I went on a break for 30 days & THIS HAPPENED - LWIAY #00107
Good to be back gamer
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  • Josh K
    Josh K

    Hunky handsome man... Is he gay?

  • weiduo Chen
    weiduo Chen

    man I love you so much.

  • hanx 2288
    hanx 2288

    Pewds mouth mask say 3m he has 103m subscribers

  • Delaney Lovick
    Delaney Lovick

    6:12 Me: *nervous chuckle in Australian*

  • Teen Player CS
    Teen Player CS

    Lol his ad for tuber sim came up on this vid as like an actual ad😂

  • Teen Player CS
    Teen Player CS

    Hey pewds according to matpat that bread will be the death of you😅👍🏽

  • Shiney McShine
    Shiney McShine

    Mr. Pewds, You hitting the Whoa... is Cringy as FAuCK! P.s. I love you ^w^

  • Jan Flare
    Jan Flare

    Am i Dreaming???

  • Jordan Swieringa
    Jordan Swieringa

    Is secret phase “ m__h i_ _e__te_ _o _ci_n_e”

  • BlackN 444
    BlackN 444

    Quem é brasileiro?

  • Sadat Hasnayen
    Sadat Hasnayen

    It's coronavirus

  • Movies FUN HD
    Movies FUN HD


  • CoL Meh
    CoL Meh

    Nice mask right there

  • Elijah Pyle
    Elijah Pyle

    I missed you😭😭😭😭

  • Kadyona Marie
    Kadyona Marie


  • مومو مومو
    مومو مومو

    دهر دهرك

  • crystal shark
    crystal shark

    Фу аш противно сама в афиге г полное бе 😖😓😓😓😓😓😓😓🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Yumeko Pusheen Unicorn
    Yumeko Pusheen Unicorn


  • Luis - Horror Gamer
    Luis - Horror Gamer

    Everyone: "Pewdiepie: is anyone gonna care that I'm back? Number one on trending" Everyone now: Pewdiepie: "is anyone gonna care that I'm back?" Unknown on trending

  • Warning. I Speak the Truth.
    Warning. I Speak the Truth.

    Mask don't help against the virus at all. You know that right? 1:23

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom

    The thumbnail is just two pictures of pewds after and bevor but for me its just better lighting

  • Ray Sahl
    Ray Sahl

    Thank God. My IT-my saviour is back.

  • Spicy Nugget
    Spicy Nugget

    Pewds: You have to say the secret word. Me: *Panicking because I forgot the word.*

    • Jordan Swieringa
      Jordan Swieringa

      Spicy Nugget same

  • Emery Grace
    Emery Grace

    i was talking w my friends and said I like pewds and they got mad at me for liking someone who said those things about corona and i was like... whet?

  • Eulogy466

    I didnt even notice he came back it was a pretty nice month tbh

  • Ryan Mans
    Ryan Mans

    pewdiepie: breathes media: he is making fun of people with covid 19

  • NothinG But EverY thinG
    NothinG But EverY thinG


  • Jude Gibby
    Jude Gibby

    Havana u nana

  • Smellysgalaxy Hernandez
    Smellysgalaxy Hernandez

    Yes because you are cool

  • Ryan Dunsford
    Ryan Dunsford

    Facemask and gloves are proven to to do jack shit and they don't actually work their propose.

  • Humzah Aslam
    Humzah Aslam

    The Queen is prince harrys grandma not mother😂😂

  • Alex Latus
    Alex Latus

    I've not been on youtube for a month too😐

  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra

    1 month later is so stupid the way he uses masks

  • COVID 19
    COVID 19

    A muzzle won 't help baby.

  • Leonardo Watch
    Leonardo Watch

    Omaigod i was waiting for comeback

  • Stratos Watcher
    Stratos Watcher

    The coronavirus isn´t something to joke about. People could potentially die if they don´t take it seriously.


