I Tried Vintage 70 Year Old Art Hacks From The 1950's *lets not go back lol*
Ah! Recently I was lucky enough to find vintage Art books from the 1950's and 1960's, they're FULL of advice, tips and most importantly: hacks. In this video i'm going to show you guys the best and most useful ones
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  • Rosie Fernandes
    Rosie Fernandes

    I vote for a part two this was very helpful

  • Dua Fatima
    Dua Fatima

    umm.... i have done that dust thing hack , MILLION times ago (not trying to offend)

  • Mahita Tazmeen
    Mahita Tazmeen

    Ur art is the best Rae I wanna paint like u When I paint, everything gets super messed up and my painting ends up looking like a huge black blob Ur literally the QUEEN of the art world :)

  • Poopoo lpeepee
    Poopoo lpeepee

    I recommend using wax paper at your local grocery as palette paper since it's the war and more than half of the price

  • CookieLove

    I was blending a drawing at bgc (boys and girls club) bc we where doing a drawing thing and i was getting attion bc i was blending and the other person across the table got mad and tried to blend but didnt do it right bc they just scribbled the colors on Ray drizzle teached me how to do blending si dint get mad at me

  • Annette Teribury
    Annette Teribury

    Part two plz.....

  • RandomArt Lizard
    RandomArt Lizard

    Oh no.

  • Ava Cooklin
    Ava Cooklin

    in art class we used the color paper hack for our chalk pastel project. i did 2 rainforest frogs if anyone cares lmao

  • lil potatobun
    lil potatobun

    The doddle bear is still there :000 tha little boi is still there :DD

  • Qutub Kothari
    Qutub Kothari

    I used the scotch tape hack way before I saw this video

  • FUN WE’ LIFE!!
    FUN WE’ LIFE!!

    Do u kno da wae?

  • Crystal Rood
    Crystal Rood

    OH my ...... I would love those books!!!!

  • Laughter Forever
    Laughter Forever

    Hack 2 is just what all graphite/charcoal artist do with toned paper :)))

  • Jabby The Hot
    Jabby The Hot

    Disposable paper pallets.. ah yes *the paper plate*


    part 2 pls

  • Snickers

    Am I the only one that knew the last hack? Lol


    To this. :>

  • Delanie Gomez
    Delanie Gomez

    Can we please PLEASE get a part 2 it was SOO helpful to hear these things

  • Purple Is Best
    Purple Is Best

    Rae: There’s 2 type of people, the blower and the smudger. *me who does both:*

  • Izzan Qistan Kamarulzaman
    Izzan Qistan Kamarulzaman

    The way Rae ripping off the pallette paper is unsatisfying and it makes me mad so much 😂😭💀💀💀💀

  • Deku is mine
    Deku is mine

    Oh my good I was watching this and then I scratched my back not looking at the screen and you just said hello like you were trying to get my attention 👀

  • kochi cat
    kochi cat

    I can say one thing and one thing only 10-10

  • Meral Ozgur
    Meral Ozgur

    rae: there are 3 types of people with eareaser dust , blowers and smudgers Moraih elizebeth: vuccums the dust of the paper she did that in one of her vid i cant remember which one but if i come across it ill give yall the link

  • Simeon Demetriou
    Simeon Demetriou

    Make water thin. Good english.

  • chaitali dubey
    chaitali dubey

    Just wanted to say.....I know u should you know flick it not smudge pastels or something.....btw luv ur vids

  • Hanna

    Weirdly I have always flipped my work over and tapped the back to remove debris. . . I guess that’s kind of the same theory as tipping it forward. You seem to find some awesome stuff on eBay. Why does eBay only suggest old rugs to me??

