
    Julia Kleineidam

    I’m living for Jazz’s eye makeup!

  • mid air stars
    mid air stars

    So om assuming no one is talking about the way Lindsay is "reserving her body for Harry" because we all related and find it normal right?

  • Emily Crowder
    Emily Crowder

    I’m trying to win a contest for $500 off my wedding dress. Would you please take a second to like my original photo comment on this Facebook post? Most likes wins! facebook.com/BelieveBride/videos/539395433472949?sfns=mo

  • smelly girls
    smelly girls

    saggy saggy saggyyyy

  • Katelyn LeBlanc
    Katelyn LeBlanc

    Okay but where is the dress at 0:32-0:35 from

  • Cristina Kryss
    Cristina Kryss

    is desirable to avoid using no bra when you have very saggy boobs... omg...

  • Dominique JOUNDA
    Dominique JOUNDA

    Is there something like *WOMANSPREADING* cause Jazzzzz got me .....

  • Jenn Jack
    Jenn Jack


  • Ramster Stuffz
    Ramster Stuffz

    Everyone is saying she needs a bra but people need to back off because she is only trying on cheap wedding dresses

  • S Y A
    S Y A

    Half these dresses with some tailoring would work. They are all super big on her

  • X C
    X C

    What a boring video.

  • Beck Span
    Beck Span

    Why we commenting on people who choose not to wear bras ? 🙄🙄 this is her decision and saggy boobs matter !!! Stop telling her to put on a bra, she obviously doesn’t want to 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ accept that somebody can have saggy boobs and not hate themselves because of it. Who tf is anyone else to comment on someone else’s body, bra or not ? Go Nina, loving the confidence !!!!!!!

  • lu boo
    lu boo

    first, Jazmine we know it's hard to get air down there but please close ur Damn legs. Second, she says she watched 'Say yes to the dress" but obviously that didn't help her pick out those dresses. PeRiOd Boo!

  • Tina Lee
    Tina Lee

    Lindsey looks like the female version of Sebastian bails

  • Nicole Patterson
    Nicole Patterson

    Did they tell you they ship SmartPost? I ordered an outfit on the 22nd of August and it still hasn't arrived. Was quoted delivery by the 29th of August. FedEx said it's because they use SmartPost which can take up to a month! They couldn't tell me if my parcel was being held somewhere on purpose or lost. Either way I had to buy another outfit for an event and ASOS refused to refund my money even though the jumpsuit never came!

  • Jordan Bailey
    Jordan Bailey

    Dress #5 is SO GOOD!

  • Milen Flores
    Milen Flores

    Am I the only one who found all of them hideous? Please fire the designer from Asos.

  • yami bakura
    yami bakura

    why dont you wear a friggin bra

  • N P
    N P

    I get it. Nina should get a proper fitted bra. But here's the thing guys. I don't think she's wearing one and it must be a personal choice.

  • The Valerie Lorenzo
    The Valerie Lorenzo

    If you tailored these and wore the right under garments they would look stunning on you Nina 💜 👰🏻

  • Abby Boisvert
    Abby Boisvert

    “You could end up in a 3 way tie.” Jazzmyne “I love 3ways😏”

  • Savvy_ Gacha
    Savvy_ Gacha

    ...A fancy Witch..I flipping died.

  • Saeedat A
    Saeedat A

    The second dress was pretty but the boots threw it off

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig

    Y’all are just making the same video over and over

  • Mana Omar
    Mana Omar

    I'm Lindsay!

  • Mana Omar
    Mana Omar

    I'm Lindsay!

  • seema sasidharan
    seema sasidharan

    7:53 and 7:58 once you see it you can’t unsee it 😳🙈

  • Rasha Sankari
    Rasha Sankari

    Honestly i would never wear these dresses for my wedding maybe a beach party

  • lolita of Africa
    lolita of Africa

    These dresses did not flatter her body at all. it was either to covered, or not fitted correctly. she is such a beautiful woman but these dresses did not show it

  • jannatul ferdous
    jannatul ferdous

    The ugliest big boobs ever 😵

  • suga got no sugar
    suga got no sugar

    This is bad but the south asian outfits were faar WORSE than this.

