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  • 1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos
    1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    Do this with troom troom lol

  • DerParadonym

    "wix is sponsoring this wixeo..."

  • Lilly Sep
    Lilly Sep

    16:18 why does the art work look like his background 😂😂🎨🎨

  • Lilly Sep
    Lilly Sep

    You call it oobleck

  • Ruby Doomsday
    Ruby Doomsday

    Sometimes, my friends would come over after school to hang out, and my mom would mix us up a bowl of cornstarch water to play with because we were all obsessed with it. Don't go imagining a bunch of cute first graders though. We were, like, 15. Yep... buncha goth boys bigger than my mom would come over and politely ask her if we could have some starch water.

  • lunamoon

    He has small hands 😂 No hate, I like your small hands Jazza

  • SharkEthanPlanet Ethan
    SharkEthanPlanet Ethan

    16:22 what's behind you

  • Angel36930

    13:46 watching him enjoy bouncey paper completes my day🤣😊

  • Mary V
    Mary V

    11:05 dude, thats deep.

  • Kristy Hanson
    Kristy Hanson

    Can't belive he has 4mil. Subs 😮 I have been a subscriber since 800k

  • MėjaFėja DeMasterProQueen
    MėjaFėja DeMasterProQueen


    • Ninni Nicoll
      Ninni Nicoll

      It's not an art hack tho.

  • denki denki
    denki denki

    8:11 Aizawa sensei?

  • Cozzy's Creatures
    Cozzy's Creatures

    A lot of people like abstract like the last hack

  • Drawing 4 life
    Drawing 4 life

    You really need to buy a Stanley knife

  • Ella WALKER
    Ella WALKER

    The greylead imprinting on the mug works the same as carbon paper, but more complicated. Also the pastel one, it’s a combination of the pastel and brush pen, being water based it won’t work with the wax based pastels.

  • zachery missione
    zachery missione


  • T1Squid

    16:22 I would actually hang this up, as I'm a fan of color gradients and simple color patterns ... Arguably there are more professional techniques for this sort of thing, but I like this one. *shrug*

  • Annie Bake
    Annie Bake

    You need a hack to put on a glove

  • hydrogen bomb
    hydrogen bomb

    It says use as directed ... this video told me to drink it so here i go then! *DISCLAIMER Do NOT drink bleach *

  • FericeBangtaned BTShooketh
    FericeBangtaned BTShooketh

    He is still a child

  • maiheartu

    You cannot stop me from cleaning my sins With anime (what u thot I actually drink it? Pshh. I swim in it while watching Bleach.)

  • FericeBangtaned BTShooketh
    FericeBangtaned BTShooketh

    I'm ded his gloves kept ripping you now have a child

  • Pax K
    Pax K

    I doubt anyone will see this but the one where you make an indent in the paper and colouring over top of it to reveal the image is great for realism when drawing white hair. I used a pen that ran out of ink to do it and then I can shade without losing the white

  • XxGachaFlower _StudiosxX
    XxGachaFlower _StudiosxX

    Who agrees that jazza looks Abit like Gordon Ramsay? 😂

  • Kayla Naiomi
    Kayla Naiomi

    It’s called oobleckthe first one

  • Bubbles Is Good Eats
    Bubbles Is Good Eats

    “love heart”

  • Vertex Avenger
    Vertex Avenger

    you wanted a tip for an easier way to cut intricate shapes out of a solid sheet of paper: It's not great, but if you snip a hole in the middle of the shape you want to cut out and remove some of the paper in there, it's a lot easier to cut away the shape you want without the scissors warping the paper as much. Also barber scissors work best for this because the blades are skinnier.

  • Don Cheeto
    Don Cheeto

    Holy shit ok that hand hack I might actually use cause I'm shit at drawing hands

  • Don Cheeto
    Don Cheeto

    This guy is literally a 5 year old in a 30 year old's body it's so cute lmaooo

  • Don Cheeto
    Don Cheeto


  • mine craft news mainerz
    mine craft news mainerz

    Well this vid is very artie Ha I'm hacking wix well you could say i was in hearx get it heart hearx huh I'm now stupid YAAAAAAAY

  • Nicholas Laines
    Nicholas Laines

    8:42 pro artist evryone

  • DANIEL Playz
    DANIEL Playz

    You are the best

  • DANIEL Playz
    DANIEL Playz

    Jazza are you in a movie

  • Hannah Hundermark
    Hannah Hundermark

    Lmao I learnt the first hack in science class

  • Rawaan Alsalman
    Rawaan Alsalman

    Jazza, to cut out intricate designs you have to poke a hole in the part you want to cut out the shape and begin to cut.