  • Give me all your Bells
    Give me all your Bells

    I do what you do 😂 I paint my nails one color in one hand and another color on another hand

  • Give me all your Bells
    Give me all your Bells

    *i found the 90s art toy*

  • Me Bitch
    Me Bitch

    Idk if you've already done this but you should do an art tutorial of tips and tricks you've picked up throughout your art journey because lmao I'm in a huge need of advice and I love your art so I would love to know how you do most of it

  • Yamini

    6:06 the texture feels like calendar. I don't have any sketchbook or any sheet for painting so I use back of the calendar to paint. I have a really good painting too


    Make a part 2

  • No0kIeTHeCo0kIe

    Where did you get the books ? I would love to purchase them for myself

  • 7vinity

    for like the tooth brush one i just use a paint brush and tap it on another paint brush

  • MiniAmethyst

    The one where you tip the paper forward. I’ve always done that I didn’t even realise

  • Robyn Alice
    Robyn Alice

    Welp I'm rubbing a white candle on my sketchpad that ain't worth shit to get a palette pad

  • marblefanboy

    yes. yes pls. part two. por favor

  • Pickle The dinosaur
    Pickle The dinosaur

    Troom Troom hacks be like : get a bra put it on your butt

  • Iratopias's Arts
    Iratopias's Arts

    The making the yellow dark is actually a good advise for me!

  • Rajanya Sengupta
    Rajanya Sengupta

    hey the shakeing thing is popular in india indians do it all the time

  • Nighat Sajjad
    Nighat Sajjad

    l just love all tricks .OMG they all are amazing..

  • forgger

    5:56 thats why i always use old magazines

  • Naomi's Creative Crafts
    Naomi's Creative Crafts

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-a_zdOpS11bM.html lol the song sounds like a toothbrush being rubbed

  • Josie Phelvin
    Josie Phelvin

    How the hell did it go from these to 5 minute crafts tf

  • Luis Zamora
    Luis Zamora

    Can I find those books in any bookstore?

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen

    Me seeing a Oil pastel Hack Me looked out at my oil pastels and looked at my picture right now Me: is this meant to be :0

  • boy mo
    boy mo

    Thanks for this idea

  • Carli’s Craft
    Carli’s Craft

    Rae: there’s 2 types of people blowers and smudges Moriaha: ahh you forgot about me! A vacuumer 🤣

  • 136uV0uwi

    Love this!! 💙

  • Ioana Elena
    Ioana Elena


  • Mollie Tenpenny
    Mollie Tenpenny

    My grandfather was a sign painter. He learned how to draw from Walter Foster books. I still have his old drawing books. He also had a collection of books called the Famous Cartoonists course.

  • Hello What’s up
    Hello What’s up


  • Renee Christie
    Renee Christie


  • Oculus A Ally
    Oculus A Ally

    why no vintage tricks for us digital artists... like, so unfair! (im being sarcatic, they didnt have ipads back in the 1930s)

  • Oculus A Ally
    Oculus A Ally

    me, a digital artist: why not just slid the yellow closer to red or blue? and if you want a muddy yellow, just slide it towards black. (this is a joke)

  • Zofia Kaminski
    Zofia Kaminski

    The back of the canvas thing is such a good idea! I would have never thought of it!

  • ねえ、聞いてよ。

    Part 2

  • Reína Latina87
    Reína Latina87

    Yes, Gimmie A Part 2!!! 📢 Keep 'Em Comin'! 😜 ~ 1 Amor

  • Kimeenø

    For some reason Rae looks kinda like the Monalisa in this video..

  • Adrian Sawh
    Adrian Sawh

    Normal people: pay attention to rae Me: Admires her nails while she's talking

  • Dud

    that ORNJ paper looks brown

  • demontrent10653


  • Hi I am Anielle
    Hi I am Anielle

    9:02 I use a fan brush

  • Arabic 9ANA
    Arabic 9ANA

    u r the best 🥺❤️❤️

  • Danny McCallum
    Danny McCallum

    OMG! I met a lady who had his paintings all over her house. when I asked her where she got them, she said she was his mistress.Great story, great artist.

  • Mlerfv


  • Cate_Mintz [art & stuff]
    Cate_Mintz [art & stuff]

    Art history hack video?

  • ical Ichel
    ical Ichel

    i thought the last one would be really suprising,, but tutns out i allready does that, long enough =w= but thanks for showing..... ;3

  • Piage Fabez
    Piage Fabez

    I actually cut my old egg cartons in half and use those as disposable palletes. I feel like I’m throwing them out anyway, so I might as well give it another use before I throw it away

  • TheFoxSocks 0207
    TheFoxSocks 0207

    8:45 when Rae has the same sketchbook as you I - I feel so connected

  • Anisha's Art
    Anisha's Art

    I love your videos rae!! 🤩

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