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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • Braylon F
    Braylon F

    4:49-4:53: At this moment.... he knew he f***ed up

  • rigo hernandez
    rigo hernandez

    What’s the song at 0:45???

  • Alx

    Fantastic editing !!!

  • epic grug moments
    epic grug moments

    I feel bad for the kid

  • Aqua Xerox
    Aqua Xerox

    I understand why dis guy wanna have sex🤤🍆🍑🥵🥵

  • Pa Mi
    Pa Mi

    Ktoś z polski? ?😊😅

  • Nat Israel
    Nat Israel

    yall r crazy i love that! no cap

  • Scotty Martin
    Scotty Martin

    First 2000 of you to sign up for the maverick club get a piece of our kid 😂😂😂



  • daniel gomes amorim chagas
    daniel gomes amorim chagas

    Mano eu quero o jack pool

  • Kathleen Kaczmarczyk
    Kathleen Kaczmarczyk


  • Digital Doner
    Digital Doner

    i cant lie Josie has made logan much more mature and generally a better man, respect Josie and Logan, hated you once but I love you now big man

  • Dragonwarlord ❶
    Dragonwarlord ❶

    Tbh his girlfriend look ugly And old 😂

  • Mheka Del Mundo
    Mheka Del Mundo

    I dont think she will. Shes a modelll. Shell lose her job and everything after giving birth and its too early for that.

    • Max Bolon
      Max Bolon

      They are both really young but one day maybe and there have been plenty of models who have come back after having a baby

  • rjeption

    I want a baby

  • HowDoIPlay WarRobots
    HowDoIPlay WarRobots

    Interesting intro lol

  • Christian Zamudio
    Christian Zamudio

    I want that bike

  • Kysten Solares
    Kysten Solares

    I would be so cool to see mini Logan

  • Mayden Hatchell
    Mayden Hatchell

    Tell me why I wanted the to be down about having a baby 🤰😭

  • happy gacha!
    happy gacha!

    tell me what universe login paul is mature

  • Rc Dude
    Rc Dude

    Those look super gay

  • eamon macdonnell
    eamon macdonnell

    Sad to see the world being taken over by these scruffy, foul-mouthed idiotic scumbags..

  • Fosh X
    Fosh X

    to: the good brother. stay honest man. your still likeable. sincerely the FBI

  • Aleister Jax
    Aleister Jax

    Kuberg Ranger is the motorcycle seen in the beginning

  • Douglas Bushman
    Douglas Bushman

    Do not ever break up with Josiel she is smokin hot-In fact marry her someday and treat her right.

    • Douglas Bushman
      Douglas Bushman

      @Ethan Brown If she says no then that is what it is-Thanks for being so positive for them both..

    • Ethan Brown
      Ethan Brown

      And if she says no?

  • Lizzy_the_ Dragon
    Lizzy_the_ Dragon

    When you have the same name as his gf 😶

  • Anthony Villa torres
    Anthony Villa torres

    There baby looks like the bad guy from shrek 4

  • Jess_emo

    Look I’m a huge ksi fan but I feel like his girlfriend and friends are turning him into a better person

  • Nashy Boyy
    Nashy Boyy

    Fan here from Philippines🙌❤🇵🇭one of my favorite youtuber in the World Logal Paul and Jake Paul💪❤Since 2016 boom💪❤

  • Nashy Boyy
    Nashy Boyy


  • Amy

    2:19 that's a lie

  • evan Richardson
    evan Richardson

    What kind of bike is that?????

  • Airian Carter Copas
    Airian Carter Copas

    My cousin where's your merch like all the time

  • Rusiel Delvalle Jr
    Rusiel Delvalle Jr

    This sucks

  • prayut kelaiya
    prayut kelaiya

    Whats the name of the song @0:44 ? can anyone help!

  • Tai Tuivailala-Wagener
    Tai Tuivailala-Wagener

    2:16 his face when Josie realised there was poop lol

  • Ajero X
    Ajero X

    2:39 “it smells like a dogs asshole” how does he know what that smells like?

  • katrina Wright
    katrina Wright

    Lmao piece of ur kid

  • Julissa Alvarado
    Julissa Alvarado

    Eñwhat are those bikes called

  • Ian Biddle
    Ian Biddle

    Can anyone tell me the song name when they were riding the bikes?

  • Bryan Hoppet
    Bryan Hoppet

    His girl is ugly as a dog

  • Jone Stava
    Jone Stava

    Just the level of simpness in this video

  • blue soul0505
    blue soul0505

    What did you say bitch you just got puch by the rock bitcxxx

  • Jake_1170 Balikes_ Gaming
    Jake_1170 Balikes_ Gaming

    Hey Logan Paul me and my parents are really in a hard place right now it would be greatly appreciated if some way some how u could help us we don’t have the money to buy a new vehicle for me or my dad so if u could please help us we really need a new car and I have been fantasizing over your Dodge Challenger for a long time it would be greatly appreciated love u so much and keep shining your light my friend love u and PEACE

  • Geo 999
    Geo 999

    somebody plz help me out find out where to get those mini dirt bikes That they where using I’ve been searching and I just want to vibe with them and stop Stressing


    what is this song called?

  • chrit human
    chrit human


  • Lewis Playz and Playz
    Lewis Playz and Playz

    Damn she’s the prefect girl for him fuckin finally!!!!!

  • Eli Green
    Eli Green

    that sick

  • CoZy SmOkE
    CoZy SmOkE

    U gonna a be a bad dad especially bcuz your gonna think it’s a dead body once the baby is born and u gonna video it then delete it then be a pussy And make a apology

  • trevor caple
    trevor caple


  • Wildrage

    You have got 75% off you dick you cant make shit

  • Pia Suzane
    Pia Suzane

    I think i just saw buddy valastro bakery

  • Seven Eleven
    Seven Eleven

    I love this man

    • E Bohn
      E Bohn


  • Angelo Sy
    Angelo Sy

    That's why I love Logan because he gives away for his fans no matter what not like Ksi

  • Morgan Rush
    Morgan Rush

    Since when does logan paul have a girlfriend and can keep one and long can never be mature

  • Timothy Gagnardeau
    Timothy Gagnardeau

    Whats the song name 0:48

  • Magical 801
    Magical 801

    His chick is so cool and down-to-earth. Not to mention she's a very intelligent person

  • Andrés marcelo Medina sánchez
    Andrés marcelo Medina sánchez


  • Arska ._.
    Arska ._.

    Lets be real Everybody clicked the video cuz the ass

  • Christopher Danet
    Christopher Danet

    I do not know what yo say

    • Christopher Danet
      Christopher Danet

      To say

  • Classified Information
    Classified Information

    Please don’t

  • Oisin Cassidy
    Oisin Cassidy

    What’s the song when there riding the bikes

  • Blurr Cut
    Blurr Cut

    Pussy ass 😂😂

  • Kelli Janczewski
    Kelli Janczewski

    Your baby is maverick merch!! I also love your videos

  • Jānis R
    Jānis R

    Logans a bitch

  • Abie Alaham
    Abie Alaham

    Logan paul i see you, you dont care about looks, his gf is like 5/10

    • E Bohn
      E Bohn

      you mean a -10000000000

  • Michael Lidster
    Michael Lidster

    He looks different these days

  • Arcane

    *[softly]* *don't*

  • TheGoldenNuggetYT

    His gf is t h i c c

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