  • Logan Nevico
    Logan Nevico


  • Chayma Chalouati
    Chayma Chalouati

    it-my.com/watchchannel/UCLpfZRSVv9VbmP8SAyfo9uA subscribe on my IT-my channel please

  • CJ Animations
    CJ Animations

    **jazza talking in the background while i reach for my water** Jazza: PUT DOWN THE BLEACH! STOP DRINKING THE BLEACH! Me: *bUt iTs mY wAtEr*


    All the "Technical Drawing" and "Engineering Graphics and Design" Students that cringed at the rubber band contraption... I need too ask my teacher if that's legit!?😂🤣🤣

  • Vienne Animates
    Vienne Animates

    Jazz the gloves keep on breaking Bea use of your “big chubby hands”

  • Jordon Logan
    Jordon Logan


  • KC Blues
    KC Blues

    Yes to paint hacks!

  • Dio Duhf
    Dio Duhf

    jazza know how to usa an thing like clay cant cut properly jazza explain this mess

  • Bakari Leon
    Bakari Leon

    Congrats. You've made oobleck.

  • Kogami

    You should make this a series. It would be the best thing on your channel

  • Alex Ng
    Alex Ng

    11:28 I think I had finished bakeing my heart.

  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang

    when your asian and you see a heart cup: ahhhh decor! British: tea? Apparently Jazza: let's take it for a cycle also Jazza: it broke my heart

  • Kelsey Newberry
    Kelsey Newberry

    “Look at its place of pride. On the wall.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • MiriMoo

    I just wanna see jazz’s react to one of those vids of people running across pools of Oobleck 😂

  • Reggina

    Welcome to Jazza discovers oobleck

  • Aldrich Arce
    Aldrich Arce

    You look like a baby 12:48

  • Stella Bella
    Stella Bella

    Bleach Bottle: Keep away from children! *Children have entered the chat.*

  • Just Call Me Smol
    Just Call Me Smol

    Jazza is like a Gorden Ramsey. But different. That made sense.

  • Flower'Bomb Draws
    Flower'Bomb Draws

    10:50 Jazza: "This whole art hack thing could just be re-worded as dumb little fun art activities" Me: *Wheezing* 12:48 I'm so used to seeing people be senior in art videos, I almost laughed so hard I cried XD

  • MutiFandom DeathTrap
    MutiFandom DeathTrap


  • Patricia Tripure
    Patricia Tripure

    Jazza weakness is gloves

  • Miriam G
    Miriam G

    If he thinks this is dum he should try troom troom he would cry

  • winiston lol
    winiston lol

    My god, Jazza. XD You're funny no matter what. Your jokes are so cheesy, man 😂

  • Sunshine Sallade
    Sunshine Sallade


  • XxMariahxX XxJellyxX
    XxMariahxX XxJellyxX

    The first thing that should in the 5 min crafts vid is oobleck Ik bc i made it in class

  • Vivianne Wanderley
    Vivianne Wanderley

    Guys, you don't understand! Jazza is showing to everyone how most artists react to new and unknown artsy stuff. The curiosity, playfulness, frustration and finally overcoming the challenge xD that's what Jazza is showing, not the hacks xD

  • A random Animator
    A random Animator

    God you are the perfect mix of dad jokes and that guy from art attack... Love your vids mate!

  • joppe s
    joppe s

    His reaction to the bouncing paper warms my heart😂 do another video of this!!

  • MissNightmareWolf

    Bleach warning sign: Keep away from children Me: Jazza.. put that down it’s not for you.

  • WolfiePlayz

    I’ve made oobleck befor in science class, but I kept it in a plastic bag, left it in my backpack that is out in the sun, and forgot to take it out. So about a week later, mold grew on it.

  • MsCherade9

    If you look up the information on the Sharpie website it tells you how to bake your designs onto ceramic or glass. You're never supposed to dishwasher any of this type of project, even using the specific paints or pens for ceramics or glass.

  • Sskrimp_TeX •
    Sskrimp_TeX •

    *_i dont this he even touched ooblek before_*

  • Mad_LLC

    He sounded like Hacker from Cyberchase when he was going on about being a hacker during the cup hack 😂

  • Kacper Mielachowicz
    Kacper Mielachowicz

    World: Art’s and crafts hacks Jazza: crafts and Art’s hacks

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