  • Dylan Sykes
    Dylan Sykes

    The boots made me mad

  • Sahar H
    Sahar H

    Nina could put more effort into adjusting the dresses all the fits were wrong also it's like nobody in the video in into this the reactions are so bored and foreced

  • Periodt


  • ivegottaluvlikewoe

    fancy witch

  • C R G
    C R G

    Someone may want to edit out 5:02

    • C R G
      C R G

      And 8:01

  • karuna meghwanshi
    karuna meghwanshi

    Wear a bra girls its all you want to look good in these dresses ................

  • Jamie-leigh Landeg
    Jamie-leigh Landeg

    dress 4 is nice but not with boobs dangaling in the breeze she need the rabbits witch would lift her up the last dress is the one

  • mello cream
    mello cream

    a good bra or some boob tape geez woman!

  • Sheena Shroder
    Sheena Shroder

    Did anyone else find all the dresses hideous? I could’ve sworn I checked out wedding dresses on ASOS and there were better ones out there!

  • Sosmcs See
    Sosmcs See

    Her saggy boobs annoy me.

  • Alice Etkin-Bell
    Alice Etkin-Bell

    People keep commenting on Nina's boobs being saggy which they aren't . I think they look stunning and everyone has a different boob shape. The only think is all those dresses needed different bras.

  • Lydia Claire
    Lydia Claire

    F for effort on this video.

  • ObamaisnextLincoln

    Ugh such a cringe vid because she is allergic to bras...#SagSational

  • kripa Tahilramani
    kripa Tahilramani

    They almost hated all the dresses

  • Sara Abdelmalak
    Sara Abdelmalak

    Breast reduction will do her wonders

  • Nikki Teilborg
    Nikki Teilborg

    I love the sequins dress!!!

  • c h l o e w h i t e s e l l
    c h l o e w h i t e s e l l

    okay Chloe was alright but the other gals were being so mood ruining. Nina seemed exited about some of the dresses and they just shot her down.

  • Vera Terpstra
    Vera Terpstra

    All the dresses were HORRIBLE😂

  • Crisdel Rodríguez
    Crisdel Rodríguez

    This vid should be called Say “No” to Asos bridal gowns !

  • Queeny Umboh
    Queeny Umboh

    One dress the one with midi skirt , HAVE a support for her chest , look so proportional on her, my comment not for shaming but lingeries is made for a purpose... and I read comments below all mostly focus on either asking her wearing a supporting undergarments shouldn’t it means a lot of people care about her in good means? Should it be unheard ? I wonder...

  • 손나나

    I'm curious about the measuring length of the first dress. Is it the same as the official Asos size table? 💞💞💞🙏🏻🙏🏻💞💞💞💞💞🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Mimi May
    Mimi May

    I feel like these girls really enjoyed putting their engaged friend down with their comments. Hated it.

  • shiloh weddle
    shiloh weddle

    This an ad for sure

  • Home Phone
    Home Phone

    Jasmine says that Nina is hiding her body but Jasmine is wearing a trash bag as a dress

  • Lulu Seatown Getdown
    Lulu Seatown Getdown

    I am against the leopard print bucket hat!...... gross

  • عبودlydia ابو عليjipripal
    عبودlydia ابو عليjipripal

    Like seriously she decided to leave the boobs that way?!!!!!

  • Lulu Seatown Getdown
    Lulu Seatown Getdown

    Average wedding dress $1600 ( which is soooo cheap) Tried on cheap trash

  • Karina The Great
    Karina The Great

    She has the worst taste ever.. all the dresses she chose are terrible..

    • Joanna Saadati
      Joanna Saadati

      Asos actually has nice dresses. I got my maternity photo shoot dress from them.

  • Nikki's Notebook
    Nikki's Notebook

    Proper shoes and a Bra and you would be WINNING!!!!!! You don't have to have those puppies sitting on your chin but you need them to say HELLO - PARTY OF TWO.

  • Friends For life
    Friends For life

    Oooh gurl your sari looked great or did u wear one? I’m Gujarati !!!!

  • quietboygonewild

    Lovely girl, horrible dresses. Project runway wedding day cocktail party knock offs.

  • Reanna Arakua
    Reanna Arakua


  • Aya Badawi
    Aya Badawi

    Jazz rocking that euphoria makeup look✨✨✨✨

  • Maria Boyce
    Maria Boyce

    Cheap as these dresses are I wouldn't wear any .

  • Stella Tenzin
    Stella Tenzin

    Is it just me? Like I don't liked any of these dresses

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