I Tried Following A Soap Cupcake Tutorial
Safiya Nygaard
So I am a huge fan of fancy soaps, in every way, shape, and form - I love smelling soaps, feeling soaps, and using soaps - and last year I even tried following a soap art tutorial to attempt to make my own batch of snazzy, swirly soap. So when I stumbled upon a whole new category of soapy treats - *dessert* soaps - I figured, we had to try and make some soap cupcakes for ourselves. So I followed a sparkling champagne soap cupcake tutorial from Soap Queen TV/Bramble Berry with ~interesting~ results, to say the least!
EDIT: also, apparently the goggles we were wearing aren't the safest option, so if you try something like this please get some real soap-making goggles!!
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The tutorial we followed is here: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-qwnm0gpJk2M.html
You can check out Anne Marie's channel here: it-my.com/uservideos-soapqueentv
And the Soap Queen blog here: www.soapqueen.com/
And the Brambleberry store here: www.brambleberry.com/
And the inspo for this video, Nectar Bath Treats here:
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you enjoy our latest foray into the world of soap making!! as a disclaimer, the footage filmed in the soap store at the beginning of the video was pre-quarantine! i hope u all are staying safe

    • vald bagina
      vald bagina

      you ok? you havent posted in a while.

    • Chloe Orton
      Chloe Orton


    • SpaceOrc13

      You did an incredible job, Safiya! They look great!

    • Addison Fagundes
      Addison Fagundes

      You should melt and mix all the lush soaps! Just like the bath bombs.

    • Chloeokee

      Love you so much ❤️, missing u being on IT-my

  • Chloe tea tea
    Chloe tea tea

    Damn ain’t no food up In there

  • Sofie Storli Olsen
    Sofie Storli Olsen


  • Frida Johansen
    Frida Johansen

    Why would you put glitter in soap lol, it's just gonna be on your hands for all eternity haha

  • Iris Monaco
    Iris Monaco

    I just realized she kinda looks like moriah elizabeth

  • 1K Subs Without Videos
    1K Subs Without Videos

    Safiya we miss you🥺

  • Esme Castillo
    Esme Castillo

    ok did anyone notice the crazy amount of measuring cups she has like seriusly

  • ItsYourGirlWes

    safiya try tik tok compilation merch outfits 😂

  • Esperanza Faeles
    Esperanza Faeles

    You talk to much


    Mam.! I love All your videos. Eagerly waiting for you to come in India. wish to see you here after 2 years maybe.

  • Brandi Jennings
    Brandi Jennings

    Hey Ty & Saf just wondering if your going to do another makeup video? I was hoping you could talk Saf into doing a 🧲magnetic🧲 false eyelash video since everyone starting to go crazy over them. I thought it would be fun to watch Saf try & figure them out🤯☺. Let me know what you think. Bmorrissey518 lots of love to you guys & the Cutie Crusty😼💞

    • Hava-Leah Mikhelson
      Hava-Leah Mikhelson

      I'm not them but I'm pretty sure they already did this video a while back.

  • Ella

    New videos every other week they said Content... worth it

  • JacobWilsonVO

    Tyler is so encouraging I love it!!

  • Oliver Baumeyer
    Oliver Baumeyer

    Legit while she's blending the solid oils for the frosting, she sounds like Waluigi with her "WAAAAA"s

  • lola munchkin
    lola munchkin

    Do a house tour saf

  • lola munchkin
    lola munchkin

    Do a house tour saf

  • lola munchkin
    lola munchkin

    Do a house tour saf

  • Anolaana Seranaar
    Anolaana Seranaar

    I see so much innuendo here

  • Nevermind it's just me
    Nevermind it's just me

    Finally someone who is not problematic

  • Lillie Madison
    Lillie Madison

    i love u sm please upload more🥺🥺

  • Solange Prata - ASMR
    Solange Prata - ASMR

    They look beautiful! I love cute soap, like Lush style :) Fancy soap rocks!

  • masselin

    Royalty Soaps is the best! Katie will show you the ropes!

  • saltymint07

    Me and my dumbass would bite it

  • Norunn rønningen
    Norunn rønningen

    Check out SPECIAL MEOW!💖

  • awendt

    and when the world needed her most *_she vanished_*

  • lilly b
    lilly b

    the office parts: just Mmm. poifecton

  • Maggie Silverman
    Maggie Silverman


  • Ivy Ullrich
    Ivy Ullrich

    Meltdown every bar soap from Bath n bodyworks or lush

    • Simple Melon Slice
      Simple Melon Slice


  • Tiny Megazell
    Tiny Megazell

    nobody: safiya: WAHH! WAHH! 20:22

  • 44EllaBonbon44

    Safiya should try out decoden!!

  • Addison Underwood
    Addison Underwood

    I love how she says the f word and the s word like 20,000 times😂😂😂

  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty

    Did she get a new house?

