I was LOCKED in my CRUSH locker ... ( I saw EVERYTHING) - A True Story Animation
Azzyland - I was LOCKED in my CRUSH locker ... ( I saw EVERYTHING) - A True Story Animation
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  • Gamer Boss 123
    Gamer Boss 123

    Azzy you gave the wrong thing at the end it was: Stalk people and hide in people's lockers 👍all of the things I listed I do

  • bowlie The roblox lover
    bowlie The roblox lover

    Oh... Should i forgive my dad?? He :stole all my mums money and bought drinks and sigarets......

  • nadine dunne
    nadine dunne

    I got stuck in my boyfriend's locker and you know what I saw he's butom

    • nadine dunne
      nadine dunne

      God girl

  • I_Suck_At_Fortnite

    6:59 WTFFFFFF

  • Sharon soper
    Sharon soper

    Your the best azzy

  • Emma Hayes
    Emma Hayes


  • Teejay Pairama
    Teejay Pairama

    W H A T T H E F U C K

  • Teejay Pairama
    Teejay Pairama

    W H A T T H E

  • Teejay Pairama
    Teejay Pairama

    W T F

  • Kalle Broberg
    Kalle Broberg

    Like:a om du är från Sverige

  • Shizmeen Mohamed
    Shizmeen Mohamed

    You try handling 3 boys who like you

  • Londyn Hawes
    Londyn Hawes


  • Emily Kline
    Emily Kline

    im scared bc my mom got stalked, went missing for a day, and someone found her in A CABIN DEAD!

  • Taylor Lewis
    Taylor Lewis


  • Heather Wright
    Heather Wright

    make a video about this i have 10000000000000000000000000 bunny's true story ps im hethers kid :-3

  • Tina DeStefano
    Tina DeStefano

    HI. Infinite?

  • DeAnna Estes
    DeAnna Estes


  • #pandaforlife


  • Memesforlife Ok boomer
    Memesforlife Ok boomer

    Azzy: Do you guys have your seatbelt on because this is gonna be a crazy ride Me: Yes because I'm in the car 😂😂

  • Evelynne Crowell
    Evelynne Crowell


  • Cece Shoemaker
    Cece Shoemaker

    Te amo everyone

  • Joseph Cohen
    Joseph Cohen

    PeAsE lEt Me Go I wOnT tElL aNyOnE

  • Amber Garcia
    Amber Garcia

    When she said put your seatbelt on I was in a car😱

  • Ása och Tine
    Ása och Tine

    Uuuh im a kid not right kid or kid But im nine years and im still waiting much for highschool not only for that im not a child anymore even for the class beacause im exited for the grades! Like your chanel to baiiiiii

  • R Hussain
    R Hussain

    Uh ya I got my seatbelt on. Yes I watched this in the car

  • Maria’s Fun toys
    Maria’s Fun toys

    There is one moral to this story, never snif your brother’s underwear

  • Johan Alpuche
    Johan Alpuche


  • Maria’s Fun toys
    Maria’s Fun toys

    They are perfect together because they are both creepy and stalkers amazing

  • Saundra Cochran
    Saundra Cochran

    NO Azzy it's true you don't now

  • DJ Levy
    DJ Levy


  • just4fun !!
    just4fun !!

    Ok she she has a crush on Ben 10🤣

  • tami Peterson
    tami Peterson

    Who is the real stoker? Ben or the girl

  • Sophia Henderson
    Sophia Henderson


  • Scott Fish
    Scott Fish

    My name is Sam too

  • Lillix Wood
    Lillix Wood


  • grannyshirl1

    My crush likes me and now we are dating

  • Thong Filing
    Thong Filing


  • Eleanore Davis
    Eleanore Davis

    i'm so sorry AzzyLand. I love your videos, but i have to stop watching them. otherwise, i'll get in trouble with my mom because she thinks that i should be watching more "age appropriate" stuff, which is weird considering that i'm old enough that i have a boyfriend, so i think that she thinks my "age appropriate" genre is more of the handsome boy IT-myrs and looking up pictures of handsome men, but that's not my style. i prefer the normal youtubers like you and Unspeakable and Steve Terreberry. if you could give me some guidance, let me know and i'll give you my g-mail, but that is only for guidance. i hope you don't think this comment is too lengthy.

  • Alexandra Taberdo
    Alexandra Taberdo

    Comeone sam you have a cruch on a kidnaper😣😣

  • Bianca Alaniz
    Bianca Alaniz

    Don't kidnap peppel

  • Alaina Street
    Alaina Street

    I love you azzyland

  • Thunder Craft
    Thunder Craft

    WTF WHAT THE HECK BEN! Oh and also your creepy Sam.

  • lovealwaysbrenda


  • Kara Gilbert
    Kara Gilbert

    Omg what is that ture

  • Yasodara Murray ́s
    Yasodara Murray ́s

    What happened Azzy:use the like button as a wtf button Me:press it ASAP now

  • Maliyah Williams
    Maliyah Williams

    She is a creep take her to a psychologist

  • nuttybwoy

    I think I once watched this before

  • alex rose
    alex rose

    Don't smell other people's underwear

  • Beloved Cren
    Beloved Cren

    Azzy:what have we learned...DON'T stock people...DON'T hide in lockers Me:remember your family members name's

  • Ava McGovern
    Ava McGovern

    My brothers name is Ben and this creepy kid that has a crush on me is named Ben

  • Lili Jacome
    Lili Jacome


  • Lebreah Williams
    Lebreah Williams


  • wolf_eclipse10 Gaming Zone
    wolf_eclipse10 Gaming Zone


  • wolf_eclipse10 Gaming Zone
    wolf_eclipse10 Gaming Zone

    Assuming:I hope ya have a seat belt on because this is going to be a ride! Me:in car*looks down *CHECK

  • Kori Ander
    Kori Ander

    These stories are actually true...

  • Alex Lawlor
    Alex Lawlor

    Hahahha I know right 😂

  • wolfie and kitty
    wolfie and kitty

    i love you azzy

  • LJ Hollie
    LJ Hollie

    WHAT THE 🤬

  • assia raja
    assia raja

    Hi Azzy❤️😍😺😘😄😍🤑

  • Beverleyann Stansfield
    Beverleyann Stansfield


  • Buddy Huey
    Buddy Huey


  • Gia Francesca Furto
    Gia Francesca Furto

    didnt you know the letter she rote said egg in tyy in the ending of the letter?!

  • chatter fame
    chatter fame


  • josh meyers
    josh meyers


  • Angelina Young
    Angelina Young

    If my ex [he was my last crush] did this to me I would pretend I like it then wait for the perfect moment and escape.

  • Naomi Lee
    Naomi Lee

    this story is so cute

  • Shakia Wright
    Shakia Wright

    What the heck

  • Joel Largabo
    Joel Largabo

    Ew(yeah girl)

  • Awesome. Team Studio
    Awesome. Team Studio

    This is cute

  • Caitlin Dalligan Ross
    Caitlin Dalligan Ross

    Bad idea

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