    New headphones

  • antonia reyes
    antonia reyes

    My friend once,in the boys locker,he talked about the coronvirus.and then he starts pulling out a mask and says he got it from Asia.he kept complaining that Asia is not in China.but he said he said he was joking.

  • DrakeX64

    LWHY = Last week hacked you

  • Alexisa9 :P
    Alexisa9 :P

    Cut the beard

  • Xxgoku2019 CS
    Xxgoku2019 CS

    Bommers be like 1:19

  • Maya Kinney
    Maya Kinney

    Corna virus memes

  • Maya Kinney
    Maya Kinney

    don’t say I’m late but I’m late lol 😂 I thought you were still on break and I wanted to cry 😭 because I don’t get my Dailey dose of internet

  • Charlotte Lines
    Charlotte Lines

    just rewatched this and i realised 9:13 is a cake day icon in pewdiepie theme and he didn't even recognise it... smh

  • Chocolate føxi
    Chocolate føxi

    Yay The king returned

    • Chocolate føxi
      Chocolate føxi

      Lol pewdipe ad came when I started to watch this Lol

  • Dj LG
    Dj LG

    Pewdiepie: after one month a LONG break I'm back Coryxkenshin: hold my koolaid

  • Linda Liu
    Linda Liu

    Ok I watched this video the day it came out and I remeber there being a new secret word, but i can't remeber what it was? and when I came back to re watch this vid i couldn't find it? or maybe it was another video

  • Kozy Drawing
    Kozy Drawing

    Now the biggest IT-my star and the biggest TikTok star need to collab

    • C P
      C P

      Imagine collab wit charlie dipoopie. Gay

    • C P
      C P

      Nope. Cringe

  • GameMite

    2:05 "Cooking, aM nOt rEaDiN dAt"

  • Mahbubur Rahman
    Mahbubur Rahman


  • Mr Vicious
    Mr Vicious

    Last seen online 1 month ago

  • Mr Vicious
    Mr Vicious



    why he puts alot of 3m face masks pewds:so my face is protected from coronavirus

  • Nate Benitez
    Nate Benitez

    PewDiePie sucks😤😤😤😤😤😤

    • GangsterWolfAva ¡
      GangsterWolfAva ¡

      You suck lol

    • Brody Sinclair
      Brody Sinclair


  • Silly Gaming
    Silly Gaming

    Break time!

  • geo 777
    geo 777

    You posted from the other chanel Karl Rock

  • Jafrin Khan
    Jafrin Khan

    Nope pewds it's not ok, it's not ok to joke about the virus, stay in ur lane

  • Tik Tock
    Tik Tock

    You are big bog because you are not win to t series

  • Danzyy_official VEVO
    Danzyy_official VEVO

    If pewdiepie was a poo that’s why he named himself pew coz he’s poo jokes 💩

  • Mynameisnotimportant !
    Mynameisnotimportant !

    China and the rest of the world: new year yay it`s 2020 Coronavirus: i am about to end the whole future of these countries career.

  • Khloe Cudal
    Khloe Cudal

    Are u sponchbob

  • Benamin Phillips
    Benamin Phillips


  • Wyatt West
    Wyatt West

    Your accent change

  • Deathknight Reaper
    Deathknight Reaper

    Me who play Jentai games: Ah yes. I'm simply perfecting my craft here! I may have loss in the yandere route, but I wont give up! I will get the ending I dessire!

  • Shadow Shock-Wave
    Shadow Shock-Wave


  • pewdiepie sub to pewdiepie palafox
    pewdiepie sub to pewdiepie palafox

    Im a fan

  • Baz Tu Patron
    Baz Tu Patron

    Bro I didn't know you came back from your break, now I have to catch up on three weeks of content,,,,, nice

  • Shahirah Ramlee
    Shahirah Ramlee

    omg welcome back

  • IrBe

    Corona-chan. How sweet.

  • Kay Evans
    Kay Evans

    When the corona virus is just around the corner but felix escapes on time restoring balance back to youtube

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