    • SuperSebs!!!


  • Mm21

    Hi I was shopping on ASOS and thought of the video you did where you dress in the exact same outfit as store manikins . I thought maybe you could do a video on dressing the exact same as they do on ASOS for products as they show what items were used in the outfits

  • Awesome Ale!!!
    Awesome Ale!!!

    You should do a video about the Kibbe Body Type System and figure out yours. I bet it’d be fun❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • ᴘ ᴇ ɴ ᴢ ɪ ᴏ!
    ᴘ ᴇ ɴ ᴢ ɪ ᴏ!

    Safiya:oil and lye Me:oil and lie?

  • jazzy rocks
    jazzy rocks

    Franken-fancy-soap? Like every soap at bath and body works?

  • {Rxndom_Subliminals}

    Me waiting for the baby anointment 👁👄👁

  • Lillian End
    Lillian End

    00:41 you had the perfect opportunity to say “so much soap” but I guess not ;-;

  • Emily Williams
    Emily Williams

    Safiya. Please make another video. I love watching these.

  • Amer barznjy
    Amer barznjy

    Who else thought of the Cheetos package when she said “dangerously cheesey” ?

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith

    Anybody wondering why a company hasn't cast safiya to be morticia addams in aaddams family movie...just me ...okay

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    Amari Jackson

    U should mix every chip flavor

  • Nadia Delarosa
    Nadia Delarosa

    we miss youuuuuu

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    Pwincess Aaliyah

    Safiiya make a new video please l love you so so much

  • Alyssa Esparza
    Alyssa Esparza

    Dude safiya DID THE THING 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Cadence Kasanga
    Cadence Kasanga

    Notice how everyone soap maker like Anne Marie is doing something bubbly and fun but Safia is doing a spooky style! that is Safia for you 😂

  • Aukse fghjvvnk
    Aukse fghjvvnk

    Kan du tale dansk

  • Patricia Digori Y5
    Patricia Digori Y5

    Can you do a dount soap next pls

  • mads lanham
    mads lanham

    “im peakin so hard rn” “...” “what?” “what?”

  • Αναστασία Αντωνιάδη
    Αναστασία Αντωνιάδη

    Safyia u have corona cause u a bat

    • Hazethemaze

      Αναστασία Αντωνιάδη That is not something about to joke about. People are DYING, and besides, they don’t know if it is actually because of a bat.

  • Rebecca

    The cake is a lye.

  • Laila Sinke
    Laila Sinke

    when im at the escalating point of the roller coaster about to go down 24:32

  • Laila Sinke
    Laila Sinke

    all of these cupcakes are lies ME: MY CHILDHOOD HAS BEEN RUINED 😩

  • Althea Ilagan
    Althea Ilagan

    Pls post more im sad you dont post that often

  • Courtney West
    Courtney West

    hey i love you and your videos i’ve been watching your videos for a long time but you should do a video where you combine all the bath and body works mini sand sanitizers together 💞

  • Daisy Garay
    Daisy Garay

    saf: im not sure about you but ... im aroused later that week when saf and ty are about to do it saf: go put on that shexy cupcake costume ty: umm ok bettttt

  • TheMoshi Playz
    TheMoshi Playz

    just me tyler and some toxins.

  • Lari Love
    Lari Love

    Why was there a trump ad in the beginning 😭

    • TheMoshi Playz
      TheMoshi Playz

      lol rlly?

  • Cierra VanDermark
    Cierra VanDermark

    I love how drama less it is here, so relaxing.

  • lol 757
    lol 757

    I'm only 30 secs into the video hoping that she doesn't eat the soap cupcake

  • Kaylin Martin
    Kaylin Martin

    post more plz

  • Husky Gamer
    Husky Gamer

    24:30Safya: Oh Sh*t Oh Sh*Oh Sh*Oh Sh*Oh Sh*Oh Sh*t Oh Sh*Oh Sh*t Oh Sh*Oh Sh*Oh Sh*Oh Sh*Oh Sh*t Oh Sh*Oh Sh*t Oh Sh*Oh Sh*Oh Sh*Oh Sh*Oh Sh*t Oh Sh*t

  • Vicky R
    Vicky R

    i want a bite of everything please

  • Anna To
    Anna To

    Can you make a video of you mixing soaps together?

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    Sammi Siemons

    okay in the nicest way possible,, saf genuinely reminds me of the toothless from how to train your dragon i can’t explain it

  • Grace Stirland
    Grace Stirland

    Everyone who’s seen riverdale will know why lye is dangerous “in a week there won’t be anything left not even his teeth” -FP Jones

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    Hema Thakkar

    Where are you

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    Niamh freefrombinary


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      Rogers Car


  • Astrid Ayup
    Astrid Ayup

    how is this a month ago

  • Lonely Otaku
    Lonely Otaku

    I guess you can say these cupcakes are a LYE

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