I tried these 10 "Art Hacks" so you don't have to!...
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  • Isa Brie
    Isa Brie

    10:40 "so leads keep going" xD nobody? okay

  • Hey Dwella Bella
    Hey Dwella Bella

    Jazza: *I AM AN ADULT* also Jazza: *claps like a child*

  • Haley roots
    Haley roots

    Jazza: don't drink bleach My dad at the age of 4: *drinks a cup of bleach*

  • Lord Kars
    Lord Kars

    Jazza= the Glove Hulk

  • Connor Wamelink
    Connor Wamelink

    They know the bleach is coming

  • x.Simply_Jess.x

    DO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • x.Simply_Jess.x

    I loved the situation with the gloves

  • Wert Dxrpiy
    Wert Dxrpiy

    Wow you’ve never heard of oobleck

  • Wert Dxrpiy
    Wert Dxrpiy

    Unpractical,useless,low quality hacks 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • aelores

    the green text in the beginning is the bee movie script i-

  • Darragh Mckenna
    Darragh Mckenna

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO I would not hang that painting up unless it's hanging in a bin

  • esteiler_

    1:45 no magic, just a non-newtonian fluid doing its non-newtonian fluid things

  • Mandi Powell
    Mandi Powell

    Therapist: Crazed smiley face Professor Hulk can't hurt you. Crazed smiley face Professor Hulk: 8:18

  • Lijahn Pride
    Lijahn Pride

    Wait-Oh nOh! I fOrGot mY cOmpAs

  • Random things that are sometimes cute
    Random things that are sometimes cute

    The fluffy paper i always thought was the marker when i was a child!

  • Little Boogers
    Little Boogers

    He reminds me of Andy Griffith in the thumbnail

  • Poopin Cheese
    Poopin Cheese

    Life hack don’t use troom Troom

  • Bun Bun
    Bun Bun

    mom get the beach the youtube man told me to

  • Mr. Salted
    Mr. Salted

    How and who makes ur avatars ?

  • spock070460

    Try thicker paper and tape to the table.

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato

    I love how u can clearly see the woolies logo on the corn starch

  • Uniqorn Lover
    Uniqorn Lover

    I dare you to do this exact thing again

  • Plagus

    12:49 free replay

  • Plagus

    Do not put too much water in the oobleck, it makes FRICKIN offbrand milk, that tastes like P O O P Edit: I HAVE NEVER SAMPLED OFFBRAND MILK!

  • Bobby Chen
    Bobby Chen


  • Daniel Contreras
    Daniel Contreras

    16:12 I see art like that that costs thousands

  • Bubble Spark
    Bubble Spark

    10:30 🕥

  • Ned Riley
    Ned Riley


  • Saung Briesen
    Saung Briesen

    "Look at its place of pride" haha

  • Shadow

    I love to drink bleach

  • Sama Soueid
    Sama Soueid

    16:12 no Hell no

  • Layla Zara Kwan Ti Leong
    Layla Zara Kwan Ti Leong

    More like Im JAZZA and im bored , lets do hacks but i’ll look more childish so lets add So you dont have to AHH IM A FRICKING GENIUS!

  • Tina Terlaje
    Tina Terlaje

    Yeah, I could never understand their "hacks" as well. Flippin stupid. The *bleach* pen crap ...and why - I mean you could get the real thing at a dollar store. 🤪

  • Uni Ku
    Uni Ku

    Is It Just Me Or Does Jazza Work At Subway


    Five minute crafts:art Hack time Jazza: all right time to do some half ass art

  • Fan Vixtion
    Fan Vixtion

    Jazza that god's goop you saw for the first "art hack" is called oobleck

  • oscar balinas
    oscar balinas

    My favourite part about your channel is how you act so childish

  • Gabriel Barrone
    Gabriel Barrone

    nope id never hang it up

  • Flamingo_300001

    That is oobleck, jazza

  • Eric Graham
    Eric Graham


  • British Default
    British Default

    Reads keep away from children's Jazza is a child in side so he can't use bleach

  • Silverslasherthecat

    6:29 i ate my breakfast out of that bowl

  • Unicorn Gamer girl
    Unicorn Gamer girl

    15:23 Gryffindor ❤️ Slytherin 💚 Hufflepuff 💛 Ravenclaw 💙

  • Blue Morpho
    Blue Morpho

    For this one were gonna hehehe *pauses* were protection

  • Arisha Elahi
    Arisha Elahi

    The first hack is called oobleck i have made it before

  • The Anything Channel Come and subscribe
    The Anything Channel Come and subscribe

    Yes totally!!!!

  • sampea CAML
    sampea CAML

    I like that splotchy painting.

  • Peridot

    9:34 oh spinel?

  • DylanRoberts_ YT
    DylanRoberts_ YT

    This is gonna sound really nerdy, but it’s acually used on the moon to fill a big long hole thingy🤣 and since there’s pressure in space it makes the obleck (that’s the name) hard so they can walk over it

  • Mari C4M101
    Mari C4M101

    I just watched 11 of your videos sponsored by wix. In a row

  • The animating Guy
    The animating Guy

    Craft and art I got triggered

  • GFI Darkel
    GFI Darkel

    *w i d e o*



  • Kiran Talim
    Kiran Talim

    7:43 he could’ve just used tape to hold the paper down

  • Otter Ley
    Otter Ley

    The tenth one is a hack for the pastel bleeding onto the page before.

  • Yakuzoi_YT

    Jazza if you wanna know how to cut shapes like that then i suggest not moving the scissor, but moving the paper instead

  • xxXScarlet GlitchXxx
    xxXScarlet GlitchXxx

    Jazzy just discovered the obleck Well done jazzy

  • Ketaki Athalekar
    Ketaki Athalekar

    0:01 Who else thought it was chris hemsworth?

  • Carter Nguyen
    Carter Nguyen

    love watchin you clap like a baby

  • Fox_FlyGamez F.F.G
    Fox_FlyGamez F.F.G

    It’s oobleck. Pure science

  • Kenzi

    Jazza you are so funny and make me laugh! never stop making vids! EVERYONE NEEDS TO SUB TO JAZZA

  • ThatAngelFoto

    12:49 He is child

  • Franco De Vries
    Franco De Vries

    I would have liked to watch your videos more but I dont like the bad language. I am 9 years old and I'm trying to learn about animation

  • Γατα Μ
    Γατα Μ

    12:05 Mom yelling: WHAT DID YOU BROKE

    • Γατα Μ
      Γατα Μ

      @EndermanPierce Or Void Soul OMG my first comment on my comment!!!!!

    • EndermanPierce Or Void Soul
      EndermanPierce Or Void Soul

      Γατα Μ Not funny Didn’t laugh

  • Nuclear mot
    Nuclear mot

    That’s not going on my wall!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nuclear mot
    Nuclear mot

    Jazzy needs Togo to the gas station to get more gloves lol

  • Snowfer

    I am the fire

  • Semira and Aydin Nikocevic
    Semira and Aydin Nikocevic

    9:43 who else watches Steven Universe because it’s Spinel XD

  • CharlieWard Music
    CharlieWard Music

    0:10 *dying inside* Great vid by the way😂

  • Normal Gamers_YT
    Normal Gamers_YT

    The moment u said stop drinking the bleach I drank my butter milk

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